Rank Match Number of
Word Readings Part-of-speech Meaning
1 24922 くろ n black
black go stone
guilt, guilty person
くろ n (go terminology)
黒い くろい adj-i black
underground, illicit, wicked
黒い くろい adj-i (go terminology)
黒む くろむ v5m, vi to blacken
name Kuroyanagi, Kuroyanaki, Kurohama, Kurosumi, Kurozaki, Kurosaki, Kuro
2 24699 しろ n white
innocence, innocent person
blank space
white go stone
white dragon tile (mahjong)
skewered grilled pig intestine
しろ n (go terminology)
しら pref white
undyed, unaltered, unseasoned
precisely, very much
playing dumb
adj-na, n diligent, honest, unfeigned
はく n white
striped mullet fry (Mugil cephalus)
speech, one's lines
white person, Caucasian
白い しろい adj-i white
白い しろい adj-i (go terminology)
白む しらむ
v5m, vi to grow light, to become white, to turn grey (gray)
name Shirotsuru, Shiroyanagi, Tsukumo, Haku, Bai, Pai, Beku, Peku, Mashiro, Yuki, Shiroshi, Shirayanagi, Shirayagi, Akira, Kiyoshi, Shira, Shirai, Shirasaki, Shirazaki, Shirahama
3 参考図 2338 参考図 さんこうず n go: reference diagram
4 解説者 1590 解説者 かいせつしゃ n commentator
5 名人 1483 名人 めいじん n expert, master
名人 めいじん n go: the Meijin title
名人 name Meijin
6 1368 n arm, hand
forepaw, foreleg
help, hand, worker
trouble, care, effort
trick, means, way, technique, workmanship, move
handwriting, hand
sort, type, kind
one's hands, one's possession
ability to cope
hand (of cards)
ctr, n, n-suf move (in go, shogi, etc.)
n (go terminology)
name Takade, Tasome, Te, Tesaki, Tezaki
7 1181 ちょう n Chinese "Extended Net" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
ctr, suf counter for objects with stretched strings (i.e. bows, kotos), curtains, papers, etc.
張る ばる suf, v5r to be prominently ..., to be persistently ...
張る はる v5r to paste, to affix, to stick, to link (e.g. in WWW forums)
to spread, to stretch, to strain, to tighten, to put up (tent)
to form (e.g. ice on a pond)
to fill, to swell
to put, to slap, to stick out
to be expensive
v5r, vi to become one tile away from completion (mahjong)
name Miharu, Chan, Chiyau, Chiyan, Cho, Chou, Chiriko, Tsuan, Hara, Hari, Harisaki, Hiraku, Chiongu, Chian, Ei, Ga, Kin, San, Zan, Jiyan, Jiyon, Jin, Sun
8 九段 1109 九段 くだん n go: 9 dan
九段 name Kudan
9 1059 ふん n minute
fun (one tenth of a monme, 5.787 grains)
num one-tenth, one percent (one-tenth of a wari), 3 mm (one-tenth of a sun), 2.4 mm (one-tenth of a mon, a traditional unit used to measure shoe sizes), 0.1 degree (one-tenth of a do, used to measure body temperature on any temperature scale)
n one-quarter of a ryou (obsolete unit of currency)
advantageous circumstances
one-tenth of a monme of silver
ぶん n, n-suf, pref share, segment, part, ration
kind, degree, relation, lot, duty, one's lot, one's status
in proportion to, just as much as
分つ わかつ v5t, vt to separate, to divide
to distribute, to share
to distinguish
分る わかる v5r, vi to get, to grasp, to understand, to see, to comprehend, to follow
to become clear, to be discovered, to be known, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
name Wake
10 1037 ダース n dozen
打つ うつ v5t, vt to pound, to knock, to slap, to strike, to hit, to beat, to clap, to punch, to tap, to bang
to strike (noon, etc.), to sound (cymbals, etc.), to beat (a drum, etc.)
to beat (rhythmically, e.g. pulse, waves, etc.)
to move, to impress, to touch
to put in, to drive in, to hammer in, to inject
to send, to transmit, to type
to mark, to insert, to write in
to prepare, to make (noodles, etc.)
to till (soil)
to sprinkle, to throw, to cast
to do, to perform, to carry out, to play, to engage in (gambling, etc.)
to pay (a deposit, etc.)
to visit (on a pilgrimage)
to line (a coat)
to bind (a criminal)
打つ ぶつ v5t, vt to strike, to beat, to hit (a person)
打つ うつ v (go terminology)
11 中央 1025 中央 ちゅうおう adj-no, n centre, center, middle, central
中央 ちゅうおう n (go terminology)
中央 name Chuuou, Mao
12 下辺 1021 下辺 かへん n (go terminology)
下辺 name Shimobe
13 右辺 1001 右辺 うへん n right side (of an equation, expression, etc.), RHS
右辺 うへん n (go terminology)
14 小林 959 小林 name Ohayashi, Obayashi, Kojiyashi, Kohayashi, Kobayaki, Kobayashi, Kobayachi, Kobayaha, Hirokazu
15 上辺 958 上辺 うわべ n seeming, exterior, outside, outward appearance, surface
上辺 じょうへん n the upper side
上辺 じょうへん n (go terminology)
上辺 name Uebe, Uwabe
16 挑戦者 953 挑戦者 ちょうせんしゃ n challenger
挑戦者 ちょうせんしゃ n (go terminology)
17 939 しゅつ n emerging, coming out
being born into (a certain family), being a native of (a particular place)
n, n-suf going out, efflux, coming out, outflow, rising (of the sun or moon)
attending (work), appearing (on stage), one's turn to go on
start, beginning
background, origins, person (or item) originating from ..., graduate of ..., native of ..., member of ... (lineage)
architectural member that projects outward
highest point of the stern of a ship
amount (comprising something), amount of time or effort required to do something
n (go terminology)
出す だす v5s, vt to get out, to take out
to show, to reveal, to put out
to turn in, to submit (e.g. thesis)
to publish, to make public
to send (e.g. letter)
to produce (a sound), to start (fire)
to serve (food)
suf, v5s to begin ..., to start to ..., to burst into ...
出る でる v1, vi to leave, to get out, to come out, to exit, to go out
to depart, to leave (on a journey), to start out, to set out
to move forward
to reach, to lead to, to get to, to come to
to turn up, to show, to appear, to be found, to come out, to emerge, to surface, to come forth, to be detected, to be discovered, to be exposed, to be exhibited, to be on display
to come out, to appear (in print), to be published, to be announced, to be issued, to be listed
to perform, to participate, to attend, to take part, to enter (an event), to play in
to be brought up, to be raised, to come up, to be stated, to be expressed
to sell
to exceed, to go over
to protrude, to stick out
to start, to occur, to originate, to break out
to be produced
to come from, to be derived from
to get, to receive, to be given, to be paid, to be offered, to be provided, to be presented, to be submitted, to be handed in, to be turned in
to get, to answer (phone, door, etc.)
to assume (an attitude), to act, to behave
to pick up (speed, etc.), to gain
to run, to flow (e.g. tears), to bleed
to graduate
出る でる v (go terminology)
name Idzuru, Suguru, Sakide, Idezaki, Idesaki, De, Itaru, Izuru, Izuzaki, Izusaki, Izaki, Takade
18 坂井 918 坂井 name Oota, Sakai, Sakashi, Sakanoi
19 実戦 906 実戦 じっせん n combat, actual fighting
20 検討 879 検討 けんとう n, vs analysis, study, discussion, consideration, investigation, scrutiny, examination
21 868 きょく n, n-suf department, bureau
exchange, channel, office (e.g. post, telephone), broadcasting station (e.g. television, radio)
affair, situation
ctr, n, n-suf game (of go, shogi, etc.)
つぼね n court lady, lady-in-waiting (Heian period)
separate room in a palace (esp. for a lady) (Heian period)
room for a very low class prostitute
very low class prostitute
name Tsubone
22 左辺 864 左辺 さへん n left side (of an equation, expression, etc.), LHS
左辺 さへん n (go terminology)
23 863 n eyeball, eye
sight, vision, eyesight
look, glance, stare
an experience
stitch, texture, weave
suf ordinal number suffix
somewhat, -ish
n (go terminology)
もく n order
item (of a budget revision, etc.)
ctr counter for go pieces, counter for surrounded positions (in go)
もく n (go terminology)
目す もくす v5s, vt to distinguish, to recognize, to recognise
to pay attention to
name Mokuzaki, Moku, Metsugi, Mezaki, Mesaki, Me, Manako, Satsuka, Sakka, Sagan, Sagami, Sakan
24 826 けん n outlook, view (of life, etc.)
n, n-suf viewing, looking
見す めす v5s, vt to see, to look, to watch
to rule, to govern
見る みる v1, vt to see, to view, to look, to watch, to observe
to assess, to examine, to look over, to look on, to judge
to look after, to take care of, to keep an eye on
to view (e.g. flowers, movie)
to try, to try out
to see that..., to find that...
name Miru, Mitomo, Mishio, Mizaki, Misaki, Mayumi, Mamiyu, Mamie, Mana, Kenzaki, Kensaki, Ken
25 819 思う おもう v5u, vt to consider, to think, to believe
to think (of doing), to plan (to do)
to assess, to regard, to judge
to suppose, to imagine, to dream
to expect, to look forward to
to feel, to desire, to want
to remember, to recall
name Ai, Omoi, Kokoro, Sayopu, Shitau, Shiyou
26 形勢 798 形勢 けいせい n condition, situation, prospects
形勢 けいせい n (go terminology)
27 高尾 797 高尾 name Kouo, Kouno, Koo, Takao
28 決め 777 決め きめ n, n-suf agreement, rule
決め ぎめ n, n-suf contracted regular payment, e.g. monthly, weekly, etc., by the (month, week, etc.)
決める きめる v1, vt to arrange, to choose, to settle, to appoint, to decide, to determine, to make up one's mind, to resolve, to set one's heart on, to set, to fix
to clinch (a victory), to decide (the outcome of a match)
to persist in doing, to go through with
to always do, to have made a habit of
to take for granted, to assume
to dress up, to dress to kill, to dress to the nines
to succeed in doing, to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.)
to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.)
29 761 かたち
n figure, form, shape
n, suf appearance, shape
obverse of an old "zeni" coin
なり adj-no, n way, style, state, form, appearance, shape
けい suf tense, form
n (true) adjective, i-adjective
かたち n (go terminology)
name Kata
30 722 name Kozue, Shou, Jiyao, Jo, Jiyo, Zou, Cho, Chou, Zhao (Chao) (country from the warring states period in China), Hiyon
31 生き 705 生き いき
n living, being alive
vitality, liveliness, freshness
situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go)
stet, leave as-is (proofreading)
pref damned
生き いき n (go terminology)
生きる いきる v1, vi to live, to exist
to make a living, to subsist
to be in effect, to be in use, to function
to come to life, to be enlivened
to be safe (in baseball, go, etc.)
32 山田 699 山田 name Ooshita, Kumada, Yamagata, Yamata, Yamada, Yayuda, Yomada
33 切り 693 切り きり n end, stop, finish
bounds, limits
delivery date (of a futures contract)
finale (of a noh song), end of an act (in joruri or kabuki), final performance of the day (in vaudeville)
ctr, suf counter for slices (esp. thick slices), counter for cuts (e.g. fish, meat)
prt only, just
remaining (in a particular state)
切り きり n (go terminology)
34 攻め 677 攻め せめ n attack, offense, offence
dominant partner of a homosexual relationship
suf a barrage of, a flood of
攻め せめ n (go terminology)
攻める せめる v1, vt to attack, to assault, to assail
攻める せめる v (go terminology)
677 n go (board game of capturing territory)
n (go terminology)
36 673 しょう n victory, win
scenic spot, beautiful scenery
ctr, suf counter for wins
勝つ かつ v5t, vi to win, to gain victory
勝つ かつ v (go terminology)
勝る まさる v5r, vi to surpass, to exceed, to excel, to have an edge, to be superior, to outrival
to outweigh, to preponderate
name Suguri, Tsuyoshi, Sun, Suguro, Sugure, Suguru, Masa, Shoumin, Shou, Katsushi, Katsuzaki, Katsu, Kachi, Kaji, Masaru, Tou
37 671 せん suf battle, war
competition, match
せん n (go terminology)
いくさ n campaign, fight, battle, war
troops, forces
戦う たたかう v (go terminology)
戦う たたかう v5u, vi to fight, to battle, to combat, to struggle against, to wage war, to engage in contest
戦く わななく v5k, vi to tremble, to shiver
戦く おののく v5k, vi to tremble, to shake (from fear, cold, excitement, etc.), to shudder
戦ぐ そよぐ v5g, vi to flutter, to stir, to rustle
name Sen, Isao
38 666 おう n, n-suf king, ruler, monarch, sovereign
king (for senior player) (shogi)
champion, master, magnate, tycoon
name Yuu, Chiyan, Taka, Shin, Kimi, Ki, On, Oo, Ou, Oi, O, Uon, Wan
39 661 とり n, n-suf collector, collecting, taking, taker
n last performer of the day (usu. the star performer), last performance of the day
active partner (e.g. in judo demonstration)
pref emphatic or formal prefix
どり n-suf samurai receiving this much rice as a fee
offering of rice cake containing this much rice
person receiving this amount of money as a salary
しゅ n appropriation, obtaining
取る とる v5r, vt to choose, to pick up, to harvest, to take, to earn, to win
to steal
to eat, to have (a meal)
to remove (one's glasses, etc.)
to play, to compete (in sumo, cards, etc.)
取る とる v (go terminology)
name Kuwatori, Takatoru, Takadori
40 658 n, n-suf illustration, graph, diagram, chart, drawing, picture, figure
sight, scene
n (go terminology)
図る はかる v5r, vt to plan, to devise, to attempt, to plot, to design
to deceive, to take in
to aim for, to have something in mind
to refer A to B
name Zu, Hakari, Hakaru
41 考え 637 考え かんがえ n thought, intention, thinking, ideas
考える かんがえる v1, vt to take into consideration, to think about
to ponder, to reflect, to try to come at a conclusion, to think over (something)
to plan, to intend, to decide (to do)
to devise, to scheme, to come up with
to expect, to anticipate, to predict
to suspect, to doubt
to look on, to consider (somebody to be something)
42 以下 636 以下 いか
n not exceeding, and downward, ... and below
below (e.g. standard), under (e.g. a level)
the rest, the below-mentioned, the following
43 勝ち 624 勝ち かち n victory, win
勝ち がち suf liable to do, apt to do, tend to do (used to describe a negative tendency)
勝ち かち n (go terminology)
44 井山 598 井山 name Iyama
45 負け 594 負け まけ n loss, defeat, losing (a game)
負ける まける v1, vi to lose, to be defeated
to surrender, to yield, to give in, to succumb
to be inferior to
to break out in a rash due to (e.g. lacquer, shaving, etc.)
v1, vt to reduce the price, to lower the price, to give a discount on
負ける まける v (go terminology)
46 一手 591 一手 いって n method, monopoly, move (in game), single-handed
一手 ひとて
n one hand
one's own effort
一手 いって n (go terminology)
47 588 n, n-suf earth, land, ground, soil
bottom (of a package, book, etc.)
earth (one of the five elements)
n earth, land, ground, soil
the region in question, the local area
material, texture, fabric, weave
base, background
one's true nature
narrative (i.e. descriptive part of a story)
actuality, real life
(in the game of go) captured territory
noh chorus
(in Japanese dance) accompaniment music
(in Japanese music) basic phrase (usu. repetitive)
base part (of multiple shamisens)
n earth, clay, dirt, soil, mud
the earth (historically, esp. as opposed to the heavens), the ground, the land
low-quality torinoko-gami (containing mud)
(period of) refraining from construction in the direction of the god of the earth (in On'youdou)
n (go terminology)
name Hamadzi, Chitoku, Chizaki, Chi, Shouchi, Koochi
48 勝負 578 勝負 しょうぶ n, vs contest, game, bout, match, victory or defeat
勝負 しょうぶ n (go terminology)
勝負 name Shoubu
49 対局 570 対局 たいきょく n, vs (playing) a game of go, shogi or chess, etc.
対局 たいきょく n (go terminology)
50 山下 565 山下 name Sanka, Sange, Yamasaki, Yamashita, Yamashimo, Yamanoshita, Yamamoto, Yomashita
51 右下 537 右下 みぎした n right-lower
右下 name Migishita
52 532 せつ adj-na, n eager, earnest, ardent, kind, keen, acute
切る きる suf, v5r, vt to cut, to cut through, to perform (surgery)
to sever (connections, ties)
to turn off (i.e. the light)
to terminate (i.e. a conversation), to hang up (the phone), to disconnect
to punch (a ticket), to tear off (a stub)
to open (something sealed)
to start
to set (a limit), to do (something) in less or within a certain time, to issue (stamps, vouchers, etc.)
to reduce, to discount, to decrease
to shake off (water, etc.), to let drip-dry, to let drain
to traverse, to cross
to criticize sharply
to act decisively, to do (something noticeable), to go first, to make (certain facial expressions, in kabuki)
to turn (a vehicle)
to cut, to bend, to curl (a ball)
to shuffle (cards)
to let go, to dismiss, to sack, to expulse, to excommunicate
to dig (a groove), to cut (a stencil, on a mimeograph)
to trump
(in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone)
to start a fire (with wood-wood friction or by striking a metal against stone)
to draw (a shape) in the air (with a sword, etc.)
suf, v5r to complete, (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish
切る きる v (go terminology)
532 n (sheet) music, (musical) note, (musical) score
family tree, genealogy
record of a game of go, shogi, chess, etc.
54 結城 530 結城 name Ketsushiro, Yugi, Yuki, Yuugi, Yuuki, Yuiragi, Yuishiro, Yuiki, Musubishiro, Ketsujou, Yushiro
55 右上 529 右上 みぎうえ n right-upper
56 525 あと adj-no, n behind, rear
after, later
after one's death
the rest, remainder
successor, heir, descendant
previous, past
n-adv more (e.g. five more minutes)
suf after
しり n bottom, buttocks, behind, rump
bottom, undersurface
end, last place
うしろ n back, behind, rear
のち adj-no, n since, afterwards, later
after one's death
name Takago, Shitori, Go, Kou, Ushiro, Ato, Nochi
57 左下 517 左下 ひだりした n lower left
58 分か 508 分かつ わかつ v5t, vt to separate, to divide
to distribute, to share
to distinguish
分かる わかる v5r, vi to get, to grasp, to understand, to see, to comprehend, to follow
to become clear, to be discovered, to be known, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
59 受け 490 受け うけ n, n-suf popularity, reception, favour, favor
n defense, defence, reputation
receiver of technique (e.g. in martial arts)
submissive partner of a homosexual relationship
受け うけ n go: answer, defense (to a move)
受ける うける v1, vt to get, to receive
to catch (e.g. a ball)
to be struck by (wind, waves, sunlight, etc.)
to sustain (damage), to incur (a loss), to suffer (an injury), to feel (influence)
to undergo (e.g. surgery), to take (a test), to accept (a challenge)
to be given (e.g. life, talent)
to be descended from, to follow, to succeed
to face (south, etc.)
to be modified by
to obtain (a pawned item, etc.) by paying a fee
v1, vi to be well-received, to become popular, to go down well
60 続いて 489 続いて つづいて conj next, subsequently
exp following ..., after ..., in the wake of ...
61 先手 483 先手 さきて n vanguard, front lines
先手 せんて n initiative, forestalling, the first move
black player (shogi)
先手 せんて n (go terminology)
62 依田 480 依田 name Ida, Yorita, Yoda, Yota, Koromoda, Kinuta, Kida, Eda, Eta, Yorida
63 今村 476 今村 name Imamura
64 左上 473 左上 ひだりうえ adj-no, n left-upper
65 判断 468 判断 はんだん n, vs judgement, judgment, decision, conclusion, divination, adjudication, decipherment
66 見え 456 見え みえ
n charm, attraction, display, show, appearance, vanity
見える みえる v1, vi to be seen, to be in sight
to look, to seem, to appear
to come
見える まみえる v1, vi to meet, to see, to have an audience
to confront, to face (an enemy)
to serve (esp. as one's wife)
67 446 あく n evil, wickedness
わる n bad thing, bad person
悪い わるい adj-i poor, bad, inferior
evil, sinful
unprofitable, unbeneficial
at fault, to blame, in the wrong
悪い にくい adj-i detestable, abominable, hateful, poor-looking
amazing, wonderful, fantastic, lovely, admirable
悪い にくい
adj-i, suf difficult to ..., hard to ...
悪い わるい adj-i (go terminology)
悪む にくむ v5m, vt to detest, to hate
name Aku
68 442 ざん n, pref excess, remaining, left-over
残す のこす v5s, vt to save, to reserve, to bequeath, to leave (behind, over)
残る のこる v5r, vi to remain, to be left
name Zan
69 解説 436 解説 かいせつ adj-no, n, vs exposition, commentary, explanation, elucidation
70 羽根 431 羽根 はね n wing, feather, plume
blade (fan, propeller, etc.)
羽根 name Une, Tsubasa, Hatane, Hane
71 428 しつ n, n-suf room
wife (of someone of high rank)
Chinese "Encampment" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
むろ n greenhouse, cellar, icehouse
name Muromasa, Murozaki, Murosaki, Muro, Hamamuro, Dai, Shitsu, Muroran
眼形 428 眼形 がんけい
n (go terminology)
眼形 めがたち
n go: eye shape
73 本局 424 本局 ほんきょく n main office
74 423 じん n battle formation
camp, position, encampment
n, n-suf group (with a common goal or purpose)
n campaign, battle, war
name Jin, Jinsaki, Jinji, Nobu, Noburu
75 小県 420 小県 name Ogata, Koken, Chiisagata
76 410 はやし n copse, forest, woods, thicket
name Rimu, Ri, Ramu, Yau, Hayashitaka, Hayashizaki, Hayashisaki, Hayashi, Shigeru, Shige, Kuwamatsu, Kuwabara, Kuwabayashi, Kuwaza, Imu, Atsumi, Rin
77 409 いし n stone
gem, jewel
こく n measure of volume (approx. 180.39 liters, 6.37 cub. ft.)
measure of a Japanese-style boat's loading capacity (approx. 278.26 liters)
いし n (go terminology)
name Ishibuku, Iso, Inseki, Kazu, Koku, Shi, Seki, Soku, Tsuruishi, Ishifuku, Ishihama, Akira, Atsushi, Ishi, Ishiodori, Ishisaki, Ishizaki, Ishisue, Ishizue
78 溝上 401 溝上 name Kougami, Mizoue, Mizokami, Mizogami, Mizonoue
79 398 いり n, n-suf entering
setting (of the sun)
audience, content, containing
しお ctr, suf counter for soakings (of fabric in a dye)
入る いる v5r, vi to set, to come in, to go in, to get in, to flow into, to set in
入る はいる v5r, vi to enter, to go into
to break into
to join, to enroll
to contain, to hold, to accommodate
to have (an income of)
to get, to receive, to score
name Iri, Kaeru
80 思い 396 思い おもい n thought
imagination, heart, mind
hope, desire, expectation, wish
love, affection
emotion, experience, sentiment, feelings
81 棋士 383 棋士 きし n shogi player, go player
棋士 きし n (go terminology)
82 時間 379 時間 じかん n, n-adv time
ctr hours
時間 name Toki, Tokima
83 構え 378 構え かまえ n style, stance, pose, posture (e.g. in martial arts)
構える かまえる v1, vt to set up (e.g. a building)
to prepare in advance (e.g. a meal), to prepare to use something (e.g. a camera)
to plan, to scheme
to fabricate in order to deceive
to stiffen, to become formal
84 373 さき adj-no, n, n-suf, pref some time ago, previous, former, prior, preceding
end, tip, nozzle, point (e.g. pencil)
front, head (of a line)
ahead, the other side
hereafter, the future
the other party
まえ n-adv, n-t, suf previously, ago, before (some event), (minutes) to (the hour)
in front (of), before (e.g. the house)
head (of a line), front (e.g. of a bus), fore part
in the presence of
portion, helping
private parts, privates
ぜん n-pref previous, former, one-time, the last (i.e. immediately preceding) (e.g. "the last mayor")
(before the name of an era) pre- (e.g. "premodern")
adj-no, n before, earlier
name Maehama, Maezaki, Maesaki, Mae, Zen, Sen, Susume, Susumu, Saki, Misaki
85 372 あつ suf thickness
厚い あつい adj-i heavy, thick, deep
faithful, warm, kind, cordial, hospitable
serious (of an illness)
厚い あつい adj-i (go terminology)
name Kou, Jinkou, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Makoto, Atsuyuki, Atsumi, Atsunori, Atsuji, Atsushi, Atsu, Hiroshi
86 360 すすき
n Japanese pampas grass (Miscanthus sinensis), silver grass, zebra grass
うす pref light (e.g. colour, color)
薄い うすい adj-i thin
light, pale
sparse, watery, dilute
weak (taste, etc.)
small, slim (probability, etc.)
薄い うすい adj-i go: thin
name Haku, Takausu, Suzuki, Susuki, Usuki, Usui, Usu
87 356 はい n loss, defeat
ctr, suf counter for losses
はい n (go terminology)
敗る やぶる v5r, vt to smash, to destroy, to tear, to defeat, to violate, to break (e.g. password)
88 打っ 354 打っ ぶっ pref quickly, suddenly, violently, strongly (used to emphasize the following verb)
進行 354 進行 しんこう n, vs advance, progress
進行 name Nobuyuki
90 狙い 352 狙い ねらい n aim
91 351 さら n plate, dish, platter, disc
ctr, n, n-suf course, serving, helping
n kanji radical 108 (at the bottom)
ばん n, n-suf disk, record, disc, clock face
tray, shallow bowl
grid, board (e.g. in shogi)
name Iwao, Ban
351 すみ
n, n-suf corner, recess, nook
n downstage right (on a noh stage)
すみ n (go terminology)
name Kuma, Sumi, Sumisaki, Sumitomo, Suminori
93 大き 348 大き おおき pref grand, great, large
upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
adj-na, n very much, a great deal
大きい おおきい adj-i loud, great, big, large
大きい おおきい adj-i (go terminology)
94 名人戦 346 名人戦 めいじんせん n professional go (shogi) players' championship series
石田 346 石田 name Ishita, Ishida, Iwata, Sekiden
96 大きく 339 大きく おおきく adv in a big way, on a grand scale
小松 339 小松 こまつ n young pine, small pine
小松 name Omatsuzaki, Komasa, Komazaki, Komatsu, Komatsusaki, Komatsuzaki, Hide
98 難し 337 難し かたし adj-ku hard, difficult
難しい むずかしい
adj-i hard, complicated, troublesome, difficult, serious (disease, problem, etc.)
fussy, fastidious, particular, hard to please, displeased
gloomy, glum, sullen, serious (look)
dirty, detestable, filthy, unclean
unpleasant, uncomfortable, creepy, spooky
99 当然 331 当然 とうぜん adj-na, adj-no natural, reasonable, as a matter of course, justified, deserved
100 330 かた n way, direction
gentleman, lady, person
n, n-suf method of, manner of, way of
n-suf care of ..
person in charge of ..
side (e.g. "on my mother's side")

n surrounding area
shore (of the sea)
suf suffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.
がた suf honorific pluralizing suffix (used only for people)
about, around (the time that, etc.)
さま suf Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
makes words more polite (usu. in fixed expressions)
n situation, state, appearance
ほう n way, side, direction, area (in a particular direction)
side (of an argument, etc.), one's part
category, type
field (of study, etc.)
indicates one side of a comparison
means, way, method, manner
length (of each side of a square)
name Masani, Masashi, Hon, Hou, Fuon, Pan, Ban, Tokukata, Tamotsu, Tadashi, Kata, Ataru, Michi
330 狙う ねらう v5u, vt to aim at
102 326 n, n-suf child
young (animal)
young woman, young geisha
new shares
n player who is not a dealer (in cards, mahjong, etc.)
n, n-suf bird egg
n-suf -er (often of young women)
こう n child
n, n-suf interest
suf honorific (or familiar) suffix used after a name
n child (esp. a boy)
master (founder of a school of thought, esp. Confucius)
philosophy (branch of Chinese literature), non-Confucian Hundred Schools of Thought writings
you (of one's equals)
n-suf -er (i.e. a man who spends all his time doing...)
n fruit, nut
(in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc.
content, substance
n first sign of Chinese zodiac (The Rat, 11pm-1am, north, November)
n (go terminology)
name Nene, Ne, Shigeru, Konoe, Ko
103 分の 321 分の ぶんの exp, suf -th (e.g. one fifth)
104 戦い 315 戦い たたかい n conflict, fight, battle, struggle
戦い たたかい n (go terminology)
105 312 うえ adj-no, n, n-adv, n-suf above, over, up, elder (e.g. daughter)
summit, top
on, surface
before, previous
superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder)
besides, what's more, on top of that
upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after)
matters concerning..., as concerns ...
since (i.e. "for that reason")
n-suf suffix indicating higher social standing
place of one's superior (i.e. the throne)
emperor, sovereign, daimyo, shogun
noblewoman (esp. the wife of a nobleman)
うわ n, pref outer, upper, top, surface, upward
かみ n upper reaches (of a river), upper stream
top, upper part, upper half (of the body)
long ago
beginning, first
person of high rank (e.g. the emperor)
imperial court, government
imperial capital (i.e. Kyoto), capital region (i.e. Kansai), region (or direction of) the imperial palace
head (of a table)
wife, mistress (of a restaurant)
じょう n-suf from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of
above, on, aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of
n first volume (e.g. book)
n, pref best, top, high class, superior quality
going up
imperial, governmental
presenting, showing
pref ana- (medical, biol.)
うえ n (go terminology)
上す のぼす v5s to raise, to record, to serve (food), to bring up (a matter), to send some one out
上る のぼる v5r, vi to go up, to ascend, to climb
to rise, to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun)
to go to (the capital)
to be promoted
to add up to
to advance (in price)
to swim up (a river), to sail up
to come up (on the agenda)
上る あがる v5r, vi to rise, to be raised, to go up, to come up, to ascend
to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in
to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade
to get out (of water), to come ashore
to increase
to improve, to make progress
to advance, to be promoted
to be made (of profit, etc.)
to occur (esp. of a favourable result)
to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.)
to be done, to be over, to be finished
to lift, (of rain) to stop
to die, to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out
to win (in a card game, etc.)
to be arrested
to turn up (of evidence, etc.)
to be deep fried
to be spoken loudly
to get stage fright
to be offered (to the gods, etc.)
to go, to visit
to eat, to drink
to be listed (as a candidate)
to serve (in one's master's home)
(in Kyoto) to go north
suf, v5r (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
name Kami, Kamino, Kamiyanagi, Kamura, Kan, Kou, Kouzaki, Sakigami, Jou, Jouji, Susumu, Takashi, Noboru, Kano, Kado, Uwa, Ue, Uesaki, Uezaki, Uetaka, Uetsuru, Ueyagi, Ueyanagi
106 打たれ 310 打たれる うたれる v1, vi to be beaten, to be struck
模様 310 模様 もよう n design, pattern, figure
condition, state
conjecture of the current situation, the way it seems
pattern, model, example
(after a noun) indicates that that noun seems likely (e.g. rain or storm)
模様 もよう n go: moyo
108 交換 302 交換 こうかん n, vs interchange, exchange, switching, barter, replacement, reciprocity, substitution, clearing (of checks, cheques)
109 感じ 296 感じ かんじ n impression, feeling, sense
感じる かんじる v1 to feel, to sense, to experience
記者 296 記者 きしゃ adj-no, n reporter
111 厳し 295 厳しい きびしい
adj-i rigid, severe, strict, unsparing, relentless
solemn, stern, grave, austere, majestic
intense (cold)
厳しい きびしい adj-i (go terminology)
112 向か 294 向かう むかう v5u, vi to face
to go towards
294 こえ n voice
name Koe, Sumitoshi, Sei, Chika
114 変化 293 変化 へんか n, vs change, transformation, variation, transition, metamorphosis, alteration, mutation, transfiguration
variety, diversity
declension, conjugation, inflection
変化 へんげ n, vs goblin, apparition, ghost, bugbear
変化 へんか n (go terminology)
293 adj-na, n yellow
name Shuu, Han, Hiyon, Fuan, Fuin, Fuen, Hoan, Hou, Howan, Gou, Kogane, Ui, Uon, Ou, Katsumi, Ki, Kii, Ko, Kou, Koukei, Hon
116 厚み 289 厚み あつみ n profound, thickness
厚み あつみ n go: thickness
厚み name Atsumi
117 好手 279 好手 こうしゅ n expert, good move
好手 こうしゅ n (go terminology)
118 午後 275 午後 ごご n-adv, n-t afternoon, p.m.
119 271 なか n in, inside
within, among
middle, center (centre)
while, during
うち adj-no, n within, inside
among, amongst, between
adj-no, pn we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our
my spouse
n imperial palace grounds
adj-no, pn me, I (primarily used by women and children)
ちゅう suf average, medium, middle
middle school
n-suf in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people)
while, during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.)
suf through, throughout, in the course of
all over or throughout (e.g. a place)
チュン n red dragon tile (mahjong)
中る あたる v5r, vi to strike, to be hit
to touch, to be in contact, to be affixed
to apply to, to be equivalent to, to be applicable
to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.)
to win, to be selected (in a lottery, etc.)
to be successful, to go well, to be a hit
to face, to confront
to lie (in the direction of)
to undertake, to be assigned
to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.), to be afflicted
to be called upon (by the teacher)
to treat (esp. harshly), to lash out at
to be unnecessary
to be hitting well, to be on a hitting streak
(in fishing) to feel a bite
to spoil, (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised
v5r, vt to probe into, to feel (something) out, to check (i.e. by comparison)
to shave
to be a relative of a person, to stand in a relationship
name Touru, Tooru, Naka, Nakasaki, Nakazaki, Nakashio, Nakazumi, Nakatsuru, Nakahama, Nakaba, Nakamine, Hitoshi, Chuu, Tadashi, Sunao, Atari, Ataru, Atsu, Atsuru, Kanae, Kaname, Sakinaka, Mitsuru
271 じん suf -ian (e.g. Italian, etc.) (attaches to name of country to denote nationality), -er (e.g. performer, etc.) (attaches to name of occupation)
people, person, (usu. in compound words) man
suf person
n man, person
people, human being, mankind
human (Homo sapiens), humans as a species
character, personality
true man, man of talent
another person, others, other people
ctr counter for people
n (usu. in compound words) person
name Jin, Hito, Hitozaki, Hitotaka
121 270 ちょぼ
n dot, point, mark
gidayuu musicians (in kabuki)
てん n, n-suf mark, spot
dot, point
score, mark (e.g. in exam), points
n comma
aspect, respect, matter
ctr counter for goods, items, articles of clothing, works of art, etc.
n dot, point, mark
gratuity, tip
suf piddling, paltry, mere, a little
点く つく v5k, vi to be lit (e.g. electricity comes on), to be lighted
to catch fire
点す ともす
v5s, vt to turn on, to light
点す さす v5s, vt to pour, to add (liquid), to serve (drinks)
to apply, to put on (lipstick, etc.), to colour, to dye
to burn, to light (a fire)
点る ともる
v5r, vi to be lighted, to be lit (e.g. candle, lamp, light bulb), to be burning
name Tomosu, Tomoru
黒地 270 黒地 くろじ n black ground, black cloth
黒地 name Kuroji, Kurochi
123 269 かい ctr counter for occurrences
counter for games, rounds, etc., counter for innings (baseball)
n, n-pref Islam
n Hui (people)
回す まわす v5s, vt to turn, to rotate, to gyrate
to circulate, to send around
to surround
to put something to a new use (e.g. leftovers)
suf, v5s (after the -masu stem of a verb) ... around (i.e. to chase someone around)
to dial (e.g. telephone number)
v5s to invest
to gang-rape
回る もとおる v5r, vi to wander around
回る まわる v5r, vi to turn, to revolve
to visit several places
to function well
to pass a certain time
回る めぐる v5r, vi to go around
to return
to surround
to concern (usu. of disputes)
回る みる v1 to go around
name Mawari, Magari, Kizahashi, Meguri
124 備え 268 備え そなえ n preparation, guarding, provision
備える そなえる v1, vt to furnish, to install, to provide for, to equip
to have ready, to prepare for
to have, to possess, to be endowed with, to be armed with
125 姿 266 姿 すがた n figure, form, shape
dress, appearance, guise
image, condition, state, picture
form (of a waka)
n-suf dressed in ..., wearing ...
姿 name Sugata
126 定石 265 定石 じょうせき n established tactic, play by the book
定石 じょうせき n (go terminology)
定石 name Sadaishi
265 とし n, n-adv year
n many years
n, suf age
n, n-adv past one's prime, old age
ねん n year (e.g. AD)
ctr counter for years
とせ ctr counter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system)
name Susumu, Toshi, Toshimatsu, Nen, Hiroshi, Minoru
最後 265 最後 さいご adj-no, n end, last, conclusion, most recent, latest
exp (after -tara form or -ta form followed by "ga") no sooner than, right after (often having negative consequences)
one's final moments
129 優勢 263 優勢 ゆうせい adj-na, n superiority, preponderance, predominance, superior power
優勢 ゆうせい n (go terminology)
263 とき n time, hour, moment
case, occasion
season, chance, opportunity
the times, the age, the day
どき n-suf time for -, time of -, - time, (suitable) time to -
suf hour, o'clock
adj-no, suf (specified) time, when ..., during ...
name Tokimune, Tokisue, Tokizaki, Tokisaki, Toki, Taimu, Shin, Aki, Tozaki
131 大きな 258 大きな おおきな adj-pn great, big, large
序盤 258 序盤 じょばん n the opening(s) (e.g. in a game of go or chess)
序盤 じょばん n (go terminology)
133 252 せん n, n-suf selection, picking, choice, election, choosing
選ぶ えらぶ v5b, vt to choose, to select
選る よる
v5r, vt to choose, to select
name Eri, Suguru, Sen, Tatsumi, Hitoshi
134 251 とく adj-na, n advantage, gain, profit, benefit
rebirth in paradise, entering nirvana
v2a-s, vt to get, to obtain, to secure, to acquire, to procure, to attain, to earn, to win, to gain
to be possible
得る える v1, vt to get, to obtain, to secure, to acquire, to procure, to attain, to earn, to win, to gain
to understand, to comprehend
to receive something undesirable (e.g. a punishment), to get (ill)
aux-v, v1, vt (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
name Toku
135 終わ 249 終わる おわる v5r, vi to finish, to close, to end
136 白地 247 白地 あからさま adj-na, adj-no plain, frank, candid, open, direct, straightforward, unabashed, blatant, flagrant
白地 しろじ
n white background
adj-pn blank
n female virgin
白地 はくち n white cloth
empty lot, empty land
amateur (of a prostitute, etc)
白地 name Shiraji, Shirachi, Shiradzi, Shiroji, Hakuchi
137 手順 246 手順 てじゅん n instruction, sequence, procedure, process, protocol
手順 てじゅん n (go terminology)
138 243 すじ n muscle, tendon, sinew
vein, artery
string, fiber, fibre
stripe, line, streak
logic, reason
plot, storyline
lineage, descent
school (e.g. of scholarship or arts)
aptitude, talent
circle, channel, source (of information, etc.)
well-informed person (in a transaction)
logical move (in go, shogi, etc.)
ninth vertical line (shogi)
seam on a helmet
gristly fish paste (made of muscle, tendons, skin, etc.)
status, social position
adj-no, n, n-suf along, on (a river, road, etc.)
ctr, suf counter for long thin things, counter for roads or blocks when giving directions
(Edo period) counter for hundreds of mon (obsolete unit of currency)
きん n muscle
すじ n (go terminology)
name Suji
139 両者 240 両者 りょうしゃ n pair, both persons, the two, both things
140 238 こう pref good

n connection, friendship, relation, intimacy, friendly relations
好い いい adj-i (go terminology)
好い よい
adj-i (go terminology)
好い よい
adj-i good, excellent, nice, fine, agreeable, pleasant
ready, sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), prepared
beneficial, profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.)
好く すく v5k, vt to love, to like, to be fond of
好む このむ v5m, vt to like, to prefer
name Suu, Yoshisaki, Yoshi, Miyoshi, Yoshimu, Konomu, Konomi, Kou, Raiku, Yoshimi
141 236 あじ adj-na, n taste, flavor, flavour
charm, style
adj-na smart, strange, witty, clever
n (sense of) taste
ctr, suf counter for food, drink, medicine, etc.
あじ n (go terminology)
感想 236 感想 かんそう n, vs thoughts, impressions
河野 236 河野 name Kawano, Gawano, Kouno, Koono, Kono
144 235 n, n-suf variation, difference
n face to face, between (e.g. two people)
hindrance, impediment
arrhythmic section of recitative in Noh music
pref prefix used for stress or emphasis
ctr counter for traditional dance songs
差す さす v5s, vi to shine
to be visible
to be tinged with
to flow in, to rise (of water levels)
to be felt (i.e. as an emotion), to come over one
v5s, vt to raise, to put up, to hold up (an umbrella, etc.)
to extend one's arm straight ahead (in dance)
to insert, to put in
to wear (a sword) in one's belt, to wear at one's side, to carry under one's arm
to insert one's arm under an opponent's arm
to pole (a boat)
to pour, to add (liquid), to serve (drinks)
to apply, to put on (lipstick, etc.), to colour, to dye
to burn, to light (a fire)
to close, to fasten, to lock, to shut
suf, v5s to stop in the midst of, to leave undone
盤面 235 盤面 ばんめん n surface of a board or record
盤面 ばんめん n go: surface of the board, also: the situation on the board
146 取り 233 取り とり n, n-suf collector, collecting, taking, taker
n last performer of the day (usu. the star performer), last performance of the day
active partner (e.g. in judo demonstration)
pref emphatic or formal prefix
取り どり n-suf samurai receiving this much rice as a fee
offering of rice cake containing this much rice
person receiving this amount of money as a salary
取り とり n (go terminology)
連絡 233 連絡 れんらく adj-no, vs to contact, to get in touch
n call, communication, message, contacting, getting in touch
connection, coordination, junction
adj-no intercalary, intercalaris, internuncial
連絡 れんらく n (go terminology)
148 予想 232 予想 よそう adj-no, n, vs forecast, expectation, conjecture, anticipation, prediction
逃げ 232 逃げ にげ n escape, evasion, getaway
逃げる にげる v1, vi to run away, to escape
逃げる にげる v (go terminology)
150 コウ材 231 コウ材 こうざい n (go terminology)
流れ 231 流れ ながれ n current, stream, flow
流れる ながれる v1, vi to stream, to flow (liquid, time, etc.), to run (ink), to be washed away
152 226 n, pref multi-
多い おおい adj-i many, numerous
name Tamotsu, Tazaki, Takuya, Kuwata, Oono, Ooshi, Oo, Isao, Masaru
153 224 ぎょう n verse, row, line (i.e. of text)
carya (austerities)
samskara (formations)
running script (a semi-cursive style of kanji)
こう n, n-suf going, travelling (traveling)
type of classical Chinese verse (usu. an epic)
guild, district (of similar merchants)
ctr, pref, suf bank
行う おこなう v5u, vt to do, to perform, to carry out, to conduct oneself
行く いく
v5k-s, vi to go, to reach, to move (in a direction or towards a specific location), to head (towards), to be transported (towards)
to proceed, to take place
to come and go, to pass through
to walk
to die, to pass away
to do (in a specific way)
to stream, to flow
aux-v to continue
v5k-s, vi to come, to have an orgasm, to cum
to trip, to get high, to have a drug-induced hallucination
行る やる v5r, vt to send, to dispatch, to despatch
to put, to move, to turn (one's head, glance, etc.)
to give (esp. to someone of equal or lower status), to let have, to present, to bestow, to confer
to make (a vehicle) go faster
to do, to undertake, to perform, to play (a game), to study
to run (a business), to keep, to be engaged in, to practice (law, medicine, etc.), to practise
to have (food, drink, etc.), to eat, to drink, to smoke
to perform, to hold (a performance), to show
to ease (one's mind)
to harm, to injure, to kill
to have sex with
v5r, vi to live, to get by, to get along
suf, v5r to do ... completely
to do ... broadly, to do ... to a great distance
aux-v, v5r to do ... for (someone of equal or lower status), to do ... to (sometimes with negative nuance)
to make active efforts to ...
name Yukue, Susumu, Tsutomu, Tsuyoshi, Tooru, Namekata, Nameki, Makoto, Michi, Yuki, Yukimune, Kou, Gyoutoku, Gyou, Akira, Aruki, An, Iki, Iku, Itaru
154 手段 221 手段 しゅだん n means, way, measure
221 違う ちがう v5u, vi to vary, to differ (from)
to not be in the usual condition
to not match the correct (answer, etc.)
to be different from promised
isn't it?, wasn't it?
違う たがう v5u, vi to differ, to be different
to run counter to
to change (into something out of the ordinary)
name Chigai
156 十分 220 十分 じっぷん
n 10 minutes
十分 じゅうぶん adj-na satisfactory, plenty, sufficient, enough, adequate
n, vs division into ten
adv perfectly, fully, thoroughly, in full
十分 じゅうぶん n (go terminology)
157 219 しょう n, n-suf department, ministry
province (of China)
n-pref saving, conserving
省く はぶく v5k, vt to omit, to eliminate, to exclude, to leave out
to save, to curtail, to cut down, to economize, to economise
name Mitsumu, Fumisu, Habuku, Seiji, Sei, Shouhei, Shousuke, Shou, Satoru, Satoshi, Katsumine, Katsube, Katsuhira, Katsunami, Katsusuke, Akira
158 攻め合い 218 攻め合い せめあい n attacking each other, capturing race (e.g. in go), mutual attack
攻め合い せめあい n (go terminology)
159 問題 217 問題 もんだい n problem, question (e.g. on a test)
question, case, issue, matter, problem (e.g. societal, political), subject (e.g. of research)
question (i.e. doubt)
controversy, public discussion
trouble, problem, difficulty, inconvenience
心配 217 心配 しんぱい adj-na, n, vs concern, anxiety, worry
n, vs help, assistance, aid, care
161 216 抜く ぬく v5k, vt to omit, to extract, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug
suf to do something to the end
n to ejaculate (gen. with ref. to masturbation)
抜く ぬく v (go terminology)
216 そん adj-na, n, n-suf loss, disadvantage
そん n (go terminology)
損う そこなう v5u to harm, to injure, to damage, to hurt
aux-v to fail in doing
name Takuji
163 分かれ 215 分かれ わかれ n fork, branch, offshoot
分かれ わかれ n go: split
分かれる わかれる v1, vi to diverge, to branch, to fork
to separate, to split, to divide
to scatter, to disperse
苦し 215 苦しい くるしい adj-i painful, difficult, agonizing
needy, tight (budget), straitened (circumstances)
forced (smile, joke), lame (excuse), strained (interpretation)
awkward (situation), painful (position)
adj-i, suf unpleasant, (after masu stem) hard to do
苦しむ くるしむ v5m, vi to suffer, to groan, to be worried
165 局面 213 局面 きょくめん adj-no, n position in a game of go or shogi, state of the game
situation, aspect of an affair
終局 213 終局 しゅうきょく adj-no, n close, end, finale, conclusion, denouement, end of a game of go
終局 しゅうきょく n (go terminology)
167 仕掛け 211 仕掛け しかけ n mechanism, contrivance, device, trick, attack, gadget, challenge, commencement, (small) scale, half finished, set up
仕掛ける しかける v1, vt to start, to begin, to commence
to challenge, to pick (a fight), to make (war)
to set (traps), to plant (explosives), to lay (mines)
211 戻す もどす v5s, vt to return, to put back, to give back, to restore (to a previous state, e.g. defrosting, reconstituting, reconciling), to turn back (e.g. clock hand)
to vomit, to throw up
to recover (of a market price)
戻る もどる v5r, vi to return, to go back, to recover, to turn back, to rebound
記者室 211 記者室 きしゃしつ n press gallery, press room
170 切ら 210 切らす きらす v5s, vt to be out of, to run out of, to be short of, to be out of stock
171 以上 207 以上 いじょう n-adv, n-t not less than, ... and more, ... and upwards
beyond ... (e.g. one's means), further (e.g. nothing further to say), more than ... (e.g. cannot pay more than that)
above-mentioned, foregoing
since ..., seeing that ...
the end, this is all, that is the end
172 205 迫る せまる
v5r, vi to approach, to draw near, to be imminent
v5r, vt to press (someone for something), to urge, to compel
name Yanaseko, Yagisako, Hazama, Hasami, Hasama, Haku, Tsurusako, Seri, Semaru, Seko, Susumu, Sako, Saku, Kuwasako
173 前に 204 前に まえに adv before, ahead, ago
174 敗着 202 敗着 はいちゃく n go: losing move
長考 202 長考 ちょうこう n, vs lengthy consideration
176 単に 198 単に たんに adv only, merely, solely, simply
177 休憩 197 休憩 きゅうけい n, vs rest, break, recess, intermission
残り 197 残り のこり adj-no, n remaining, remnant, residue, left-over
179 片岡 196 片岡 name Kataoka, Kataota
196 ぞく
n, n-pref continuation, sequel
続く つづく v5k, vi to last, to go on, to continue
to continue (without a break), to be unbroken
to occur again and again
to lead to, to adjoin, to connect to
to rank next to, to come after, to follow, to succeed
to keep, to hold out, to last
続ぐ つぐ v5g, vt to succeed (someone in a business or inheritance)
name Zoku, Tsugumune, Tsuzuki, Tsuzuku, Tsudzuki, Tsudzuku
181 先に 194 先に さきに adv, n before, previously, ahead, recently, beyond, earlier than, away
先に せんに adv formerly
半目 194 半目 はんもく n (go terminology)
183 急所 193 急所 きゅうしょ n vitals, tender spot
secret, crux, key (of a problem), essential point
male crotch (as a target in fighting)
急所 きゅうじょ n vital point (critical place to make a move in the game of Go)
急所 きゅうしょ n (go terminology)
184 191 おお n (go terminology)
おおい pref upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
adj-na, n very much, a great deal
おおき pref grand, great, large
upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
adj-na, n very much, a great deal
だい pref the large part of
great, big, large
suf approximate size, no larger than
n large (e.g. serving size), loud (e.g. volume setting)
おお pref big, large
name Dai, Takeshi, Takashi, Shin, Kazuhito, Oyagi, Otaka, Osaki, Ooyanagi, Ooyagi, Daikatsu, Daijou, Yutaka, Masaru, Masa, Futoshi, Hiroshi, Hiro, Hajime, Daibuku, Daifuku, Daisue, Oomine, Oobuku, Oofuku, Oosaki, Ookuwa, Ooki, Oogami, Oogachi, Ookatsu, Oo, Oozaki, Ooshi, Oohama, Oono, Ootou, Ootsuru, Oodaka, Ootaka, Oosumi, Oosugi, Oojio, Ooshio
185 同じ 189 同じ おなじ
adj-f, n equal, uniform, same, identical, equivalent, similar, common (origin), changeless, alike
adv anyhow, in either case, (usu. part of a 'nara' conditional) anyway
同じる どうじる v1, vi to agree
成立 189 成立 せいりつ n establishment, completion, conclusion, arrangements, coming into existence
vs to come into existence, to be true, to hold (i.e. hold true)
成立つ なりたつ v5t, vi, vt to consist of, to be made up of, to be composed of
to be practical (logical, feasible, viable), to be concluded, to hold true
成立 name Shigetatsu
棋聖 189 棋聖 きせい n great master of go (shogi)
棋聖 きせい n go: the Kisei title
相手 189 相手 あいて n companion, partner, company
other party, addressee
opponent (sports, etc.)
189 188 もり n babysitter, babysitting
keeper, protecting, keeping
かみ n director (of the provincial governors under the ritsuryo system)
まもり n defense, defence, protection
charm, amulet, talisman
守る まもる v5r, vt to protect, to guard, to defend
to observe, to keep (i.e. a promise), to abide (by the rules), to obey, to follow
守る まもる v (go terminology)
name Morinori, Moritsugu, Morizaki, Morisaki, Morio, Mori, Mamoru, Mamori, Tokumori, Tsutomu, Suzu, Shu, Osamu
190 考慮 187 考慮 こうりょ n, vs consideration, taking into account
逆転 187 逆転 ぎゃくてん adj-no, n, vs (sudden) change, reversal, turn-around, coming from behind (baseball)
192 不満 186 不満 ふまん adj-na, n displeasure, complaints, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, discontent, disgruntled
始ま 186 始まる はじまる v5r, vi to start, to begin, to commence
to happen (again), to begin (anew)
to date (from), to originate (in)
194 183 いや
adj-na, n detestable, disagreeable, unpleasant, reluctant
嫌う きらう v5u, vt to hate, to dislike, to loathe
195 立会人 179 立会人 たちあいにん n observer, witness
196 注目 178 注目 ちゅうもく n, vs notice, attention, observation
197 投了 177 投了 とうりょう n, vs resignation, giving up the game for lost
投了 とうりょう n (go terminology)
198 入り 176 入り いり n, n-suf entering
setting (of the sun)
audience, content, containing
冷静 176 冷静 れいせい adj-na, n calm, serenity, composure, coolness
冷静 れいせい n (go terminology)
176 n advantage, interest, profit, benefit
n (go terminology)
利く きく v5k, vi to be effective, to show effect
to do its work, to carry out its function well
to be possible to use
name Ri, Yoshi, Minoru, Toshitsugu, Toshiji, Toshikatsu, Toshi, Togi, Tooru, Satoshi, Kaga
反発 176 反発 はんぱつ n, vs resistance, revolt, refusal, rebellion, opposition, backlash
recoiling, repulsion, rebounding
recovery, rally (e.g. in stock prices)
176 name U
176 とう ctr counter for large animals (e.g. head of cattle)

n head
mind, intellect, brain
hair (on one's head)
fringe, bangs
top structural component of a kanji
がしら suf (after a noun) top of .., head of ..
(after the -masu stem of a verb) the moment that ..
どたま n dome, head, bean, nob, noggin
name Akira, Tsumuri
204 利か 175 利かす きかす v5s to enliven, to season
場面 175 場面 ばめん adj-no, n scene, setting (e.g. of novel)
彦坂 175 彦坂 name Hikosaka, Hikozaka
207 日本棋院 173 日本棋院 にほんきいん n Nihon Kiin, central Go organization of Japan
日本棋院 にほんきいん n (go terminology)
208 に対して 170 に対して にたいして exp regarding, towards, against, in contrast with
手を抜 170 手を抜く てをぬく exp, v5k to ease up (on an opponent), to cut corners, to be shoddy
210 展開 169 展開 てんかい n, vs development, evolution, progressing, unfolding
expansion, spreading out, deployment, extending, building up
169 さい suf -years-old
ability, gift, genius, aptitude, talent
とし n, n-adv year
n many years
n, suf age
n, n-adv past one's prime, old age
とせ ctr counter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system)
name Sai, Toshi
212 抜き 168 抜き ぬき adv, suf without, not including, dispensed with
(beating) in succession
抜き ぬき n (go terminology)
生きる 168 生きる いきる n go: to live with a group
214 167 n spirit, heart, mind
disposition, nature
motivation, intention
mood, feelings
atmosphere, essence
suf seeming, giving the appearance of, giving one the feeling of
suf -like nature, -like disposition, -ish temperament
n, n-suf sign, touch, trace, feeling, indication
n-pref somehow, for some reason, seeming to be
name Taiki
215 166 奪う うばう v5u, vt to steal, to snatch away, to dispossess
216 165 どう n confusion, change, motion
動く うごく v5k, vi to shake, to shift, to swing, to move, to stir
to go, to operate, to work, to run
to be touched, to be influenced
to waver, to vary, to change, to fluctuate
certain, factual
to be transferred
name Yurugi
着手 165 着手 ちゃくしゅ vs to undertake, to start work (on)
n launch, embarkation
218 一子 164 一子 いっし n a child, one child
one of several children, especially the son and heir
one stone (in Go)
一子 いっし n go: one stone
一子 name Motoko, Hitoko, Kadzuko, Katsuko, Kazune, Kazushi, Kazuko, Itsuko, Ichiko
164 name Han, Ban, Pan, Fuan
220 押し 163 押し おし n authority, push, pressure, audacity
押し おし n (go terminology)
状況 163 状況 じょうきょう adj-no, n situation, circumstances, state of affairs (around you)
状況 じょうきょう n (go terminology)
222 止め 162 止め とどめ n clincher, finishing blow
止め とめ n, suf (a) stop (e.g. in a timber joint, or at the end of a kanji stroke)
remaining (e.g. poste-restante)
forty-five degree angle
止め どめ suf (something) stopper (e.g. geridome is medicine for diarrhea)
止める とめる v1, vt to stop, to turn off
to park
to prevent, to suppress (a cough), to hold back (tears), to hold (one's breath), to relieve (pain)
to prohibit, to forbid, to stop (someone from doing something), to dissuade
to bear in mind, to remember, to concentrate on, to notice, to pay attention to, to be aware of
to nail, to fasten, to fix (in place), to tack, to pin, to button, to staple
to detain, to keep in custody
止める やめる v1, vt to end, to cease, to stop (an activity), to discontinue, to quit
to cancel, to give up, to abandon, to refrain, to abstain, to abolish
止める とどめる v1, vt to stop, to put an end to, to cease, to stay (e.g. the night)
to contain, to limit, to keep (in position, in place)
to retain, to record (e.g. a fact)
解消 162 解消 かいしょう n, vs resolution, cancellation, liquidation, reduction (e.g. of stress)
224 二子 161 二子 ふたご
n twin, twins
二子 にし n go: two stones
二子 name Kazuko, Kisako, Niko, Nigo, Fujiko, Futako, Futago
逆に 161 逆に ぎゃくに adv on the contrary, conversely
226 三々 160 三々 さんさん n (go terminology)
読み 160 読み よみ n reading
読み よみ n (go terminology)
228 自信 159 自信 じしん n, vs self-confidence, confidence (in oneself)
自信 name Jishin
229 大石 158 大石 たいせき
n boulder, large stone
large group of stones (in the game of go)
大石 おおいし n go: large group of stones, dragon
大石 たいせき n (go terminology)
大石 name Oishi, Ouishi, Ooishi, Ooshi, Ooseki
捨て 158 捨てる すてる v1, vt to throw away, to cast away, to dump, to discard
to leave, to abandon, to desert
to give up, to resign
捨てる すてる v (go terminology)
見合い 158 見合い みあい n, vs formal marriage interview, marriage meeting
見合い みあい n go: miai
232 多く 157 多く おおく adv many, mostly, much, largely, abundantly
小さ 157 小さ ちいさ n baby, infant
小さい ちいさい adj-i tiny, small, little
小さい ちいさい adj-i (go terminology)
234 後悔 156 後悔 こうかい adj-no, n, vs regret, repentance, remorse
意識 156 意識 いしき n, vs consciousness
awareness, sense
mano-vijnana (mental consciousness, cognizer of sensory information)
決ま 156 決まる きまる v5r, vi to be settled, to be decided
to look good in (clothes)
237 一局 155 一局 いっきょく n one game (checkers, etc.)
一局 いっきょく n go: one game
気がつ 155 気がつく きがつく exp, v5k to perceive, to realize, to notice, to realise, to become aware
to be scrupulous, to be attentive
to come to oneself, to recover consciousness
確保 155 確保 かくほ n, vs guarantee, maintain, ensure, insure, secure, reservation
240 実は 154 実は じつは adv, exp frankly, as a matter of fact, by the way, to tell you the truth, to be honest
瞬間 154 瞬間 しゅんかん n-adv, n-t instant, second, moment
242 利かし 153 利かし きかし n go: kikashi
153 囲う かこう v5u, vt to enclose, to surround, to encircle, to fence, to wall in
to shelter (e.g. a criminal), to shield, to hide, to protect
to keep (e.g. a mistress)
to store (vegetables, fruit, etc.), to preserve
to protect
囲む かこむ
v5m, vt to enclose, to surround, to encircle, to fence, to wall in
to besiege, to lay siege to
to play (go, shogi, etc.)
name Arou, Kakoi
打ち込 153 打ち込む うちこむ v5m, vt to hammer in, to drive in (e.g. nail, stake)
to smash, to drive, to hit (a ball, etc.)
to fire into (e.g. a crowd), to launch (e.g. missiles), to lob (e.g. grenades)
to enter, to input (data)
to devote oneself to, to go heart and soul into, to throw oneself into, to go head over heels for
to practice hitting (baseball, tennis, etc.)
to hit (an opponent in kendo, boxing, etc.), to get a blow in
to invade one's opponent's territory (in the game of go), to place a stone in an opponent's formation
to pour (concrete, etc.) into a form
打ち込む ぶちこむ v5m, vt to throw, to cast, to toss
to smash, to strike, to hit, to drive in, to hammer in
to fire into (e.g. a crowd), to launch (e.g. missiles), to lob (e.g. grenades)
to carry, to wear (sword, etc.)
打ち込む うちこむ v (go terminology)
245 実利 152 実利 じつり n gain, profit, use, utility
実利 じつり n (go terminology)
実利 name Sanetoshi, Saneri, Mitoshi, Minori
246 取れ 151 取れる とれる v1, vi, vt to come off, to be removed
(of pain, a fever, etc.) to disappear
to be caught, to be harvested
to be interpreted (as), to be taken as
(of balance, etc.) to be attained
to be obtainable
抵抗 151 抵抗 ていこう n, vs resistance, opposition, standing up to
repugnance, reluctance, repulsion
drag, friction, resistance
electrical resistance
n resistor
最近 151 最近 さいきん adj-no, n-adv, n-t recently, nowadays, these days, right now, most recent
絶好 151 絶好 ぜっこう adj-na, adj-no, n ideal, best, perfect
250 一つ 150 一つ ひとつ num one
n for one thing
(not) even
n-adv just (e.g. "just try it")
普通 150 普通 ふつう adj-no ordinary, general, usual
adv generally, usually, normally
train that stops at every station
252 148 はん n, n-pref half, semi-
n, n-suf half-past
n odd number
unit of land area (595.8 m^2)
name Naka, Nakaba, Han, Hanzaki
少し 148 少し すこし adv, n little, something, few, small quantity
little while
short distance
気合 148 気合 きあい n yell, fighting spirit, scream
255 147 せい n, n-suf establishment, organization, organisation, control, system, regulation, suppression, restraint, holding back, government, laws, imperial command
制す せいす v5s, vt to control, to command, to get the better of
name Osamu, Sei, Seiji
大矢 147 大矢 name Ouya, Ooya, Oya
封鎖 147 封鎖 ふうさ n, vs blockade
freezing (funds)
封鎖 ふうさ n (go terminology)
思え 147 思える おもえる v1 to seem, to appear likely
最終 147 最終 さいしゅう adj-no, n closing, final, last
260 読者 146 読者 どくしゃ n reader
261 対局者 145 対局者 たいきょくしゃ n player of go
打ち込み 145 打ち込み うちこみ n driving, implantation, invasion, pounding in, shooting into
falling badly in love
putting (one's heart) into
step recording (in electronic or computer music)
打ち込み うちこみ n go: invasion
止ま 145 止まる とまる v5r, vi to stop (moving), to come to a stop
to cease, to stop (doing, working, being supplied), to come to a halt, to be stopped, to be suspended
to alight, to perch on
止まる とどまる v5r, vi to remain, to abide, to stay (in the one place)
to be limited to, to be confined to
止まる やまる v5r, vi to be over, to stop, to cease
求め 145 求め もとめ n appeal, demand, request, claim
求める もとめる v1, vt to want, to wish for
to request, to demand
to seek, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job)
to purchase, to buy
265 144 つぎ adj-no, n next, following, subsequent
station, stage
pref next
hypo- (i.e. containing an element with low valence)
ctr time, order, sequence, times
次ぐ つぐ v5g, vi to rank next to, to come after
name Takatsugi, Tsugu, Tsuguru, Yadoru
秒読み 144 秒読み びょうよみ n countdown
秒読み びょうよみ n go: byoyomi
267 143 なに
adj-no, int, pn what
pref how many (some counter)
n euph. for genitals or sex
name Hakin, Ha, Nan, Nani, Ga, Kaze, Kasei, Kaga, Ka, Itsuka, Aga, Ho
143 n, n-suf period, time
期す きす
v5s, vi to expect, to look forward to
to set (a date, etc.)
to vow, to resolve, to pledge (to oneself)
name Ki
珍し 143 珍しい めずらしい adj-i rare, unusual, curious
new, novel
fine (e.g. gift)
確かに 143 確かに たしかに adv surely, certainly
271 勝負手 142 勝負手 しょうぶて n go: all-or-nothing move
必要 142 必要 ひつよう adj-na essential, necessary, indispensable, needed
n need, requirement, necessity
273 勝利 140 勝利 しょうり n, vs success, victory, triumph, conquest, win
勝利 name Akitoshi, Katsutoshi, Shouri, Suguri, Masato, Masatoshi
140 引く ひく v5k, vi, vt to pull
to draw (attention, etc.), to attract (interest, etc.)
to draw back
to draw (a card)
to draw (plan, line, etc.)
to catch (cold)
to play (string instr.)
to look up (e.g. dictionary), to consult
v5k, vt to haul, to pull (vehicles)
to subtract
to fade, to ebb
to descend (from), to inherit (a characteristic)
to quote, to raise (as evidence)
to lay (a cable), to draw (a cable)
引く ひく v (go terminology)
name Hiki
275 作戦 139 作戦 さくせん n strategy, tactics
military or naval operations
作戦 さくせん n (go terminology)
276 138 n, n-suf language
かたり n talk, recital
語る かたる v5r, vt to tell, to talk about, to speak of, to narrate
to chant, to recite
to show, to indicate
name Kataru
277 136 きょう n-suf a little over, a little more than
powerhouse, one of the biggest, one of the most powerful
強い つよい adj-i strong, powerful, mighty, potent
resistant, resilient, durable
強い こわい adj-i tough, stiff, hard
stubborn, obstinate, inflexible
強い つよい adj-i (go terminology)
name Gouji, Tsuyoi, Tsutomu, Susumu, Tsuyoshi, Gou, Kowa, Kyouji, Kyou, Tsuyomi, Tsuyosaki
簡単 136 簡単 かんたん adj-na, n simple, easy, uncomplicated
quick, light, brief
結論 136 結論 けつろん adj-no, n, vs conclusion
280 135 あいだ
n, n-adv gap, interval, distance, space (between)
n-adv, n-t pause, time (between), break
n, n-adv, n-t stretch, span (temporal or spatial), period (while)
n, n-adv relationship (between, among)
members (within, among)
conj due to, because of
けん n 1.818 m (6 shaku)
ctr counter used to number the gaps between pillars
かん n, suf interval, period of time
inter-, among, between
n room, time, pause, space
けん n (go terminology)
name Mamine, Mazaki, Masaki, Hazama, Toi, Ken, Kan, Aida
281 予定 134 予定 よてい n, vs arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate, plans
134 じゃく n-suf under, little less than, fewer than
n weakness, the weak
弱い よわい adj-i frail, weak, tender, delicate, unskilled, weak (wine)
弱い よわい adj-i (go terminology)
弱る よわる v5r, vi to be dejected, to be perplexed, to be troubled, to weaken, to be emaciated, to be downcast, to impair
調子 134 調子 ちょうし n time, key, tune, tone, rhythm, pitch
mood, way, style, manner, vein, knack
condition, state of health
impetus, strain, spur of the moment
調子 ちょうし n (go terminology)
調子 name Chouko, Choushi
134 込む こむ v5m, vi to be crowded, to be packed
to be complex
aux-v to go into, to put into, to remain (seated), to be plunged into (silence), to do thoroughly
to do intently
to continue in the same state
285 可能性 133 可能性 かのうせい n availability, possibility, potentiality, likelihood
286 初めて 132 初めて はじめて adj-no, adv for the first time
adv only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
手厚 132 手厚い てあつい adj-i warm, courteous, cordial
本因坊 132 本因坊 ほんいんぼう n Honinbô, grand master of the game of go
本因坊 ほんいんぼう n go: the Honinbo title
本因坊 name Hon'inbou
289 131 わたし
adj-no, pn I, me
adj-no, n secrecy, private affairs, personal matter
adj-no, pn I, me
わらわ adj-no, pn I, me
わし adj-no, pn I, me (used by elderly males)
adj-no, pn myself, I (mainly used by working men)
pn I, me
you (used toward people of equal or lower status)
わたい n I, me
n private affairs, personal matter
name Kisai
順に 131 順に じゅんに adv in turn, one by one, in order
291 一方 130 一方 いっぽう n one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party
conj on the other hand, on the one hand
although, meanwhile, whereas, but at the same time, in turn
n-adv, n-suf only, (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing
一方 ひとかた n one person
adj-na common, (often in negative form) ordinary
一方 name Ippou, Kazukata, Kazutaka
130 逃す のがす v5s, vt to miss, to let loose, to set free, to let escape
130 めい n inscription
name Mei
294 悪くな 128 悪くなる わるくなる exp, v5r, vi to become worse, to get worse, to deteriorate, to go from bad to worse
残留 128 残留 ざんりゅう adj-no, n, vs residue, residual
stay behind, stay back
残留 ざんりゅう n go: remaining in a league
気持ち 128 気持ち きもち n mood, sensation, feeling
readiness, preparedness, attitude
thanks, sympathy, solicitude
adv slightly, somewhat, just a little
落ち 128 落ち おち
n omission, slip
the end, outcome, final result
punch line (of a joke)
落ちる おちる v1, vi to fall down, to drop, to fall (e.g. rain), to sink (e.g. sun or moon), to fall onto (e.g. light or one's gaze), to be used in a certain place (e.g. money)
to be missing, to be omitted
to sink, to decrease
to fail (e.g. exam or class), to lose (contest, election, etc.)
to fall behind, to degenerate, to crash, to degrade
to become indecent (of a conversation)
to be ruined, to go under
to fade, to come out (e.g. a stain), to come off (e.g. makeup), to be removed (e.g. illness, possessing spirit, name on a list)
to fall (into someone's hands), to become someone's possession
to fall (into a trap), to fall (for a trick)
to confess, to give in, to give up, to flee
to fall, to surrender, to be defeated
to come to (in the end), to end in
to fall (in love, asleep, etc.)
to swoon (judo)
to understand, to consent
to freeze, to crash
to die
to move to the depths
298 の利 127 の利 name Nori
127 進ぶ すさぶ v5b, vi to rage, to grow wild, to become rough
進む すすむ v5m, vi to advance, to go forward
to precede, to go ahead (of)
to improve, to make progress
to deepen, to heighten
to do of one's own free will
進む すさむ v5m, vi to grow wild, to run to waste
name Shin, Shinji, Susumu, Suzumu, Chin, Tomoko
300 先生 126 先生 せんせい
n doctor, master, teacher
suf with names of teachers, etc. as an honorific
n previous existence
先生 シーサン n boy
先生 せんせい n (go terminology)
先生 name Senjou
301 今度 125 今度 こんど n-adv, n-t now, another time, this time, next time
今度 name Imado, Kondo
大変 125 大変 たいへん adv very, greatly
adj-na, n enormous, great, immense
serious, terrible, grave, dreadful
hard, difficult
disaster, major incident
125 ふみ n letter, writings
しょ n, n-suf document, book
n handwriting, penmanship, calligraphy (esp. Chinese)
書く かく v5k, vt to write, to compose, to pen
to paint, to draw
自分 125 自分 じぶん adj-no, pn oneself, myself, yourself, himself, herself
I, me
305 名誉 124 名誉 めいよ adj-na, n honor, honour, credit, prestige
地合い 124 地合い じあい n texture
124 しょう n section, chapter
name Shou, Shougo, Shouroku, Shouwa, Suguro, Takashi, Nori, Hajime, Fumi, Katsurou, Katsuro, Aki, Akitsugu, Akinori, Akira, Aya, Katsuo, Katsukazu, Katsunami, Katsuren, Yuki
符号 124 符号 ふごう n mark, code, sign, symbol
309 123 くらい adv, suf crown, throne, (nobleman's) seat
government position, court rank
class, rank, social standing, echelon, rung
n rank, level, grade (of quality, etc.), tier
place, digit (e.g. the tens, the hundreds, etc.)
extent, degree, amount
ctr rank, place (e.g. first place)
decimal place
counter for ghosts
name Takashi, Kurai, I, Aya, Ami, Agi, Aki, Tadashi
小林覚 123 小林覚 name Kobayashi Satoru (1959.4.5-)
確かめ 123 確かめ たしかめ n confirmation, certification, ascertainment
確かめる たしかめる v1, vt to make sure, to check, to ascertain
許し 123 許し ゆるし n permission, pardon, forgiveness, exemption
許し ばかし
prt about, approximately
only, nothing but
(after the -ta form of a verb) just (finished, etc.)
313 完全 122 完全 かんぜん adj-na, adj-no, n perfection, completeness
挑戦 122 挑戦 ちょうせん n, vs try, challenge, attempt, defiance, dare
挑戦 ちょうせん n (go terminology)
第1 122 第1 だいいち adv, n number one, first, foremost
316 後に 121 後に のちに adv later on, subsequently, by and by, after a while
手抜き 121 手抜き てぬき n, vs omitting crucial steps, cutting corners, skimping
intentional negligence
手抜き てぬき n go: tenuki
318 三子 120 三子 さんし n go: three stones
三子 name Sanshi, Miko, Mitsuko, Mitsugo, Mine
出し 120 出し だし
n dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp)
pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
出し だし n (go terminology)
出し name Dashi
生じ 120 生じる しょうじる v1, vt to cause, to yield, to produce
v1, vi to result from, to arise, to be generated
関西棋院 120 関西棋院 かんさいきいん n (go terminology)
関西棋院 name Kansai Go Institution
322 内田 119 内田 name Uida, Uchita, Uchida
119 困る こまる v5r, vi to be embarrassed, to be worried, to be troubled, to be bothered, to be stumped
天元 119 天元 てんげん n central black dot on a go board
Tengen era (978.11.29-983.4.15)
天元 てんげん n go: the Tengen title; the 10-10 point
天元 name Tenmoto
意外 119 意外 いがい adj-na, adv-to, n unexpected, surprising
意外 name Igai
気にな 119 気になる きになる exp, v5r, vi to be on one's mind, to worry one, to be bothered by, to feel uneasy, to care about, to be anxious, to feel inclined
迎え 119 迎え むかえ n welcome, meeting, greeting
迎える むかえる v1, vt to go out to meet
to receive, to welcome
to accept (e.g. as a member of a group or family)
to call for, to summon, to invite
to approach (a certain time, a point in one's life, etc.)
連勝 119 連勝 れんしょう n, vs consecutive victories, series of victories
329 与え 117 与え あたえ n gift, godsend
与える あたえる v1, vt to present, to bestow, to confer, to grant, to award, to give (esp. to someone of lower status)
to offer, to supply, to provide, to afford
to assign
to cause
to pass (a variable to a function)
昨年 117 昨年 さくねん n-adv, n-t last year
決行 117 決行 けっこう n, vs doing (with resolve), carrying out (i.e. a plan)
117 聞く きく v5k, vt to hear
to listen (e.g. to music)
to ask, to enquire, to query
to learn of, to hear about
to comply with, to follow (advice)
to smell (esp. incense), to sample fragrance
name Kikizaki, Kiku, Tsurukiki, Fukue, Minehiro, Mineyuki
333 ハネ出し 116 ハネ出し はねだし n (go terminology)
116 押す おす v5s, vt to push, to press
to apply pressure from above, to press down
to stamp (i.e. a passport), to apply a seal
to affix (e.g. gold leaf)
to influence, to press (someone for something), to urge, to compel
to overwhelm, to overpower, to repress
to push (events along), to advance (a plan)
to force, to do in spite of ..., to do even though ...
to make sure
to be pressed for time
to advance troops, to attack
(of light) to be diffused across an entire surface
name Itaru, Osae
335 反省 115 反省 はんせい n, vs meditation, reflection, reconsideration, contemplation, introspection
115 待つ まつ v5t, vi, vt to wait
to anticipate, to look forward to, to await
(usu. in negative form) to depend on, to need
337 相場 114 相場 そうば n market price
speculation (e.g. on stocks)
estimation, esteem, reputation (according to conventional wisdom)
相場 そうば n go: reasonable, par
相場 name Aiba, Aeba, Souba
338 出切り 113 出切り でぎり n (go terminology)
指摘 113 指摘 してき n, vs identification, pointing out
消し 113 消し けし n go: reduction
理屈 113 理屈 りくつ n theory, reason
相当 113 相当 そうとう adj-na, n-adv, vs suitable, becoming, befitting, worthy of, proportionate, in keeping with
substantial, considerable
vs to be proportionate to, to be worthy of
to correspond to (in meaning, function, etc.), to be equivalent
adv considerably, extremely
相当 name Aitou
見せ 113 見せる みせる v1, vt to show, to display
344 有力 112 有力 ゆうりょく adj-na, n prominent, influential
strong, potent, likely, plausible
112 だい n, pref ordinal
346 入れ 111 入れ いれ n-suf container, receptacle
入れる いれる v1, vt to bring in, to take in, to insert, to put in, to let in, to set (a jewel, etc.), to ink in (e.g. a tattoo)
to accept, to employ, to hire, to admit
to accept, to pay attention to, to listen to, to take (advice, etc.), to grant, to comply, to adopt (a policy, etc.)
to include
to pay (one's rent, etc.)
to cast (a vote)
to make (tea, coffee, etc.)
to turn on (a switch, etc.)
to call, to send (a fax)
悪手 111 悪手 あくしゅ n poor move
悪手 あくしゅ n (go terminology)
意見 111 意見 いけん adj-no, n, vs opinion, comment, view
349 110 じゅう

num 10, ten
シー num ten
name Hisashi, Michiru, Mitsuru, Muneshige, Mokigi, Mogiki, Mogite, Mogeki, Motegi, Momoki, Tokachi, Tsunashi, Edanashi, Kanna, Shuusuke, Juu, Ju, Soujun, Sousuke, Tsuganashi, Tsuji, Yokotate
350 大場 109 大場 おおば n (go terminology)
大場 name Ouba, Ooba, Oba, Daijou, Daiba
強い 109 強いる しいる v1, vt to force, to compel, to coerce
後手 109 後手 ごて n losing the initiative (in Go)
rear guard
white player (shogi)
後手 ごて n (go terminology)
353 一団 108 一団 いちだん adj-no, n gang, party, body, group, troupe
以降 108 以降 いこう n-adv, n-t since, thereafter, hereafter, on and after, as from
布石 108 布石 ふせき n, vs preparation, strategic arrangement of go stones
布石 ふせき n go: fuseki
決断 108 決断 けつだん n, vs determination, decision
357 勢い 107 勢い いきおい adv, n spirit, energy, force, life, vigor, vigour
influence, might, power, authority
momentum, impetus, course (of events)
n-adv naturally, necessarily
強手 107 強手 きょうしゅ n (go terminology)
用意 107 用意 ようい n, vs preparation, arrangements, provision, getting ready, laying out (e.g. a meal)
360 七番 106 七番 name Shichiban, Nanaban
夕食 106 夕食 ゆうしょく n dinner, evening meal
封じ手 106 封じ手 ふうじて n a sealed move
封じ手 ふうじて n go: sealed move
正し 106 正しい ただしい adj-i straightforward, right, just, perfect, correct, proper, honest, righteous, truthful
正しい ただしい adj-i (go terminology)
106 読む よむ v5m, vt to read
to count
name Satoru
連敗 106 連敗 れんぱい n, vs consecutive defeats, series of defeats
366 出切 105 出切る できる v5r, vt to be out of, to have no more at hand
十二 105 十二 じゅうに n 12, twelve
十二 name Juuni, Tooji
num four
スー num four
name Azuma, Shinohara, Yotsu
激し 105 激しい はげしい adj-i violent, furious, tempestuous
extreme, intense, fierce
vehement, fervent
relentless, incessant
steep, precipitous
105 甘い あまい adj-i sweet, sweet-tasting, sugary, sugared
fragrant (smelling), sweet (music)
lightly salted, light in salt, not spicy
easy-going, naive, lenient, generous, overly optimistic, soft on, indulgent
half-hearted, not finished properly
loose, insufficient, not satisfactory, inadequate
tempting, enticing, luring
甘い うまい adj-i expert, skillful, wise, successful, clever
delicious, appetizing, appetising
splendid, promising, fortunate
甘い あまい adj-i go: soft, loose, overly generous
name Ikushima, Ikujima, Ikuta, Ikuda, Kan
371 104

num two
アル num two
name Tsudzuki, Tsuguru, Tsugi, Tasuku, Susumu, Jin'ichi, Shitanaga, Futa
応じ 104 応じる おうじる v1, vi to respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
換わ 104 換わる かわる v5r, vi to relieve, to replace, to succeed
to represent, to take the place of, to substitute for, to take over for
to be exchanged, to change (places with), to switch
104 もと n origin, source
base, root, foundation, basis
material, ingredient
(somebody's) side, (somebody's) location
original cost (or capital, principal, etc.)
(plant) root, (tree) trunk
first section of a waka
ctr counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry)
n grip, handle (chopsticks, brush, etc.)
ほん n script, book, volume
pref present, this
head, main
real, regular
ctr, suf counter for telephone calls, counter for long cylindrical things, counter for films, TV shows, etc., counter for goals, home runs, etc.
name Motoyanagi, Motomura, Motohama, Motoichi, Moto, Makoto, Pon, Hon'yanagi, Honshou, Honshio, Honzaki, Hon, Hajime, Yanakamoto
趙治勲 104 趙治勲 name Chou Chikun (1956.6-)
104 たけ
n height, stature
length (esp. of clothing)
everything, all (one has)
magnificence (of a waka poem, etc.)
ちょう n chief, head, leader, elder
merit, strong point
major (music)
つかさ n official, office
chief, head
(Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa) person (usually a woman) whose duty it is to officiate at religions ceremonies
おさ n chief, head, leader, elder
the greatest of all, the most excellent
なが pref, suf long
長い ながい adj-i long (distance)
long (time), lengthy
name Naga, Nagasaki, Nagasako, Nagashi, Nagashio, Nagaji, Nagasue, Nagataka, Nagahama, Nagamine, Nagamune, Nobu, Hajime, Hatsumi, Hisashi, Masaru, Tokuchou, Tsurunaga, Tsukasa, Arata, Oki, Osa, Osamu, Susumu, Takashi, Take, Takeshi, Takeru, Chou, Chouji, Michi
2日 104 2日 ふつか n second day of the month
two days
378 一着 103 一着 いっちゃく n-t first arrival, first in race
n suit of clothes
二つ 103 二つ ふたつ num two
評判 103 評判 ひょうばん adj-no, n popularity, fame, reputation
talk, rumour (rumor)
103 譲る ゆずる v5r, vt to turn over, to hand over, to convey, to assign, to dispose of, to transmit, to sell
to surrender, to yield, to concede
name Jou, Jouji, Yuzuri, Yuzuru, Yudzuru
103 おうごん
adj-no, n gold
n money
きん n, n-suf gold, golden (color), metaphor for (most) valuable, gold (medal, cup)
money (written before an amount)
metal (fourth of the five elements)
Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE)
gold general (shogi)
ctr, suf carat, karat
name Kin, Kinji, Kintaka, Kon, Jiyai, Jun, Jiyon, Jin, Chiyon, Chin, Dzin, Yun, Kiyon, Kaneyuki, Kanenori, Kana, Kanasaki, Kanazaki, Kanataka, Kanaya, Kanuchi, Kane, Kanekatsu, Kaneshi, Kanetaka, Kimu, Kim
383 102 ちから n might, energy, strength, force, vigour (vigor)
ability, capacity, capability, faculty, proficiency
effect, efficacy
effort, endeavours (endeavors), exertions
influence, agency, power, authority, good offices
help, assistance, aid, support
stress, emphasis
means, resources
りょく suf ability, strength, power, proficiency
りき n ability, strength, power, proficiency
n-suf the strength of ... people, the strength of ... men
力む りきむ v5m, vt to strain, to bear up, to exert one's strength
to swagger, to boast, to bluff
name Teiriki, Tsuyoshi, Tsutome, Tsutomu, Chikara, Takariki, Isamu, Isao, Riki
絶対 102 絶対 ぜったい adv unconditionally, absolutely
adj-no unmistakable, absolute, unconditional
n absoluteness
385 101 持つ もつ v5t to carry, to take, to hold (in one's hand)
to have, to possess, to own
to keep, to maintain
to keep, to last, to be durable, to survive
to take charge of, to be in charge of
name Tamotsu, Mochi, Mochisaki, Mochitoku
違い 101 違い ちがい n, n-suf difference, discrepancy
387 決め手 100 決め手 きめて n decider, person who decides
trump card, deciding factor, clincher, winning move
決め手 きめて n (go terminology)
生か 100 生かす いかす v5s, vt to make (the best) use of, to leverage (skills, attributes, experience, etc.), to capitalise on (experience, etc)
to let live, to keep alive
to revive, to resuscitate
生かす いかす v (go terminology)
生かる いかる v5r, vi to be on display, to be arranged (flowers, etc.)
to be buried
細か 100 細か こまか adj-na stingy, fine, small, detailed
細かい こまかい adj-i small
fine, minute
trivial, minor
sensitive, attentive
細かい こまかい adj-i (go terminology)
選択 100 選択 せんたく n, vs option, selection, choice
391 不思議 99 不思議 ふしぎ adj-na, n curiosity, mystery, miracle, wonder, strange, marvel
不思議 name Hatena, Fushigi, Mirakuru
広げ 99 広げる ひろげる v1, vt to spread, to widen, to extend, to broaden, to expand, to enlarge
to unwrap, to open, to unfold, to unroll
to scatter about, to spread around
to make flourish, to cause to prosper
広げる ひろげる v (go terminology)
99 だん n judgment, decision, resolution
断つ たつ v5t, vt to suppress, to cut off, to sever, to abstain (from)
断る ことわる v5r, vt to decline, to dismiss, to refuse, to reject, to turn down
to inform, to give notice, to tell in advance
to ask leave, to excuse oneself (from)
name Ino, Sadamu, Takeshi
次の一手 99 次の一手 つぎのいって n next move
次の一手 つぎのいって n (go terminology)
99 はなし n talk, chat, conversation, story, speech
argument, negotiation, discussions
ctr counter for stories, episodes of TV series, etc.
話す はなす v5s, vt to speak, to talk, to chat, to converse
to discuss, to tell, to explain, to narrate, to mention, to describe
to speak (a language)
name Hasuike
99 みち n way, street, path, route, lane, road, course
distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways")
morals, one's way, the way (of proper conduct, etc.)
dogma, teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist)
subject, field (of medicine, etc.)
means, way, method

n way, road
n-suf way to ..., road to ...
どう n road
Buddhist teachings
modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido)
historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.)
province (Tang-era administrative region of China)
province (modern administrative region of Korea)
name Motoi, Michihiro, Michizaki, Michi, Makoto, Fumi, Naoshi, Douzaki, Dou, Tooru, Tadasu, Tadashi, Tao, Susumu, Osamu, Wataru
397 今期 98 今期 こんき n-adv, n-t the present term
占め 98 占める しめる v1, vt to hold, to occupy
to make up, to take up, to account for
楽しみ 98 楽しみ たのしみ adj-na, n amusement, hobby, diversion, enjoyment, pleasure
anticipation, looking forward to
気づ 98 気づく きづく v5k to perceive, to realize, to notice, to recognize, to recognise, to realise, to become aware of
費や 98 費やす ついやす v5s, vt to waste, to spend, to devote
402 三村 97 三村 name Mitsumura, Mimura
403 動か 96 動かす うごかす v5s, vt to shift, to move, to operate, to set in motion, to mobilize, to mobilise
to influence, to inspire, to rouse, to move (e.g. feeling)
to change, to deny
工夫 96 工夫 くふう n, vs device, scheme, scheming, devising, figuring out, coming up with, solving ingeniously
dedication to spiritual improvement (esp. through Zen meditation)
工夫 こうふ n blue-collar worker, labourer, laborer
東京 96 東京 とうきょう n Tokyo
東京 name Tokyo, Luoyang, China
構想 96 構想 こうそう n, vs idea, conception, plan, plot
結果 96 結果 けっか n-adv, n-t effect, result, consequence, outcome
n, vs coming to fruition, bearing fruit
結果 name Yuuka, Yuka
雰囲気 96 雰囲気 ふんいき
n mood, ambiance, ambience, atmosphere (e.g. musical)
409 余裕 95 余裕 よゆう n room, margin, allowance, time, surplus, scope, flexibility, rope, composure
十一 95 十一 じゅういち
n eleven, 11
Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo (Cuculus fugax), Horsfield's hawk cuckoo
十一 といち
n type of illegal loan charging 10% interest every 10 days
十一 name Touichi, Toichi, Toi, Soichi, Jiyuuichi, Juui, Juuichi, Tokazu
95 かた n shoulder
かた n (go terminology)
name Kata
95 近い ちかい adj-i close, near, short (distance)
name Kin, Kon, Chika, Chikai, Chikazaki, Chikashi, Chiko, Hamachika
95 たか
n, n-suf quantity, number, volume, amount, amount of money
こう suf high school
pref high-
高い たかい adj-i high, tall
高い たかい adj-i (go terminology)
name Takashi, Takashio, Takaji, Takasugi, Takadaka, Takatsugu, Takatsuru, Takanayagi, Takahama, Takamine, Takayagi, Takayana, Takayanagi, Masaru, Takakuwa, Takai, Gao, Ko, Kou, Kouzaki, Koushou, Kouji, Kousou, Koo, Go, Taka, Take
414 切断 94 切断 せつだん n, vs cutting, section, severance, amputation, disconnection
切断 せつだん n go: cutting
94 こわ int frightening, terrifying
怖い こわい adj-i frightening, scary, dreadful, eerie
int (I'm) afraid
振り返 94 振り返す ふりかえす v5s, vt to review, to relapse, to reassert
振り返る ふりかえる v5r, vi to turn around, to look over one's shoulder, to turn head, to look back
v5r, vt to reminisce, to think back (on), to look back (on), to reflect (on)
94 はや n now, already, by this time
はよ adv, n early
早い はやい adj-i brisk, quick, hasty, fast
premature, early (in the day, etc.)
(too) soon, not yet, (too) early
simple, quick, easy
早い はやい adj-i (go terminology)
name Sousaki, Saki, Sou, Hayazaki, Takahaya, Haya, Hayasaki
明らか 94 明らか あきらか adj-na, n obvious, clear, plain, evident
立派 94 立派 りっぱ adj-na, n elegant, splendid, handsome, fine, legal, imposing, legitimate, prominent
1日 94 1日 いちにち
n first day of the month
one day
1日 ついたち
n first day of the month
first ten days of the lunar month
421 93 しち
num seven
pref hepta-
チー num seven
name Satoru, Na, Nana, Nano
利き 93 利き きき n efficacy, effectiveness, efficaciousness
n-pref, n-suf dominance (e.g. of left or right hand)
n tasting (alcohol, tea, etc.)
利き きき n (go terminology)
根拠 93 根拠 こんきょ n, vs foundation, basis
根拠 こんきょ n (go terminology)
93 pref august
ふけ n, n-suf growing late, latening
深い ふかい adj-i deep
thick, dense
close (relationship)
intense, strong
name Shin, Fuka, Fukasaki, Fukashi, Fukami
理由 93 理由 りゆう
n reason, pretext, motive
理由 name Michiyoshi
93 ばかり
prt only, nothing but, merely, no more than
about, approximately
(after the -ta form of a verb) just (finished, etc.)
as if to, (as though) about to
indicates emphasis
constantly, always
prt about, approximately
only, nothing but
(after the -ta form of a verb) just (finished, etc.)
もと adv under (esp. influence or guidance)
許す ゆるす v5s, vt to permit, to allow, to approve, to tolerate
to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off
to confide in
to yield, to give up
name Hoi, Ho, Shiu, Kou, Ko, Kiyou, Kiyo, Kyou, Kyo, Uen, Hoo
427 使 92 使 n messenger
police and judicial chief (Heian and Kamakura periods)
klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering)
使う つかう v5u, vt to use (a thing, method, etc.), to make use of, to put to use
to handle, to manage, to manipulate, to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.), to employ
to spend, to use (time, money, etc.), to consume
to speak, to use (language)
使む しむ aux-v, v5m to make happen (old causative verbal ending)
使 name Tsukasa
現れ 92 現れ あらわれ n expression, indication, embodiment, materialization, manifestation, materialisation
現れる あらわれる v1, vi to embody, to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to materialize, to materialise
to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
疑問 92 疑問 ぎもん n question, doubt, problem, guess
430 加藤 91 加藤 name Kaiu, Katou, Katoo
91 かん n The End (book, film, etc.), Finis
name Yasushi, Mamoru, Matashi, Masashi, Hiroshi, Tamotsu, Sadamu, Sada, Kanji, Kan, Ikuya, Ikui, Yutaka
432 井山裕太 90 井山裕太 name Iyama Yuuta
90 はつ
adj-no, n, n-pref new, first
ぞめ suf first doing of ... (ever, in one's life, in the new year, etc.)
うぶ adj-na, adj-no, n innocent, unsophisticated, green, naive, wet behind the ears, inexperienced
n-pref birth-
name Hatsuzaki, Hatsu, Ha, Hajime, Shiyo, Ubu, Ui, Hatsumi
石井 90 石井 name Ishii, Iwai
連打 90 連打 れんだ n, vs barrage
436 一番 89 一番 いちばん n-adv number one, best, first
game, fall, round, bout, event (in a meet)
一番 ひとつがい n couple, pair, brace
一番 name Ichiban
89 きゅう

num nine
チュー num nine
name Hisashi, Hisa, Chikashi, Takashi, Sazarashi, Kuran, Kunori, Kuchinoku, Ku, Kiyuu, Kyuu, Ichinoku, Ichijiku, Atsumu, Atsumi, Maru
89 失う うしなう v5u, vt to lose, to part with
持ち 89 持ち もち n, n-suf hold, charge, keep possession, in charge
draw, life, durability, wear
suf usage
440 何か 88 何か なにか
exp something
何も 88 何も なにも adv, exp nothing (with neg. verbs), not any
all, and everything else (with noun plus "mo")
88 せい n, n-suf energy
n military strength
いきおい adv, n spirit, energy, force, life, vigor, vigour
influence, might, power, authority
momentum, impetus, course (of events)
n-adv naturally, necessarily
はずみ n spring, bounce, rebound
impulse, momentum, impetus, inertia, stimulus
impulse, spur of the moment
ぜい suf groups engaged in some activity (players, companies, forces, etc.)
勢む はずむ v5m, vi to spring, to bound, to bounce, to be stimulated, to be encouraged, to get lively, to treat oneself to, to splurge on
name Kioi, Sei, Seiji
振り 88 振り ふり ctr, n swinging, shake, swing, wave
n behaviour, appearance
show, pretence (pretense)
lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.)
postures (of a dance)
unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
ctr, suf counter for swords, blades, etc.
振り ぶり suf style, manner
after (period of time) again (e.g. meeting again after a year), for the first time in (period of time)
最強 88 最強 さいきょう adj-no, n strongest
白石 88 白石 しろいし n white stone
white (go pieces)
白石 name Iraishi, Shiraishi, Shiroishi, Hakuishi, Hakuseki
446 一眼 87 一眼 いちがん adj-no, n one eye, single lens (e.g. camera)
一眼 いちがん n (go terminology)
挑戦権 87 挑戦権 ちょうせんけん n right to challenge, right to make a challenge
挑戦権 ちょうせんけん n go: right to challenge for a title
確定 87 確定 かくてい n, vs decision, settlement
開始 87 開始 かいし n, vs initiation, start, beginning, commencement
450 世界 86 世界 せかい n society, the world, the universe
circle, sphere, world
adj-no renowned, world-famous, well-known outside of Japan
n space, realm governed by one Buddha
世界 name Sekai
86 争う あらそう v5u, vi to compete, to contest, to contend
to oppose, to quarrel, to dispute, to argue, to be at variance
(usu. in negative form) to deny (e.g. evidence)
争う あらがう v5u, vi to resist, to go against, to oppose, to deny, to fight against
感心 86 感心 かんしん adj-na, n, vs admiration, Well done!
感心 name Kanshin
抜か 86 抜かす ぬかす v5s, vt to omit, to leave out
to say, to speak
抜かる ぬかる v5r, vi to make a mistake
86 ちゃく ctr counter for suits of clothing
suf arriving at ...
n-suf clothes, uniform, outfit
着く つく v5k to reach, to arrive at
to sit on, to sit at (e.g. the table)
着く はく v5k, vt to put on (or wear) lower-body clothing (i.e. pants, skirt, etc.), to put on (or wear) footwear
to affix a sword to one's hip
to affix a bowstring to a bow
着る きる v1, vt to put on, to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down)
to bear (guilt, etc.)
name Chaku, Tsukizaki
86 けい pref light (e.g. vehicle, aircraft, etc.)
軽い かるい
adj-i light (i.e. not heavy), feeling light (i.e. offering little resistance, moving easily)
nimble, agile, light (i.e. of foot)
unimportant, trivial, minor, non-serious
soft, small, gentle, slight
simple, easy
軽い かるい adj-i (go terminology)
name Karu, Karusaki
辛抱 86 辛抱 しんぼう n, vs patience, endurance
進出 86 進出 しんしゅつ n, vs advance (into a new market or stage of progress), launching (a new career or venture), expanding (into a new market), stepping forward, emerging
進出 name Shinde
86 おも adj-na, n important, chief, main, principal
main secondary or supporting role (in kyogen)
ctr, suf -fold, -ply
じゅう n multi-tiered food box, stacked boxes
n-pref heavy
extreme, serious
ctr, suf -fold, -ply
重い おもい adj-i heavy, massive, weighty
depressed, gloomy, uneasy, heavy (feeling), blue
clumsy, sluggish, slow, lumbering, ponderous
serious, important, grave
severe, serious, critical
solid, dignified, established, sensible
重い おもい adj-i (go terminology)
重る おもる v5r, vi to get heavy
to worsen (of illness), to grow serious
name Shigetsugu, Shigenori, Shigemune, Shigeyuki, Shigeru, Juu, Souta, Souda, Tadashi, Chou, Muneta, Muneda, Munenori, Shigetaka, Shigeji, Atsushi, Omoshi, Kasane, Katashi, Kuwashige, Shige, Shigekatsu, Shigesaki, Shigeshi
86 防ぐ ふせぐ v5g, vt to protect, to prevent, to defend (against)
name Sueo, Suetake, Suetomi, Suedomi, Tsutsumi, Norio, Norihiko, Fusegi
460 に対する 85 に対する にたいする exp in, regarding, with regards to, to, towards
一本道 85 一本道 いっぽんみち n direct unforked road, straight path
一本道 いっぽんみち n (go terminology)
先着 85 先着 せんちゃく n, vs first arrival
引き 85 引き ひき n, suf influence, pull, patronage
引き びき suf -off (price reduction)
引き ひき n (go terminology)
最善 85 最善 さいぜん n the very best
期待 85 期待 きたい n, vs hope, expectation, anticipation
自然 85 自然 しぜん adj-na, n nature, spontaneity
adv, adv-to spontaneously, naturally
自然 name Kokoro, Shizen, Jinen, Neito, Mizuki, Minori
高木 85 高木 こうぼく n tall tree
高木 name Kouki, Kouju, Suzuki, Takaki, Takagi, Tagaki
468 主張 84 主張 しゅちょう n, vs emphasis, opinion, request, claim, assertion, contention, tenet, advocacy, insistence
分断 84 分断 ぶんだん n, vs dividing into parts
手筋 84 手筋 てすじ n handwriting, aptitude, lines of the palm, apt move (in a go or shogi game), standard method
手筋 てすじ n (go terminology)
打ち方 84 打ち方 うちかた n way to hit or swing
碁聖 84 碁聖 ごせい n go: the Gosei title
補強 84 補強 ほきょう n, vs reinforcement, compensation
84 驚く おどろく v5k, vi to be surprised, to be astonished
name Odoroki, Odoroku, Kyou, Minoru, Miharu
475 もう一つ 83 もう一つ もうひとつ adv, n one more, another
全体 83 全体 ぜんたい n-adv, n-t whole, entirety, whatever (is the matter)
十三 83 十三 じゅうさん n 13, thirteen
十三 name Juusan, Juuza, Juusou, Juuzou, Jumi, Tosa, Tomi
双方 83 双方 そうほう adj-no, n, n-adv both, mutual, two way, both parties
次に 83 次に つぎに conj then, after that, next
83 渡す わたす v5s, vt to traverse, to ferry across (a river, etc.), to carry across
to lay across, to build across
to transfer, to hand over, to give, to pass, to hand in
渡る わたる v5r, vi to go across, to cross over
to extend, to span, to cover, to range
name Wataru, Watari, Watashi, Watasaki, Wata, Hotaru, Do, Tosaki
第2 83 第2 だいに adj-no, n second
83 かお
n face, visage
expression, look, countenance
honor, honour, face
influence, notoriety
かんばせ n visage, countenance
face, dignity, honor (honour)
name Ka, Kao, Gan, Yan
483 一帯 82 一帯 いったい n zone, region, whole place
今年 82 今年 ことし
n-adv, n-t this year
動き出 82 動き出す うごきだす v5s to come alive, to get going, to start to move
取り込 82 取り込む とりこむ v5m, vt to bring in, to take in, to adopt (e.g. behaviour), to introduce
to capture (e.g. image), to import
to flatter, to win over, to curry favour with, to please
to swindle, to embezzle, to defraud of
v5m, vi to be busy, to be in confusion, to have trouble
大差 82 大差 たいさ adj-no, n great difference
好調 82 好調 こうちょう adj-na, adj-no, n satisfactory, favourable, favorable, promising, in good shape
時点 82 時点 じてん n occasion, point in time
棋風 82 棋風 きふう n one's style of playing shogi or go
決まって 82 決まって きまって exp without fail, always, regularly, usually
研究 82 研究 けんきゅう n, vs study, research, investigation
493 リーグ戦 81 リーグ戦 リーグせん n league match
81 いま n, n-adv now, immediately, soon, the present time, just now, (one) more
こん pref the current ..., this
today's ...
name Nau, Kon, Kin, Imabuku, Imafuku, Imazaki, Imasaki, Imaichi, Ima, Ina, Yakiniku
意味 81 意味 いみ n, vs meaning, significance
本因坊戦 81 本因坊戦 ほんいんぼうせん n Honinbô Tournament (annual professional go competition)
497 80 ろく

num six
リュー num six
name Hasuko, Mui, Mutsu, Mutsuzaki, Mutsusho, Renko, Roku
直後 80 直後 ちょくご n-adv, n-t immediately following
80 せつ n, n-suf theory, doctrine
n opinion, view
gossip, rumour, rumor, hearsay
説く とく v5k to explain, to persuade, to advocate, to preach
name Satoshi, Setsu, Setsuji, Setsuyuki, Toku
80 追う おう v5u, vt to chase, to run after, to pursue
to follow (i.e. a set order, a trend)
to expel, to drive out, to oust
to drive (i.e. a herd)
(in passive voice) to be pressed (for time, etc.)
name Oisaki, Sako
1勝 80 1勝 いっしょう n one win, one victory
502 一段落 79 一段落 いちだんらく
n, vs completing the first stage, reaching a point where one can pause
一路 79 一路 いちろ adv, n earnestly, straight, one road, one way
一路 name Ichimichi, Ichiro, Itsumichi, Kazumichi, Kazuro
八段 79 八段 はったん n twilled fabric
八段 はちだん n go: 8 dan
八段 name Hachidan
十六 79 十六 じゅうろく n 16, sixteen
十六 name Juuroku, Souroku, Soro, Soroku, Tomu
山城 79 山城 やまじろ
n mountain castle
山城 name Erunan, Sanjou, Yamaki, Yamagi, Yamagushiku, Yamagusuku, Yamashiro, Yamajou
提案 79 提案 ていあん n, vs suggestion, proposal, proposition
確認 79 確認 かくにん n, vs identification, check, review, verification, confirmation, validation, affirmation
79 踏む ふむ v5m, vt to step on, to tread on
to experience, to undergo
to estimate, to value, to appraise
to rhyme
to inherit (the throne, etc.)
to follow (rules, morals, principles, etc.)
510 に対し 78 に対し にたいし exp regarding, towards, against, in contrast with
七段 78 七段 ななだん n go: 7 dan
互角 78 互角 ごかく adj-na, adj-no, n par, evenness, equality, good match
互角 ごかく n (go terminology)
最初 78 最初 さいしょ adj-no, n-adv, n-t beginning, first, outset, onset
最初 name Saisho
林海峰 78 林海峰 name Rin Kaihou (1942.5-)
無理 78 無理 むり adj-na, n unreasonable, unnatural, unjustifiable
adj-na, n, vs compulsory, forcible, forced
immoderate, excessive (work, etc.)
無理 むり n (go terminology)
無理 name Muri
表れ 78 表れ あらわれ n expression, indication, embodiment, materialization, manifestation, materialisation
表れる あらわれる v1, vi to embody, to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to materialize, to materialise
to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
記録 78 記録 きろく n document, record, minutes
score, a record (e.g. in sports), results
vs to record, to document
to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
記録 name Kiroku
踏み込 78 踏み込む ふみこむ v5m to break into, to raid, to step into (e.g. someone else's territory)
to come to grips with, to get to the core of
追及 78 追及 ついきゅう n, vs pressing, questioning, investigation (e.g. into someone's guilt), hounding, pinning down
catching up, overtaking
520 手堅 77 手堅い てがたい adj-i steady, solid, firm, secure
目指 77 目指 めざし n goal, purpose, aim
look, eyes, expression of eyes
目指す めざす v5s, vt to aim at, to have an eye on
to go toward, to head for
第3 77 第3 だいさん n the third
77 こう n thought
n-suf report on one's investigation into ...
deceased father
name Kou, Takashi
頑張 77 頑張る がんばる v5r, vi to persist, to persevere, to keep at it, to hang on, to hold out, to do one's best
to insist that, to stick to (one's opinion)
to remain in a place, to stick to one's post, to refuse to budge
525 76
num five
ウー num five
name Atsumu, Itsu, Itsuo, Go
勝ちと 76 勝ちとる かちとる v5r, vt to exert oneself and win, to gain (victory)
成功 76 成功 せいこう n, vs success, hit
成功 せいこう n (go terminology)
成功 name Seikou
消費 76 消費 しょうひ adj-no, n, vs consumption, expenditure
答え 76 答え こたえ
n reply, response, answer, solution
答える こたえる v1, vi to answer, to reply
530 争い 75 争い あらそい n quarrel, contest, conflict, dispute, rivalry, strife, dissension
十四 75 十四 じゅうし
n 14, fourteen
十四 name Juushi, Toshi
75 しばしば adv frequently, often, again and again
すう pref several, a number of
n number, figure, numeral
fate, destiny
かず n number, amount
name Susaki, Suu, Kazuyuki, Kazunori, Kazutomo, Kazuji, Kazuko, Kazu, Suzaki
生きた 75 生きた いきた adj-f living, live
突入 75 突入 とつにゅう n, vs rushing, breaking into
75 置く おく v5k to put, to place
to leave (behind)
to do something in advance (usu. following te-form verb)
name Oki, Oku
通り 75 通り とおり n, n-adv way, avenue, street, road
coming and going, street traffic
flow (of water, air, etc.)
transmission (of sound), reach (e.g. of voice)
popularity, fame, reputation
the same status or way, as (e.g. as expected, as I said)
understanding, comprehension
ctr counter for sets of things, counter for methods, ways, types
通り どおり n-suf in accordance with ..., following ...
roughly, about
.. Street, .. Avenue
通り name Toori, Doori
537 74 働く はたらく v5k, vi to labor, to labour, to work
to operate, to function, to be effective, to work (i.e. ... works), to come into play
to do, to practise, to act, to commit (e.g. a crime), to perpetrate, to practice
to be conjugated
name Douzaki, Hataraki
74 はち
num eight
パー num eight
name Ya, Hiraku, Hatsuzaki, Hatsusaki, Ha, Hachiyanagi, Hachi, Takahachi, Yatsuyanagi
勝敗 74 勝敗 しょうはい n outcome, victory or defeat, issue (of battle)
投じ 74 投じる とうじる v1, vi to invest, to throw, to cast
捨て石 74 捨て石 すていし n ornamental garden stone (seemingly placed randomly to give the garden a more natural appearance)
sacrificed stone (in the game of go)
捨て石 すていし n (go terminology)
74 いた int ouch, ow
つう n, n-suf pain, ache, -algia
痛い いたい adj-i painful, sore
adj-i, suf exceeding
痛む いたむ v5m, vi to hurt, to feel a pain
to be injured, to be spoiled (e.g. food)
name Ikarimoto
74 もの
n person
しゃ n, suf someone of that nature, someone doing that work
544 分かりやす 73 分かりやすい わかりやすい adj-i easy to understand
73 けん n strength, solidity, firmness
armor, armour
堅い かたい adj-i tough, hard, solid
stiff, tight, wooden, unpolished (e.g. writing)
strong, firm (not viscous or easily moved)
steady, safe, honest, steadfast
stubborn, obstinate
stuffy, formal, bookish
堅い かたい adj-i (go terminology)
name Kenji, Seiji, Jen, Kensou, Tsuyoshi, Kenshou, Ken, Katsushi, Katashi, Kata, Takeshi
73 n spot, place, space
field, discipline, sphere, realm
situation, occasion
scene (of a play, movie, etc.)
session (of the stock market)
area in which cards are laid out (in a card game)
round (mahjong, i.e. east, south, etc.)
field (gestalt psychology)
じょう n, n-suf arena, stadium, spot, place, range, course, grounds
name Eki, Tsuruba, Ba, Basaki, Bazaki
師匠 73 師匠 ししょう n, suf master, teacher
n coach who owns his stable
73 悩む なやむ v5m to be worried, to be troubled
name Usune
早くも 73 早くも はやくも n already, as early as
高尾紳路 73 高尾紳路 name Takao Shinji
551 72 した n under, down, below, younger (e.g. daughter)
beneath, underneath
just after, right after
adj-no, n inferiority, one's inferior (i.e. one's junior)
n trade-in
n-pref preliminary, preparatory
adj-no, suf under (being in said condition or environment)
しも n lower reaches (of a river)
bottom, lower part
menses, urine, feces (faeces), lower half (of the body, esp. the privates)
end, far from the imperial palace (i.e. far from Kyoto, esp. of western Japan)
adj-no dirty (e.g. dirty jokes, etc.)
n inferiority, lowness (of degree, value, etc.)
second volume (of two), third volume (of three)
もと adv under (esp. influence or guidance)
した n (go terminology)
下す おろす v5s, vt to drop, to discharge, to unload, to take down (e.g. flag), to launch (e.g. boat), to lower (e.g. ladder), to let (a person) off
to let (a person) off, to drop off (a passenger from a vehicle)
to withdraw money from an account
to wear (clothing) for the first time
to fillet (e.g. a fish)
下す くだす v5s, vt to make (a decision), to pass (judgement, etc.), to hand down (orders, etc.)
to lower, to let go down
to do oneself, to do by oneself
下る くだる v5r, vi to descend, to go down, to come down
to be handed down (of an order, judgment, etc.)
to pass (of time)
to surrender, to capitulate
to be inferior to, (often in neg. form) to be less than
to have the runs, to have diarrhea
下る さがる v5r, vi to hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
name Shimo, Shita, Sagari, Geno, Kudari
原因 72 原因 げんいん n, vs origin, source, cause
始め 72 始め はじめ n-adv, n-t opening, start, beginning, outset
n first (in line, etc.)
such as ..., not to mention ...
始める はじめる v1, vt to start, to begin, to commence, to initiate, to originate
to open (e.g. a store), to start up, to establish (business. etc.)
suf, v1 to start ..., to begin to ...
小林光一 72 小林光一 name Kobayashi Kouichi (1952.9-)
72 n-adv, n-t day, days
sun, sunshine, sunlight
event, case (esp. unfortunate)
にち n Sunday
suf day (of the month)
ctr, suf counter for days
n, n-pref, n-suf Japan
n-suf day of month
ctr counter for days
name Hi, Hikaru, Hisaki, Hizaki, Hitaka, Hitaga, Hidaka, Hitohi, Hinata, Hiyanagi, Nisshuu, Ni, Akira, Kusanagi, Kusayanagi, Jitsu, Takanichi, Tachimori, Nichi, Nichiren, Hiru
72 ほし n star, any light-emitting (or reflecting) heavenly body (except for the sun and the moon)
suspect (police slang)
せい n Chinese "star" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
n, n-pref, n-suf Singapore
ほし n (go terminology)
name Seiji, Tiara, Tina, Hikari, Hikaru, Hoshi, Hoshisaki, Hoshizaki, Hotsu, Sei, Sumio, Akari, Kira, Kirameki, Kirara, Kirari, Shin, Jou, Sutera
起こ 72 起こす おこす v5s, vt to raise, to cause, to wake someone
起こる おこる v5r, vi to happen, to occur
部分的 72 部分的 ぶぶんてき adj-na partial(ly)
関西総本部 72 関西総本部 かんさいそうほんぶ n go: Kansai general headquarters (Nihon Ki-in Osaka branch)
黒石 72 黒石 くろいし n black stone
black (go pieces)
黒石 name Kuroishi, Kokuseki
561 信じ 71 信じる しんじる v1, vt to confide in, to believe, to believe in, to place trust in, to have faith in
分かり 71 分かり わかり n understanding, comprehension
守り 71 守り もり n babysitter, babysitting
keeper, protecting, keeping
守り まもり n defense, defence, protection
charm, amulet, talisman
守り まもり n (go terminology)
微妙 71 微妙 びみょう adj-na, n delicate, sensitive, subtle
complicated, difficult, delicate (situation)
tricky, questionable, doubtful, dicey
微妙 みみょう adj-na, n unspeakably wonderful
悔や 71 悔やむ くやむ v5m, vt to mourn, to lament
to regret, to repent, to be sorry
脱出 71 脱出 だっしゅつ adj-no, n, vs escape, break-out
prolapse, proptosis
脱出 だっしゅつ n (go terminology)
567 70 りょう n, pref both (e.g. both shoulders, etc.)
n ryo (obsolete unit of currency)
41-42 g (one sixteenth of a kin)
2 tan (measure of fabric size)
ctr counter for carriages (e.g. in a train)
pref both
many, all, various
name Ryou
仕方な 70 仕方ない しかたない adj-i impatient, it can't be helped, it's inevitable, it's no use, can't stand it, annoyed
70 わり n, n-suf percentage, proportion, rate, ratio
10%, unit of ten percent
match, schedule of matches
n-suf diluted with (of drinks), mixed with
割く さく v5k, vt to tear, to rip up
to cut up, to cleave, to cut open (esp. the abdomen)
to forcibly separate (i.e. two lovers)
to spare (time, money, etc.), to use part of something
to have a tattoo in the corner of one's eye
割る わる v5r, vt to break, to cut, to smash, to separate, to split, to divide, to halve, to rip, to crack, to dilute
name Wari
動き 70 動き うごき n activity, movement, change, development, trend
思い出 70 思い出 おもいで n memories, reminiscence, recollections
思い出す おもいだす v5s, vt to remember, to recall
満足 70 満足 まんぞく adj-na, n, vs satisfaction, contentment, complacency
adj-na, n proper, sufficient, enough, adequate
満足 name Mansoku, Manzoku, Michitari
避け 70 避け よけ n, n-suf protection, repellent
避ける さける
v1, vt to avoid (physical contact with)
to avoid (situation)
v1 to avert, to ward off
574 ポン抜き 69 ポン抜き ぽんぬき n go: ponnuki
69 しもべ n servant, menial, manservant
n slave
retainer, servant
I, me
やつがれ adj-no, pn I, me
ぼく adj-no, pn I, me
you (used addressing young children)
name Norio, Sueyoshi, Suehiro, Suetomo, Sueo, Houyou
左右 69 左右 さゆう
n, vs left and right
influence, control, domination
左右 とかく adj-no, adv, n, vs (doing) various things, (doing) this and that
being apt to, being prone to, tending to become
anyhow, somehow or other, anyway
rabbit horns (used as a metaphor for things that do not exist)
左右 name Atera, Sayuu, Sayuuzaki, Sou, Souzaki
敗因 69 敗因 はいいん n cause of defeat
69 あさ
n-adv, n-t morning
ちょう n, n-suf dynasty
period, age, epoch
n, n-pref, n-suf North Korea
name Tomo, Toki, Chou, Ashita, Asayuki, Asaji, Asazaki, Asa, Hajime
示し 69 示し しめし n discipline, revelation
69 さく n, n-suf plan, policy
n whip, lash, scourge
stick, pointer, rod, cane
name Saku, Shinsaku, Tsukane
自身 69 自身 じしん n by oneself, personally
計算 69 計算 けいさん n, vs count, calculation, reckoning
583 仕方がな 68 仕方がない しかたがない adj-i, exp it can't be helped, it's inevitable, it's no use, can't stand it, being impatient, being annoyed
十七 68 十七 じゅうしち
n seventeen, 17
十七 name Juushichi, Toshichi, Tona
強烈 68 強烈 きょうれつ adj-na, n intense, severe, strong
想像 68 想像 そうぞう adj-no, n, vs imagination, guess
態度 68 態度 たいど adj-no, n behaviour, attitude, manner
石田芳夫 68 石田芳夫 name Ishida Yoshio (1948.8-)
誰も 68 誰も だれも conj anyone, everyone
no-one (with neg. verb)
途中 68 途中 とちゅう n-adv, n-t on the way, en route
midway, in the middle of
途中 name Michinaka
591 価値 67 価値 かち n value, merit, worth
再び 67 再び ふたたび adv again, once more, a second time
囲碁 67 囲碁 いご n go, board game of capturing territory
囲碁 いご n (go terminology)
堂々 67 堂々 どうどう adj-t, adv-to impressive, grand, dignified, magnificent, majestic, stately, imposing
open, brazen, square, fair, unashamed
adv-to boldly, grandly, confidently
unreservedly, fairly, squarely, brazenly
堂々 name Doudo
67 そと
n exterior, outside
open air
other place
がい n-suf outside of, not covered by
よそ adj-no, n another place, somewhere else, strange parts
n outside (one's family or group), those people
unrelated matter
ほか adj-no, n, n-adv the rest, other (esp. places and things)
そと n (go terminology)
外す はずす v5s, vt to unfasten, to undo
to remove, to take off, to deinstall
to leave, to step out, to slip away
to miss (a target)
name Hoka, Tono, To, Soto, Sode
67 映す うつす v5s, vt to reflect, to project, to cast (shadow)
映る うつる v5r, vi to be reflected, to harmonize with (harmonise), to come out (photo), to be projected, to be displayed (on a screen)
name Hayuru, Hayu, Teru, Eiji, Ei, Utsuru, Anbai, Akira, Aki
最大 67 最大 さいだい adj-no, n maximum, greatest, largest
67 らく adj-na, n, n-suf ease, comfort
n raku pottery
楽む たのしむ v5m to enjoy (oneself)
name Nono, Tanoshi, Sasa, Konomi, Kono, Gaku, Eden, Raku
67 n, n-suf death, decease
death penalty (by strangulation or decapitation)
n (go terminology)
死す しす v5s, vi to die
死ぬ しぬ v5n, vi, vn to die
67 せん n, n-suf stripe, line, stria
wire, line (e.g. telephone line)
beam, ray (e.g. X-ray)
route, lane, line (e.g. of a railroad), track
outline, form, contours
approach, principle, position, policy, line (of action)
impression one leaves, air one gives off
せん n (go terminology)
name Sen
記録係 67 記録係 きろくがかり n record keeper, recorder, archivist
602 十八 66 十八 じゅうはち n 18, eighteen
十八 name Juuhachi, Soya, Touhachi, Tohachi, Tomoya, Toya
想定 66 想定 そうてい n, vs hypothesis, supposition, assumption
現在 66 現在 げんざい n-adv, n-t now, present, current, present time, as of
続け 66 続ける つづける v1, vt to continue, to keep up, to keep on
苑田 66 苑田 name Enda, Sonoda
66 誘う さそう
v5u, vt to invite, to ask, to call (for)
to tempt, to induce, to lure
name Izana, Susumu, Yuu
首をかしげ 66 首をかしげる くびをかしげる exp, v1 to incline one's head to the side (in doubt), to tilt one's head to the side (in confusion), to be puzzled
黒番 66 黒番 くろばん n black to play (in Go)
黒番 くろばん n (go terminology)
610 半目勝負 65 半目勝負 はんもくしょうぶ n (go terminology)
得意 65 得意 とくい adj-na, adj-no, n prosperity, triumph
one's forte, one's strong point, one's specialty
frequent customer (client, etc.)
慎重 65 慎重 しんちょう adj-na, n prudent, careful, discreet, cautious, deliberate
最も 65 最も もっとも adv extremely, most
楽し 65 楽しい たのしい adj-i fun, enjoyable
楽しむ たのしむ v5m to enjoy (oneself)
治ま 65 治まる おさまる v5r, vi to be at peace, to clamp down, to lessen (storm, terror, anger)
65 n wisdom
jnana (higher knowledge)
知る しる v5r, vt to be aware of, to know, to be conscious of, to cognize, to cognise
to feel, to notice
to grasp, to understand, to comprehend
to remember, to be acquainted with (a procedure)
to learn, to experience, to go through
to get to know, to be acquainted with (a person)
to concern
name Tomoko, Tomo, Tsukasa, Chisaki, Chika, Satoru, Satori, Satoshi
結城聡 65 結城聡 name Yuuki Satoshi
荒らし 65 荒らし あらし n (Internet) troll
n-suf raising havoc, laying waste, disturber
過ぎ 65 過ぎ すぎ n, n-suf after, past
too (much), over (e.g. eating)
過ぎる すぎる v1, vi to pass through, to pass by, to go beyond
to elapse, to pass (i.e. of time)
to be over, to have expired, to have ended
to surpass, to exceed, to be above
to be no more than ...
suf, v1, vi to be excessive, to be too much, to be too ...
過ぎる よぎる v5r to cross, to pass by, to go by, to float across
620 助け 64 助け たすけ n assistance
助ける たすける v1, vt to rescue, to save, to reinforce, to promote, to help, to give relief to, to spare (life), to abet
十段 64 十段 じゅうだん n go: the Judan title
坂井秀至 64 坂井秀至 name Sakai Hideyuki
安全 64 安全 あんぜん adj-na, n safety
意図 64 意図 いと n, vs design, intention, aim
細かく 64 細かく こまかく adv minutely, finely
紹介 64 紹介 しょうかい adj-no, n, vs introduction, referral
若手 64 若手 わかて adj-no, n young person
若手 name Wakade
荒ら 64 荒らす あらす v5s, vt to damage, to lay waste, to devastate
to invade, to break into
to troll (e.g. web forums), to spam
面白 64 面白 おもしろ adj-f amusing, interesting
面白い おもしろい adj-i amusing, interesting
面白 name Omoshiro, Omojiro
630 63 さく n, n-suf production, work (e.g. of art)
n cultivation, harvest, yield, farming, crop
作す なす
v5s to make
作る つくる v5r, vt to make, to build, to construct, to manufacture, to produce
to prepare (food), to brew (alcohol)
to raise, to train, to grow, to cultivate
to till
to write, to make out, to prepare, to draw up (a document)
to compose, to create (an artistic work, etc.)
to establish, to coin (a phrase), to organize, to organise, to found
to have (a child)
to make up (one's face, etc.)
to fabricate (an excuse, etc.)
to form (a line, etc.)
to set (a record)
to commit (a sin, etc.)
name Saku, Sakuji, Tsukuri, Tsukuru, Masaya
方針 63 方針 ほうしん n plan, policy, objective
消え 63 消える きえる v1, vi to disappear, to vanish, to go out
清成 63 清成 name Kiyoshige, Kiyonari, Kiyonaru, Shigenari
63 臨く のぞく v5k, vt to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.)
to look down into (a ravine, etc.)
to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.)
to sneak a look at, to take a quick look at
to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.)
v5k, vi to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.), to peek through (sky through a forest canopy, etc.)
to face
臨む のぞむ v5m, vi to look out on
to face
to deal with
to attend (e.g. function), to appear (e.g. in court)
name Nozomi, Nozomu, Rin
自慢 63 自慢 じまん adj-no, n, vs pride, boast
表情 63 表情 ひょうじょう n countenance, facial expression
言葉 63 言葉 ことば
n language, dialect
expression, term, phrase, remark, word, words
speech, (manner of) speaking
言葉 name Katari, Kotonoha, Kotoha, Kotoba
638 いい勝負 62 いい勝負 いいしょうぶ n good match, equal match, fair match
妙手 62 妙手 みょうしゅ n spectacular move (chess, shogi, etc.), brilliant move
expert, master, virtuoso
妙手 みょうしゅ n go: spectacular move
62 きゅう adj-na sudden, urgent, abrupt
sharp, steep, precipitous
fast, rapid, swift
n emergency, crisis
hurrying, haste
(in gagaku or noh) end of a song
急く せく v5k, vi to hurry, to rush
急ぐ いそぐ v5g, vi, vt to hurry, to rush, to hasten, to make something happen sooner
挑戦手合 62 挑戦手合 ちょうせんてあい n (go terminology)
超え 62 超える こえる v1, vi to cross, to pass through, to cross over, to pass over (out of)
to exceed
62 name Kuwaotsuku, Han, Noburu, Toran, Tsun, Chinshou, Chin, Chiyan, Chitsun, Chien, Chen, Chiin, Tan, Jin, Shou, You
644 コウ争い 61 コウ争い こうあらそい n (go terminology)
十五 61 十五 じゅうご n 15, fifteen
十五 name Juugo, Sougo, Tougo
61 みぎ n right, right hand side
above, foregoing, afore-mentioned (esp. in vertical Japanese writing), forgoing
みぎ n (go terminology)
name Susumu, Tasuku, Migi, Yuu
封じ 61 封じる ふうじる v1, vt to seal (letter)
to forbid, to prevent, to block
山下敬吾 61 山下敬吾 name Yamashita Keigo (1978.9.6-)
押して 61 押して おして adv forcibly, by compulsion, importunately
欲し 61 欲しい ほしい adj-i wanted, desired, wished for, in need of
aux-adj I want (you) to
決まり 61 決まり きまり adj-no, n rule, regulation
agreement, arrangement, end, conclusion, settlement
custom, habit, habitual way
face, countenance in front of another person
love relationship between a customer and a prostitute
注文 61 注文 ちゅうもん adj-no, n, vs order, request
注文 ちゅうぶん n annotation, explanatory note
覚悟 61 覚悟 かくご n, vs resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness
覚悟 name Kakugo
詰め 61 詰め つめ
n, suf packing, stuffing
n end (esp. the foot of a bridge)
lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony
tea master
endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively)
sweet eel sauce
middle-aged woman
n-suf appointment to a particular workplace
using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment)
(after the -masu stem of a verb) continuing, keep doing for period of time
詰める つめる v1, vt to stuff into, to jam, to cram, to pack, to fill, to plug, to stop up
v1, vi, vt to shorten, to move closer together
v1, vt to reduce (spending), to conserve
v1, vi, vt to focus intently on, to strain oneself to do
v1, vt to work out (details)
v1, vi to be on duty, to be stationed
v1, vt to trap, to corner (esp. an opponent's king in shogi), to checkmate
to cut off (one's finger as an act of apology), to catch (one's finger in a door, etc.)
suf, v1 to continue ..., to keep doing ... without a break
to do ... completely, to do ... thoroughly
to force someone into a difficult situation by ...
詰める つめる v (go terminology)
連続 61 連続 れんぞく n, vs continuity, serial, consecutive, occurring in succession, continuing
連続 れんぞく n (go terminology)
進め 61 進める すすめる v1, vt to hasten, to advance, to promote
657 一本 60 一本 いっぽん n one long cylindrical thing, one film, TV show, etc., one goal, home run, etc., one telephone call
one version
one book, a certain book
ippon, one point, a blow
experienced geisha
n-suf single-minded focus on ...
一本 name Ichimoto, Ippon, Kazumoto, Hitomoto
不明 60 不明 ふめい adj-na, n uncertain, ambiguous, anonymous, unknown, ignorant, obscure, unidentified, indistinct, lack of wisdom
不明 name Fumi
切れ 60 切れ きれ n scrap, slice, piece, strip
ctr counter for scraps, pieces, etc.
切れ ぎれ n-suf completely using up ..., running out of ..., exhausting ...
切れる きれる v1, vi to break, to split, to crack, to snap, to be cut
to be injured
to wear out, to be worn out
to break, to collapse, to burst
to wear off, to stop working, to go dead
to run out, to expire (time limit, etc.), to become due
to be exhausted, to be out of, to be used up, to run out (of stock, etc.), to be sold out
to be disconnected, to break up, to be broken off (e.g. of a relationship), to have severed ties, to be cut off
to be sharp, to cut well
to be quick-witted, to be sharp-minded, to be keen, to be shrewd, to be able
to be short of, to drop under (a certain figure), to beat (e.g. a record time)
to dry off
to curve, to veer
to shuffle (cards)
to lose one's temper, to get angry, to snap, to blow one's top, to flip
suf, v1 to be able to do completely
格好 60 格好 かっこう
n figure, form, pose, shape, posture
situation, state
adj-na, adj-no, n fit, reasonable, suitable
n-suf about
発想 60 発想 はっそう n, vs idea, conception, way of thinking
碁盤 60 碁盤 ごばん n Go board
碁盤 ごばん n (go terminology)
碁盤 name Goban
難解 60 難解 なんかい adj-na, n difficult to understand, unintelligible, abstruse
664 上の 59 上の name Ueno
勢力 59 勢力 せいりょく n influence, might, energy, strength, power, force, potency
勢力 せいりょく n (go terminology)
勢力 name Seiriki
告げ 59 告げる つげる v1, vt to announce, to inform, to tell
to mark, to indicate, to signal
地点 59 地点 ちてん n spot, site, point on a map
好き 59 好き すき adj-na, n love, liking, fondness
好き ずき adj-na, adj-no, suf -phil, -phile, enthusiast (for), love (of)
being attractive (to), to tend to be liked (by)
59 n, n-suf clique, school, faction
name Minamata
59 さかい
n border, boundary
area, spot, region, space, environment
psychological state, mental state
cognitive object, something perceptible by the sense organs or mind
かい n kingdom
erathem (rock layer corresponding to the era in which it was deposited)
partition of land
suf the world of (some category)
name Kai, Kaiji, Sakai
近く 59 近く ちかく n, n-adv near, neighborhood, neighbourhood, vicinity
n-suf nearly (i.e. "it took nearly one year"), close to
adv soon, shortly
672 一気に 58 一気に いっきに adv in one go, in one gulp, in one breath, without stopping, without pausing, without resting, in one sitting, at a stretch, all at once
instantly, immediately, right away, straight away, straightaway
58 さん
num three
pref tri-
サン num three
name Mimura, Mitsuji, Mitsuzaki, Mitsusaki, Mitsugi, Mitsu, Mitaru, Misugi, Misaki, Mi, Zou, Sanji, San, Miyoshi
事件 58 事件 じけん n trouble, affair, event, incident, scandal, plot, case
先手を取 58 先手を取る せんてをとる exp, v5r to take the initiative
反撃 58 反撃 はんげき n, vs counterblow, counterattack, counteroffensive
反撃 はんげき n (go terminology)
少々 58 少々 しょうしょう exp, n, n-adv just a minute, small quantity
少な 58 少ない すくない adj-i few, insufficient, scarce, a little, seldom
58 n condensed milk
n, n-pref, n-suf Soviet Union
蘇る よみがえる v5r, vi to be refreshed, to be resurrected, to be resuscitated, to be rehabilitated, to be revived, to be restored
to be recalled (e.g. memories), to be brought back
name Ikeru, Su, So, Sou, Sohou
680 57 れい adj-no, n, n-pref practice, custom, usual, habit
said, aforementioned
illustration, instance, case, example, usage
ためし n example, precedent
name Kiyosaki
57 喫う すう v5u, vt to smoke, to inhale, to breathe in
to suck, to sip, to slurp
to absorb, to soak up
to kiss
喫す きっす v5s, vt to eat, to drink, to smoke
to suffer (e.g. defeat), to receive (e.g. a blow)
喫む のむ v5m, vt to smoke (tobacco)
場合 57 場合 ばあい n, n-adv situation, case
場合 name Baai
外側 57 外側 そとがわ
adj-no, n outer, exterior, external, outside, lateral
外側 そとがわ n (go terminology)
外側 name Sotogawa, Togawa
持ち込 57 持ち込む もちこむ v5m, vt to bring in, to carry in, to take something into ...
to lodge (a complaint), to file (a plan), to bring (a proposal), to commence negotiations
to bring to (a state: tied game, vote, trial, etc.)
昼食 57 昼食 ちゅうしょく
n lunch, midday meal
food served at a tea party (tea ceremony)
残った 57 残った のこった int not yet
決着 57 決着 けっちゃく n, vs end, decision, conclusion, settlement
57 n (in gagaku or noh) middle section of a song
破く やぶく v5k, vt to smash, to destroy, to tear, to defeat, to violate
破る やぶる v5r, vt to smash, to destroy, to tear, to defeat, to violate, to break (e.g. password)
破る やぶる v (go terminology)
name Hazaki
英樹 57 英樹 name Eiki, Eiju, Hideki, Yoshiki
触れ 57 触れ ふれ n official notice, proclamation
contact, touch
触れる ふれる v1, vi to feel, to touch
to perceive, to experience, to come in contact with, to be emotionally moved (by)
to touch on a subject, to allude to
to be in conflict (with), to violate (law, copyright, etc.)
to proclaim
57 えい adj-na, n sharpness
n blade, sharp weapon
fine soldier
鋭い するどい adj-i pointed, sharp (blade)
stinging, sharp (pain), stabbing, cutting (remark), pointed (question or look), screeching (noise)
shrewd, perceptive, keen, quick (mind), astute, discerning
nimble, quick, agile
name Ei, Satoki, Satoshi, Toshi
頑張り 57 頑張り がんばり n tenacity, endurance
693 に違いない 56 に違いない にちがいない exp I am sure, no doubt that, must, must have (done)
位置 56 位置 いち n, vs situation, place, position, location
全く 56 全く まったく adv really, perfectly, entirely, completely, wholly, truly
int good grief (expression of exasperation)
内容 56 内容 ないよう n contents, import, subject, substance, detail, matter
56 ごう n 0.18039 litres (liters)
0.3306 metres square (meters)
one-tenth of the way from the base to the summit of a mountain
ctr counter for covered containers
counter for matches, battles, etc.
合う あう
v5u, vi to meet, to unite, to come together, to merge
to suit, to fit, to match, to agree with, to be correct
to be profitable, to be equitable
suf, v5u (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... to each other, to do ... together
合す あわす v5s, vt to match (rhythm, speed, etc.)
to unite, to join together, to combine, to add up
to face, to be opposite (someone)
to compare, to check with
to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate)
to place together, to connect, to overlap
to combine, to mix
to fight, to put blade to blade
合す がっす v5s to unite, to sum up, to join together, to combine, to mix, to agree with
name Aisaki, Aiji, Takagou
囲い 56 囲い かこい n enclosure, paling, storage
囲い かこい n (go terminology)
大阪 56 大阪 おおさか
n Osaka
large hill
大阪 name Osaka (Oosaka), Oozaka
対して 56 対して たいして exp for, per, in regard to
手数 56 手数 てすう
n trouble, bother
number of moves (in go, shogi, etc.)
number of punches (in boxing)
持ってい 56 持っていく もっていく
exp, v5k-s to bear, to take, to carry (something) away
攻防 56 攻防 こうぼう n offense and defense, offence and defence
56 りゅう n, n-suf way, style, fashion, manner
school (of thought)
n-suf class, rank, rate
n exile
流す ながす v5s, vt to pour, to spill, to drain, to shed (blood, tears)
to wash away
to circulate, to broadcast, to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.), to beam
to cruise (e.g. taxi)
to float, to set adrift
to call off (a meeting, etc.)
name Nagare, Haru, Mizuyuki, Meguru, Ryuu
56 てき adj-na, suf typical, -like
まと n mark, target
name Ikuha, Ikuwa, Mato, Yukuha
結果的 56 結果的 けっかてき adj-na concerning the result (as opposed to the means used to achieve this result or the original goal)
要領 56 要領 ようりょう n point, outline, gist, essentials, tenets
trick, knack, the ropes
2時 56 2時 にじ n-t two o'clock
709 大いに 55 大いに おおいに adv very, much, greatly, a lot of
村川 55 村川 name Murakawa, Muragawa
55 ちく pref ... years since construction, ... years old (of a building)
suf built in ...
築く きずく v5k, vt to build, to pile up, to amass
name Kizuki, Kizuku, Kidzuki, Chiku, Tsuki, Tsukisaki
趙善津 55 趙善津 name Chou Sonjin (1970.4-)
713 優位 54 優位 ゆうい adj-na, n superiority, ascendancy, predominance
優位 name Yuui
再開 54 再開 さいかい n, vs reopening, resumption, restarting
判定 54 判定 はんてい n, vs determination, judgement, judgment, decision, verdict, award, adjudication
山田規三生 54 山田規三生 name Yamada Kimio
手を打 54 手を打つ てをうつ exp, v5t to take measures (in face of events being anticipated)
to come to an agreement (in bargaining, etc.), to strike a bargain
to clap one's hands together
控え 54 控え ひかえ n reserve, spare, backup
note, memorandum
n, n-suf copy, duplicate, stub (of a ticket, etc.)
n waiting one's turn
控える ひかえる v1 to be temperate in, to refrain, to abstain, to hold back, to restrain oneself from excessive ...
to make notes, to jot down (e.g. phone number)
to be in preparation for, to be in waiting for
to be soon, to be in the offing
to be in a close relationship (e.g. as a backer, etc.)
教え 54 教え おしえ n instruction, doctrine, lesson, teaching, teachings, precept
教える おしえる v1, vt to instruct, to teach, to inform
棋戦 54 棋戦 きせん n go or shogi tournament
棋戦 きせん n (go terminology)
武宮 54 武宮 name Takemiya
羽根直樹 54 羽根直樹 name Hane Naoki (1976.8.14-)
54 かい n, n-suf story, floor, storey
n stairs
n, n-suf stage (in chronostratigraphy)
ctr counter for storeys and floors of a building
しな n article, item, stock, goods, thing
coquetry, flirtatiousness
n stairs
stairs at the front of a noh stage
name Kai, Kizahashi, Shina
724 依田紀基 53 依田紀基 name Yoda Norimoto (1966.2.11-)
先行 53 先行 せんこう adj-no, n, vs leading, preceding, going first, going ahead, taking priority
効果 53 効果 こうか adj-no, n effect, result, efficacy, effectiveness
53 広い ひろい adj-i wide, vast, spacious
広い ひろい adj-i (go terminology)
name Hiroji, Hiromatsu, Hirotsugu, Hirosue, Yutaka, Hiroshi, Hirosaki, Hirokatsu, Hiro, Kouji, Kou, Hiromu
早く 53 早く はやく adv soon, early
quickly, swiftly, rapidly, fast
明日 53 明日 あした
n-t tomorrow
near future
明日 name Meika, Mirai, Myounichi, Nukuhi, Nukui, Asuka, Asu, Ashita, Akebi, Akehi, Meibi
時半 53 時半 じはん n short time, about an hour
suf half past (the hour)
53 立つ たつ v5t, vi to stand, to rise, to stand up
to find oneself (e.g. in a difficult position)
to depart (on a plane, train, etc.)
name Riyuu, Ryuu, Ritsu, Risen, Noboru, Tateshi, Tatezaki, Tatesaki, Tate, Tatsuru, Tatsuzaki, Tatsu, Tachizaki, Tachisaki, Tachi, Takashi
第4 53 第4 だいよん adj-no, n fourth
53 迷う まよう v5u, vi to lose one's way
to waver, to be perplexed, to be puzzled, to hesitate, to be of two minds over
to give into temptation, to lose control of oneself
to turn in one's grave
734 一致 52 一致 いっち n, vs agreement, union, coincidence, match
consistency, conformity
一致 name Icchi
小目 52 小目 こもく n komoku, cross next to the star (on a go game board)
小目 しょうもく n parvorder
小目 こもく n (go terminology)
小目 name Ome, Kome
敗れ 52 敗れ やぶれ n loss, defeat
敗れる やぶれる v1, vi to lose, to be defeated, to be beaten, to be unsuccessful
最後まで 52 最後まで さいごまで exp to the end, to the last
様子見 52 様子見 ようすみ adj-no, n wait-and-see
様子見 ようすみ n (go terminology)
様子見る ようすみる v (go terminology)
死活 52 死活 しかつ adj-no, n, vs life and-or death
死活 しかつ n (go terminology)
渡り 52 渡り わたり n ferry
渡り わたり n (go terminology)
渡り name Watari
趣向 52 趣向 しゅこう n idea, design, plan, plot
錯覚 52 錯覚 さっかく adj-no, n, vs hallucination, optical illusion
delusion, misapprehension
韓国 52 韓国 かんこく n (South) Korea
韓国 からくに n Korea, China
韓国 name Kankoku
驚き 52 驚き おどろき n wonder, surprise, astonishment
745 と思われ 51 と思われる とおもわれる exp, v1 thought to be, be considered, be deemed
51 そば
n besides, close, while, near, beside, vicinity, proximity
third person
n, suf part, side (of something, or taking someone's side)
(watch) case
かたわら adj-no, n-adv, n-t besides, edge, side, beside, nearby
n-adv while (doing)
かわ n (go terminology)
側む そばむ v5m, vi to regret, to oppose, to lean to one side, to look aside
name Gawa, Soba
割り込み 51 割り込み わりこみ n interruption, sharing a theater box (theatre), muscling in on, wedging oneself in, cutting in line, (CPU) interrupt
割り込み わりこみ n go: warikomi
加わ 51 加わる くわわる v5r, vi to be added to, to be appended
to join in (e.g. a group of friends), to participate
to increase (e.g. heat), to gain in (e.g. influence), to grow, to gather (speed)
to be subject to (e.g. pressure)
大一番 51 大一番 おおいちばん n decisive game
容易 51 容易 ようい adj-na, n plain, simple, easy
容易い たやすい adj-i simple, easy, light
強調 51 強調 きょうちょう n, vs stress, highlight, emphasis, stressed point
持ち時間 51 持ち時間 もちじかん n amount of time one has
納得 51 納得 なっとく n, vs agreement, consent, grasp, understanding, comprehension, assent
終わり 51 終わり おわり n the end
51 そう suf run, race
走る はしる v5r, vi to run
to travel (movement of vehicles), to drive
to hurry to
to retreat (from battle), to take flight
to run away from home
to elope
to tend heavily toward
name Kakeru, Sou, Ran
756 50 ななめ
adj-na, adj-no, n diagonal, oblique, slanting, tilted, sloping
unusual, slanted (view of the world), bad (mood)
傾く かたむく
v5k, vi to slant, to incline toward, to lurch, to heel over, to be disposed to, to trend toward, to be prone to
to wane, to decline, to sink, to go down (sun)
傾ぐ かしぐ
v5g, vi to slant, to incline toward, to lurch, to heel over, to be disposed to, to trend toward, to be prone to
to wane, to decline, to sink, to go down (sun)
50 suf action of making something, -ification
化す かす
v5s, vi to change into, to influence, to transform, to be reduced, to improve (someone), to convert to
name Fua
周囲 50 周囲 しゅうい adj-no, n surroundings, environs
完成 50 完成 かんせい n, vs completion, complete
perfection, accomplishment
完成 name Kansei
宮沢 50 宮沢 name Miyasawa, Miyazawa
影響 50 影響 えいきょう n influence, effect
vs to influence, to affect, to have an influence on, to impact, to have an effect on
悔し 50 悔しい くやしい
adj-i vexing, frustrating, regrettable, annoying, mortifying
態勢 50 態勢 たいせい n readiness, preparedness, attitude, posture
手をつけ 50 手をつける てをつける exp, v1 to set one's hand to, to start work on
to embezzle, to use (money obtained in illegal fashion)
to have sexual relations, to have an affair
流行 50 流行 はやり
adj-no, n, vs fashion, vogue, craze, fad
prevalence (e.g. of a disease)
流行る はやる v5r, vi to be popular, to come into fashion
to be prevalent, to spread widely (e.g. disease), to be endemic
to flourish, to thrive
流行 name Tomoyuki, Nagare
準備 50 準備 じゅんび n, vs reserve, preparation, setup, arrangements, provision
目指し 50 目指し めざし n goal, purpose, aim
look, eyes, expression of eyes
研究会 50 研究会 けんきゅうかい n research society
study class (e.g. religious)
seminar (e.g. presentation of research)
50 示す しめす v5s, vt to tell, to (take out and) show, to demonstrate, to exemplify, to make apparent
to point out (finger, clock hand, needle, etc.)
to show, to display, to represent, to signify, to indicate
name Shimesu
紛れ 50 紛れ まぐれ n chance, fluke
紛れ まぎれ suf confusion
紛れる まぎれる v1, vi to be diverted, to slip into
置き 50 置き おき n (go terminology)
苦戦 50 苦戦 くせん n, vs close game, hard fight
苦戦 くせん n (go terminology)
評価 50 評価 ひょうか n assessment, evaluation, valuation, estimation
vs to assess, to value, to estimate value
to appreciate, to value highly, to acknowledge the value (of something)
読み切 50 読み切る よみきる v5r, vt to finish reading, to read through
足りな 50 足りない たりない adj-i insufficient, lacking, not enough
slow, dim-witted, one brick short of a full load
776 コウ取り 49 コウ取り こうとり n (go terminology)
中国 49 中国 ちゅうごく n China
middle of a country, South-west most region of Honshu, the Hiroshima area
中国 name Chuugoku, Nakakuni
前期 49 前期 ぜんき n-adv, n-t first term, first half-year, preceding period, early period
助か 49 助かる たすかる v5r, vi to survive, to be saved, to be rescued
to escape harm, to be spared damage
to be helped, to be saved trouble
唯一 49 唯一 ゆいいつ
adj-no, adv only, sole, unique
唯一 name Tadaichi, Tadakazu, Daiichi, Yui, Yuiitsu, Yuuichi
失着 49 失着 しっちゃく n negligence, mistake
失着 しっちゃく n (go terminology)
宿題 49 宿題 しゅくだい n homework
49 挑む いどむ v5m, vi to challenge, to tackle, to throw down the gauntlet, to contend for
to woo, to pressure someone for sex, to make love to
name Idomu
49 うら n tip, top end
まつ n, n-adv the end of
すえ n tip, top
n-t end, close (e.g. close of the month)
adj-no, n youngest child
n offspring, posterity, descendants
n-t future
adj-no, n trivialities
うれ n new shoots, new growth (of a tree)
name Hiroshi, Tome, Suezaki, Suesaki, Sue, Matsu
目立 49 目立つ めだつ v5t, vi to be conspicuous, to stand out
立ち上がり 49 立ち上がり たちあがり n start, beginning, build up
how well a pitcher pitches at the start of the game (baseball)
絶妙 49 絶妙 ぜつみょう adj-na, adj-no, n perfect, miraculous, exquisite, superb
49 うん n fortune, luck
運ぶ はこぶ v5b to carry, to move, to transport, to convey
to come, to go
to wield (a tool, etc.), to use
v5b, vi to go (well, etc.), to proceed, to progress
name Un, Kazu, Hakobi, Hakobu, Meguru, Yasu
789 一瞬 48 一瞬 いっしゅん n-adv, n-t instant, moment
一間 48 一間 いっけん n one ken, six feet
一間 ひとま n one room
一間 name Ichima
二眼 48 二眼 にがん adj-no twin-lens
二眼 にがん n (go terminology)
48 suf takes after (his mother)
似る にる v1, vi to resemble, to look like, to take after
to be similar (in status, condition, etc.), to be close, to be alike, to be like
name Ayu
午前 48 午前 ごぜん n-adv, n-t morning, a.m.
48 ぼう
n monk, bonze
monk's dwelling
sonny, (vocative) boy
me, I (used by male children)
suf (after name) familiar form of address
person who is ..
name Suekane, Suetake, Suetsugu, Tsutsumi, Noritsuki, Noridzuki, Bou, Machi
宣言 48 宣言 せんげん n, vs announcement, declaration, proclamation
工藤 48 工藤 name Kudau, Kutou, Kudou, Kudoo, Kudome, Keiichi, Kodou, Fudou
48 たび
ctr, n, n-suf times, time (three times, each time, etc.)
n, n-suf degree (angle, temperature, scale, etc.)
ctr counter for occurrences and times
strength (of alcohol)

pref exactly, precisely, very much, totally, plumb
stupid, cursed, damn
name Taku, Tabi, Tokou, Watari, Wataru
折衝 48 折衝 せっしょう n, vs negotiation
有利 48 有利 ゆうり adj-na, n profitable, better, advantageous, lucrative
有利 name Ari, Aritoshi, Ariri, Yuri
本田 48 本田 ほんでん n rice paddy
本田 name Honta, Honda, Honden, Motoda
48 やなぎ
n willow (any tree of genus Salix)
weeping willow (Salix babylonica)
りゅう n Chinese "Willow" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
name Riyu, Ryuu, Yuu, Yu, Yanagitaka, Yanagi, Yanakaki, Yanai, Nuriko, Teruo, Tama, Takayana, Riyou
正しく 48 正しく まさしく adv surely, no doubt, evidently
武宮正樹 48 武宮正樹 name Takemiya Masaki (1951.1-)
焦点 48 焦点 しょうてん adj-no, n focus (e.g. photographic), focal point
穏やか 48 穏やか おだやか adj-na, n calm, quiet, gentle
立場 48 立場 たちば n situation, standpoint, position
立場 name Tachiba, Tateba
終盤 48 終盤 しゅうばん n endgame, final stage
終盤 しゅうばん n (go terminology)
結局 48 結局 けっきょく n, n-adv eventually, after all, in the end
809 47 なみ n, n-suf common, average, ordinary, medium
line, row of (e.g. houses)
equal, same level, each (e.g. month), set of (e.g. teeth)
並ぶ ならぶ v5b, vi to line up, to stand in a line
to rival, to match, to equal
name Minemura, Minezawa, Minesawa, Fukuyo, Fukumura, Fukuzou, Fukuzawa, Fukusawa, Narabu, Namisaki, Nami
余地 47 余地 よち n room, margin, scope, place
余地 name Yoji, Yochi
合い 47 合い あい n, pref accomplice, joint, associate
四子 47 四子 よんし n go: four stones
47 固い かたい adj-i tough, hard, solid
stiff, tight, wooden, unpolished (e.g. writing)
strong, firm (not viscous or easily moved)
steady, safe, honest, steadfast
stubborn, obstinate
stuffy, formal, bookish
固い かたい adj-i (go terminology)
name Katashi, Katamu, Sachihiro
変え 47 変え かえ n change, changing
変える かえる v1, vt to vary, to change, to alter, to transform, to revise, to convert, to amend
姿勢 47 姿勢 しせい n approach, stance, attitude, posture, carriage (of the body)
常識 47 常識 じょうしき n common sense, common knowledge, good sense, general knowledge, common practice, accepted practice, social etiquette
常識的 47 常識的 じょうしきてき adj-na commonplace, ordinary, sensible
手入れ 47 手入れ ていれ n, vs trimming, maintenance, repairs, tending, grooming
crackdown, (police) raid
手入れ ていれ n (go terminology)
47 さかずき
n sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages
n sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages
ctr, suf counter for cupfuls
counter for ships, octopuses and squid
つき n shallow bowl
はい n (go terminology)
棋譜 47 棋譜 きふ n record of a game of go, shogi, chess, etc.
棋譜 きふ n go: kifu
楽観 47 楽観 らっかん n, vs optimism
生まれ 47 生まれ うまれ n birth, birthplace
adj-no, n-suf born in (country, month, imperial era, zodiac year, etc.)
生まれる うまれる v1, vi to be born
47 稼ぐ かせぐ v5g, vi to earn income, to labor, to labour
name Kasegi
終え 47 終える おえる v1, vt to finish
to graduate
耐え 47 耐える たえる
v1, vi, vt to bear, to stand, to endure, to put up with
v1, vi to support, to withstand, to resist, to brave
to be fit for, to be equal to
表現 47 表現 ひょうげん n, vs expression, presentation
notation, representation
見損 47 見損う みそこなう v5u, vt to mistake, to misread, to misjudge
to misjudge (someone), to overestimate
to overlook, to miss seeing, to fail to notice
828 46 さき adj-no, n, n-suf, pref some time ago, previous, former, prior, preceding
end, tip, nozzle, point (e.g. pencil)
front, head (of a line)
ahead, the other side
hereafter, the future
the other party
せん adj-no, n previous, former, old
n first move (in go, shogi, etc.), opening move
name Takasaki, Senzaki, Sensaki, Sen, Susumu, Sakizaki, Saki, Ayumi, Hirosaki
固め 46 固め かため n hardening, fortifying
vow, pledge
defense, defence, guarding
固め かため adj-na, adj-no, n hardness, firmness
固める かためる v1, vt to strengthen, to freeze, to harden, to solidify, to make (a fist), to tramp down (snow, dirt)
to collect, to gather, to consolidate, to put together
to settle down, to make secure, to stabilize, to strengthen (belief, resolution, etc.), to establish (evidence)
to support, to fortify, to reinforce
to wear for a specific purpose (armor, coat, etc.)
to swear, to resolutely vow, to sincerely promise
to fasten, to tie tightly
to hold a bow fully drawn
固める かためる v (go terminology)
好み 46 好み このみ n taste, choice, liking
好み よしみ

n connection, friendship, relation, intimacy, friendly relations
好み ごのみ adj-na, adj-no, suf being fond of, having a liking for
to the liking of, favored by, popular with
46 ひだり adj-no, n left, left hand side
adj-no, n the following, left (esp. in vertical Japanese writing)
ひだり n (go terminology)
name Hidari, Chiyou, Cha, Tasuke, Sazaki, Sasaki, Sa, Aza
46 えき n campaign, battle, war
unpaid work
やく n, n-suf service, use, role
position, post
hand, scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.)
name Eki, En, Oose, Mamori, Mamoru
整形 46 整形 せいけい adj-no, n, vs orthopedics, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery
shaping, smoothing (bursty traffic, etc.), fairing
46 ひる n-adv, n-t noon, midday
様子 46 様子 ようす n situation, state, circumstances, state of affairs
aspect, look, appearance
sign, indication
決勝 46 決勝 けっしょう n decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
秋山 46 秋山 name Akiyama
踏み込み 46 踏み込み ふみこみ n dealing fully (with), going into (issue, etc.), stepping into, breaking or rushing into
839 中国流 45 中国流 ちゅうごくりゅう n go: Chinese opening
何度も 45 何度も なんども adv often, many times over
働き 45 働き はたらき n work, labor, labour
ability, performance, talent, achievement
income, salary, earnings
action, activity, operation, movement, function, motion, workings
conjugation, inflection
印象 45 印象 いんしょう n, vs impression
印象 name Inshou
対策 45 対策 たいさく n counter-plan, counter-measure
対策 たいさく n (go terminology)
45 こころ n spirit, heart, mind
the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.)
しん n heart, mind
n, suf spirit, vitality, inner strength
Chinese "Heart" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
心す こころす v5s, vi to mind, to be attentive, to take care
name Shinba, Tenshi, Naka, Nozomi, Haato, Makoto, Manaka, Misato, Shinji, Shin, Ai, Kiyo, Koko, Kokoro, Kokko, Shizuka, Moto
稼ぎ 45 稼ぎ かせぎ n earnings
経験 45 経験 けいけん n, vs experience
聞こえ 45 聞こえ きこえ n fame, reputation, renown
聞こえる きこえる v1, vi to be heard, to be audible
to be reputed, to be said to be
誤算 45 誤算 ごさん n, vs miscalculation
45 くるり adv, adv-to turning around (once)
suddenly, abruptly
completely (wrapped in something), quickly (unwrapping something)
beautiful, round (eyes)
n flail (for threshing grain)
てん n altering pronunciation or meaning, word with altered pronunciation or meaning
turning or twisting part of a text (in Chinese poetry)
転す こかす v5s, vt to knock down, to knock over
転ぶ ころぶ
v5b, vi to fall down, to fall over
name Utata, Korobi, Ten
追い込 45 追い込む おいこむ v5m, vt to drive, to corner, to herd
開幕 45 開幕 かいまく adj-no, n, vs raising the curtain
45 じゅん
n, n-suf order, turn
adj-na docile, obedient, submissive, meek
順う したがう v5u, vi to abide (by the rules), to obey, to follow, to accompany
name Yori, Yuki, Hajime, Nao, Toshi, Sunaho, Sunao, Junjun, Junji, Jun, Shitagau, Kazu, Osamu, Aya
853 伸び 44 伸び のび
n, vs development, growth
stretching (e.g. body when waking up)
extension, spread, elongation, carry (e.g. of sound), sustain
伸び のび n (go terminology)
伸びる のびる v1, vi to spread, to stretch, to extend, to lengthen
to make progress, to grow (beard, body height)
to grow stale (soba)
to be straightened, to be flattened, to be smoothed
to be exhausted
to be postponed, to be prolonged
保留 44 保留 ほりゅう n, vs reserve, putting on hold, deferment
pending, hold (e.g. telephone button)
出てい 44 出ていく でていく
v5k-s to leave, to go out and away
力強 44 力強い ちからづよい adj-i forceful, strong, vigorous, powerful
encouraging, reassuring
危な 44 危ない あぶない adj-i dangerous, risky, hazardous, perilous, precarious
critical, in danger, in jeopardy, grave, at risk
uncertain, unreliable, unsteady, doubtful, insecure
close (i.e. a close call), narrow
int look out!, watch out!
危険 44 危険 きけん adj-no, n hazard, danger, peril
adj-na dangerous, hazardous
危険 きけん n (go terminology)
回し 44 回し まわし n, n-suf belt, loincloth, mawashi
n cape, mantle
gang rape
安定 44 安定 あんてい adj-na, n, vs stability, equilibrium
安定 name Anjou, Antei, Yasusada
対する 44 対する たいする vs-s to face (each other), to be facing
to be related to, to be directed toward (the future, etc.), to be in response to
to receive (a client, etc.)
to compare with, to contrast with, to be in opposition with, to be opposed to
to oppose, to compete with, to confront
我慢 44 我慢 がまん n, vs tolerance, patience, endurance, perseverance, self-control, self-denial
我慢 name Gaman
抜け 44 抜ける ぬける v1, vi to be missing, to come out, to come loose, to escape, to fall out, to be omitted
to fade, to discolour
to wear a hole (e.g. clothes)
to leave (e.g. a meeting)
to be clear, to be transparent (e.g. of the sky)
to be stupid, to be absentminded, to be careless, to be inattentive
to exit (a program loop)
本当 44 本当 ほんとう
adj-na, adv, n actuality, fact, reality, truth
adj-na, adv right, official, correct, proper
authentic, natural, genuine, veritable
獲得 44 獲得 かくとく adj-no, n, vs acquisition, possession
第一 44 第一 だいいち adv, n number one, first, foremost
第一 name Daiichi, Teiichi
44 やく adv about, approximately
n promise
shortening, reduction, simplification
contraction (in phonetics)
name Yaku
認め 44 認め みとめ n acceptance, approval, final seal (of approval)
認める したためる v1, vt to write up
認める みとめる v1, vt to notice, to observe, to recognize, to recognise
to assess, to judge, to deem
to allow, to approve, to deem acceptable
to accept, to admit, to confess (to a charge)
to watch steadily, to observe carefully
to renown, to give renown to, to appreciate, to acknowledge
遅れ 44 遅れ おくれ n delay, postponement, lag, falling behind
遅れる おくれる v1, vi to be delayed, to be late, to fall behind schedule, to be overdue
関係 44 関係 かんけい adj-no, n, vs connection, relation, relationship
participation, involvement, concern
influence, effect
n, vs sexual relations, sexual relationship
n-suf related to ..., connected to ...
関係 name Riezon
871 あっという間に 43 あっという間に あっというまに
exp just like that, in the twinkling of an eye, in the blink of an eye, in the time it takes to say "ah!"
43 いち

num, pref one
suf best in, the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)
ひとつ num one
n for one thing
(not) even
n-adv just (e.g. "just try it")
イー num one
name Dekata, Ninomae, Hajimu, Hajime, Hito, Hitoshi, Hitotsu, Hiyuu, Makoto, Tsukasa, Susumu, Ichi, Itsu, Iru, Osamu, Kazu, Kazuha, Kokoro, Moto
中部総本部 43 中部総本部 ちゅうぶそうほんぶ n go: Chubu general headquarters (Nihon Ki-in Nagoya branch)
予選 43 予選 よせん n, vs nomination, primary, qualifier, preliminary contest
二間 43 二間 ふたま n two rooms
二間 にけん n two ken (approx. 3.6m)
二間 name Nima
切り離 43 切り離す きりはなす v5s, vt to detach, to cut loose, to let loose, to dismember, to decapitate
43 いん n factor, cause
hetu (direct cause, esp. as opposed to indirect conditions)
the basis of one's argument (in hetuvidya)
よし n significance, reason, cause
n aid, means, way, clue, something to rely on
relative, someone to rely on
memento, reminder
因む ちなむ v5m, vi to be associated (with), to be connected (with)
因る よる v5r, vi to be due to, to be caused by
to depend on, to turn on
to be based on, to come from
name In, Chinami, Yukari
43 かた
n model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.)
style, type, pattern
template, model, mold (mould)
kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.)
form (i.e. customary procedure)
size (i.e. clothing, shoes)
(taxonomical) form
変わった 43 変わった かわった adj-f novel, unusual, peculiar, various, another, particular, different
必然 43 必然 ひつぜん adj-no sure, certain, inevitable, necessary
n necessity, inevitability
方面 43 方面 ほうめん n, n-suf area, district, direction
n field (e.g. of study)
方面 name Katamo
決戦 43 決戦 けっせん n, vs play-off, decisive battle, deciding match
無条件 43 無条件 むじょうけん n unconditional
43 移す うつす v5s, vt to change, to swap, to substitute, to transfer
to change the object of one's interest or focus
to spend or take time
to infect
to permeate something with the smell or colour of something
to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.)
移る うつる v5r, vi to move (house), to transfer (department)
to change the target of interest or concern
to elapse (passage of time)
to be permeated by a colour or scent
to be infected, to be contagious, to spread (as in fire)
name Utsuri, Wataru
突然 43 突然 とつぜん adj-na, adj-no, adv unexpected, sudden, all at once, abrupt
見方 43 見方 みかた n viewpoint, point of view
way of understanding, way of appreciating, how to look at something (e.g. noh, train schedule)
見方 name Mikata
詰碁 43 詰碁 つめご n go: tsume-go
888 と同時に 42 と同時に とどうじに exp while, at the same time as, as well as (multiple roles)
全滅 42 全滅 ぜんめつ n, vs annihilation, complete destruction, total destruction, crushing defeat
全滅 ぜんめつ n (go terminology)
全部 42 全部 ぜんぶ adj-no, n-adv, n-t altogether, all, whole, entire
割り 42 割り わり n, n-suf percentage, proportion, rate, ratio
10%, unit of ten percent
match, schedule of matches
n-suf diluted with (of drinks), mixed with
42 せき n seat
place, location (of a gathering, etc.)
position, post
n woven mat (esp. one made of straw)
name Shi, Sumitomo, Seki
感覚 42 感覚 かんかく n, vs sensation, feeling, sense, intuition
手合 42 手合 てあい n that kind (may be used as a disparaging term for another person)
competition, match
手合 てあい n (go terminology)
手合 name Tegou
最悪 42 最悪 さいあく adj-na, n the worst
望み 42 望み のぞみ n hope, desire, wish
prospect, expectation, (one's) hopes
本手 42 本手 ほんて n professional, one's true ability, the right way
本手 ほんて n go: honte
本手 name Honte
気分 42 気分 きぶん n mood, feeling
続き 42 続き つづき n, n-suf continuation, succession, sequel, spell, (also suffix) continuation (in time and space), second series
見つけ 42 見つける みつける
v1, vt to discover, to detect, to come across, to find (e.g. an error in a book), to spot
to locate, to find fault, to find (e.g. something missing)
to be used to seeing, to be familiar with
覚え 42 覚え おぼえ n memory, sense, experience
覚える おぼえる v1, vt to memorize, to memorise, to commit to memory, to learn by heart, to bear in mind, to remember
to learn, to pick up, to acquire
to feel
to think, to regard
902 のみ込 41 のみ込む のみこむ v5m, vt to gulp down, to swallow deeply
to learn, to take in, to understand, to digest, to catch on to
カ月 41 カ月 かげつ ctr (number of) months
一方的 41 一方的 いっぽうてき adj-na one-sided, unilateral, arbitrary
上下 41 上下 うえした n high and low, top and bottom, up and down, above and below, upper and lower ends
adj-no, n upside-down
上下 じょうげ n high and low, top and bottom, up and down, above and below, upper and lower ends
n, vs going up and down, rising and falling, fluctuating
going and coming back
n ruler and ruled, upper and lower classes, the government and the people
first and second volumes
上下 かみしも n samurai costume, old ceremonial costume
high and low, top and bottom, up and down, above and below, upper and lower ends
上下 しょうか
n, vs high and low, top and bottom, up and down, above and below, upper and lower ends
n ruler and ruled, upper and lower classes, the government and the people
上下 name Ueshita, Kamishita, Shouka, Jouge
参加 41 参加 さんか adj-no, n, vs participation
堅実 41 堅実 けんじつ adj-na sound, steady, solid, reliable
堅実 name Katami
強化 41 強化 きょうか n, vs enhancement, strengthen, intensify, reinforce, solidify
応手 41 応手 おうしゅ n counter-measure, countermeasure, (primarily in shogi or go) response
応手 おうしゅ n go: response
応手 name Oute
悩ま 41 悩ます なやます v5s, vt to torment, to harass, to afflict, to molest
数子 41 数子 name Kazuko, Kazune, Suuko
日本 41 日本 にほん
n Japan
日本 name Nippon, Nitsupon, Nihon, Hinomoto, Himoto, Yamato, Yamatono
41 沈む しずむ v5m, vi to sink, to descend, to feel depressed
name Shimu, Shin, Sun, Sen, Chimu, Chin
王立誠 41 王立誠 name Ou Rissei (33.11-), Ouritsusei
理解 41 理解 りかい n, vs sympathy, understanding, comprehension, appreciation
41 n eyeball, eye
sight, vision, eyesight
look, glance, stare
an experience
stitch, texture, weave
suf ordinal number suffix
somewhat, -ish
まなこ n eyeball, eye
pupil and (dark) iris of the eye
insight, power of observation, perceptivity
look, field of vision
essence, core, centre, center
n (go terminology)
name Manako, Mesaki
41 くみ n set (of items)
team, group (of people), class (of students), company (esp. construction), family (i.e. mafia)
composition, typesetting
組む くむ v5m to cross (legs or arms), to link (arms)
to put together, to construct, to assemble, to produce (e.g. TV program)
to braid, to plait
to wrestle, to grapple
to unite, to link up, to form an alliance
to set (e.g. type)
to issue (e.g. money order)
name Kumi, Takagumi
41 ごと
n-adv similar to, like, same as
わか n youth
child (esp. of the young son of someone of high social standing)
n-pref, n-suf new, young
若い わかい adj-i young
若く しく v5k, vi to match, to equal
to overtake, to catch up with
name Wakahama, Wakasugi, Wakazaki, Wakasaki, Waka, Nao, Tsuruwaka, Jun
苦心 41 苦心 くしん n, vs trouble, hard work, anxiety, diligence, pain
藤沢 41 藤沢 name Fujisawa, Fujizawa
41 n error, mistake, fault
going poorly, being disadvantageous, being unfavorable
pref non-, un-, an-
922 例えば 40 例えば たとえば adv for example, e.g.
優先 40 優先 ゆうせん adj-no, n, vs priority, preference, precedence
割り打ち 40 割り打ち わりうち n (go terminology)
実際 40 実際 じっさい adj-no, adv, n practical, practicality
actuality, reality, actual conditions
bhutakoti (limit of reality)
忘れ 40 忘れる わすれる v1, vt to forget, to leave carelessly, to be forgetful of, to forget about, to forget (an article)
忙し 40 忙しい いそがしい
adj-i occupied, busy, hectic, engaged
急に 40 急に きゅうに adv swiftly, rapidly
suddenly, abruptly, immediately
投げ 40 投げ なげ n a throw, a fall
投げる なげる v1, vt to cast away, to throw
to give up, to face defeat
投げる なげる v (go terminology)
早々 40 早々 そうそう n-adv, n-suf as soon as..., just after..., immediately after...
adv quickly, promptly, hurriedly, in haste, early
早々 はやはや adv quickly
早々 はやばや adv, adv-to quickly, promptly, early
40 聡い さとい adj-i smart, sensitive, discerning
name Minoru, Toshi, Tooru, Tadashi, Takashi, Souji, Sou, Su, Satoru, Satori, Satoyuki, Satoshi, Satoku, Sato, Akira
40 返す かえす v5s, vt to restore, to put back, to return (something)
to turn over, to overturn, to turn upside down
to pay back, to retaliate, to reciprocate
suf, v5s (after the -masu stem of a verb) to repeat ..., to do ... back
返る かえる v5r, vi to return, to go back, to come back
to turn over
suf, v5r (after the -masu stem of a verb) (to become) extremely, (to become) completely
name Fukushima, Fukujima
追いつ 40 追いつく おいつく v5k, vi to overtake, to catch up (with)
40 そく suf gear, speed (as in 4 speed automatic transmission and such)
速い はやい adj-i brisk, quick, hasty, fast
premature, early (in the day, etc.)
(too) soon, not yet, (too) early
simple, quick, easy
name Soku, Haya, Hayashi, Hayato
限り 40 限り かぎり n, n-adv limit, bounds, limits
extent, scope, degree
very much, to the best of one's ability, as far as possible, as much as possible
unless (after neg. verb)
the end, the last
suf as long as, only
限り きり n end, stop, finish
bounds, limits
delivery date (of a futures contract)
finale (of a noh song), end of an act (in joruri or kabuki), final performance of the day (in vaudeville)
ctr, suf counter for slices (esp. thick slices), counter for cuts (e.g. fish, meat)
prt only, just
remaining (in a particular state)
離れ 40 離れ ばなれ
suf separation from, loss of interest in, independence of, distancing (of oneself) from, disillusionment with, alienation from (something)
pref detached (dwelling, room)
離れる はなれる v1, vi to be distant, to be separated, to be apart
to leave, to go away
to give up, to quit, to leave (a job, etc.)
to lose connection with, to drift away from
937 一転 39 一転 いってん n-adv turn, complete change
一転 name Itten
中盤 39 中盤 ちゅうばん n, n-adv middle (stage)
中盤 ちゅうばん n (go terminology)
全局 39 全局 ぜんきょく n general situation, whole aspect
全局 ぜんきょく n (go terminology)
失敗 39 失敗 しっぱい adj-no, n, vs blunder, mistake, failure
失敗 しっぱい n (go terminology)
妥協 39 妥協 だきょう n, vs giving in, compromise
39 はば n width, breadth
latitude, freedom (e.g. of thought)
gap, difference (e.g. in price), range (e.g. of voice)
ctr, n, n-suf unit of measurement for cloth breadth (30-38 cm)
ふく n scroll
ctr, suf counter for scrolls
はば n (go terminology)
name Haba, Fuku
序列 39 序列 じょれつ n, vs hierarchy, rank, ranking order
悩み 39 悩み なやみ n trouble, problem, troubles, distress, worry, anguish, agony, sorrows
悲観 39 悲観 ひかん n, vs pessimism, disappointment
横田 39 横田 name Yokuta, Yokota, Yokoda, Yomita
正解 39 正解 せいかい n, vs right, correct, correct interpretation (answer, solution)
正解 せいかい n (go terminology)
瀬戸 39 瀬戸 せと n channel, strait
瀬戸 name Seto, Setozaki, Sedo
39 n being cramped, narrowness, being almost full
pref thin, narrow
狭い せまい adj-i small, narrow, confined
狭む せばむ v5m to squeeze in, to jam in
name Haza
突き抜 39 突き抜く つきぬく v5k to pierce, to penetrate, to shoot through
突破 39 突破 とっぱ n, vs penetration, breaking through, breakthrough
突破 name Toppa
見事 39 見事 みごと adj-na beautiful, splendid, admirable, magnificent
n feat, praiseworthy act, commendable deed
adj-na complete, total, utter (esp. defeat)
訴え 39 訴え うったえ n complaint, lawsuit
訴える うったえる v1, vt to raise, to bring to (someone's attention)
to call for, to appeal to
to complain
to sue (a person), to take someone to court
to resort to (e.g. arms, violence)
逃げ出し 39 逃げ出し にげだし n (go terminology)
955 不安 38 不安 ふあん adj-na, n insecurity, suspense, anxiety, uneasiness
代償 38 代償 だいしょう adj-no, n reparation, consideration, compensation, indemnification
以外 38 以外 いがい n-adv with the exception of, excepting
元気 38 元気 げんき adj-na, n spirit, energy, stamina, vitality, courage, vigor, vigour, robust, pep, health(y), vim
元気 name Asami, Genki, Motoki
制限 38 制限 せいげん n, vs limit, limitation, restraint, restriction
変わ 38 変わる かわる v5r, vi to vary, to change, to be transformed, to be altered
to move to
to be different, to be uncommon, to be unusual
変わらな 38 変わらない かわらない adj-i invariant, constant
大事 38 大事 だいじ
adj-na, n important, valuable, serious matter
対決 38 対決 たいけつ n, vs confrontation, showdown
38 しょう pref small, little, few
少い すくない adj-i few, insufficient, scarce, a little, seldom
悩まし 38 悩ましい なやましい adj-i seductive, carnal, enchanting
hard, difficult, troubling, thorny
uneasy, anxious
成績 38 成績 せいせき n record, results, grades
打つ手 38 打つ手 うつて n way to do (something)
方向 38 方向 ほうこう n way, orientation, bearing, direction
course (e.g. of action)
方向 ほうこう n (go terminology)
時代 38 時代 じだい n, n-t period, age, epoch, era
the times, those days
antiquity, oldness, ancientness
antique, period piece
時代 name Jidai, Toki, Tokiyo
最長 38 最長 さいちょう n the oldest, the longest
浮か 38 浮かす うかす v5s, vt to float
to scrimp, to save (on one's expenses)
to half-rise, e.g. to one's feet
浮かぶ うかぶ v5b to be suspended, to float
to rise to surface
to come to mind, to have inspiration
溝上知親 38 溝上知親 name Mizogami Tomochika
発見 38 発見 はっけん n, vs detection, finding, discovery
真ん中 38 真ん中 まんなか
n centre, center, middle, mid-way
確実 38 確実 かくじつ adj-na, n certainty, reliability, soundness
素直 38 素直 すなお adj-na, n docile, unaffected, obedient, meek
frank, honest, upfront (about one's feelings)
素直 name Sanao, Jun, Sunao, Sunami, Sona, Motonao
行動 38 行動 こうどう adj-no, n, vs action, behaviour, behavior, conduct, mobilization, mobilisation
38 鳴く なく v5k to sing (bird)
to bark, to purr, to make sound (animal)
鳴る なる v5r, vi to resound, to echo, to roar, to ring, to sound, to rumble
name Naru, Hibiki, Min, Mei
979 37 うち adj-no, n within, inside
among, amongst, between
adj-no, pn we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our
my spouse
n imperial palace grounds
adj-no, pn me, I (primarily used by women and children)
ない suf within, inside
うち n (go terminology)
name Uchi, Uchigouri, Dai, Tsuruuchi, Nai
右側 37 右側 みぎがわ
adj-no, n right hand, right side
大竹 37 大竹 name Outake, Ootake, Oodake, Otake
実現 37 実現 じつげん n, vs realization, realisation, materialization, implementation (e.g. of a system), materialisation
寄りつ 37 寄りつく よりつく v5k, vi to approach
対戦成績 37 対戦成績 たいせんせいせき n win-loss records (between A and B)
37 探す さがす v5s, vt to search (for something lost), to seek (a suspect in a crime)
to look for, to search (for something desired, needed)
探る さぐる v5r, vt to search for, to look for, to grope for, to feel around for, to fumble for
to investigate, to probe into, to spy on, to sound out
to explore (parts unknown), to enjoy (natural beauty)
name Iori, Iku, Motomu
文句 37 文句 もんく n phrase
昨日 37 昨日 きのう
n-adv, n-t yesterday
果た 37 果たす はたす v5s, vt to do, to perform, to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out, to fulfill, to fulfil, to realize, to execute
suf, v5s to do ... completely, to do ... entirely
比べ 37 比べ くらべ n, n-suf contest, comparison, competition
比べる くらべる v1, vt to compare, to make a comparison
to compete, to vie
決定 37 決定 けってい n, vs determination, decision
状態 37 状態 じょうたい n condition, situation, state, circumstances, current status
現実 37 現実 げんじつ n reality
空気 37 空気 くうき n atmosphere, air
mood, situation
someone with no presence, someone who doesn't stand out at all
空気 name Aki, Ea
立た 37 立たす たたす v5s, vi to raise, to rouse, to help a person stand, to get someone to their feet
結末 37 結末 けつまつ n end, conclusion
続けて 37 続けて つづけて adv in a row, continuously, successively
繰り返し 37 繰り返し くりかえし adj-na, adj-no, n, vs cycle, repeat, refrain, repetition, reiteration, iteration
n-adv repeatedly
訪れ 37 訪れ おとずれ n call, visit
appearance, coming, advent, arrival (e.g. of spring)
news, word, tidings
訪れる おとずれる
v1, vt to visit, to call on
v1, vi to come, to arrive, to appear
進んで 37 進んで すすんで exp voluntarily, willingly, of one's own free will
重視 37 重視 じゅうし n stress, importance, serious consideration
vs to take something seriously, to attach importance, to stress
間に 37 間に あいだに adv while, during (the time when)
1002 上方 36 上方 かみがた adj-no, n Kyoto and vicinity, Kyoto-Osaka region, Kansai region (esp. during Edo period)
上方 じょうほう n upper region or part
上方 name Uekata, Uwagata, Kamikata, Kamigata
中心 36 中心 ちゅうしん adj-no, n emphasis, core, centre, center, heart, balance, pivot, focus, middle
suf -oriented, -centered, -centred, -focussed, centered on, focussed on
中心 なかご n core, blade, middle of a nest of boxes
36 低い ひくい adj-i low (rank, degree, value, content, quality, etc.)
low (position), close to the ground
short (height)
deep (voice), in a low key, low (volume)
低い ひくい adj-i (go terminology)
可能 36 可能 かのう adj-na, n potential, possible, practicable, feasible
可能 name Kanou
同士 36 同士 どうし n, n-suf companion, bonding, mutual, fellow, comrade
同時に 36 同時に どうじに adv, conj while, simultaneously, coincident with
外野席 36 外野席 がいやせき n outfield bleachers
大丈夫 36 大丈夫 だいじょうぶ adj-na, adv, n all right, okay, OK, safe
大丈夫 name Masurao
大逆 36 大逆 たいぎゃく
n high treason
大逆 おおさが
n Sebastes iracundus (species of rockfish)
36 たい conj, n opposite, opposition
versus, vs
to (i.e. "we won the game five to three")
equal footing, equal terms
anti-, against ..., toward ..., to ...
つい n couple, pair, set
ctr counter for items that come in pairs
counter for sets (of clothes, small furniture, utensils, etc.)
対う むかう v5u, vi to face
to go towards
対す たいす v5s, vi to face (each other), to be facing
to be related to, to be directed toward (the future, etc.), to be in response to
to receive (a client, etc.)
to compare with, to contrast with, to be in opposition with, to be opposed to
to oppose, to compete with, to confront
対す ついす v5s, vi to correspond, to form a pair
name Tsui, Tsuizaki
得な 36 得ない えない adj-i, suf (after the -masu stem of a verb) unable to..., cannot ...
持て 36 持てる もてる v1, vi to be able to possess (hold, get, etc.)
to be well liked, to be popular, to be pampered (spoiled, doted upon, etc.), to be welcomed
to last, to endure (the tests of time, the elements, etc.)
adj-pn possessed
possessing riches, having wealth
控室 36 控室 ひかえしつ n waiting room
気づか 36 気づかう きづかう v5u, vi to worry about, to feel anxious about, to have apprehensions of
36 消す けす v5s, vt to cross out, to erase, to delete
to turn off power
to put out, to extinguish
to bump off
消す けす v go: to reduce
name Katsuhata, Katsuo, Katsutani, Katsudani, Katsutoshi, Masao, Katsuya, Shouya
登場 36 登場 とうじょう n, vs entry (on stage), appearance (on screen)
entrance, introduction (into a market)
白番 36 白番 しろばん n (go terminology)
36 突く つく v5k, vt to prick, to stab
to push, to strike, to hit, to thrust, to poke, to prod, to nudge
to use (a cane), to prop oneself up with, to press against (the floor, etc.)
to attack
to brave (the rain, etc.)
突く つつく v5k, vt to nudge, to poke (repeatedly, lightly)
to peck at (one's food), to pick at
to peck at (someone's faults, etc.)
to egg on, to put up to
締めつけ 36 締めつけ しめつけ n pressure, clamping, tightening, fastening
締めつける しめつける v1, vt to tighten, to press hard
自然に 36 自然に しぜんに adv smoothly, spontaneously, naturally
見かけ 36 見かけ みかけ n outward appearance
見かける みかける v1, vt to notice, to catch sight of, to (happen to) see
負担 36 負担 ふたん n, vs charge, burden, responsibility
36 ちょう
n, n-suf, pref really, very, super-, ultra-, hyper-
n, n-suf over (after a number or counter), more than
超す こす v5s to cross over (e.g. mountain), to go across
to go over (e.g. with audience)
to pass time (e.g. a winter)
to surpass, to be better than, to exceed
to move house
to come, to go
name Koyuru, Suguru, Susumu, Takashi, Tooru, Masaru, Wataru
逃げ切 36 逃げ切る にげきる v5r, vi to get away, to manage to hold on
36 ぎゃく adj-na, n opposite, reverse
converse (of a hypothesis, etc.)
部屋 36 部屋 へや n room
部屋 name Hiya, Heya
食ら 36 食らう くらう v5u, vt to eat, to drink
to receive (e.g. a blow)
3時 36 3時 さんじ n-adv 3 o'clock
3 o'clock snack
8月 36 8月 はちがつ n-adv August
1031 ご覧 35 ご覧 ごらん int (please) try to
(please) look
n watching, seeing, looking
入段 35 入段 にゅうだん n go: becoming a professional player
勉強 35 勉強 べんきょう n, vs study
discount, reduction
単純 35 単純 たんじゅん adj-na, n simple, simplicity, uncomplicated
増え 35 増える ふえる v1, vi to increase, to multiply
外勢 35 外勢 がいせい n (go terminology)
外勢 name Sotose
安心 35 安心 あんしん adj-na, n, vs relief, peace of mind
安心 あんじん n obtaining peace of mind through faith or ascetic practice
安心 name Ako, Ajimi, Anshin
対応 35 対応 たいおう n, vs interaction, correspondence, support, dealing with, coping with
software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
35 崩す くずす v5s, vt to destroy, to pull down, to make change (money)
崩す くずす v (go terminology)
name Kuzure, Nadare
弱点 35 弱点 じゃくてん n weak point, weakness, flaw, defect, tender spot, shortcoming, sore spot
弱点 じゃくてん n (go terminology)
後退 35 後退 こうたい adj-no, n, vs retreat
backspace, BS
後退る あとずさる
v5r to retreat, to draw back, to step back, to back off, to shrink away
拡大 35 拡大 かくだい n, vs enlargement, expansion, magnification
本人 35 本人 ほんにん adj-no, n the person himself
35 らい n next (year, etc.)
since (last month, etc.)
来す きたす v5s, vt to cause, to induce, to produce, to bring about a result or state
来る きたる v5r, vi to come, to arrive, to be due to
adj-pn coming, next (e.g. "next April"), forthcoming
name Kitaru, Kuru, Kurumi, Yodosaki, Rai, Rei
気味 35 気味 きみ
n sensation, feeling
tendency, propensity
気味 ぎみ n-suf -like, -looking, -looked, tending to ...
気味 きあじ n market sentiment (stock market), market tone
気持ちい 35 気持ちいい きもちいい
adj-i, exp good feeling, feeling good
無難 35 無難 ぶなん adj-na, n security, safety
無難 name Bunan
画面 35 画面 がめん n scene, picture, photo, terminal screen, the field (in TV)
画面 えづら n the impression given by a painting or image
白星 35 白星 しろぼし n white circle, white star
victory mark
白星 name Shirahoshi, Hakusei
簡明 35 簡明 かんめい adj-na, n concise, terse, simple and clear
自ら 35 自ら おのずから adv naturally, as a matter of course
自ら みずから n, n-adv personally, for one's self
見れ 35 見れる みれる v1 to be able to see
35 あし n foot
bottom structural component (i.e. radical) of a kanji
means of transportation
money, coin
そく ctr, suf counter for pairs (of socks, shoes, etc.)
足す たす v5s, vt to add (numbers)
to add (something), to top up (with something)
to take care of (e.g. one's business)
足る たる v5r, vi to be enough, to be worthy of, to be sufficient
name Ashitaka, Taru, Tannu, Mitsuru
35 へん n area, vicinity
side (of triangle, rectangle, etc.)

n surrounding area
shore (of the sea)
suf suffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.
へん n (go terminology)
name Sakibe, Pyon, Hen, Hotori
重大 35 重大 じゅうだい adj-na, n serious, important, grave, weighty, significant
重大 name Juudai
間違いな 35 間違いない まちがいない adj-i, exp sure, certain, doubtless
exp I have no doubt, You can depend on it, It's a safe bet
35 おと

n, n-suf sound, noise, report
note (music)
Chinese-derived character reading
name Rizumu, Mone, Myuu, Piano, Non, Nene, Neon, Ton, On, Odo, Oto, O, Riri
1058 上が 34 上がる あがる v5r, vi to rise, to be raised, to go up, to come up, to ascend
to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in
to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade
to get out (of water), to come ashore
to increase
to improve, to make progress
to advance, to be promoted
to be made (of profit, etc.)
to occur (esp. of a favourable result)
to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.)
to be done, to be over, to be finished
to lift, (of rain) to stop
to die, to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out
to win (in a card game, etc.)
to be arrested
to turn up (of evidence, etc.)
to be deep fried
to be spoken loudly
to get stage fright
to be offered (to the gods, etc.)
to go, to visit
to eat, to drink
to be listed (as a candidate)
to serve (in one's master's home)
(in Kyoto) to go north
suf, v5r (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
両方 34 両方 りょうほう adj-no, n both, both parties, both sides
両方 name Ryoukata
伝わ 34 伝わる つたわる v5r, vi to be handed down, to go along, to walk along, to be introduced, to be transmitted, to be circulated
34 n addition, increase
name Kuwai, Kabu, Kanada, Kasumi, Kashio, Kasaki, Kae, Ka, Oshiya, Kuwae
反対 34 反対 はんたい adj-na, adj-no, n, vs opposite, antagonism, objection, contrast, reverse, resistance, dissension, opposition, hostility, vice versa
同じく 34 同じく おなじく adv, conj, vs similarly, same (idea), same (name)
名局 34 名局 めいきょく n famous game (of go, shogi, etc.)
大長 34 大長 name Ooosa, Oochou, Oonaga, Daichou
存在 34 存在 そんざい adj-no, n, vs existence, being
対戦 34 対戦 たいせん n, vs competition, waging war
強さ 34 強さ つよさ n strength, power
必死 34 必死 ひっし adj-na, adj-no desperate, frantic
inevitable death
brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi)
応じて 34 応じて おうじて exp according to, depending on, in proportion to
承知 34 承知 しょうち n, vs awareness, knowledge
acceptance, agreement, consent, compliance, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, assent, admitting
forgiving, pardoning, excusing
披露 34 披露 ひろう n, vs announcement, introduction, display, show
整え 34 整え ととのえ n arrangement, preparation, execution
整える ととのえる v1, vt to arrange, to put in order, to adjust
to prepare, to get ready
to raise money
正確 34 正確 せいかく adj-na, n authentic, exact, punctual, accurate, veracious
活躍 34 活躍 かつやく n activity (esp. energetic), great efforts, conspicuous service
vs to flourish, to participate actively, to play an active role
深刻 34 深刻 しんこく adj-na, n serious
深刻 name Misa
漢傑 34 漢傑 name Kanketsu
王座 34 王座 おうざ n throne
王座 おうざ n go: the Oza title
王座 name Ooza
確定地 34 確定地 かくていじ n (go terminology)
衛星放送 34 衛星放送 えいせいほうそう n satellite broadcasting
見つか 34 見つかる みつかる v5r, vi to be found, to be discovered
調べ 34 調べ しらべ n, n-suf inspection, investigation, examination
tune, note, melody
調べる しらべる v1, vt to study, to investigate, to examine, to sense, to inquire, to search, to check up
迫力 34 迫力 はくりょく n appeal, intensity, impact, strength, force, punch
重ね 34 重ね かさね n heap, pile, layers (e.g. of clothing), set (e.g. of boxes), course (e.g. of stones)
ctr counter for things that are stacked, piled up (or layered, etc.) (after a word from the "hito-futa-mi" counting system)
重ねる かさねる v1, vt to repeat, to pile up, to put something on another, to heap up, to add
黒星 34 黒星 くろぼし n black spot, black dot, bull's-eye
failure mark
黒星 name Kuroboshi
1086 この手 33 この手 このて exp this way (of doing), this sort (of thing)
と思ったら 33 と思ったら とおもったら exp straight away, no sooner than, just when, then again, if one thinks
一戦 33 一戦 いっせん n, vs game, battle, bout
一手に 33 一手に いってに adv single-handed
並べ 33 並べる ならべる v1, vt to set up, to line up
to itemize, to enumerate
主導権 33 主導権 しゅどうけん n initiative, hegemony, leadership
今日 33 今日 きょう
n-t today, this day
recently, nowadays, these days
今日 name Kyou
何の 33 何の どの adj-pn which, what (way)
何の なんの adj-f what sort, what kind
候補 33 候補 こうほ n list, pick, prospect, candidate, contender, choice
nomination, candidacy, candidature
傾向 33 傾向 けいこう n, vs tendency, trend, inclination
割り込 33 割り込む わりこむ v5m, vt to interrupt, to disturb, to cut in, to thrust oneself into, to wedge oneself in, to muscle in on
勢力圏 33 勢力圏 せいりょくけん n sphere of influence
参った 33 参った まいった exp I'm beaten, I give up
33 くち n mouth
gap, opening, hole, orifice
nozzle, mouthpiece, mouth (of a bottle), spout
exit, entrance, gate, door
speech, speaking, talk (i.e. gossip)
taste, palate
mouth (to feed)
opening (i.e. vacancy), available position
invitation, summons
sort, type, kind
opening (i.e. beginning)
ctr, suf counter for mouthfuls, shares (of money), and swords

n speech, mouth
ctr, suf counter for people or implements
name Kuchi, Kuchida, Sakikuchi, Hamanoguchi
対抗 33 対抗 たいこう n, vs antagonism, opposition
後日 33 後日 ごじつ
n-adv, n-t later, in the future, another day
後日 name Goka, Gojitsu, Gohi
打ちすぎ 33 打ちすぎ うちすぎ n (go terminology)
持ち込み 33 持ち込み もちこみ n bring-your-own (e.g. food and drink), carry-on (e.g. luggage)
本コウ 33 本コウ ほんこう n (go terminology)
死ぬ 33 死ぬ しぬ n (go terminology)
淡路 33 淡路 name Awaji, Awadzi
特に 33 特に とくに adv especially, particularly
白数 33 白数 name Shirakazu, Shirasu, Shirokazu
直前 33 直前 ちょくぜん n-adv, n-t just before
程度 33 程度 ていど n, n-adv, n-suf grade, standard, degree, amount, of the order of (following a number)
33 はら n stomach, abdomen, belly
one's mind, one's real intentions, one's true motive
willpower, courage, nerve
magnanimity, generosity
feelings, emotions
wide middle part, bulging part
interior, inner part, inside
ctr, suf counter for hard roe
counter for containers with bulging middles (pots, vases, etc.)
はら n (go terminology)
行われ 33 行われる おこなわれる v1, vi to be done, to take place, to be prevalent, to be practiced, to be practised, to be held, to be in fashion, to be in vogue, to be current, to come into use
観戦記 33 観戦記 かんせんき n account of a (sports) game
賛成 33 賛成 さんせい adj-no, n, vs agreement, support, favour, favor, approval
進み 33 進み すすみ n progress
33 ひびき n echo, reverberation
noise, sound (esp. the distinctive sound of an object or activity, e.g. rain, gun, gallop, drum)
quality of a sound (e.g. a fine phrase, clear voice, resonant bell), feeling of a sound, emotion or feeling inspired by something heard or read
響く どよめく v5k, vi to resound
to make a stir
響く ひびく v5k, vi to resound, to be heard far away
to shake, to reverberate, to vibrate
to come (home), to remain (with someone)
to have an effect, to make an impression
name Rizumu, Yura, Hibiki, Noizu, Kyouji, Kyou, Kanade, Eko
1117 両ガカリ 32 両ガカリ りょうガカリ
n double corner approach (tactic in the game of go)
両ガカリ りょうがかり n (go terminology)
今回 32 今回 こんかい n-adv, n-t now, lately, this time
佐藤 32 佐藤 name Saiu, Saitou, Sato, Satoa, Satou, Satoo, Sadou, Sayuki, Shitou
全勝 32 全勝 ぜんしょう adj-no, n, vs complete victory
n winning a tournament with no losses
全勝 name Masakatsu
前日 32 前日 ぜんじつ
n-adv, n-t previous day, day before, eve, prior day, preceding day
動揺 32 動揺 どうよう n, vs trembling, shaking, pitching, rolling, oscillation
commotion, agitation, excitement, turmoil, disturbance, unrest, discomposure, feeling shaken
思い込 32 思い込む おもいこむ v5m, vi to set one's heart on, to be under impression that, to be convinced that, to imagine that, to be bent on
持ち味 32 持ち味 もちあじ n inherent flavor, inherent flavour, distinctive characteristic
新し 32 新しい あたらしい adj-i fresh, new, novel, modern, recent, up-to-date, latest
新し name Atarashi
32 むかし adj-no, n-adv, n-t former, olden days
name Sumitaka, Seki
映し出 32 映し出す うつしだす v5s, vt to reflect, to project
死に 32 死に しに n dying, death
n-pref useless, dead
pref damned
32 ばん n number (in a series)
(one's) turn
guard, watch, lookout
bout, match (sumo)
つがい n couple, brace, (one) pair (e.g. of birds)
joint, hinge
番う つがう v5u, vi to pair up, to pair with, to pair off
番る つがえる v1, vt to nock (an arrow), to fix an arrow to the string
name Tsugai, Ban
的確 32 的確 てきかく
adj-na, n precise, accurate
直接 32 直接 ちょくせつ adj-na, adj-no, n-adv direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
真っ先 32 真っ先 まっさき n beginning, the head, the foremost
競り合い 32 競り合い せりあい n competition
藤沢秀行 32 藤沢秀行 name Fujisawa Hideyuki (1925.6-)
観戦 32 観戦 かんせん n, vs watching a (sports) game, spectating, observing (military operations)
警戒 32 警戒 けいかい adj-no, n vigilance, precaution, watch, lookout, alertness
vs to be cautious, to be vigilant, to guard (against)
込み 32 込み こみ n, suf including, inclusive of
1138 三つ 31 三つ みっつ
num three
不利 31 不利 ふり adj-na, n handicap, drawback, disadvantage, unfavorable, unfavourable
不利 ふり n (go terminology)
中野 31 中野 name Nakano, Nakanozaki
仕方なく 31 仕方なく しかたなく adv helplessly, reluctantly, as a last resort
同様 31 同様 どうよう adj-na, adj-no, n like, identical, similarity, equal to, same (kind)
大盤 31 大盤 おおばん n demonstration board (for Go, Shougi, etc.)
大盤 おおばん n go: demonstration board
大盤 name Ooban
31 しるべ n guidance, guide
導く みちびく v5k, vt to guide, to conduct, to lead, to show the way
to derive, to deduce
name Michi
崩れ 31 崩れ くずれ n crumbling, collapse, ruin
崩れる くずれる v1, vi to collapse, to crumble
放り込 31 放り込む ほうりこむ v5m, vt to throw into, to toss into
有望 31 有望 ゆうぼう adj-na, n promising, good prospects, full of hope
有望 name Uno, Yuubou, Yumi, Yume
本当に 31 本当に ほんとうに
adv really, truly
浩一 31 浩一 name Kouichi, Haruichi, Hiroichi, Hirokazu
独特 31 独特 どくとく adj-na, adj-no, n characteristic, peculiarity, uniqueness
総譜 31 総譜 そうふ n full musical score
31 緩い ぬるい
adj-i lukewarm, tepid
slow, stupid
緩い ゆるい adj-i loose
lax, lenient
gentle (curve, slope, etc.)
weak, slow
soft, not firm
緩む ゆるむ v5m, vi to become loose, to slacken (e.g. rope)
to relax, to become less tense, to let one's guard down
to slacken (e.g. coldness, supervision), to become lax
to become softer (e.g. ground, facial expression), (of ice) to partially melt
to decrease (e.g. speed)
(of a market price) to go down slightly
name Aya, Ikuma, Nobu
証拠 31 証拠 しょうこ n proof, evidence
31 ひょう n, n-suf criticism, commentary, a council
評す ひょうす v5s, vt to appraise, to evaluate, to comment on
豊富 31 豊富 ほうふ adj-na, n wealth, plenty, abundance, bounty
豊富 name Toyotomi, Houfu
運び 31 運び はこび n, n-suf carriage, stage, step, progress, pace
邦生 31 邦生 name Kunio, Kuniyo, Housei
間違え 31 間違え まちがえ n mistake
間違える まちがえる v1, vt to make a mistake (in), to commit an error (e.g. in calculation)
to confuse, to mistake something for something else
1159 で実 30 で実 name Demi
に比べ 30 に比べ にくらべ exp compared to
一撃 30 一撃 いちげき n, vs hit, blow, poke
仕上げ 30 仕上げ しあげ n being finished, end, finishing touches
仕上げる しあげる v1, vt to complete, to finish up
侵入 30 侵入 しんにゅう adj-no, n, vs raid, penetration, aggression, invasion, trespass
初戦 30 初戦 しょせん n first match (in a series)
取引 30 取引 とりひき n, vs business, dealings, transactions
30 きみ pn you, buddy, pal
n ruler, monarch, sovereign, (one's) master
くん n, suf boy, master, Mr (junior)
ぎみ suf suffix appended to somebody else's family members
きんじ n you
name Kimi, Kimizaki, Kiminori, Kun, Kunji
善悪 30 善悪 ぜんあく n good and evil
30 たん n sigh
grief, lamentation
嘆く なげく v5k, vi to lament, to grieve, to sigh
name Ioka, Isuke, Inooka
圧力をかけ 30 圧力をかける あつりょくをかける exp, v1 to lean on, to apply pressure (on), to bring pressure upon
30 かべ
n partition, wall
barrier, obstacle
Chinese "Wall" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
かべ n (go terminology)
name Minetoshi, Mineo, Fukube, Fukudomi, Fukutome, Fukutomi, Fukutake, Fukuo, Kabe
30 ゆめ n dream
name Yume, Yuu, Yuima, Mu-, Mirai, Madoka, Poran, Haruka, Non, Nozomi, Nene, Dori-mu, Kanae, Arisu, Ayumu, Ayumi, Yumemu
大きさ 30 大きさ おおきさ n size, volume, dimensions
察する 30 察する さっする vs-s, vt to guess, to sense, to judge, to presume
to sympathize with, to sympathise with
30 n, n-suf seat, place, position
group, gathering
platform, pedestal, stand
(historical) trade guild
suf attaches to the names of theatres, theatrical troupes, and constellations
ctr, suf counter for theatres, deities, Buddhist images, tall mountains, and satokagura songs
座す ざす v5s, vi, vs-c to squat, to sit
to be implicated
座る すわる v5r, vi to squat, to sit
to assume (a position)
to hold steady, to hold still
name Konomura, Za
恐れ 30 恐れ おそれ n fear, horror, concern, anxiety, uneasiness
恐れる おそれる v1, vt to fear, to be afraid of
成果 30 成果 せいか n accomplishment, results, outcome, fruits (of one's labors)
成果 name Narumi
投げ場 30 投げ場 なげば n (go terminology)
担当 30 担当 たんとう n, vs (in) charge (of an area of responsibility, but not necessarily supervision of staff)
30 放く こく v5k, vt to let loose (e.g. a fart)
to utter (e.g. a lie)
放す はなす v5s, vt to let go, to free, to release, to let loose, to set free, to turn loose
to add (pieces of eggplant, potato, etc.) to water, broth, etc.
放つ はなつ v5t, vt to fire (e.g. an arrow), to hit (e.g. baseball), to break wind
to free, to release
to give off (e.g. a scent), to emit (e.g. light)
放る ほうる
v5r, vt to fling, to throw, to toss
to throw away, to discard
to leave unfinished, to neglect, to abandon, to leave undone, to leave alone, to give up on
放る ひる v5r, vt to give birth, to expel (from the body), to excrete, to defecate
name Hanashi
30 かたき n, n-suf rival, competitor, foe, opponent, adversary, enemy (esp. one with which there is longstanding enmity)
n revenge
てき n rival, opponent, adversary
enemy, menace, threat, danger
てき n (go terminology)
敵う かなう v5u to come true (wish)
to be suited
to match (implies competition), to rival, to bear (e.g. I can't bear the heat)
時間をかけ 30 時間をかける じかんをかける exp, v1 to spend time (on doing something)
柔軟 30 柔軟 じゅうなん adj-na, n soft, flexible, lithe, pliable
碁を打 30 碁を打つ ごをうつ exp, v5t to play (a game of) go
突き出し 30 突き出し つきだし adj-no, n projection, protrusion
n appetizer, (Japanese) hors d'oeuvre, snacks
(winning technique of) pushing out of the ring
突き出し つきだし n (go terminology)
考え方 30 考え方 かんがえかた n way of thinking
舞台 30 舞台 ぶたい n stage (theatre, theater)
scene or setting (e.g. of novel, play, etc.)
舞台 name Butai
落ちつ 30 落ちつく おちつく v5k, vi to calm down, to compose oneself, to regain presence of mind
to abate, to settle down, to calm down, to die down, to become stable
to settle down (in a location, job, etc.), to settle in
to be settled, to be fixed, to have been reached
to suit, to fit, to match, to harmonize with, to harmonise with
to be unobtrusive, to be quiet, to be subdued
見つめ 30 見つめる みつめる v1, vt to stare at, to look hard at, to gaze at, to watch intently, to fix one's eyes on
見込 30 見込 みこみ n hope, chance, probability, possibility, likelihood, promise
forecast, expectation, anticipation, estimate
side of a structural member
見込む みこむ v5m, vt to estimate, to expect, to anticipate
見込 name Mikomi, Mikome
試み 30 試み こころみ n trial, attempt, experiment
initiative, venture, endeavour (endeavor), effort
試みる こころみる v1, vt to attempt, to try, to have a go (at something)
険し 30 険しい けわしい adj-i steep, precipitous, rugged, inaccessible, impregnable
severe, stern, grim
1192 て形 29 て形 テけい
n -te form (e.g. of a verb)
一度 29 一度 いちど
n-adv once, one time, on one occasion
for a moment, temporarily
one degree, one tone, one musical interval
一度 name Ittaku
不調 29 不調 ふちょう adj-na, adj-no, n disorder, slump, disagreement, bad condition, not to work out (i.e. a deal), break-off, out of form
事態 29 事態 じたい n situation, circumstances, (present) state of affairs
二間ビラキ 29 二間ビラキ にけんびらき n (go terminology)
互いに 29 互いに たがいに adv together, mutually, with each other, reciprocally
29 ほか adj-no, n, n-adv the rest, other (esp. places and things)
adj-no, n, n-adv other (esp. people and abstract matters)
優勝 29 優勝 ゆうしょう n, vs championship, overall victory
29 わけ n lord (hereditary title for imperial descendants in outlying regions)
adj-na, adj-no, n, n-pref, n-suf extra, exception, difference, distinction, separate, another, particular, different
別つ わかつ v5t, vt to separate, to divide
to distribute, to share
to distinguish
name Wake, Mineno, Mineki, Mineaki, Betsuin, Betsu, Bettou, Fukuno, Fukuchi, Fukushige, Fukugi, Fukuki
史上 29 史上 しじょう adj-no, n-adv, n-t historical
名古屋 29 名古屋 なごや n Nagoya (city)
名古屋 name Tanagoya, Nagoya
変わり 29 変わり かわり n change, alteration
accident, abnormality, unusual state or event
difference, distinction
大胆 29 大胆 だいたん adj-na, n daring, bold, audacious
布陣 29 布陣 ふじん n, vs battle formation, lineup
当然ながら 29 当然ながら とうぜんながら adv of course, naturally, understandably
攻勢 29 攻勢 こうせい n offensive (movement), aggression
新型 29 新型 しんがた adj-no, n new type, new style, new model, new strain (e.g. infectious disease)
最終予選 29 最終予選 さいしゅうよせん n final qualifier, final qualifying round
材料 29 材料 ざいりょう n material, ingredients
29 たん n variable measure of fabric (28.8 cm in width), for kimonos: at least 10 m in length, for haori: at least 7.27 m in length, for other clothes: at least 6.06 m in length
300 tsubo (991.74 meters square, 0.24506 acres)
six ken (10.91 m)
だん n step, stair, (flight of) steps, (row of) stitches, columns (of print)
grade, rank, level
ctr counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.)
だん n (go terminology)
name Isuke, Tan, Dan
気迫 29 気迫 きはく n spirit, drive, soul, vigor, vigour
決して 29 決して けっして
adv by no means, never, not in the least, in no way
淡々 29 淡々 たんたん adj-t, adv-to unconcerned, indifferent, matter-of-fact, detached, uninterested, dispassionate
plain, simple, light, bland
flowing gently
淡々 name Tantan
生還 29 生還 せいかん n, vs returning alive, (baseball) reaching the home plate
29 n rice field
name Den, Dzon, Chiyon, Chon, Dan, Dazaki, Tatsuru, Tazaki, Tasaki, Ta, Jiyon, Yanakida
目近 29 目近 name Mechika
29 わら
n LOL, haha
笑う わらう v5u, vi to laugh
to smile
to sneer, to ridicule
笑む えむ v5m, vi to smile
name Warau, Nikori, Niko, Tsutsumi, Emu, Emi, Egao
苦労 29 苦労 くろう adj-na, n, vs troubles, hardships
29 ひょう n, n-suf list, chart, table (e.g. Table 1)
おもて n surface
face (i.e. the visible side of an object)
front (of a building, etc.), obverse side (i.e. "head") of a coin
exterior, outside
first half (of an innings), top (of an inning)
cover (for tatami mats, etc.)
表す ひょうす v5s, vt to show, to express
表す あらわす v5s, vt to show, to display, to reveal
to express
to represent, to signify, to stand for
to make widely known
name Hyousaki, Hyou, Tawara, Omote, Uwa, Ue
見た目 29 見た目 みため n appearance
起き 29 起きる おきる v1, vi to get up, to rise
to wake up, to be awake, to stay awake
to occur (usu. of unfavourable incidents), to happen, to take place
29 遮る さえぎる v5r, vt to interrupt, to obstruct (e.g. a view, someone's way), to block (e.g. light, wind), to intercept
選択肢 29 選択肢 せんたくし n choices, alternatives, options
29 開く ひらく v5k, vi, vt to undo, to unpack, to open, to unseal
to spread out, to bloom, to unfold
to open (for business, e.g. in the morning)
to widen, to be wide (gap, etc.)
v5k, vt to give, to open, to hold (meeting, etc.)
to establish, to set up, to found (nation, dynasty, sect, etc.), to open (a new business), to start
to open (ports, borders, etc.)
to open (an account)
to open up (new land, path, etc.), to clear, to develop
to open (a file, etc.)
to extract (root), to reduce (equation)
to cut open (fish)
to change (kanji into hiragana)
v5k, vi to flare (e.g. skirt)
to slacken (into a poor posture)
開く あく v5k, vi to open (e.g. doors)
to open (e.g. business, etc.)
to be empty
to be vacant, to be available, to be free
to be open (e.g. neckline, etc.)
to have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.)
to come to an end
v5k, vt to open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.)
v5k, vi to have a hole, to form a gap, to have an interval (between events)
name Kai, Satoru, Hari, Haru, Haruki, Hiraki, Hiraku
29 おもて

n face
mask (esp. a noh or kyogen mask)
づら n-suf looking like a ..., acting as if a ....
めん n face
mask, face guard
(in kendo) striking the head
surface (esp. a geometrical surface)
n, suf aspect, side, facet
ctr counter for broad, flat objects, levels or stages, e.g. in a video game
つら n face, mug
surrounding area
cheek, cheeks
name Houtsuki, Omote, Omotaka, Omosaki, Omo, Hootsuki
12月 29 12月 じゅうにがつ n-adv December
1228 ため息 28 ため息 ためいき n sigh
と同じように 28 と同じように とおなじように exp just like, in the same way as
ハネ込み 28 ハネ込み はねこみ n (go terminology)
一人 28 一人 ひとり
n one person
alone, unmarried, solitary
一人 name Itsuhito, Kazuto, Kazuhito, Kazundo, Kunihito, Hitori, Masato
一線 28 一線 いっせん n line
上は 28 上は うえは conj since, now that
不安定 28 不安定 ふあんてい adj-na, n insecurity, instability, crankiness
事実 28 事実 じじつ n, n-adv fact, reality, truth
何ごと 28 何ごと なにごと n what, everything, something
nothing (with neg. verb)
something or other, unspecified matter
28 きず
n cut, scratch, scar, injury, wound, bruise, gash, scrape
crack, scratch, chip, nick
weak point, weakness, flaw, defect
disgrace, dishonour, dishonor, stain (on one's reputation)
(emotional) hurt, hurt feelings
傷む いたむ v5m, vi to hurt, to feel a pain
to be injured, to be spoiled (e.g. food)
優劣 28 優劣 ゆうれつ n quality, (relative) merits, superiority or inferiority
勝ち星 28 勝ち星 かちぼし n (mark indicating) a win
十九 28 十九 じゅうきゅう n 19, nineteen
十九 name Juuku, Jukku, Tsuzu, Tsuzuya, Toku
半分 28 半分 はんぶん n, n-adv half
半分 はんぷん n half minute
半分 name Hanbu
地元 28 地元 じもと n home town, home area
adj-no local
地元 name Chimoto
場所 28 場所 ばしょ n spot, place, position, location
room, space
basho, wrestling tournament
場所 name Basho
28 へん adj-na, n suspicious, odd, eccentric, weird, funny, strange, queer, peculiar, curious, fishy
accident, incident, disaster, disturbance
n-pref flat (music)
変る かわる v5r, vi to vary, to change, to be transformed, to be altered
to move to
to be different, to be uncommon, to be unusual
左上隅 28 左上隅 ひだりうえすみ n top left corner
左側 28 左側 ひだりがわ
adj-no, n left, left (hand) side
当た 28 当たる あたる v5r, vi to strike, to be hit
to touch, to be in contact, to be affixed
to apply to, to be equivalent to, to be applicable
to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.)
to win, to be selected (in a lottery, etc.)
to be successful, to go well, to be a hit
to face, to confront
to lie (in the direction of)
to undertake, to be assigned
to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.), to be afflicted
to be called upon (by the teacher)
to treat (esp. harshly), to lash out at
to be unnecessary
to be hitting well, to be on a hitting streak
(in fishing) to feel a bite
to spoil, (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised
v5r, vt to probe into, to feel (something) out, to check (i.e. by comparison)
to shave
to be a relative of a person, to stand in a relationship
28 握る にぎる v5r, vt to grasp, to clasp, to grip, to clutch
to make (nigirizushi, rice ball, etc.), to form, to press into shape, to mold, to mould
to seize (power, etc.), to take hold of
name Nigiri
早碁 28 早碁 はやご n (go terminology)
様相 28 様相 ようそう n aspect
正直 28 正直 しょうじき adj-na, n frankness, integrity, honesty
adv frankly, honestly
正直 name Shoujiki, Seichoku, Tadanao, Masao, Masanao
段階 28 段階 だんかい n order, class, gradation, grade, stage, steps, phase, level
段階 きざはし
n stairs
stairs at the front of a noh stage
絶賛 28 絶賛 ぜっさん n, vs great admiration, high praise, rave reviews
聞か 28 聞かす きかす v5s, vt to inform about, to read to, to sing for
襲いかか 28 襲いかかる おそいかかる v5r, vi to attack, to rush on, to swoop down on
28 遅い おそい adj-i slow
late (e.g. "late at night")
too late
dull, stupid
遅す おくらす v5s, vt to delay, to retard
name Chi, Tsuu
運命 28 運命 うんめい n lot, fate, destiny
運命 name Kazuyoshi, Yukinobu
間違 28 間違う まちがう v5u to make a mistake, to be mistaken, to be incorrect
間違い 28 間違い まちがい n blunder, error, mistake
trouble, accident, mishap
indiscretion, improper conduct (e.g. between man and woman)
間違い まちがい n (go terminology)
黒中 28 黒中 name Kuronaka
5月 28 5月 ごがつ n-adv May
1262 ご存じ 27 ご存じ ごぞんじ n knowing
(an) acquaintance
その後 27 その後 そのご
n-adv, n-t after that, afterwards, thereafter
タイトル戦 27 タイトル戦 タイトルせん n championship match, title fight
一歩 27 一歩 いっぽ n-adv, n-t (a) step
stage, level
small degree, small amount
一歩 name Ayumi, Ichiho, Ippo, Itsuho, Kazuho, Hajime
一流 27 一流 いちりゅう adj-no, n leading, first-class, top grade, foremost, top-notch
unique, characteristic, peculiar
n school (e.g. of a performance art)
one flag, one banner, one streamer
一流 name Itsuru
中押し 27 中押し ちゅうおし
n winning by opponent's resignation (in the game of go)
二段 27 二段 にだん n go: 2 dan; two-step
二段 name Nidan
以来 27 以来 いらい n-adv, n-t since, henceforth
27 n gathering (esp. Buddhist, festive, etc.)
かい n, n-suf assembly, party, meeting
association, club
会う あう v5u, vi to encounter, to meet, to see
to have an accident, to have a bad experience
会す あわす v5s, vt to make (someone) to meet, to let (someone) meet
to expose to, to subject to
会す えす v5s, vt to understand, to comprehend
会す かいす v5s, vi to meet, to gather, to assemble
to encounter, to run into
name Ai, Kai, Satoru
具合 27 具合 ぐあい n condition, state, health, manner
勇気 27 勇気 ゆうき n courage, nerve, bravery, valour, valor, boldness
勇気 name Isaoki, Isaki, Yuuki, Yuki
包囲網 27 包囲網 ほういもう n encirclement, encircling net, tight besiegement
27 呼ぶ よぶ v5b, vt to call, to call out (to), to invoke
to summon (a doctor, etc.)
to invite
to designate, to name, to brand
to gather, to garner (support, etc.)
to take as one's wife
name Ko
四段 27 四段 よんだん n go: 4 dan
夜戦 27 夜戦 やせん n night warfare
大ゲイマ 27 大ゲイマ おおげいま n (go terminology)
広が 27 広がる ひろがる v5r, vi to stretch, to extend, to reach to, to spread (out), to get around, to fill (e.g. a space)
27 わざ
n art, skill, technique
name Aya
27 挟む はさむ v5m, vt to interpose, to insert, to hold between
to be on either side (e.g. road), to be across (e.g. street, river), to be beyond
挟む さしはさむ v5m, vt to insert
to interrupt, to slip in a word
to harbour, to harbor (e.g. doubts), to entertain (e.g. a theory)
name Kyou
援軍 27 援軍 えんぐん n reinforcement
損じ 27 損じ そんじ n error, failure, slip
損じる そんじる v1, vi to harm, to injure, to damage, to hurt
最高 27 最高 さいこう adj-na, adj-no, n highest, the most, supreme
決定的 27 決定的 けっていてき adj-na, n final, definite, decisive, conclusive
河野臨 27 河野臨 name Kouno Rin
混戦 27 混戦 こんせん n free-for-all fight
生死 27 生死 せいし
n life and death
samsara (cycle of death and rebirth)
疲れ 27 疲れ つかれ n fatigue, tiredness
疲れる つかれる v1, vi to get tired, to tire
to be worn out (e.g. of well used objects)
to starve
27 おや n parent, parents
dealer (in cards, mahjong, etc.)
(pet) owner
n progenitor, ancestor, forefather
name So, Takaso
立誠 27 立誠 name Rissei, Ritsusei
緊張 27 緊張 きんちょう n, vs tension, nervousness, mental strain
27 name Yoku
証明 27 証明 しょうめい adj-no, n, vs proof, verification
踏ん張 27 踏ん張る ふんばる v5r, vi to straddle, to persist, to hold out, to brace one's legs, to stand firm, to plant oneself (somewhere)
27 つう adj-na, n authority, connoisseur
ctr counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.
通う かよう v5u, vi to go back and forth, to ply between
to commute, to attend (school, church, etc.)
通す とおす v5s, vt to stick through, to force through
to spread throughout, to thoroughly diffuse
to make a path between two points
to proceed in a logical manner
to let pass, to allow through
to show in, to lead (someone) into (a house, room, etc.)
to go through (a middleman)
to (look, listen) through (a window, wall, etc.)
to pass (a law, applicant, etc.)
to force to accept, to force agreement
to persist in, to continue (in a state)
to do to the entirety of, to cover all of, to span the whole ...
to do from beginning to end without a break
to convey (one's ideas, etc.) to the other party
to complete, to carry through, (after the -te form of a verb) to do to the end
通る とおる v5r, vi to pass through, to go by, to go via, to go by way of, to go past, to go along, to travel along, to use (a road), to take (a route)
to connect, to run (between), to operate (between)
to come in, to go indoors, to go into a room, to be admitted, to be shown in, to be ushered in
to go through, to pierce, to penetrate, to skewer, to come through
to permeate, to soak into, to spread throughout
to carry (e.g. of a voice), to reach far
to be passed on (e.g. of a customer's order to the kitchen), to be relayed, to be conveyed
to be accepted, to pass (a test, a bill in the House, etc.), to be approved
to go by (a name), to be known as, to be accepted as, to have a reputation for
to be coherent, to be logical, to be reasonable, to be comprehensible, to be understandable, to make sense
to be understood, to get across (e.g. of one's point)
to be straight (e.g. wood grain)
to be well-informed, to be wise
suf, v5r to do ... completely, to do ... thoroughly
name Michi, Hiraku, Tooru, Toori, Tsuuzaki, Tsuu, Kayoi, Kayo, Ikariya, Michiaki
長期戦 27 長期戦 ちょうきせん n drawn-out (protracted) war or contest
防衛 27 防衛 ぼうえい n, vs defense, defence, protection, self-defense, self-defence
1298 一変 26 一変 いっぺん n, vs complete change, about-face
一手ヨセコウ 26 一手ヨセコウ いってよせこう n (go terminology)
不安が 26 不安がる ふあんがる v5r, vi to fear, to be anxious, to be uneasy
主導権を握 26 主導権を握る しゅどうけんをにぎる exp, v5r to seize the initiative
余儀なくされ 26 余儀なくされる よぎなくされる exp, v1 to be forced to do or experience something (against one's will), to be forced to do something because one has no other choice
26 保つ たもつ v5t, vt to keep, to preserve, to support, to endure, to hold, to sustain, to maintain, to last, to be durable, to retain, to keep well (food), to wear well
name Yasuji, Yasushi, Yasu, Mamoru, Mamori, Masashi, Hou, Ho, Haruko, Tamotsu, Tamochi
全然 26 全然 ぜんぜん adv not at all (with neg. verb)
entirely, completely, wholly
劣勢 26 劣勢 れっせい adj-na, adj-no, n disadvantage, inferiority (e.g. numerical), inferior position, unfavorable situation, unfavourable situation
26 及く しく v5k, vi to match, to equal
to overtake, to catch up with
及ぶ およぶ v5b, vi to extend, to reach, to amount to, to befall, to happen to
to be up to the task, to come up to
to compare with, to be a match (for)
to commit (a crime)
to require (to do) (usu. used in the negative)
name Itaru, Kyuu, Kiyuu
回り 26 回り まわり n, n-suf edge, circumference, perimeter
neighborhood, locality, surroundings
circulation, rotation
大竹英雄 26 大竹英雄 name Ootake Hideo (1942.5-)
26 n (go terminology)
pref thin, narrow
ぐゎー suf small, little, dear (figurative sense)
pref small, little
pref small, narrow
familiar prefix
slightly, a bit
pref small, little, slight
just about, slightly less than
somehow, somewhat
petty, minor (sometimes derogatory)
しょう n, n-pref smallness, small item
short month (i.e. having fewer than 31 days)
elementary school
younger or inferior (of two items or people with the same name)
unit of field area (approx. 400 sq m)
小い ちっこい adj-i very small (slightly pejorative)
name Kodzuru, Kotaka, Kosugi, Koshio, Kogayu, Kogai, Kokatsu, Kousu, Kohama, Kofuku, Hamako, Chiisa, Shoukei, Shouka, Shou, Sazaki, Koyanagi, Komine, Ko, Oyanagi, Omura, Okai, O, Okayu, Ogai, Omine, Obama, Ohama, Ojio, Oshio, Ozaki, Osaki, Ogayu
26 かん n, n-suf impression, emotion, sensation, feeling, admiration
name Afuru, Kan
打ち続け 26 打ち続ける うちつづける v1 to hit repeatedly
最年少 26 最年少 さいねんしょう adj-no youngest
機敏 26 機敏 きびん adj-na, n smart, shrewd, quick, clever, canny, prompt
次第 26 次第 しだい n, n-adv dependent upon
as soon as, immediately (upon)
n circumstances
order, program, programme, agenda, precedence
26 せい adj-no, n regular, (logical) true
num 10^40, ten thousand undecillion (short scale), ten thousand sextillion (long scale)
adj-no, n original
positive, greater than zero
n, n-pref upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
chief, director (highest of the four administrative positions of the ritsuryo period)
pref precisely, (before a number) exactly
まさ adj-na, n precise, exact
正す ただす v5s, vt to reform, to correct, to amend, to redress
to straighten, to adjust
to ascertain, to confirm, to make sure of, to verify
to question, to enquire of someone about something (inquire)
name Tsukasa, Naoshi, Nori, Hajime, Makoto, Masa, Masakatsu, Masashi, Masaji, Masazumi, Masatsugu, Masamune, Masaru, Manaka, Tadasu, Tadashi, Akira, Shou, Shouzaki, Shouji, Jonchiyan, Sumitaka, Suminori, Sei, Seisaku, Seiji, Tadakatsu, Motomu
流儀 26 流儀 りゅうぎ n style, fashion
school (e.g. of poetry)
無事 26 無事 ぶじ adj-na, n peace, safety, quietness
無事 name Buji
26 ねつ n heat
fever, temperature
passion, enthusiasm, zeal
mania, rage, craze
熱い あつい adj-i hot (thing)
ardent, passionate (feelings, etc.), hot (e.g. gaze)
hot (e.g. temper)
enthusiastic, zealous, fired up
extreme, intense, severe
hot (topic), of interest
熱す ねす v5s, vi to get a fever
知らな 26 知らない しらない adj-i unknown, strange
I don't care, I don't know and I feel nothing
確か 26 確か たしか adj-na, exp, n sure, definite, certain
adv if I'm not mistaken, if I remember correctly
確信 26 確信 かくしん n, vs conviction, belief, confidence
置いて 26 置いて おいて conj in, on, at
落ち着いた 26 落ち着いた おちついた adj-f cool, calm, composed
fixed, settled, established
quiet, subdued, unobtrusive
蓄え 26 蓄え たくわえ n reserve, stock, store, savings
蓄える たくわえる v1, vt to lay in stock, to store
to have a beard, to grow a beard
見解 26 見解 けんかい n opinion, point of view
返し 26 返し かえし n return, reversal
return gift, return favour (favor)
barb (on a fishing hook)
mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin
返し技 26 返し技 かえしわざ n counterattack (kendo, judo, etc.), reversal technique
過去 26 過去 かこ n, n-adv the past, bygone days, the previous
a past (i.e. a personal history one would prefer remained secret), one's past
past (tense), preterit, preterite
previous life
過去る すぎさる v5r, vi to pass, to pass away
過激 26 過激 かげき adj-na, n extreme, radical
2の一 26 2の一 にのいち n (go terminology)
3日 26 3日 みっか n the third day of the month
three days
1332 お願い 25 お願い おねがい n, vs request, wish
int please
に備えて 25 に備えて にそなえて exp in preparation (for), in case (of), in the lead-up (to)
一例 25 一例 いちれい n example, an instance
一応 25 一応 いちおう adv once, tentatively, in outline, for the time being, just in case, so far as it goes
一応 name Ichiou
二十 25 二十 にじゅう
n twenty
二十 はたち n 20 years old
二十 name Nijuu
25 かんむり
n crown, diadem, coronet, cap (esp. a traditional cap worn with sokutai or ikan clothing)
top kanji radical
first verse of a haikai, etc.
adj-t, adv-to best, first, peerless
n order, rank
冠る かぶる
v5r, vt to wear, to put on (one's head), to have on, to pull over (one's head), to crown (oneself)
to be covered with (dust, snow, etc.), to pour (water, etc.) on oneself, to dash on oneself, to ship water
to assume (responsibility), to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.), to take (blame), to shoulder (burden)
to overlap (e.g. sound or color)
to be similar, to be redundant
v5r, vi to be fogged (due to overexposure, etc.)
to close, to come to an end
to get a full house, to sell out
to fail, to blunder, to bungle
to be deceived
name Kamori, Kan, Kanmuri, Masaru
出てくる 25 出てくる でてくる vk to turn up, to appear, to come out, to emerge
初手 25 初手 しょて n start, beginning
初手 name Hatsude
収拾 25 収拾 しゅうしゅう n, vs controlling, putting in order, settling (e.g. an issue), coping
含み 25 含み ふくみ n latitude, atmosphere, implication, tone, sentiment, hidden meaning, inclusion
含め 25 含める ふくめる v1, vt to include (in a group or scope)
to instruct, to make one understand
to include (a nuance), to put in (an implication)
to put in (someone's) mouth
to permeate with flavor
対照的 25 対照的 たいしょうてき adj-na contrastive
小県真樹 25 小県真樹 name Ogata Masaki
強要 25 強要 きょうよう n, vs extortion, force, coercion, compulsion
当初 25 当初 とうしょ n-adv, n-t at first
当日 25 当日 とうじつ n-adv, n-t appointed day, very day
当日 name Atebi
25 あれ
n that (indicating something distant from both speaker and listener (in space, time or psychologically), or something understood without naming it directly)
that person (used to refer to one's equals or inferiors)
over there
down there (i.e. one's genitals)
period, menses
int hey (expression of surprise, suspicion, etc.), huh?, eh?
n that (something mentioned before which is distant psychologically or in terms of time)
かれ pn he, him
adj-no his
name Sonosaki
後半 25 後半 こうはん n second half, latter half
応援 25 応援 おうえん n, vs help, assistance, aid, support, reinforcement, rooting, barracking, cheering
換わり 25 換わり かわり n an exchange transaction
支え 25 支え ささえ n stay, support, prop
支え つかえ n load on one's chest
difficulty, hindrance, obstacle, impediment
支える ささえる v1, vt to hold up, to support, to prop, to sustain, to underlay
to check, to hold at bay, to stem
支える つかえる
v1, vi to stick, to get stuck, to get caught, to get jammed, to clog
to be busy, to be occupied, to be full, to be unavailable
to be piled up (e.g. of work)
to stammer, to stutter, to halt (in one's speech), to stumble (over one's words)
to feel blocked (of one's chest or throat, due to grief, anxiety, illness, etc.), to feel pressure, to feel pain
数字 25 数字 すうじ n figure, digit, numeral, numeric character
明らかにな 25 明らかになる あきらかになる exp, v5r to become clear
to be made public
昼休み 25 昼休み ひるやすみ n-adv, n-t lunch break, noon recess, noon rest period
本院 25 本院 ほんいん n this institution, the main institution
治まり 25 治まり おさまり n end, conclusion, settlement
盛り上が 25 盛り上がる もりあがる v5r, vi to rise, to swell, to be piled up, to bulge
to get excited, to rouse
知ら 25 知らす しらす v5s to inform, to notify
to know
to reign
破れ 25 破れ やぶれ
n crack, breakdown, hole, rip, breach, collapse, break, tear
waste, wastepaper, spoilage
破れる われる v1, vi to break, to be smashed
to split, to crack, to fissure, to be torn
to cleave, to be divided
to become clear, to come to light, to be identified, to be established
破れる やぶれる v1, vi to wear out, to break, to tear, to rip, to get torn
to collapse, to fall into ruin, to break down, to be broken off (of negotiations, etc.)
破れる やぶれる v (go terminology)
25 びょう n second (60th min)
等し 25 等しい ひとしい adj-i equal, like, equivalent, similar
続行 25 続行 ぞっこう n, vs continuation, continuance, going on, resuming
25 つみ adj-na, n fault, crime, indiscretion, sin
考えられな 25 考えられない かんがえられない adj-i unthinkable, unimaginable
興味深 25 興味深い きょうみぶかい adj-i very interesting, of great interest
見当たらな 25 見当たらない みあたらない adj-i not be found
譲歩 25 譲歩 じょうほ adj-no, n, vs concession, conciliation, compromise
豊か 25 豊か ゆたか adj-na plentiful, abundant, rich, wealthy, affluent
adj-na, suf very, extremely, great, full of
迷い 25 迷い まよい n doubt, bewilderment, indecision, hesitation
inability to reach enlightenment
追って 25 追って おって adv, conj afterwards, shortly, presently, in due course, later on, by and by
週間 25 週間 しゅうかん n week, weekly
違和感 25 違和感 いわかん n uncomfortable feeling, feeling out of place, sense of discomfort
malaise, physical unease
院生 25 院生 いんせい n graduate student
院生 いんせい n (go terminology)
露骨 25 露骨 ろこつ adj-na, n plain, frank, blunt, outspoken
open, conspicuous
lewd, broad, suggestive
静か 25 静か しずか adj-na silent, quiet
slow, unhurried
calm, peaceful
1377 か黒 24 か黒い かぐろい adj-i deep black
ざるを得ない 24 ざるを得ない ざるをえない exp cannot help (doing), have no choice but to, am compelled to, am obliged to, it is incumbent upon (me) to
アテ込み 24 アテ込み あてこみ n (go terminology)
以前 24 以前 いぜん n-adv, n-t before, since, ago, previous
伝え 24 伝え つたえ n legend, tradition
伝える つたえる v1, vt to convey, to teach, to tell, to report, to transmit, to propagate, to communicate, to impart, to bequeath
使い 24 使い つかい n errand, mission, going as envoy
messenger, bearer, errand boy, errand girl
familiar spirit
n-pref, n-suf user, use, usage, trainer, tamer, charmer
再度 24 再度 さいど n-adv, n-t again, second time, twice
分け 24 分け わけ n, n-suf sharing, division
tie, draw
分ける わける v1, vt to separate, to divide (into), to split (into), to part, to divide up, to classify, to sort out, to divide out
to distribute, to share, to deal out, to dish out
to distinguish, to discriminate, to differentiate (between)
to mediate, to break up (a fight)
to tie, to call a draw
to push one's way through (a crowd)
to sell
制する 24 制する せいする vs-s, vt to hold back (e.g. emotions), to rein in (e.g. a horse, unruly people), to bridle
to get the better of
to control, to command
勝機 24 勝機 しょうき n chance of winning, way to prevail
包囲 24 包囲 ほうい adj-no, n, vs surrounding, siege, encirclement, envelopment, besiegement
包囲 ほうい n (go terminology)
午前中 24 午前中 ごぜんちゅう n this morning, in the morning, throughout the morning
取り戻 24 取り戻す とりもどす v5s, vt to take back, to recover, to regain, to get back
取り込み 24 取り込み とりこみ n taking in, capturing
confusion, bustle
好転 24 好転 こうてん n, vs changing for the better
年ぶり 24 年ぶり ねんぶり exp after an interval of ... years, for the first time in ... years
当時 24 当時 とうじ n-adv, n-t at that time, in those days
当時 name Touji
復帰 24 復帰 ふっき adj-no, n, vs comeback, return, reinstatement
CR, carriage return
24 いき
n breathing, breath
mood, tone
n son
息む いきむ v5m, vi to strain (e.g. with constipation)
to bear or push down (during childbirth)
name Iki, Yasu, Yasumu
戦果 24 戦果 せんか n military gains, war results, fruit of battle
扇子 24 扇子 せんす n folding fan
扇子 name Ougi, Oogi, Senko, Sensu
手がな 24 手がない てがない adj-i, exp not having enough workers, being understaffed, being undermanned
having nothing one can do about something, having no options
拒否 24 拒否 きょひ adj-no, n, vs rejection, refusal, denial, veto
拒否る きょひる v5r to refuse, to reject, to deny
損な 24 損なう そこなう v5u to harm, to injure, to damage, to hurt
aux-v to fail in doing
新手 24 新手 あらて adj-no, n newcomer, new method, fresh supply of troops
新手 しんて n go: new move
新手 name Arate
来た 24 来たす きたす v5s, vt to cause, to induce, to produce, to bring about a result or state
来たる きたる v5r, vi to come, to arrive, to be due to
adj-pn coming, next (e.g. "next April"), forthcoming
気持ちよ 24 気持ちよい きもちいい
adj-i, exp good feeling, feeling good
決勝点 24 決勝点 けっしょうてん n winning point, winning goal, game point (tennis, etc.), finishing line
活用 24 活用 かつよう n, vs application, practical use
declension, conjugation, inflection
用心 24 用心 ようじん n, vs caution, care, guarding, precaution
盛り上げ 24 盛り上げる もりあげる v1, vt to pile up, to heap up
to stir up, to enliven, to bring to a climax
24 粘い ねばい adj-i sticky
粘る ねばる v5r, vi to be sticky, to be adhesive
to stick to, to linger, to persist, to persevere, to hold out
粘り 24 粘り ねばり n stickiness, viscosity
tenacity, persistence
24 きゅう n, n-suf class, grade, rank, school class, grade
きゅう n (go terminology)
経過 24 経過 けいか n, vs progress, transition, passage, expiration
背後 24 背後 はいご adj-no, n back, rear
background, behind the scenes
24 りょう adj-f good
n B grade (in an A, B, C ... system)
良い いい adj-i (go terminology)
良い よい
adj-i good, excellent, nice, fine, agreeable, pleasant
ready, sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), prepared
beneficial, profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.)
良い よい
adj-i (go terminology)
name Yoshi, Ryouji, Ryou, Yoshimine, Yoshimi, Yoshinori, Yoshitsugu, Yoshiji, Yaya, Masaru, Makoto, Sunao, Tsukasa, Naoshi, Nagashi, Hajime, Haru, Riyou
見通し 24 見通し みとおし n perspective, vista, visibility, unobstructed view
forecast, prospect, outlook, prediction
foresight, insight
述べ 24 述べる のべる v1, vt to state, to express, to mention
追いかけ 24 追いかける おいかける v1, vt to chase, to run after, to pursue
関西 24 関西 かんさい
n Kansai (south-western half of Japan, including Osaka)
関西 name Kansai, Kansei, Kanzei, Sekinishi
頭を抱え 24 頭を抱える あたまをかかえる exp, v1 to be greatly perplexed, to be troubled, to be at wits' end
1419 この後 23 この後 こののち
exp after this, from now on, henceforth, henceforward
と金 23 と金 ときん n promoted pawn (shogi)
に限 23 に限る にかぎる exp, v5r nothing better than
ひねり出 23 ひねり出す ひねりだす v5s, vt to devise, to work out, to think up, to manage (somehow), to summon up (e.g. courage)
もう少し 23 もう少し もうすこし exp a bit more, a bit longer
一発 23 一発 いっぱつ n-adv, n-t charge, one shot, round
homerun (baseball)
不本意 23 不本意 ふほんい adj-na, n reluctance, unwilling
世本 23 世本 name Semoto
両コウ 23 両コウ りょうこう n (go terminology)
乏し 23 乏しい とぼしい
adj-i poor, limited, scanty, scarce, lacking, meagre, meager, destitute, hard up
23 じょう suf (nth) power
ctr counter for vehicles
n multiplication
Buddha's teachings
乗す のす v5s, vt to place on (something), to take on board, to give a ride to
乗る のる v5r, vi to take, to board, to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.), to get in, to embark
to get on (e.g. a footstool), to step on, to jump on, to sit on, to mount
to pass, to reach, to go over
to follow, to stay (on track), to go with (the times, etc.)
to join, to participate, to take part
to get into the swing (and sing, dance, etc.)
to be deceived, to be taken in
to be scattered, to be carried, to be spread
to attach, to take, to stick, to go on
name Jou, Takajou, Nori, Minjou, Yotsunoya
23 ひかり n light
光る ひかる v5r, vi to glitter, to shine, to be bright
name Teru, Hikari, Hikarizaki, Hikaru, Hiroshi, Mitsu, Mitsuzaki, Mitsushi, Mitsuji, Mitsutsugu, Mitsumune, Mitsuru, Ruka, Tekari, Sakae, Kousou, Akari, Aki, Akira, Kaizechuu, Kirara, Kou, Kouka, Koukun, Kousaki, Kouzaki, Koushou, Kouji, Rei
公式戦 23 公式戦 こうしきせん n pennant race, regular game
前夜祭 23 前夜祭 ぜんやさい n the eve (of festival) (e.g. Christmas Eve)
右上隅 23 右上隅 みぎうえすみ n top right corner
合宿 23 合宿 がっしゅく n, vs training camp, boarding house, lodging together
国際 23 国際 こくさい adj-no, n international
圧倒的 23 圧倒的 あっとうてき adj-na, n overwhelming
23 よる
n-adv, n-t evening, night
name Naito, Yoru
大ナダレ 23 大ナダレ おおなだれ n (go terminology)
大ヨセ 23 大ヨセ おおよせ n (go terminology)
大模様 23 大模様 おおもよう n (go terminology)
常に 23 常に つねに adv constantly, always
広く 23 広く ひろく adv universally, widely, far and wide, extensively
引かれ 23 引かれる ひかれる v1 to be charmed by, to be attracted to, to be taken with, to be drawn to
惜し 23 惜しい おしい adj-i disappointing, regrettable
precious, dear, valuable
too good for, deserving better
almost but not quite
惜しむ おしむ v5m, vt to be frugal, to be sparing
to value, to hold dear
to regret (e.g. a loss), to feel sorry (for)
to be reluctant, to be unwilling
打つ手がな 23 打つ手がない うつてがない adj-i, exp nothing can be done, no way to do
敗戦 23 敗戦 はいせん n, vs defeat, losing a war
様子を見 23 様子を見る ようすをみる v (go terminology)
権利 23 権利 けんり n right, privilege
権利 けんり n go: right; privilege (to play a move or sequence of moves)
権利 name Shigetoshi
着想 23 着想 ちゃくそう n, vs idea, conception
秀芳 23 秀芳 name Shuuhou, Hideyoshi
積極的 23 積極的 せっきょくてき adj-na active, positive, proactive, assertive
23 むね
n breast, chest
breasts, bosom, bust
heart, mind, feelings
行き 23 行き ゆき
n-suf bound for ...
n going (to)
要素 23 要素 ようそ n component, factor, item (e.g. in list)
element (e.g. in array), member (e.g. data structure)
規模 23 規模 きぼ n scale, scope, structure, plan
23 だれ
adj-no, pn who
23 あか n crimson, scarlet, red
red-containing colour (e.g. brown, pink, orange)
Red (i.e. communist)
red light
red ink (i.e. in finance or proof-reading), (in) the red
adj-no, n-pref obvious, complete, perfect, total
n copper
赤い あかい adj-i red
Red (i.e. communist)
赤む あかむ v5m to redden, to blush
name Sekizaki, Seki, Ka, Akamine, Akajio, Akashio, Akazaki, Akasaki, Aka
走り 23 走り はしり n the first (harvest, catch) of the season or year
走り はしり n (go terminology)
走り name Hashiri
軍配 23 軍配 ぐんばい n, vs tactics, stratagem, (ancient) military leader's fan, wrestling umpire's fan
転じ 23 転じる てんじる v1, vi to shift, to alter, to turn, to distract
金秀 23 金秀 name Kanehide
防ぎ 23 防ぎ ふせぎ n defense, defence, protecting, preventing
集中 23 集中 しゅうちゅう adj-no, n, vs integration, concentration, centralization, convergence, gathering together
23 ふり ctr, n swinging, shake, swing, wave
n behaviour, appearance
show, pretence (pretense)
lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.)
postures (of a dance)
unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
ctr, suf counter for swords, blades, etc.
ふう adj-na, n, n-suf way, method, style, manner
air, appearance
folk song (genre of the Shi Jing)
wind (one of the five elements)
かぜ n wind, breeze
name Fuuka, Fuu, Hayashi, Gaifuu, Kaze, Kaza, Fuwari
2月 23 2月 にがつ n-adv February
4月 23 4月 しがつ n-adv April
1467 この程 22 この程 このほど n-adv now, at this time
the other day, lately, recently
一直線 22 一直線 いっちょくせん n straight line
万全 22 万全 ばんぜん adj-na, n perfection, flawlessness
万全 name Manzen
不可能 22 不可能 ふかのう adj-na, n impossible
22 まる n circle
n, n-pref full, complete, whole, entirety
n money, dough, moola
enclosure inside a castle's walls
soft-shelled turtle
suf suffix for ship names, suffix for names of people (esp. infants), suffix for names of swords, armour, musical instruments, etc., suffix for names of dogs, horses, etc.
がん n, n-suf meatball, fishball
丸い まるい
adj-i round, circular, spherical
calm, harmonious
name Maro, Marufuku, Maruzaki, Marusaki, Marui, Maru, Gan, Wani
何かと 22 何かと なにかと adv one way or another
何事も 22 何事も なにごとも n whatever, anything
nothing (with neg. verb)
作り 22 作り つくり n structure, building, make, construction, manufacturing, making, producing
appearance (i.e. attire, make-up)
build (i.e. physique)
n-pref forced (smile, etc.)
作り づくり suf making, forming, growing, cultivating
form, appearance
使わ 22 使わす つかわす v5s, vt to send, to dispatch, to despatch
22 しゅん n genius, excellence
name Masaru, Toshitsugu, Toshiji, Toshikatsu, Toshio, Toshi, Takashi, Suguru, Jun, Shunji, Shunsaku, Shun, Satoshi, Reishun
俊也 22 俊也 name Shun'ya, Toshinari, Toshiya
出現 22 出現 しゅつげん n, vs appearance, arrival, make one's appearance
切り違え 22 切り違え きりちがえ n go: crosscut
初参 22 初参 しょさん n, vs being in someone's service for the first time, participating for the first time
visiting a shrine (or temple) for the first time
初参 はつまいり n, vs first shrine visit of the New Year
初参 ういざん n meeting one's master for the first time (of a new servant), ceremony at which a new servant has his first audience with his new master
勝勢 22 勝勢 しょうせい n (favorable) odds
22 とい n question, query
もん ctr, suf counter for questions
問う とう v5u-s, vt to question, to ask, to inquire
to accuse, to charge (i.e. with a crime)
to care (about)
without regard to (with negative verb)
name Toi
基本 22 基本 きほん adj-no, n standard, foundation, basis
22 さかい
n border, boundary
area, spot, region, space, environment
psychological state, mental state
cognitive object, something perceptible by the sense organs or mind
name Kyou, Sakai, Sakae
多少 22 多少 たしょう adj-no, adv, n somewhat, some, a little, more or less
寄せ 22 寄せ よせ n last moves (in go, shogi, or chess), endgame
n-suf gathering, collecting, coming together
寄せ よせ n go: endgame
寄せる よせる v1, vt to come near, to let someone approach
to collect, to gather, to bring near, to bring together
to deliver (opinion, news, etc.), to send (e.g. a letter), to contribute, to donate
to let someone drop by
to add (numbers)
to have feelings for (love, good will, trust, etc.)
to depend on, to rely upon for a time
to use as a pretext
to put aside
to push, to press, to force
居直 22 居直る いなおる v5r, vi to sit up properly straight
to become aggressive
平凡 22 平凡 へいぼん adj-na, n common, commonplace, ordinary, mediocre
平凡 name Heibon
彼の 22 彼の あの
adj-pn that (someone or something distant from both speaker and listener, or situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener)
待望 22 待望 たいぼう n, vs expectant waiting
adj-no long-awaited
得る 22 得る うる suf (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
exp to get, to obtain, to secure, to acquire, to procure, to attain, to earn, to win, to gain
所属 22 所属 しょぞく adj-no, n, vs member, attached to, belong to
押し上げ 22 押し上げ おしあげ n upheaval, uplift, upthrust
押し上げる おしあげる v1, vt to boost, to push up, to force up
接近 22 接近 せっきん n, vs getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching
being not much different, being near (age, skill, etc.)
becoming intimate, becoming close (i.e. friendly)
敗者 22 敗者 はいしゃ n loser, the defeated, vanquished
断定 22 断定 だんてい n, vs decision, conclusion
景色 22 景色 けしき
adj-no, n scene, landscape, scenery
景色 name Keshiki
比較 22 比較 ひかく adj-no, n, vs comparison
無視 22 無視 むし n, vs ignoring, disregarding
犠打 22 犠打 ぎだ n sacrifice fly, bunt
種石 22 種石 たねいし n (go terminology)
種石 name Taneishi
美し 22 美しい うつくしい adj-i beautiful, lovely
考え込 22 考え込む かんがえこむ v5m, vi to ponder, to brood
花見コウ 22 花見コウ はなみこう n (go terminology)
22 裂く さく v5k, vt to tear, to rip up
to cut up, to cleave, to cut open (esp. the abdomen)
to forcibly separate (i.e. two lovers)
to spare (time, money, etc.), to use part of something
to have a tattoo in the corner of one's eye
見落とし 22 見落とし みおとし n omission, oversight, something overlooked, thing left unnoticed
話し 22 話し はなし n talk, chat, conversation, story, speech
argument, negotiation, discussions
説明 22 説明 せつめい adj-no, n, vs exposition, explanation
誰でも 22 誰でも だれでも
conj anyone, everyone, everybody, anybody, whoever
躍り出 22 躍り出る おどりでる v1, vi to spring out, to jump (e.g. to first place)
近づ 22 近づく ちかづく
v5k, vi to get close, to approach, to draw near
to get acquainted with, to get closer to, to get to know
逃げ出 22 逃げ出す にげだす v5s, vi to run away, to escape from
通常 22 通常 つうじょう adj-no, n-adv, n-t common, general, normal, usual
遅く 22 遅く おそく adv late
間に合わせ 22 間に合わせ まにあわせ n makeshift
間に合わせる まにあわせる v1 to make do, to manage (with something), to make shift
to (make) get done on time
頑張って 22 頑張って がんばって exp go for it, keep at it, hold on
頭を下げ 22 頭を下げる あたまをさげる exp, v1 to bow, to bow one's head
to apologize, to apologise
to admire, to yield to, to bow to
22 おに
n demon, ogre
spirit of a deceased person
ogre-like person (i.e. fierce, relentless, merciless, etc.)
it (i.e. in a game of tag)
Chinese "ghost" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
pref very, extremely, super-
name Oni, Onikatsu, Oniyanagi, Kisaragi, Miniwa
1月 22 1月 いちがつ n-adv January
3月 22 3月 さんがつ n-adv March
1521 と比べて 21 と比べて とくらべて exp compared with
ミニ中国流 21 ミニ中国流 みにちゅうごくりゅう n (go terminology)
上座 21 上座 かみざ
adj-no, n, vs seat of honor, seat of honour, chief seat, head of the table
上座 name Jouza
乗り 21 乗り のり n, n-suf riding, ride
spread (of paints)
mood (as in to pick up on and join in with someone's mood)
乱れ 21 乱れ みだれ n disorder, disturbance, unrest
乱れる みだれる v1, vi to be disordered, to be disarranged, to be disarrayed, to be disheveled, to be dishevelled
to be upset, to be discomposed, to get confused, to be disturbed
to lapse into chaos (due to war, etc.)
予想外 21 予想外 よそうがい adj-na, n unexpected, strange, unforeseen
二段バネ 21 二段バネ にだんばね n (go terminology)
五子 21 五子 ごし n go: five stones
五子 name Itsuko
修正 21 修正 しゅうせい n, vs update, correction, fix, modification, revision, amendment, alteration, retouching
修正 name Nobumasa
充実 21 充実 じゅうじつ n, vs completion, perfection, fullness, substantiality, enrichment
replenishment, repletion
充実 name Atsumi, Atsumitsu, Juujitsu, Mitsumi
切り違い 21 切り違い きりちがい n go: crosscut
前例 21 前例 ぜんれい n precedent
勝着 21 勝着 しょうちゃく n winning move (in a go game)
半コウ 21 半コウ はんこう n (go terminology)
21 さん num three (used in legal documents)
しん n Chinese "Three Stars" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
参る まいる v5r, vi to come, to go, to call
to die, to collapse, to be defeated
to be annoyed, to be nonplussed
to be madly in love
to visit (shrine, grave)
name San, Hakaru
取り返 21 取り返す とりかえす v5s, vt to recover, to regain, to get back
取り返し 21 取り返し とりかえし n recovery
取り返し とりかえし n (go terminology)
向かい 21 向かい むかい adj-no, n opposite, other side, facing, across the street
21 いのち n life, life force
lifetime, lifespan
core, foundation, most important thing
paired tattoos of the "life" kanji on the upper arms of a man and woman (indicating unwavering love)
fate, destiny, karma
めい n command, decree
みこと n, n-suf Lord, Highness
pn you
みこと n the spoken words of the emperor or a noble
name Akira, Inochi, Makoto, Mikoto, Mei
大勢 21 大勢 おおぜい
adj-no, n many, crowd, great number of people
大勢 たいせい n general trend, current thought
大勢 name Oose
大損 21 大損 おおぞん n, vs heavy loss
安泰 21 安泰 あんたい adj-na, n security, peace, tranquility, tranquillity
安泰 name Yasu Tai
小ゲイマ 21 小ゲイマ こげいま n (go terminology)
少なくとも 21 少なくとも すくなくとも adv at least
左方 21 左方 さほう n left side
左方 name Sakata
巨大 21 巨大 きょだい adj-na, n huge, enormous, gigantic
愚形 21 愚形 ぐけい n (go terminology)
愛用 21 愛用 あいよう adj-no, n, vs favorite, favourite, habitual use
戻し 21 戻し もどし n returning, giving back
明る 21 明るい あかるい adj-i colourful, bright
familiar (with), knowledgeable (about)
clean, fair (e.g. politics)
明るむ あかるむ v5m, vi to brighten, to be refreshed
最終戦 21 最終戦 さいしゅうせん n final game, final games, the finals
21 あくび
n yawn, yawning (and stretching)
kanji "yawning" radical (radical 76)
けつ n vacancy, deficiency, lack
欠く かく v5k, vt to break, to crack, to chip, to nick
to lack
name Kaki, Kake
正座 21 正座 しょうざ n seat of honor, seat of honour
正座 せいざ n, vs seiza, kneeling with the tops of the feet flat on the floor, and sitting on the soles
正座 name Masaza
決定戦 21 決定戦 けっていせん n play-off, deciding match, runoff
無条件生き 21 無条件生き むじょうけんいき n go: unconditional life
熱戦 21 熱戦 ねっせん n close contest, fierce fighting
理想 21 理想 りそう adj-no, n ideal, dream
理想 name Risou
盛り返 21 盛り返す もりかえす v5s, vt to rally, to make a comeback
目標 21 目標 めじるし n mark, sign, landmark
目標 もくひょう n mark, target, objective
目的 21 目的 もくてき n goal, intention, purpose, aim, objective
21 眠い ねむい adj-i sleepy, drowsy, somnolent
眠る ねむる
v5r, vi to sleep (not necessarily lying down)
to die
to close one's eyes
name Nene, Nemuri, Min
立ち 21 立ち たち n start, departure, setting off
being used up, being consumed, being burnt out
lapse, passage of time
leading male role in kabuki
initial charge
pref verb prefix conveying emphasis and increased feeling
立ち たち n (go terminology)
行方 21 行方 ゆくえ n (one's) whereabouts
行方 ゆきがた
n (one's) whereabouts
行方 いきかた
n route, way (of going)
method, way (of doing)
行方 name Yukue, Yukigata, Yukikata, Hijikata, Namegata, Namekata, Namikata, Nasukata, Gyouhou, Ikukata, Yukukata
補足 21 補足 ほそく adj-no, n, vs complement, supplement
見逃 21 見逃す みのがす v5s, vt to miss, to overlook, to leave at large
21 けい n, n-suf plan
meter, measuring device
pref (in) total, total (of)
計る はかる v5r, vt to survey, to measure, to weigh, to time (sound, gauge, estimate)
to infer, to surmise, to conjecture
name Kazue, Kazushi, Kadzusa, Kei, Hakari, Hakaru
話題にな 21 話題になる わだいになる exp, v5r to be in the news, to be talked about, to become a popular topic of conversation, to become the talk of the town, to become topical
21 n negative, minus
おい n wooden box carried on one's back to store items for a pilgrimage
負う おう v5u, vt to bear, to carry on one's back
to take responsibility for, to accept a duty
to be injured
to owe
間もなく 21 間もなく まもなく adv soon, before long, in a short time
(after verb) lacking time to ..., without time to ...
闘志 21 闘志 とうし n fighting spirit, (will to) fight
闘志 name Toushi
21 きわ
n, n-suf edge, side, brink, verge
time, moment of
さい n, n-adv on the occasion of, circumstances, juncture
name Kiwa
集ま 21 集まる あつまる v5r, vi to collect, to gather, to assemble
順調 21 順調 じゅんちょう adj-na, n all right, OK, favourable, favorable, doing well
飛んで 21 飛んで とんで exp flying, leaping
oh, zero, (when reading a number aloud) naught
騒々し 21 騒々しい そうぞうしい adj-i noisy, boisterous
驚か 21 驚かす おどろかす v5s, vt to frighten, to surprise, to create a stir
1577 もう一度 20 もう一度 もういちど exp again, once more
コウを解消す 20 コウを解消する こうをかいしょうする v go: to resolve/finish a ko
一見 20 一見 いっけん n glimpse, look, glance
vs to glance, to glimpse
adv apparently, seemingly
vs first meeting
一見 いちげん n first visit to inn, restaurant, etc. without an introduction
一見 name Ichimi, Ikken, Itsumi, Kazuaki, Kazumi, Katsumi, Hitomi
不発 20 不発 ふはつ n misfire
丸のみ 20 丸のみ まるのみ n, vs swallowing whole, swallowing without chewing
taking something in without fully understanding it
accepting without reservation, accepting something as-is
主役 20 主役 しゅやく adj-no, n leading part, leading actor (actress)
予定通り 20 予定通り よていどおり n as planned
20 しろ n substitution
margin (e.g. for stapling, etc.), area required for something
shiro (unit of land area equal to one-fiftieth of a tan; ~19.83 m.sq.)
だい n, n-suf cost, price, charge
age, generation, reign
on behalf of, (after someone's name or title) a representative of, for (someone)
used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number
ctr counter for decades of ages, eras, etc.
counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.)
proxy application company
n pronoun
n age, society, generation, world
代る かわる v5r, vi to relieve, to replace, to succeed
to represent, to take the place of, to substitute for, to take over for
to be exchanged, to change (places with), to switch
name Dai, Takadai, Shiro, Sakishiro, Kawaru, Daisaki
前名 20 前名 ぜんめい n one's previous name
前名 name Maena
力関係 20 力関係 ちからかんけい n power relationship
勘違い 20 勘違い かんちがい n, vs misunderstanding, wrong guess
占めた 20 占めた しめた n all right, fine, I've got it
取り切 20 取り切る とりきる v5r to deplete, to take completely
to isolate, to block off
同率 20 同率 どうりつ n the same ratio or percentage
向け 20 向け むけ n-suf intended for ..., oriented towards ..., aimed at ...
向ける むける v1, vt to turn towards, to point
孤立 20 孤立 こりつ n, vs isolation, being alone, being friendless
実績 20 実績 じっせき n accomplishments, achievements, actual results, past results, track record
20 いえ n house, dwelling, residence
household, family
family name, lineage
んち exp, suf 's house, 's home
suf -ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.), -er
suf (something) shop
somebody who sells (something) or works as (something)
somebody with a (certain) personality trait
n house
suf family, house (e.g. of Tokugawa)
adj-no, n house, home (one's own)
adj-no, pn (one's) family, (one's) household
name Osuo, Oshio, Uchi, Ietoku, Ietsugu, Ietaka, Ie, Karyuu
対処 20 対処 たいしょ n, vs deal with, cope
少年 20 少年 しょうねん n boy, youth, juvenile, lad, young boy
延々 20 延々 えんえん adj-t, adv-to endlessly, forever, on and on
winding, meandering, sinuous, wandering, serpentine, zigzagging
延々 name Teitei
弟子 20 弟子 でし
adj-no, n follower, adherent, pupil, disciple, young person, apprentice, teacher's student-helper
弟子 name Teshi
急接近 20 急接近 きゅうせっきん n, vs fast approach, quick intimacy
手を焼 20 手を焼く てをやく exp, v5k not know what to do with, to be at a loss with, to have difficulty with, to be put out
手止まり 20 手止まり てどまり n (go terminology)
推測 20 推測 すいそく adj-no, n, vs conjecture, guess
推測る おしはかる v5r, vt to guess, to surmise, to conjecture
損失 20 損失 そんしつ n loss (e.g. assets or profits)
20 さく pref last (year), yesterday
時に 20 時に ときに exp incidentally, by the way
adv occasionally, sometimes
本来 20 本来 ほんらい adj-no, n-adv, n-t originally, primarily
naturally, essentially, by nature, in (and of) itself
proper, legal
本気 20 本気 ほんき adj-na, adj-no, n seriousness, truth, sanctity
本気 name Maji
来期 20 来期 らいき n-t next term
派手 20 派手 はで adj-na, n gaudy, showy, loud, gay, flashy
秀行 20 秀行 name Shuugyou, Shuukou, Hideyuki, Hotsuyuki
笑い 20 笑い わらい n laugh, laughter
sex aids (e.g. dildos, pornographic books, erotic woodblock prints, etc.)
脅し 20 脅し おどし n threat
落と 20 落とす おとす v5s, vt to drop, to lose, to leave behind, to let fall, to shed (light), to cast (one's gaze), to pour in (liquid)
to omit, to lose, to leave out, to clean off (dirt, makeup, paint, etc.), to remove (e.g. stains or facial hair), to spend money at a certain place, to secretly let escape
to lose (a match), to reject (an applicant), to fail (a course), to defeat (in an election)
to make light of, to lower (e.g. shoulders or voice), to lessen (e.g. production or body weight), to worsen (quality), to reduce (e.g. rank or popularity), to speak badly of, to fall into straitened circumstances
to deal with, to make one's own, to fall into (e.g. a dilemma or sin), to have one's bid accepted, to force surrender, to take (e.g. an enemy camp or castle), to forcefully convince, to press for a confession
to download, to copy from a computer to another medium
to make someone swoon (judo)
to finish a story (e.g. with the punch line)
to finish (a period, e.g. of fasting)
20 suf assistant ..., probationary ...
補う おぎなう v5u, vt to compensate for, to supplement
補す ふす v5s to appoint, to designate
name Tasuku
20 たに n valley
name Yatsu, Yazaki, Hazama, Tanimura, Tanitaka, Tanizaki, Tanisaki, Tani, Sakigaya, Koku, Yanaya
負け越し 20 負け越し まけこし n more losses than wins (sport)
連覇 20 連覇 れんぱ n, vs successive championships
部分 20 部分 ぶぶん n section, part, portion
20歳 20 20歳 はたち n 20 years old
7月 20 7月 しちがつ n-adv July
1621 お伝 19 お伝 name Oden
お茶 19 お茶 おちゃ n tea (usu. green)
tea break (at work)
tea ceremony
した手 19 した手 したて n (go terminology)
ため息をつ 19 ため息をつく ためいきをつく exp, v5k to sigh, to breathe a sigh
カ所 19 カ所 かしょ ctr, n point, part, place, passage
上では 19 上では うえでは exp according to, from the viewpoint of
上位 19 上位 じょうい adj-no, n top, ranking, superior (in rank)
n higher order (e.g. byte)
host computer (of connected device)
両ノゾキ 19 両ノゾキ りょうのぞき n (go terminology)
予定変更 19 予定変更 よていへんこう n change of schedule, schedule change
代表 19 代表 だいひょう adj-no, n, vs type, delegation, model, example, representative, representation
余計 19 余計 よけい adj-na, n excessive, extra, surplus, spare, too much, superfluous, too many, superabundant
adj-na, adj-no, n unnecessary, needless, uncalled-for, otiose
adv all the more, excessively, abundantly, needlessly
勝率 19 勝率 しょうりつ n winning percentage
右下隅 19 右下隅 みぎしたすみ n bottom right corner
哲也 19 哲也 name Setsuya, Tetsunari, Tetsuya
始まり 19 始まり はじまり n origin, beginning
将来 19 将来 しょうらい n-adv, n-t prospects, future (usually near)
将来 name Saki, Shouko, Masaki
小さな 19 小さな ちいさな adj-pn tiny, small, little
19 とどけ n, n-suf notification, report, registration
届く とどく v5k, vi to arrive, to reach, to get through, to get at
to be attentive, to pay attention
to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
左下隅 19 左下隅 ひだりしたすみ n bottom left corner
幽玄 19 幽玄 ゆうげん adj-na, n elegant simplicity, subtle grace, hidden beauty, yugen, mysterious profundity, the subtle and profound, the occult
幽玄 name Yuugen
強引 19 強引 ごういん adj-na, n overbearing, coercive, pushy, forcible, high-handed
心理 19 心理 しんり n psychology, mentality, state of mind
捕獲 19 捕獲 ほかく n, vs capture, seizure
攻撃 19 攻撃 こうげき n, vs offensive, attack, strike
censure, criticism, denunciation, condemnation
整理 19 整理 せいり n, vs arrangement, organization, sorting, regulation, adjustment, liquidation, putting in order
整理 name Seiri
次々 19 次々 つぎつぎ adv, adv-to, n in succession, one by one
歓迎 19 歓迎 かんげい adj-no, n, vs welcome, reception
気持ち悪 19 気持ち悪い きもちわるい adj-i disgusting, gross, disagreeable, unpleasant, revolting, bad feeling, feeling bad
波乱 19 波乱 はらん adj-no, n ups and downs, troubles, stormy, uproarious (i.e. relationship)
19 漂う ただよう v5u, vi to drift, to float
to waft (e.g. a scent), to hang in the air
to be in the air (e.g. a feeling or mood)
to wander, to walk around aimlessly
to be unsteady, to be unstable
to falter, to wince, to flinch
to live in unreliable circumstances
name Hanazaki, Hyou
現代 19 現代 げんだい adj-no, n, n-adv nowadays, modern times, modern era, present-day
現代 name Gendai, Miyo, Modan, (uk) Hyundai (car company)
理想的 19 理想的 りそうてき adj-na ideal
目につ 19 目につく めにつく v5k to notice, to be noticeable, to catch one's eye
眺め 19 眺め ながめ n scene, view, prospect, outlook
眺める ながめる v1, vt to view, to gaze at
石田篤司 19 石田篤司 name Ishida Atsushi
移動 19 移動 いどう n, vs movement, transfer, migration, removal
adj-f traveling, mobile, moving, travelling, roving
突き出 19 突き出す つきだす
v5s, vt to project, to stick out, to push out
to hand over (e.g. to the police)
突き出る つきでる v1, vi to project, to stand out, to stick out
19 まど n window
name Mado, Madoi
笑顔 19 笑顔 えがお n, vs smile, smiling face
笑顔 name Egao, Sumire
脅かし 19 脅かし おどかし n threat
荒れ 19 荒れ あれ n stormy weather, tempest, chaps (of skin)
荒れる あれる v1, vi to be stormy, to be rough
to be ruined, to fall into ruin
to be in a bad temper, to lose one's temper
行き方 19 行き方 いきかた
n route, way (of going)
method, way (of doing)
行き方 ゆきがた
n (one's) whereabouts
複雑 19 複雑 ふくざつ adj-na complicated, complex, mixed (feelings)
見な 19 見なす みなす v5s, vt to consider as, to regard (as equivalent), to deem (as), to equate
詰ま 19 詰まる つまる v5r, vi to be packed (with), to be full (space, schedule, etc.)
to be blocked (road, pipe, etc.), to be clogged, to be plugged up
to shorten (width, interval, etc.), to shrink (shirt, word form, etc.), to narrow
to be at a loss, to be hard pressed
to end up, to be settled
to become a geminate consonant
to hit the ball near the handle of the bat
話題 19 話題 わだい adj-no, n subject, topic
達成 19 達成 たっせい n, vs achievement
達成 name Tassei, Tatsushige, Tatsujou, Tatsunari
門下 19 門下 もんか n one's pupil or student or follower
門下 name Monshita
静かに 19 静かに しずかに adv gently, calmly, quietly, peacefully
exp be quiet!
19 せいじゃく
adj-na, n silence, stillness, quietness
黙る だまる v5r, vi to be silent
name Moku
4日 19 4日 よっか n fourth day of month
four days
9月 19 9月 くがつ n-adv September
1673 お互い 18 お互い おたがい n reciprocal, mutual, each other
もぎ取 18 もぎ取る もぎとる v5r, vt to tear off, to break off, to pick, to pluck off (esp. by twisting)
to wrest (away from), to wrench free, to snatch (away)
一点 18 一点 いってん n dot, point, speck, only a little, particle, only one
一点 name Itten
一般的 18 一般的 いっぱんてき adj-na general, typical, popular
一言 18 一言 ひとこと
n, vs single word, a few words, brief comment
一言 name Kiyotoki, Hitokoto
一間トビ 18 一間トビ いっけんとび n (go terminology)
下ツケ 18 下ツケ したつけ n (go terminology)
両アタリ 18 両アタリ りょうあたり n (go terminology)
今後 18 今後 こんご n-adv, n-t hereafter, from now on
今後 name Imago
低く 18 低く ひくく n, vs bringing down, lowering
出場 18 出場 しゅつじょう n, vs performance, (stage) appearance
participation (e.g. in a tournament)
出場 でば n one's time (e.g. to go on stage), one's turn
origin, source, place of production
出場 name Deba
出身 18 出身 しゅっしん adj-no, n person's origin (town, city, country, parentage, etc.)
institution from which one graduated
director in charge of employee relations
初段 18 初段 しょだん n lowest grade, first grade
初段 しょだん n go: shodan, 1 dan
前半 18 前半 ぜんはん
n first half
18 そく adv instantly, at once, immediately
int namely, that is (to say)
即く つく v5k to ascend (the throne), to accede
to assume, to take (seat, position, course, etc.)
to commence, to start (on a journey), to depart
to study (under teacher), to be an apprentice
即す そくす v5s, vi to be based on, to agree with, to conform to, to be adapted to
name Soku, Chikashi
同じよう 18 同じよう おなじよう adj-na similar
18 n name, given name
fame, reputation, renown
justification, pretext, appearance, pretense
めい ctr counter for people (usu. seating, reservations and such)
n first name
pref great, famous
suf name
n noun
name Nashio, Najio, Nataka, Haruna, Myou
圧迫 18 圧迫 あっぱく n, vs pressure, oppression, coercion
圧迫 あっぱく n (go terminology)
変調 18 変調 へんちょう n, vs abnormality, irregularity, variation (music), change of tone, anomaly
modulation (in radio)
夕方 18 夕方 ゆうがた n-adv, n-t evening, dusk
夕方 name Yuukata
大切に 18 大切に たいせつに adv carefully, with great care, with caution
大成功 18 大成功 だいせいこう n huge success
完勝 18 完勝 かんしょう n, vs complete victory
完勝 name Sadakatsu
延ば 18 延ばす のばす v5s, vt to grow long (e.g. hair, nails)
to stretch, to extend, to lengthen
to hold out, to reach out
to straighten, to smooth out
to spread evenly (dough, cream, etc.)
to dilute, to thin out
to postpone
to prolong
to develop, to strengthen, to expand
心境 18 心境 しんきょう n mental state
必至 18 必至 ひっし adj-na, adj-no inevitable, necessary, foregone
n brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi)
戦法 18 戦法 せんぽう adj-no, n strategy, tactics
戦線 18 戦線 せんせん n (war) front
手応え 18 手応え てごたえ n, vs feedback, reaction, resistance, response
打ち過ぎ 18 打ち過ぎる うちすぎる v1, vi to pass by (time), to hit too much
抱え 18 抱え かかえ n armful
抱え かかえ n (go terminology)
抱える かかえる v1, vt to hold or carry under or in the arms
to have (esp. problems, debts, etc.)
to employ, to hire, to engage
挙げた 18 挙げた あげた adj-f brought up (e.g. topic)
最新 18 最新 さいしん adj-no, n latest, newest, late-breaking (news)
本命 18 本命 ほんめい n sure thing, favorite, favourite, certainty, likely winner
one's heart's desire
格言 18 格言 かくげん adj-no, n aphorism
格言 かくげん n (go terminology)
18 ぼう n stick, pole, rod
name Sasage, Sueishi, Sueo, Suekawa, Suenari, Suemasa, Suemori, Bou
18 ほう n, n-suf principle, law, act
法る のっとる v5r, vi to conform to, to be in accordance with, to follow (rule, tradition, example, etc.)
name Sadamu, Nori, Hakaru, Housaki, Houshou, Minori
浮き上が 18 浮き上がる うきあがる v5r, vi to float, to rise to the surface
to be visible, to stand out
to be alienated
18 げん suf reduction
減る へる v5r, vi to abate, to diminish, to decrease (in size or number)
無言 18 無言 むごん n silence
甘んじ 18 甘んじる あまんじる v1, vi to content oneself with, to be resigned to (one's fate), to be contented (satisfied) with (one's lot)
18 みじか pref, suf brief, short
たん n weak point, fault, defect
minor (music)
短い みじかい adj-i short
name Iyama, Inoyama, Inogo, Inoko, Inokai, Igai, Ikai
結果論 18 結果論 けっかろん n hindsight-based opinion
絶対に 18 絶対に ぜったいに adv unconditionally, absolutely
緩和 18 緩和 かんわ n, vs relaxation, relief, mitigation, alleviation, softening
落ち着 18 落ち着く おちつく v5k, vi to calm down, to compose oneself, to regain presence of mind
to abate, to settle down, to calm down, to die down, to become stable
to settle down (in a location, job, etc.), to settle in
to be settled, to be fixed, to have been reached
to suit, to fit, to match, to harmonize with, to harmonise with
to be unobtrusive, to be quiet, to be subdued
見守 18 見守る みまもる v5r, vt to watch over, to watch attentively
誘発 18 誘発 ゆうはつ adj-no, n, vs cause, induce, lead up to
調子がい 18 調子がいい ちょうしがいい adj-i, exp glib, slick (sounds good but no substance), all talk
in good form, in great shape, having things progress well
軽率 18 軽率 けいそつ adj-na, n hasty, careless, thoughtless, rash, imprudent
逆襲 18 逆襲 ぎゃくしゅう n, vs counterattack
開け 18 開ける あける v1, vt to open (a door, etc.), to unwrap (e.g. parcel, package), to unlock
to open (for business, etc.)
to empty, to clear out, to make space, to make room
v1, vi to dawn, to grow light
to end
開ける ひらける v1, vi to improve, to become opened up, to get better
to progress, to develop, to become civilized (civilised), to be up-to-date
to be enlightened, to be sensible
開ける はだける v1, vt to expose, to open, to bare
to stretch
18 なん n, n-suf defect, hardships, difficulty
難い かたい adj-i hard, difficult
難い にくい
adj-i, suf difficult to ..., hard to ...
顔を合わせ 18 顔を合わせる かおをあわせる exp, v1 to meet, to face someone
食事 18 食事 しょくじ n meal
vs to eat
6月 18 6月 ろくがつ n-adv June
1729 その場 17 その場 そのば n there, that situation, that occasion
immediately, the spot (i.e. "on the spot"), then and there
その間 17 その間 そのあいだ
n-adv, n-t in the meanwhile, during the time
丁寧 17 丁寧 ていねい adj-na, n close, care, kind, courteous, conscientious, careful, thorough, polite
不審 17 不審 ふしん adj-na, n question, doubt, distrust, strangeness, suspicion, infidelity, incomplete understanding
不足 17 不足 ふそく adj-na, n, vs deficiency, shortage, lack, insufficiency, dearth
五番 17 五番 name Goban
仲間 17 仲間 ちゅうげん adj-no, n samurai's attendant, footman
仲間 なかま n partner, mate, group, company, associate, fellow, colleague, comrade, circle of friends
仲間 name Chuugen, Nakaida, Nakakado, Nakama, Bibiana
会話 17 会話 かいわ n, vs conversation
先番 17 先番 せんばん n precedence, first move (in games)
17 ぜん n all, overall, complete, whole, entire
pref pan-, omni-, toti-
name Mattaku, Masa, Chiyon, Chon, Chien, Tamotsu, Zenji, Zen, Se, Jon, Jan, Akira, Matoshi
六段 17 六段 ろくだん n go: 6 dan
出か 17 出かす でかす v5s, vt to do, to accomplish, to achieve, to commit
出番 17 出番 でばん n one's turn
初め 17 初め はじめ n-adv, n-t opening, start, beginning, outset
n first (in line, etc.)
such as ..., not to mention ...
初め ぞめ suf first doing of ... (ever, in one's life, in the new year, etc.)
初める そめる aux-v, v1 to begin to
勝目 17 勝目 name Kajime, Kachime, Katsume, Masarume
厳しさ 17 厳しさ きびしさ n intensity, severity, strictness
周辺 17 周辺 しゅうへん n in the vicinity of, around, circumference, outskirts, environs, in the area of
(computer) peripheral
地模様 17 地模様 じもよう n (go terminology)
声をかけ 17 声をかける こえをかける exp, v1 to greet, to call out to someone
大げさ 17 大げさ おおげさ adj-na, n exaggerated, grandiose
大切 17 大切 たいせつ adj-na, n important, valuable, worthy of care
大切 おおぎり n large cut (e.g. of meat)
last piece of the day's programme, last act of a play, comic dialogue as the last item in vaudeville, music hall, etc.
大切 name Ookiri, Oogiri
始めて 17 始めて はじめて adj-no, adv for the first time
adv only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
実に 17 実に まことに
adv indeed, really, very, quite, absolutely, actually, truly
寸前 17 寸前 すんぜん n, suf just before, just in front of, on the verge, on the brink
山城宏 17 山城宏 name Yamashiro Hiroshi
廃案 17 廃案 はいあん n rejected bill (project)
思わぬ 17 思わぬ おもわぬ adj-f unexpected, unforeseen
想定外 17 想定外 そうていがい adj-no, n beyond expectations, beyond what one expected, not foreseen, exceeding assumptions
意味があ 17 意味がある いみがある exp, v5r-i to be meaningful, to have meaning
感じ取 17 感じ取る かんじとる v5r, vt to grasp, to take in, to perceive, to feel, to sense
慌て 17 慌てる あわてる v1, vi to be flustered, to panic, to become confused (disconcerted, disorganized, disorganised)
to rush, to be in a hurry
捕ま 17 捕まる つかまる v5r, vi to be arrested, to be caught
to grasp, to hold on to
to find (e.g. proof), to get (e.g. a taxi)
to be detained by
採用 17 採用 さいよう n, vs acceptance, use, adoption
appointment, engagement, recruitment, employment
最中 17 最中 さいちゅう
n, n-adv midst, height of, in the middle of, in course of
最中 もなか n wafer cake filled with bean jam
最中 name Sanaka
東野 17 東野 name Azuno, Azumano, Touno, Touya, Toono, Higashino
検証 17 検証 けんしょう n, vs inspection, verification
浮かべ 17 浮かべる うかべる v1, vt to float
to express, to look (sad, glad)
to remember, to think, to imagine
浴び 17 浴びる あびる v1, vt to bathe, to dash over oneself (e.g. water), to bask in (e.g. the sun), to be flooded with (e.g. light), to shower
to suffer (e.g. an attack), to have abuse heaped upon, to draw criticism upon oneself
発揮 17 発揮 はっき n, vs exhibition, display, show, demonstration, manifestation
相変わらず 17 相変わらず あいかわらず adv still, as usual, as ever, the same
碁石 17 碁石 ごいし n Go pieces, Go stones
碁石 ごいし n (go terminology)
碁石 name Goishi
私たち 17 私たち わたしたち
adj-no, pn we, us
興味 17 興味 きょうみ n interest (in something)
17 げん
n statement, remark, word
言う いう
v5u to say
to call, to name
to go (e.g. the alarm went "ping"), to make a noise
name Gen, Koto, Kotoha, Kotoba, Gon, Sachiyo
足早 17 足早 あしばや adj-na, n, n-adv quick pace, quick-footed, light-footed
込め 17 込める こめる v1, vt to charge, to load (a gun, etc.)
to put into (e.g. emotion, effort)
to include (e.g. tax in a sales price)
v1, vi to shroud, to hang over, to enshroud, to envelop, to screen
連携 17 連携 れんけい n, vs link, coordination, cooperation
連発 17 連発 れんぱつ n, vs running continuously, firing in rapid succession
非常に 17 非常に ひじょうに adv very, exceedingly, extremely
面々 17 面々 めんめん n all, each one, every direction
顔を出 17 顔を出す かおをだす exp, v5s to turn up, to make an appearance, to put in an appearance
騒然 17 騒然 そうぜん adj-t, adv-to noisy, confused, uproarious
10代 17 10代 じゅうだい adj-no, n the teens (10-19), teenage
n the tenth generation
2人とも 17 2人とも ふたりとも n both (people)
1783 やり損な 16 やり損なう やりそこなう v5u to fail
一時 16 一時 ひととき
n-adv, n-t moment, a (short) time, a while
former times
two-hour period
一時 いちじ n-t one o'clock
n-adv, n-t before, formerly, once, at one time
adj-no, n-adv, n-t for the time being, temporarily, for a while, for the present, for a time, for the moment
n once, one time, a time
一時 name Kazutoki
一緒に 16 一緒に いっしょに adv at the same time, together (with), in a lump
両にらみ 16 両にらみ りょうにらみ n, vs keeping a close watch on both sides, keeping an eye on two things at the same time
両にらみ りょうにらみ n (go terminology)
並べて 16 並べて なべて adv generally, in general, usually
乱暴 16 乱暴 らんぼう adj-na, n, vs rude, unreasonable, rough, reckless, violent, lawless
仕事 16 仕事 しごと adj-no, n, vs job, task, work, business, occupation, employment, vocation
仮に 16 仮に かりに adv temporarily, provisionally, for example, for argument's sake
何とも 16 何とも なんとも
adv really, very, quite, extremely
not at all, nothing, not a bit
依然 16 依然 いぜん adj-t, adv, adv-to still, as yet, as it has been
16 へん n left-hand radical of a character
偏る かたよる v5r, vi to lean, to incline, to be prejudiced, to be one-sided, to be partial, to be biased, to be biassed
分岐点 16 分岐点 ぶんきてん n junction, crossroads, division point, parting of ways
分岐点 name Bunkiten
北海道 16 北海道 ほっかいどう n Hokkaido (northernmost of the four main islands of Japan)
北海道 name Hokkaidou (island prefecture in the north)
十数 16 十数 じゅうすう pref ten-odd
台湾 16 台湾 たいわん adj-no, n Taiwan
台湾 name Taiwan
合計 16 合計 ごうけい n, vs sum total, total amount
味方 16 味方 みかた adj-no, n, vs friend, supporter, ally
味方 name Ajikata, Ajikara, Ajigata, Mikata
呼ばれ 16 呼ばれる よばれる v1, vi to be called (a name), to be referred to (as)
to be treated to something (e.g. a meal), to be invited to
変わって 16 変わってる かわっている
exp, v1 to be different, to be uncommon, to be crazy, to be unusual (of a person or of a thing), to be peculiar, to be eccentric
変更 16 変更 へんこう n, vs change, modification, revision, amendment, alteration
失礼 16 失礼 しつれい
adj-na, n, vs impoliteness, discourtesy
exp Excuse me, Goodbye
vs to leave
to be rude
完敗 16 完敗 かんぱい n annihilation, complete defeat, utter defeat
vs to be completely defeated, to be beaten hollow
完敗 かんぱい n (go terminology)
年間 16 年間 ねんかん n-t year (period of)
序盤戦 16 序盤戦 じょばんせん n early stages (of a game), opening phase
序盤戦 じょばんせん n (go terminology)
強気 16 強気 つよき adj-na, adj-no, n strong, firm, confident, assured, self-assured, cocksure
bullish (e.g. market)
強気 ごうぎ
adj-na, adj-no grand, great
stubborn, obstinate
待った 16 待った まった n false start of a bout
backsies (called when taking back a move in a game)
思いつ 16 思いつく おもいつく v5k to think of, to hit upon, to come into one's mind, to be struck with an idea
急ぎ 16 急ぎ いそぎ adj-no, n expedition, speed, dispatch, haste, hurry
恐ろし 16 恐ろしい おそろしい adj-i frightening, frightened, terrible, dreadful, terrifying
tremendous, startling, amazing, surprising
打ち切 16 打ち切る うちきる v5r, vt to close, to stop, to discontinue, to abort
振り替わり 16 振り替わり ふりかわり n (go terminology)
放り込み 16 放り込み ほうりこみ n (go terminology)
断言 16 断言 だんげん n, vs assertion, affirmation, declaration
16 ばん n-adv, n-t evening
ctr counter for nights
晩い おそい adj-i slow
late (e.g. "late at night")
too late
dull, stupid
name Ban
16 ぼう
n full moon
15th day of the lunar month
望む のぞむ v5m, vt to desire
to expect, to wish for
to see, to command (a view of)
name Yuaha, Mochitsugu, Moe, Mou, Mitsuru, Madoka, Bou, Houjou, Noboru, Nozomu, Nozomi, Negai, Suematsu, Suetake
本格的 16 本格的 ほんかくてき adj-na orthodox, standard, typical, normal, real, regular, genuine
all-out, full-scale, full-blown
professional, full-fledged
16 n go (board game of capturing territory)
n (go terminology)
標的 16 標的 ひょうてき n target
欠かせな 16 欠かせない かかせない adj-i, exp critical, fundamental, vital, crucial, indispensable, imperative
活力 16 活力 かつりょく n energy, dynamism, vitality
片づけ 16 片づけ かたづけ n tidying up, finishing
片づける かたづける v1, vt to put away, to put in order, to tidy up, to straighten up
to settle (problem), to clear (dispute)
to finish, to bring something to an end
to marry off (e.g. a daughter)
to do away with someone, to bump someone off
痛烈 16 痛烈 つうれつ adj-na, n severe, bitter, scathing
目算 16 目算 もくさん n, vs plan, calculation, anticipation, estimate, expectations
窮屈 16 窮屈 きゅうくつ adj-na, n tight, narrow, cramped
rigid, stiff, formal, strict, ceremonious
constrained, uncomfortable
tight (e.g. finances)
16 だつ pref de- (indicating reversal, removal, etc.)
脱ぐ ぬぐ v5g, vt to take off (clothes, shoes, etc.), to undress
name Datsu
行け 16 行ける いける
v1, vi to go well, to be good (at)
to look (taste, etc.) good