Rank Match Number of
Word Readings Part-of-speech Meaning
1 22981 とし n, n-adv year
n many years
n, suf age
n, n-adv past one's prime, old age
ねん n year (e.g. AD)
ctr counter for years
とせ ctr counter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system)
name Susumu, Toshi, Toshimatsu, Nen, Hiroshi, Minoru
2 囲碁 6953 囲碁 いご n go, board game of capturing territory
囲碁 いご n (go terminology)
3 5961 せん suf battle, war
competition, match
せん n (go terminology)
いくさ n campaign, fight, battle, war
troops, forces
戦う たたかう v (go terminology)
戦う たたかう v5u, vi to fight, to battle, to combat, to struggle against, to wage war, to engage in contest
戦く わななく v5k, vi to tremble, to shiver
戦く おののく v5k, vi to tremble, to shake (from fear, cold, excitement, etc.), to shudder
戦ぐ そよぐ v5g, vi to flutter, to stir, to rustle
name Sen, Isao
4 編集 5046 編集 へんしゅう adj-no, n, vs editing, compilation, editorial (e.g. committee)
5 3745 さかずき
n sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages
n sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages
ctr, suf counter for cupfuls
counter for ships, octopuses and squid
つき n shallow bowl
はい n (go terminology)
6 3007 つき n moon
n-t month
げつ n Monday
がつ n-suf month (of the year), used after number or question word (e.g. nan or nani)
name Ruuna, Raito, Yue, Yui, Meguru, Mu-n, Mitsuki, Madoka, Hikaru, Tsukizaki, Tsuki, Takagetsu, Arute, Aporo, Akari, Runa
7 2977 だい n, pref ordinal
8 2682 n go (board game of capturing territory)
n (go terminology)
9 棋士 2465 棋士 きし n shogi player, go player
棋士 きし n (go terminology)
10 2249 n, n-suf period, time
期す きす
v5s, vi to expect, to look forward to
to set (a date, etc.)
to vow, to resolve, to pledge (to oneself)
name Ki
11 2195 n go (board game of capturing territory)
n (go terminology)
12 中国 2109 中国 ちゅうごく n China
middle of a country, South-west most region of Honshu, the Hiroshima area
中国 name Chuugoku, Nakakuni
13 2071 かい ctr counter for occurrences
counter for games, rounds, etc., counter for innings (baseball)
n, n-pref Islam
n Hui (people)
回す まわす v5s, vt to turn, to rotate, to gyrate
to circulate, to send around
to surround
to put something to a new use (e.g. leftovers)
suf, v5s (after the -masu stem of a verb) ... around (i.e. to chase someone around)
to dial (e.g. telephone number)
v5s to invest
to gang-rape
回る もとおる v5r, vi to wander around
回る まわる v5r, vi to turn, to revolve
to visit several places
to function well
to pass a certain time
回る めぐる v5r, vi to go around
to return
to surround
to concern (usu. of disputes)
回る みる v1 to go around
name Mawari, Magari, Kizahashi, Meguri
14 2057 くらい adv, suf crown, throne, (nobleman's) seat
government position, court rank
class, rank, social standing, echelon, rung
n rank, level, grade (of quality, etc.), tier
place, digit (e.g. the tens, the hundreds, etc.)
extent, degree, amount
ctr rank, place (e.g. first place)
decimal place
counter for ghosts
name Takashi, Kurai, I, Aya, Ami, Agi, Aki, Tadashi
15 2056 n-adv, n-t day, days
sun, sunshine, sunlight
event, case (esp. unfortunate)
にち n Sunday
suf day (of the month)
ctr, suf counter for days
n, n-pref, n-suf Japan
n-suf day of month
ctr counter for days
name Hi, Hikaru, Hisaki, Hizaki, Hitaka, Hitaga, Hidaka, Hitohi, Hinata, Hiyanagi, Nisshuu, Ni, Akira, Kusanagi, Kusayanagi, Jitsu, Takanichi, Tachimori, Nichi, Nichiren, Hiru
16 本因坊 1859 本因坊 ほんいんぼう n Honinbô, grand master of the game of go
本因坊 ほんいんぼう n go: the Honinbo title
本因坊 name Hon'inbou
17 優勝 1807 優勝 ゆうしょう n, vs championship, overall victory
18 1734 n eyeball, eye
sight, vision, eyesight
look, glance, stare
an experience
stitch, texture, weave
suf ordinal number suffix
somewhat, -ish
n (go terminology)
もく n order
item (of a budget revision, etc.)
ctr counter for go pieces, counter for surrounded positions (in go)
もく n (go terminology)
目す もくす v5s, vt to distinguish, to recognize, to recognise
to pay attention to
name Mokuzaki, Moku, Metsugi, Mezaki, Mesaki, Me, Manako, Satsuka, Sakka, Sagan, Sagami, Sakan
19 1731 しょう n victory, win
scenic spot, beautiful scenery
ctr, suf counter for wins
勝つ かつ v5t, vi to win, to gain victory
勝つ かつ v (go terminology)
勝る まさる v5r, vi to surpass, to exceed, to excel, to have an edge, to be superior, to outrival
to outweigh, to preponderate
name Suguri, Tsuyoshi, Sun, Suguro, Sugure, Suguru, Masa, Shoumin, Shou, Katsushi, Katsuzaki, Katsu, Kachi, Kaji, Masaru, Tou
20 日本棋院 1670 日本棋院 にほんきいん n Nihon Kiin, central Go organization of Japan
日本棋院 にほんきいん n (go terminology)
21 棋戦 1541 棋戦 きせん n go or shogi tournament
棋戦 きせん n (go terminology)
22 1492 囲う かこう v5u, vt to enclose, to surround, to encircle, to fence, to wall in
to shelter (e.g. a criminal), to shield, to hide, to protect
to keep (e.g. a mistress)
to store (vegetables, fruit, etc.), to preserve
to protect
囲む かこむ
v5m, vt to enclose, to surround, to encircle, to fence, to wall in
to besiege, to lay siege to
to play (go, shogi, etc.)
name Arou, Kakoi
23 世界 1444 世界 せかい n society, the world, the universe
circle, sphere, world
adj-no renowned, world-famous, well-known outside of Japan
n space, realm governed by one Buddha
世界 name Sekai
韓国 1444 韓国 かんこく n (South) Korea
韓国 からくに n Korea, China
韓国 name Kankoku
25 1322 おう n, n-suf king, ruler, monarch, sovereign
king (for senior player) (shogi)
champion, master, magnate, tycoon
name Yuu, Chiyan, Taka, Shin, Kimi, Ki, On, Oo, Ou, Oi, O, Uon, Wan
26 日本 1216 日本 にほん
n Japan
日本 name Nippon, Nitsupon, Nihon, Hinomoto, Himoto, Yamato, Yamatono
27 外部リンク 1214 外部リンク がいぶリンク n external link
28 1206 くろ n black
black go stone
guilt, guilty person
くろ n (go terminology)
黒い くろい adj-i black
underground, illicit, wicked
黒い くろい adj-i (go terminology)
黒む くろむ v5m, vi to blacken
name Kuroyanagi, Kuroyanaki, Kurohama, Kurosumi, Kurozaki, Kurosaki, Kuro
29 対局 1185 対局 たいきょく n, vs (playing) a game of go, shogi or chess, etc.
対局 たいきょく n (go terminology)
30 1144 やしろ n shrine (usually Shinto)
しゃ n, n-suf association, society, company
regional Chinese god of the earth (or a village built in its honour)
ctr, suf counter for companies, shrines, etc.
name Yashiro
31 1097 しろ n white
innocence, innocent person
blank space
white go stone
white dragon tile (mahjong)
skewered grilled pig intestine
しろ n (go terminology)
しら pref white
undyed, unaltered, unseasoned
precisely, very much
playing dumb
adj-na, n diligent, honest, unfeigned
はく n white
striped mullet fry (Mugil cephalus)
speech, one's lines
white person, Caucasian
白い しろい adj-i white
白い しろい adj-i (go terminology)
白む しらむ
v5m, vi to grow light, to become white, to turn grey (gray)
name Shirotsuru, Shiroyanagi, Tsukumo, Haku, Bai, Pai, Beku, Peku, Mashiro, Yuki, Shiroshi, Shirayanagi, Shirayagi, Akira, Kiyoshi, Shira, Shirai, Shirasaki, Shirazaki, Shirahama
32 選手権 1045 選手権 せんしゅけん n championship, title (of champion)
33 九段 1037 九段 くだん n go: 9 dan
九段 name Kudan
34 1022 すもも
n prune, Japanese plum, Prunus salicina
name Rin, Riri, Rize, Rii, Ri-, Ri, Momo, Ni, Sumomo, Su, Jiyon, Jun, En, I, Rei
35 準優勝 1016 準優勝 じゅんゆうしょう n, vs being the runner-up, finishing second
36 956 さい suf -years-old
ability, gift, genius, aptitude, talent
とし n, n-adv year
n many years
n, suf age
n, n-adv past one's prime, old age
とせ ctr counter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system)
name Sai, Toshi
37 928 きょく n, n-suf department, bureau
exchange, channel, office (e.g. post, telephone), broadcasting station (e.g. television, radio)
affair, situation
ctr, n, n-suf game (of go, shogi, etc.)
つぼね n court lady, lady-in-waiting (Heian period)
separate room in a palace (esp. for a lady) (Heian period)
room for a very low class prostitute
very low class prostitute
name Tsubone
38 出場 925 出場 しゅつじょう n, vs performance, (stage) appearance
participation (e.g. in a tournament)
出場 でば n one's time (e.g. to go on stage), one's turn
origin, source, place of production
出場 name Deba
39 女流 907 女流 じょりゅう n woman (writer, artist, aviator, etc.)
40 将棋 881 将棋 しょうぎ n shogi, Japanese chess, xianqi
41 878 れき suf history of, experience of
v2h-k, vi to elapse, to pass, to go by
to pass through, to go through
to experience, to go through
歴る へる v1, vi to elapse, to pass, to go by
to pass through, to go through
to experience, to go through
name Yuki, Reki
42 867 n arm, hand
forepaw, foreleg
help, hand, worker
trouble, care, effort
trick, means, way, technique, workmanship, move
handwriting, hand
sort, type, kind
one's hands, one's possession
ability to cope
hand (of cards)
ctr, n, n-suf move (in go, shogi, etc.)
n (go terminology)
name Takade, Tasome, Te, Tesaki, Tezaki
43 865 はやし n copse, forest, woods, thicket
name Rimu, Ri, Ramu, Yau, Hayashitaka, Hayashizaki, Hayashisaki, Hayashi, Shigeru, Shige, Kuwamatsu, Kuwabara, Kuwabayashi, Kuwaza, Imu, Atsumi, Rin
44 856 はい n loss, defeat
ctr, suf counter for losses
はい n (go terminology)
敗る やぶる v5r, vt to smash, to destroy, to tear, to defeat, to violate, to break (e.g. password)
45 名人 852 名人 めいじん n expert, master
名人 めいじん n go: the Meijin title
名人 name Meijin
46 792 n name, given name
fame, reputation, renown
justification, pretext, appearance, pretense
めい ctr counter for people (usu. seating, reservations and such)
n first name
pref great, famous
suf name
n noun
name Nashio, Najio, Nataka, Haruna, Myou
47 790 ちょう n Chinese "Extended Net" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
ctr, suf counter for objects with stretched strings (i.e. bows, kotos), curtains, papers, etc.
張る ばる suf, v5r to be prominently ..., to be persistently ...
張る はる v5r to paste, to affix, to stick, to link (e.g. in WWW forums)
to spread, to stretch, to strain, to tighten, to put up (tent)
to form (e.g. ice on a pond)
to fill, to swell
to put, to slap, to stick out
to be expensive
v5r, vi to become one tile away from completion (mahjong)
name Miharu, Chan, Chiyau, Chiyan, Cho, Chou, Chiriko, Tsuan, Hara, Hari, Harisaki, Hiraku, Chiongu, Chian, Ei, Ga, Kin, San, Zan, Jiyan, Jiyon, Jin, Sun
48 768 いし n stone
gem, jewel
こく n measure of volume (approx. 180.39 liters, 6.37 cub. ft.)
measure of a Japanese-style boat's loading capacity (approx. 278.26 liters)
いし n (go terminology)
name Ishibuku, Iso, Inseki, Kazu, Koku, Shi, Seki, Soku, Tsuruishi, Ishifuku, Ishihama, Akira, Atsushi, Ishi, Ishiodori, Ishisaki, Ishizaki, Ishisue, Ishizue
49 棋院 747 棋院 きいん n shogi (go) hall
50 優勝者 735 優勝者 ゆうしょうしゃ n victor, prize winner, pennant winner
51 女子 724 女子 じょし
adj-no, n woman, girl
女子 めこ
n vagina
女子 name Jouko, Mego
52 棋聖 715 棋聖 きせい n great master of go (shogi)
棋聖 きせい n go: the Kisei title
53 時間 679 時間 じかん n, n-adv time
ctr hours
時間 name Toki, Tokima
54 七段 674 七段 ななだん n go: 7 dan
55 経歴 664 経歴 けいれき n, vs career, personal history
56 661 ダース n dozen
打つ うつ v5t, vt to pound, to knock, to slap, to strike, to hit, to beat, to clap, to punch, to tap, to bang
to strike (noon, etc.), to sound (cymbals, etc.), to beat (a drum, etc.)
to beat (rhythmically, e.g. pulse, waves, etc.)
to move, to impress, to touch
to put in, to drive in, to hammer in, to inject
to send, to transmit, to type
to mark, to insert, to write in
to prepare, to make (noodles, etc.)
to till (soil)
to sprinkle, to throw, to cast
to do, to perform, to carry out, to play, to engage in (gambling, etc.)
to pay (a deposit, etc.)
to visit (on a pilgrimage)
to line (a coat)
to bind (a criminal)
打つ ぶつ v5t, vt to strike, to beat, to hit (a person)
打つ うつ v (go terminology)
57 先番 660 先番 せんばん n precedence, first move (in games)
58 658 じん suf -ian (e.g. Italian, etc.) (attaches to name of country to denote nationality), -er (e.g. performer, etc.) (attaches to name of occupation)
people, person, (usu. in compound words) man
suf person
n man, person
people, human being, mankind
human (Homo sapiens), humans as a species
character, personality
true man, man of talent
another person, others, other people
ctr counter for people
n (usu. in compound words) person
name Jin, Hito, Hitozaki, Hitotaka
59 目次 654 目次 もくじ n table of contents
目次 name Meji, Metsugi, Mokuji
60 場合 649 場合 ばあい n, n-adv situation, case
場合 name Baai
61 名人戦 637 名人戦 めいじんせん n professional go (shogi) players' championship series
62 決勝 627 決勝 けっしょう n decision of a contest, finals (in sports)
63 621 なか n in, inside
within, among
middle, center (centre)
while, during
うち adj-no, n within, inside
among, amongst, between
adj-no, pn we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our
my spouse
n imperial palace grounds
adj-no, pn me, I (primarily used by women and children)
ちゅう suf average, medium, middle
middle school
n-suf in, out of (e.g. three out of ten people)
while, during (a certain time when one did or is doing something), under (construction, etc.)
suf through, throughout, in the course of
all over or throughout (e.g. a place)
チュン n red dragon tile (mahjong)
中る あたる v5r, vi to strike, to be hit
to touch, to be in contact, to be affixed
to apply to, to be equivalent to, to be applicable
to be right on the money (of a prediction, criticism, etc.)
to win, to be selected (in a lottery, etc.)
to be successful, to go well, to be a hit
to face, to confront
to lie (in the direction of)
to undertake, to be assigned
to be stricken (by food poisoning, heat, etc.), to be afflicted
to be called upon (by the teacher)
to treat (esp. harshly), to lash out at
to be unnecessary
to be hitting well, to be on a hitting streak
(in fishing) to feel a bite
to spoil, (of fruit, etc.) to be bruised
v5r, vt to probe into, to feel (something) out, to check (i.e. by comparison)
to shave
to be a relative of a person, to stand in a relationship
name Touru, Tooru, Naka, Nakasaki, Nakazaki, Nakashio, Nakazumi, Nakatsuru, Nakahama, Nakaba, Nakamine, Hitoshi, Chuu, Tadashi, Sunao, Atari, Ataru, Atsu, Atsuru, Kanae, Kaname, Sakinaka, Mitsuru
64 610 name Kuwaotsuku, Han, Noburu, Toran, Tsun, Chinshou, Chin, Chiyan, Chitsun, Chien, Chen, Chiin, Tan, Jin, Shou, You
65 挑戦者 609 挑戦者 ちょうせんしゃ n challenger
挑戦者 ちょうせんしゃ n (go terminology)
66 安井 605 安井 name Ai, Yaui, Yakai, Yasui
67 600 えのき
n Japanese hackberry (Celtis sinensis var. japonica), Chinese nettle tree
n Japanese bigleaf magnolia (Magnolia obovata)
name Poku, Bokuzen, Boku, Hoku, Hogi, Hoo, Hou, Ho, Piun, Paku, Batsuku, Baku, Haku, Sunaho, Sunao, Enomoto, Yamamura
68 井上 597 井上 name Iue, Unoue, Ueno, Inokami, Inoe, Inouta, Inouezaki, Inoue, Inei, Ine, Inae, Inai, Igami, Ikami, Miyamoto
69 行われ 591 行われる おこなわれる v1, vi to be done, to take place, to be prevalent, to be practiced, to be practised, to be held, to be in fashion, to be in vogue, to be current, to come into use
70 五段 589 五段 ごだん n Japanese verb group
fifth rank (in martial arts, etc.)
五段 ごだん n go: 5 dan
71 582 name Shima, Riyuu, Ryuu, Riu, Rao, Rau, Yuu, Yu, Mizuki, Tsuzuki, Riyou
72 580 もの
n person
しゃ n, suf someone of that nature, someone doing that work
73 569 きゅう n, n-suf class, grade, rank, school class, grade
きゅう n (go terminology)
74 因碩 557 因碩 name Inseki
75 八段 547 八段 はったん n twilled fabric
八段 はちだん n go: 8 dan
八段 name Hachidan
76 参考文献 541 参考文献 さんこうぶんけん n works cited, references
77 六段 540 六段 ろくだん n go: 6 dan
78 門下 532 門下 もんか n one's pupil or student or follower
門下 name Monshita
79 同年 529 同年 どうねん n-adv, n-t same age, that year, same year
昇段 529 昇段 しょうだん n, vs promotion
81 528 n negative, minus
おい n wooden box carried on one's back to store items for a pilgrimage
負う おう v5u, vt to bear, to carry on one's back
to take responsibility for, to accept a duty
to be injured
to owe
82 白番 527 白番 しろばん n (go terminology)
83 大会 518 大会 たいかい adj-no, n convention, tournament, rally, mass meeting
84 主催 517 主催 しゅさい n, vs organizing, organising, promotion, sponsorship (i.e. conducting under one's auspices), hosting, staging
85 512 おお n (go terminology)
おおい pref upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
adj-na, n very much, a great deal
おおき pref grand, great, large
upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
adj-na, n very much, a great deal
だい pref the large part of
great, big, large
suf approximate size, no larger than
n large (e.g. serving size), loud (e.g. volume setting)
おお pref big, large
name Dai, Takeshi, Takashi, Shin, Kazuhito, Oyagi, Otaka, Osaki, Ooyanagi, Ooyagi, Daikatsu, Daijou, Yutaka, Masaru, Masa, Futoshi, Hiroshi, Hiro, Hajime, Daibuku, Daifuku, Daisue, Oomine, Oobuku, Oofuku, Oosaki, Ookuwa, Ooki, Oogami, Oogachi, Ookatsu, Oo, Oozaki, Ooshi, Oohama, Oono, Ootou, Ootsuru, Oodaka, Ootaka, Oosumi, Oosugi, Oojio, Ooshio
86 全国 508 全国 ぜんこく adj-no, n national, whole country, countrywide, nationwide
87 天元 505 天元 てんげん n central black dot on a go board
Tengen era (978.11.29-983.4.15)
天元 てんげん n go: the Tengen title; the 10-10 point
天元 name Tenmoto
88 所属 502 所属 しょぞく adj-no, n, vs member, attached to, belong to
89 台湾 500 台湾 たいわん adj-no, n Taiwan
台湾 name Taiwan
90 477 しょう n, n-suf award, prize
name Susumu, Masaru
91 趙治勲 475 趙治勲 name Chou Chikun (1956.6-)
92 敗れ 474 敗れ やぶれ n loss, defeat
敗れる やぶれる v1, vi to lose, to be defeated, to be beaten, to be unsuccessful
93 入り 473 入り いり n, n-suf entering
setting (of the sun)
audience, content, containing
勝負 473 勝負 しょうぶ n, vs contest, game, bout, match, victory or defeat
勝負 しょうぶ n (go terminology)
勝負 name Shoubu
473 いえ n house, dwelling, residence
household, family
family name, lineage
んち exp, suf 's house, 's home
suf -ist (used after a noun indicating someone's occupation, pursuits, disposition, etc.), -er
suf (something) shop
somebody who sells (something) or works as (something)
somebody with a (certain) personality trait
n house
suf family, house (e.g. of Tokugawa)
adj-no, n house, home (one's own)
adj-no, pn (one's) family, (one's) household
name Osuo, Oshio, Uchi, Ietoku, Ietsugu, Ietaka, Ie, Karyuu
96 467 n gathering (esp. Buddhist, festive, etc.)
かい n, n-suf assembly, party, meeting
association, club
会う あう v5u, vi to encounter, to meet, to see
to have an accident, to have a bad experience
会す あわす v5s, vt to make (someone) to meet, to let (someone) meet
to expose to, to subject to
会す えす v5s, vt to understand, to comprehend
会す かいす v5s, vi to meet, to gather, to assemble
to encounter, to run into
name Ai, Kai, Satoru
97 相手 465 相手 あいて n companion, partner, company
other party, addressee
opponent (sports, etc.)
98 昌鎬 458 昌鎬 name Shoukou, Chiyanho
99 最強 448 最強 さいきょう adj-no, n strongest
100 447 しん n, n-pref, n-suf new, neo-
n Gregorian calendar
Xin (dynasty of China)
adj-no, n new, unused
pref new
adj-na obvious, natural
name Sara, Shimura, Shin, Shinji, Shinfuku, Shinbuku, Shinpuku, Shinmachijiori, Susumu, Nii, Niihama, Hajime, Imaki, Arada, Akira, Atara, Atarai, Atarashi, Ayota, Ara, Arai, Arasaki, Arazaki, Arata, Aratashi, Waka
101 本因坊戦 446 本因坊戦 ほんいんぼうせん n Honinbô Tournament (annual professional go competition)
102 その他 445 その他 そのほか
conj, n-adv besides, in addition, etc., otherwise, the rest, the others, and so forth
東京 445 東京 とうきょう n Tokyo
東京 name Tokyo, Luoyang, China
104 関西棋院 439 関西棋院 かんさいきいん n (go terminology)
関西棋院 name Kansai Go Institution
105 437 ぎょう n verse, row, line (i.e. of text)
carya (austerities)
samskara (formations)
running script (a semi-cursive style of kanji)
こう n, n-suf going, travelling (traveling)
type of classical Chinese verse (usu. an epic)
guild, district (of similar merchants)
ctr, pref, suf bank
行う おこなう v5u, vt to do, to perform, to carry out, to conduct oneself
行く いく
v5k-s, vi to go, to reach, to move (in a direction or towards a specific location), to head (towards), to be transported (towards)
to proceed, to take place
to come and go, to pass through
to walk
to die, to pass away
to do (in a specific way)
to stream, to flow
aux-v to continue
v5k-s, vi to come, to have an orgasm, to cum
to trip, to get high, to have a drug-induced hallucination
行る やる v5r, vt to send, to dispatch, to despatch
to put, to move, to turn (one's head, glance, etc.)
to give (esp. to someone of equal or lower status), to let have, to present, to bestow, to confer
to make (a vehicle) go faster
to do, to undertake, to perform, to play (a game), to study
to run (a business), to keep, to be engaged in, to practice (law, medicine, etc.), to practise
to have (food, drink, etc.), to eat, to drink, to smoke
to perform, to hold (a performance), to show
to ease (one's mind)
to harm, to injure, to kill
to have sex with
v5r, vi to live, to get by, to get along
suf, v5r to do ... completely
to do ... broadly, to do ... to a great distance
aux-v, v5r to do ... for (someone of equal or lower status), to do ... to (sometimes with negative nuance)
to make active efforts to ...
name Yukue, Susumu, Tsutomu, Tsuyoshi, Tooru, Namekata, Nameki, Makoto, Michi, Yuki, Yukimune, Kou, Gyoutoku, Gyou, Akira, Aruki, An, Iki, Iku, Itaru
106 出身 428 出身 しゅっしん adj-no, n person's origin (town, city, country, parentage, etc.)
institution from which one graduated
director in charge of employee relations
107 薫鉉 427 薫鉉 name Kungen
108 呼ばれ 417 呼ばれる よばれる v1, vi to be called (a name), to be referred to (as)
to be treated to something (e.g. a meal), to be invited to
109 予選 410 予選 よせん n, vs nomination, primary, qualifier, preliminary contest
110 その後 407 その後 そのご
n-adv, n-t after that, afterwards, thereafter
111 年度 404 年度 ねんど n, n-suf fiscal year (usu. April 1 to March 31 in Japan), financial year
school year, academic year
product year
112 放送 397 放送 ほうそう adj-no, n, vs broadcast, broadcasting
113 参加 396 参加 さんか adj-no, n, vs participation
396 ほし n star, any light-emitting (or reflecting) heavenly body (except for the sun and the moon)
suspect (police slang)
せい n Chinese "star" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
n, n-pref, n-suf Singapore
ほし n (go terminology)
name Seiji, Tiara, Tina, Hikari, Hikaru, Hoshi, Hoshisaki, Hoshizaki, Hotsu, Sei, Sumio, Akari, Kira, Kirameki, Kirara, Kirari, Shin, Jou, Sutera
115 入段 394 入段 にゅうだん n go: becoming a professional player
116 四段 392 四段 よんだん n go: 4 dan
117 390 name Ketsu, Ju, Suguru, Takashi, Takeshi, Masaru
対抗 390 対抗 たいこう n, vs antagonism, opposition
390 とき n time, hour, moment
case, occasion
season, chance, opportunity
the times, the age, the day
どき n-suf time for -, time of -, - time, (suitable) time to -
suf hour, o'clock
adj-no, suf (specified) time, when ..., during ...
name Tokimune, Tokisue, Tokizaki, Tokisaki, Toki, Taimu, Shin, Aki, Tozaki
獲得 390 獲得 かくとく adj-no, n, vs acquisition, possession
121 389 あと adj-no, n behind, rear
after, later
after one's death
the rest, remainder
successor, heir, descendant
previous, past
n-adv more (e.g. five more minutes)
suf after
しり n bottom, buttocks, behind, rump
bottom, undersurface
end, last place
うしろ n back, behind, rear
のち adj-no, n since, afterwards, later
after one's death
name Takago, Shitori, Go, Kou, Ushiro, Ato, Nochi
122 国際 388 国際 こくさい adj-no, n international
123 王座 384 王座 おうざ n throne
王座 おうざ n go: the Oza title
王座 name Ooza
124 小林光一 382 小林光一 name Kobayashi Kouichi (1952.9-)
125 381 かく pref all, every, each
n-t either, every, each, severally, respectively
name Kaiji, Kaku
126 昭和 380 昭和 しょうわ n Showa era (1926.12.25-1989.1.7)
昭和 name Akikazu, Akiwa, Shouwa, Terukazu
127 協会 378 協会 きょうかい n association, organization, organisation, society
方式 378 方式 ほうしき n method, system, form, formula
129 372 n, n-suf earth, land, ground, soil
bottom (of a package, book, etc.)
earth (one of the five elements)
n earth, land, ground, soil
the region in question, the local area
material, texture, fabric, weave
base, background
one's true nature
narrative (i.e. descriptive part of a story)
actuality, real life
(in the game of go) captured territory
noh chorus
(in Japanese dance) accompaniment music
(in Japanese music) basic phrase (usu. repetitive)
base part (of multiple shamisens)
n earth, clay, dirt, soil, mud
the earth (historically, esp. as opposed to the heavens), the ground, the land
low-quality torinoko-gami (containing mud)
(period of) refraining from construction in the direction of the god of the earth (in On'youdou)
n (go terminology)
name Hamadzi, Chitoku, Chizaki, Chi, Shouchi, Koochi
372 たん n variable measure of fabric (28.8 cm in width), for kimonos: at least 10 m in length, for haori: at least 7.27 m in length, for other clothes: at least 6.06 m in length
300 tsubo (991.74 meters square, 0.24506 acres)
six ken (10.91 m)
だん n step, stair, (flight of) steps, (row of) stitches, columns (of print)
grade, rank, level
ctr counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.)
だん n (go terminology)
name Isuke, Tan, Dan
131 370 name Kozue, Shou, Jiyao, Jo, Jiyo, Zou, Cho, Chou, Zhao (Chao) (country from the warring states period in China), Hiyon
132 369 name Shi, Hao, No, Tsui, Soo, Sou, So, Jou, Jo, Ju, Shiyo, Shiyura, Shuu, Shizuka, Ron
133 361 ごう n, n-suf edition, number, make, model, issue, part of that group
pen-name, sobriquet
name Gou
134 360 n, n-suf child
young (animal)
young woman, young geisha
new shares
n player who is not a dealer (in cards, mahjong, etc.)
n, n-suf bird egg
n-suf -er (often of young women)
こう n child
n, n-suf interest
suf honorific (or familiar) suffix used after a name
n child (esp. a boy)
master (founder of a school of thought, esp. Confucius)
philosophy (branch of Chinese literature), non-Confucian Hundred Schools of Thought writings
you (of one's equals)
n-suf -er (i.e. a man who spends all his time doing...)
n fruit, nut
(in broth) pieces of meat, vegetable, etc.
content, substance
n first sign of Chinese zodiac (The Rat, 11pm-1am, north, November)
n (go terminology)
name Nene, Ne, Shigeru, Konoe, Ko
135 355 もと n origin, source
base, root, foundation, basis
material, ingredient
(somebody's) side, (somebody's) location
original cost (or capital, principal, etc.)
(plant) root, (tree) trunk
first section of a waka
ctr counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry)
n grip, handle (chopsticks, brush, etc.)
ほん n script, book, volume
pref present, this
head, main
real, regular
ctr, suf counter for telephone calls, counter for long cylindrical things, counter for films, TV shows, etc., counter for goals, home runs, etc.
name Motoyanagi, Motomura, Motohama, Motoichi, Moto, Makoto, Pon, Hon'yanagi, Honshou, Honshio, Honzaki, Hon, Hajime, Yanakamoto
136 連覇 353 連覇 れんぱ n, vs successive championships
137 351 ふん n minute
fun (one tenth of a monme, 5.787 grains)
num one-tenth, one percent (one-tenth of a wari), 3 mm (one-tenth of a sun), 2.4 mm (one-tenth of a mon, a traditional unit used to measure shoe sizes), 0.1 degree (one-tenth of a do, used to measure body temperature on any temperature scale)
n one-quarter of a ryou (obsolete unit of currency)
advantageous circumstances
one-tenth of a monme of silver
ぶん n, n-suf, pref share, segment, part, ration
kind, degree, relation, lot, duty, one's lot, one's status
in proportion to, just as much as
分つ わかつ v5t, vt to separate, to divide
to distribute, to share
to distinguish
分る わかる v5r, vi to get, to grasp, to understand, to see, to comprehend, to follow
to become clear, to be discovered, to be known, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
name Wake
138 木谷 350 木谷 name Kitani, Kidani, Kiya, Kotani, Mokutani
139 方円 345 方円 ほうえん n squares and circles, square and round shapes
方円 name Houen
橋本 345 橋本 name Hashinomoto, Hashimota, Hashimoto
141 340 かたち
n figure, form, shape
n, suf appearance, shape
obverse of an old "zeni" coin
なり adj-no, n way, style, state, form, appearance, shape
けい suf tense, form
n (true) adjective, i-adjective
かたち n (go terminology)
name Kata
340 n, n-suf bureau, division, department (in an organization)
element, component, part
ctr counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
n hereditary occupational group (Yamato period)
name Takanabe
143 337 name Aki, Masaru, Hiroshi, Tooru, Tetsuji, Tetsu, Choru, Satoru, Satoshi, Akira, Yutaka
144 リーグ戦 334 リーグ戦 リーグせん n league match
334 はつ
adj-no, n, n-pref new, first
ぞめ suf first doing of ... (ever, in one's life, in the new year, etc.)
うぶ adj-na, adj-no, n innocent, unsophisticated, green, naive, wet behind the ears, inexperienced
n-pref birth-
name Hatsuzaki, Hatsu, Ha, Hajime, Shiyo, Ubu, Ui, Hatsumi
146 333 おうごん
adj-no, n gold
n money
きん n, n-suf gold, golden (color), metaphor for (most) valuable, gold (medal, cup)
money (written before an amount)
metal (fourth of the five elements)
Jin (dynasty of China; 1115-1234 CE)
gold general (shogi)
ctr, suf carat, karat
name Kin, Kinji, Kintaka, Kon, Jiyai, Jun, Jiyon, Jin, Chiyon, Chin, Dzin, Yun, Kiyon, Kaneyuki, Kanenori, Kana, Kanasaki, Kanazaki, Kanataka, Kanaya, Kanuchi, Kane, Kanekatsu, Kaneshi, Kanetaka, Kimu, Kim
147 331 adj-na, n greatness
えら pref huge, tremendous
偉い えらい adj-i distinguished, important, excellent, eminent, great, admirable, remarkable, celebrated, famous
terrible, awful
name Tsuyoshi, Suguru, Wei, Isamu, I, Aru, Masaru
布石 331 布石 ふせき n, vs preparation, strategic arrangement of go stones
布石 ふせき n go: fuseki
149 初段 330 初段 しょだん n lowest grade, first grade
初段 しょだん n go: shodan, 1 dan
150 御城 329 御城 name Oshiro, Mishiro
記録 329 記録 きろく n document, record, minutes
score, a record (e.g. in sports), results
vs to record, to document
to set a record (e.g. in sports), to show a result, to reach a value
記録 name Kiroku
152 呉清源 328 呉清源 name Goseigen
153 定石 327 定石 じょうせき n established tactic, play by the book
定石 じょうせき n (go terminology)
定石 name Sadaishi
154 326 ちから n might, energy, strength, force, vigour (vigor)
ability, capacity, capability, faculty, proficiency
effect, efficacy
effort, endeavours (endeavors), exertions
influence, agency, power, authority, good offices
help, assistance, aid, support
stress, emphasis
means, resources
りょく suf ability, strength, power, proficiency
りき n ability, strength, power, proficiency
n-suf the strength of ... people, the strength of ... men
力む りきむ v5m, vt to strain, to bear up, to exert one's strength
to swagger, to boast, to bluff
name Teiriki, Tsuyoshi, Tsutome, Tsutomu, Chikara, Takariki, Isamu, Isao, Riki
155 日中 325 日中 にっちゅう
n-adv, n-t daytime, during the day
n Sino-Japanese
日中 name Nicchuu, Hinaka
156 決定戦 324 決定戦 けっていせん n play-off, deciding match, runoff
157 323 うま
n horse
promoted bishop (shogi)
name Mazaki, Masaki, Ma, Ba, Takeshi, Takama, Kura, Umasaki, Uma, Me
158 個人戦 321 個人戦 こじんせん n individual match, single game
北京 321 北京 ペキン n Beijing (China), Peking
北京 name Beijing (China), Peking
160 坂田栄男 320 坂田栄男 name Sakata Eio (1920.2.15-)
161 317 ほか adj-no, n, n-adv the rest, other (esp. places and things)
adj-no, n, n-adv other (esp. people and abstract matters)
成績 317 成績 せいせき n record, results, grades
163 加藤正夫 316 加藤正夫 name Katou Masao (1947.3-)
164 315 いにしえ n ancient times, antiquity
ふる n used item, secondhand item
n-pref previous, old, used
古い ふるい adj-i antiquated, old (not person), aged, ancient, stale, threadbare, outmoded, obsolete article
古す ふるす v5s, vt to wear out
name Furutaka, Furuichi, Furu, Hisashi, Koyanagi, Koshio, Kozaki, Kosaki, Ko, Inishie, Inishi, Furuhama
165 314 n, n-suf illustration, graph, diagram, chart, drawing, picture, figure
sight, scene
n (go terminology)
図る はかる v5r, vt to plan, to devise, to attempt, to plot, to design
to deceive, to take in
to aim for, to have something in mind
to refer A to B
name Zu, Hakari, Hakaru
166 回戦 312 回戦 かいせん n game, match
167 引退 311 引退 いんたい n, vs retire
時に 311 時に ときに exp incidentally, by the way
adv occasionally, sometimes
169 受け 307 受け うけ n, n-suf popularity, reception, favour, favor
n defense, defence, reputation
receiver of technique (e.g. in martial arts)
submissive partner of a homosexual relationship
受け うけ n go: answer, defense (to a move)
受ける うける v1, vt to get, to receive
to catch (e.g. a ball)
to be struck by (wind, waves, sunlight, etc.)
to sustain (damage), to incur (a loss), to suffer (an injury), to feel (influence)
to undergo (e.g. surgery), to take (a test), to accept (a challenge)
to be given (e.g. life, talent)
to be descended from, to follow, to succeed
to face (south, etc.)
to be modified by
to obtain (a pawned item, etc.) by paying a fee
v1, vi to be well-received, to become popular, to go down well
明治 307 明治 めいじ n Meiji era (1868.9.8-1912.7.30)
明治 name Akiji, Akiharu, Akeharu, Haruji, Myouji, Meiji
林海峰 307 林海峰 name Rin Kaihou (1942.5-)
172 決勝戦 305 決勝戦 けっしょうせん n decision of a contest, finals game of a tournament
173 304 持つ もつ v5t to carry, to take, to hold (in one's hand)
to have, to possess, to own
to keep, to maintain
to keep, to last, to be durable, to survive
to take charge of, to be in charge of
name Tamotsu, Mochi, Mochisaki, Mochitoku
174 開催 303 開催 かいさい n, vs holding a meeting, open an exhibition
175 302 name U
176 連勝 301 連勝 れんしょう n, vs consecutive victories, series of victories
177 代表 300 代表 だいひょう adj-no, n, vs type, delegation, model, example, representative, representation
開始 300 開始 かいし n, vs initiation, start, beginning, commencement
179 296 n, pref multi-
多い おおい adj-i many, numerous
name Tamotsu, Tazaki, Takuya, Kuwata, Oono, Ooshi, Oo, Isao, Masaru
180 暁春 295 暁春 name Akiharu
選手 295 選手 せんしゅ n player (in game), team member
182 294 うえ adj-no, n, n-adv, n-suf above, over, up, elder (e.g. daughter)
summit, top
on, surface
before, previous
superiority, one's superior (i.e. one's elder)
besides, what's more, on top of that
upon (further inspection, etc.), based on (and occurring after)
matters concerning..., as concerns ...
since (i.e. "for that reason")
n-suf suffix indicating higher social standing
place of one's superior (i.e. the throne)
emperor, sovereign, daimyo, shogun
noblewoman (esp. the wife of a nobleman)
うわ n, pref outer, upper, top, surface, upward
かみ n upper reaches (of a river), upper stream
top, upper part, upper half (of the body)
long ago
beginning, first
person of high rank (e.g. the emperor)
imperial court, government
imperial capital (i.e. Kyoto), capital region (i.e. Kansai), region (or direction of) the imperial palace
head (of a table)
wife, mistress (of a restaurant)
じょう n-suf from the standpoint of, as a matter of (e.g. fact), in the field of, being of the type of
above, on, aboard (a ship or vehicle), on top of
n first volume (e.g. book)
n, pref best, top, high class, superior quality
going up
imperial, governmental
presenting, showing
pref ana- (medical, biol.)
うえ n (go terminology)
上す のぼす v5s to raise, to record, to serve (food), to bring up (a matter), to send some one out
上る のぼる v5r, vi to go up, to ascend, to climb
to rise, to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun)
to go to (the capital)
to be promoted
to add up to
to advance (in price)
to swim up (a river), to sail up
to come up (on the agenda)
上る あがる v5r, vi to rise, to be raised, to go up, to come up, to ascend
to enter (esp. from outdoors), to come in, to go in
to enter (a school), to advance to the next grade
to get out (of water), to come ashore
to increase
to improve, to make progress
to advance, to be promoted
to be made (of profit, etc.)
to occur (esp. of a favourable result)
to be adequate (to cover expenses, etc.)
to be done, to be over, to be finished
to lift, (of rain) to stop
to die, to stop (working properly), to cut out, to give out
to win (in a card game, etc.)
to be arrested
to turn up (of evidence, etc.)
to be deep fried
to be spoken loudly
to get stage fright
to be offered (to the gods, etc.)
to go, to visit
to eat, to drink
to be listed (as a candidate)
to serve (in one's master's home)
(in Kyoto) to go north
suf, v5r (after the -masu stem of a verb) indicates completion
name Kami, Kamino, Kamiyanagi, Kamura, Kan, Kou, Kouzaki, Sakigami, Jou, Jouji, Susumu, Takashi, Noboru, Kano, Kado, Uwa, Ue, Uesaki, Uezaki, Uetaka, Uetsuru, Ueyagi, Ueyanagi
294 さかい
n border, boundary
area, spot, region, space, environment
psychological state, mental state
cognitive object, something perceptible by the sense organs or mind
かい n kingdom
erathem (rock layer corresponding to the era in which it was deposited)
partition of land
suf the world of (some category)
name Kai, Kaiji, Sakai
184 293 name U, Un, O, Ou, Oo, Kure, Wu (Chinese state ?-473 BCE, Chinese kingdoms 222-280 CE, 902-937 CE, region of China: Jiangsu south of the Yangtze), Kou, Go, Wu (Chinese state ?-473 BCE, Chinese kingdoms 222-280 CE, 902-937 CE, region of China: Jiangsu south of the Yangtze), Gou
棋譜 293 棋譜 きふ n record of a game of go, shogi, chess, etc.
棋譜 きふ n go: kifu
186 依田紀基 291 依田紀基 name Yoda Norimoto (1966.2.11-)
187 290 とこ adv ever, endless
つね adj-no, n usual state of things
adj-na, adj-no, n eternity, perpetuity, immortality
Eikyuu era (1113.7.13-1118.4.3)
adj-no, n common, ordinary, usual
free of charge
safe, unaffected, as is
adv only, just, merely, simply
nevertheless, but, however
name Toko, Toki, Tsunemine, Tsuneji, Tsunesaki, Tsune, Chiyan, Jouji, Jou, Sanpiru, Hisashi
290 ちょぼ
n dot, point, mark
gidayuu musicians (in kabuki)
てん n, n-suf mark, spot
dot, point
score, mark (e.g. in exam), points
n comma
aspect, respect, matter
ctr counter for goods, items, articles of clothing, works of art, etc.
n dot, point, mark
gratuity, tip
suf piddling, paltry, mere, a little
点く つく v5k, vi to be lit (e.g. electricity comes on), to be lighted
to catch fire
点す ともす
v5s, vt to turn on, to light
点す さす v5s, vt to pour, to add (liquid), to serve (drinks)
to apply, to put on (lipstick, etc.), to colour, to dye
to burn, to light (a fire)
点る ともる
v5r, vi to be lighted, to be lit (e.g. candle, lamp, light bulb), to be burning
name Tomosu, Tomoru
関連項目 290 関連項目 かんれんこうもく n related item, related topic
190 女流棋士 288 女流棋士 じょりゅうきし n professional woman go player
191 棋道 287 棋道 きどう n art of shogi (go)
192 286 name Atsushi, Sora, Takashi, Hiroshi
193 平成 285 平成 へいせい n Heisei era (1989.1.8- )
平成 name Hiranari, Heisei (reign of emperor)
194 十段 284 十段 じゅうだん n go: the Judan title
195 進出 283 進出 しんしゅつ n, vs advance (into a new market or stage of progress), launching (a new career or venture), expanding (into a new market), stepping forward, emerging
進出 name Shinde
196 282 はん n, n-pref half, semi-
n, n-suf half-past
n odd number
unit of land area (595.8 m^2)
name Naka, Nakaba, Han, Hanzaki
197 歴代 281 歴代 れきだい adj-no, n successive generations, successive emperors
198 表記 280 表記 ひょうき adj-no, n, vs writing on the surface (e.g. an address on an envelope), inscribing on the face
transcription, notation, expression in writing, surface form
199 279 name Nie
200 新人王 277 新人王 しんじんおう n rookie-of-the-year
設立 277 設立 せつりつ n, vs establishment, founding, incorporation (of a business)
202 276 せい n, n-suf establishment, organization, organisation, control, system, regulation, suppression, restraint, holding back, government, laws, imperial command
制す せいす v5s, vt to control, to command, to get the better of
name Osamu, Sei, Seiji
203 三段 273 三段 さんだん n go: 3 dan
三段 name Sandan
204 大竹英雄 271 大竹英雄 name Ootake Hideo (1942.5-)
時代 271 時代 じだい n, n-t period, age, epoch, era
the times, those days
antiquity, oldness, ancientness
antique, period piece
時代 name Jidai, Toki, Tokiyo
206 挑戦 270 挑戦 ちょうせん n, vs try, challenge, attempt, defiance, dare
挑戦 ちょうせん n (go terminology)
賞金 270 賞金 しょうきん n prize, monetary award
208 268 しゅう n Zhou (dynasty of China), Chou
(geometric) perimeter
ctr, n-suf counter for laps or circuits
name Juu, Susaki, Suzaki, Chika, Chikashi, Tsukashi, Hiroshi, Makoto, Meguri, Shiyu, Shuutei, Amane, Itaru, Osamu, Kane, Shu, Shuu, Shuuki, Shuukichi, Shuuji, Meguru
209 上海 266 上海 シャンハイ n Shanghai (China)
上海 name Shanhai, Joukai
210 脚注 265 脚注 きゃくちゅう n footnote
211 後に 264 後に のちに adv later on, subsequently, by and by, after a while
衛平 264 衛平 name Eihei
213 261 しゅう n-suf collection, compilation
集う つどう v5u to meet, to assemble, to congregate
集る たかる v5r, vi to gather, to swarm, to flock, to crowd round
to extort from, to sponge off
集る あつまる v5r, vi to collect, to gather, to assemble
name Munemoto, Munemitsu, Hitoshi, Tsudoi, Shuumi, Shuugo, Shuu, Atsumu, Atsumaru, Atsumari, Ai
214 打っ 259 打っ ぶっ pref quickly, suddenly, violently, strongly (used to emphasize the following verb)
215 二子 258 二子 ふたご
n twin, twins
二子 にし n go: two stones
二子 name Kazuko, Kisako, Niko, Nigo, Fujiko, Futako, Futago
当時 258 当時 とうじ n-adv, n-t at that time, in those days
当時 name Touji
217 257 name Ooki, Suguru, Seki, Soku, Hiroshi, Mitsuru, Yutaka
218 生まれ 255 生まれ うまれ n birth, birthplace
adj-no, n-suf born in (country, month, imperial era, zodiac year, etc.)
生まれる うまれる v1, vi to be born
219 254 いん n factor, cause
hetu (direct cause, esp. as opposed to indirect conditions)
the basis of one's argument (in hetuvidya)
よし n significance, reason, cause
n aid, means, way, clue, something to rely on
relative, someone to rely on
memento, reminder
因む ちなむ v5m, vi to be associated (with), to be connected (with)
因る よる v5r, vi to be due to, to be caused by
to depend on, to turn on
to be based on, to come from
name In, Chinami, Yukari
220 250 adj-na, n yellow
name Shuu, Han, Hiyon, Fuan, Fuin, Fuen, Hoan, Hou, Howan, Gou, Kogane, Ui, Uon, Ou, Katsumi, Ki, Kii, Ko, Kou, Koukei, Hon
221 山下敬吾 247 山下敬吾 name Yamashita Keigo (1978.9.6-)
222 246 もと n origin, source
base, root, foundation, basis
material, ingredient
(somebody's) side, (somebody's) location
original cost (or capital, principal, etc.)
(plant) root, (tree) trunk
first section of a waka
ctr counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry)
n grip, handle (chopsticks, brush, etc.)
もと adj-no, n, n-adv, n-pref former, ex-
げん n unknown (e.g. in an equation)
element (of a set)
yuan (monetary unit of China)
Yuan dynasty (China)
name Motozumi, Motoji, Motozaki, Motokatsu, Motoi, Moto, Hajime, Hajimu, Tsukasa, Genji, Genshuu, Gen, Un, Uon, Motoyasu
246 name Sa, Chioe, Chiejiyon, Chiei, Chie, Che, Takashi, Sun, Sai, Chiyoi
224 国手 245 国手 こくしゅ n master, skilled physician, noted doctor
挑戦手合 245 挑戦手合 ちょうせんてあい n (go terminology)
碁聖 245 碁聖 ごせい n go: the Gosei title
227 秀策 244 秀策 name Shuusaku
244 謝す しゃす v5s to thank
to apologize, to apologise
to retreat, to retire, to say farewell
to refuse
to pay back, to settle old scores
謝る あやまる v5r to apologize, to apologise
name Aya, She, Shie, Sha, Shiya, Shiyachi, Ja
229 243 とり n, n-suf collector, collecting, taking, taker
n last performer of the day (usu. the star performer), last performance of the day
active partner (e.g. in judo demonstration)
pref emphatic or formal prefix
どり n-suf samurai receiving this much rice as a fee
offering of rice cake containing this much rice
person receiving this amount of money as a salary
しゅ n appropriation, obtaining
取る とる v5r, vt to choose, to pick up, to harvest, to take, to earn, to win
to steal
to eat, to have (a meal)
to remove (one's glasses, etc.)
to play, to compete (in sumo, cards, etc.)
取る とる v (go terminology)
name Kuwatori, Takatoru, Takadori
団体戦 243 団体戦 だんたいせん n team competition, team game
団体戦 だんたいせん n go: team competition
243 おん n obligation, favour, favor, debt of gratitude
name Oshimi, On, Megu, Megumi, Megumu
232 勝ち 242 勝ち かち n victory, win
勝ち がち suf liable to do, apt to do, tend to do (used to describe a negative tendency)
勝ち かち n (go terminology)
233 二段 240 二段 にだん n go: 2 dan; two-step
二段 name Nidan
234 詰碁 238 詰碁 つめご n go: tsume-go
235 新鋭 237 新鋭 しんえい adj-na, adj-no, n young and energetic, up-and-coming, new and excellent, newly produced, up-and-comer
237 よろい n armor, armour
きのえ n first sign of the Chinese calendar
かん n treble range (in Japanese music), high note
こう n shell, carapace
1st in rank, grade A
instep, back of hand
the A party (e.g. in a contract), the first party, plaintiff (label in legal documents)
かぶと n helmet (of armor, armour), headpiece
name Masaru, Hajime, Shin, Kouzaki, Kou, Kinoe, Kine, Kabutokinoe, Kabuto, Yoroi
237 236 しばしば adv frequently, often, again and again
すう pref several, a number of
n number, figure, numeral
fate, destiny
かず n number, amount
name Susaki, Suu, Kazuyuki, Kazunori, Kazutomo, Kazuji, Kazuko, Kazu, Suzaki
238 235 n age, society, generation, world
せい ctr counter for generations
n-suf epoch
name Sea, Sei, Seshime, Seze, Toki
235 はる n-adv, n-t spring, springtime
New Year
prime (of one's life, etc.)
puberty, adolescence
name Harusaki, Haru, Hajime, Nagoshi, Toki, Chiyun, Shunmin, Shun, Kazu, Azuma, Haruji
項目 235 項目 こうもく n entry, (data) item
241 234 いち n fair, market
n, n-suf city
name Ichi, Ichisaki, Ichizaki, Ichiji, Shouichi
早碁 234 早碁 はやご n (go terminology)
243 多く 233 多く おおく adv many, mostly, much, largely, abundantly
244 232 かんむり
n crown, diadem, coronet, cap (esp. a traditional cap worn with sokutai or ikan clothing)
top kanji radical
first verse of a haikai, etc.
adj-t, adv-to best, first, peerless
n order, rank
冠る かぶる
v5r, vt to wear, to put on (one's head), to have on, to pull over (one's head), to crown (oneself)
to be covered with (dust, snow, etc.), to pour (water, etc.) on oneself, to dash on oneself, to ship water
to assume (responsibility), to bear (e.g. someone's debts, faults, etc.), to take (blame), to shoulder (burden)
to overlap (e.g. sound or color)
to be similar, to be redundant
v5r, vi to be fogged (due to overexposure, etc.)
to close, to come to an end
to get a full house, to sell out
to fail, to blunder, to bungle
to be deceived
name Kamori, Kan, Kanmuri, Masaru
文化 232 文化 ぶんか n culture, civilization, civilisation
Bunka era (1804.2.11-1818.4.22)
文化 name Fumika, Bunka
藤沢秀行 232 藤沢秀行 name Fujisawa Hideyuki (1925.6-)
247 230 どう n, n-pref, n-suf hall, temple, shrine
prefix to building meaning "magnificent"
name Keidou, Takadono, Dou, Douzaki
現在 230 現在 げんざい n-adv, n-t now, present, current, present time, as of
249 229 すみ
n, n-suf corner, recess, nook
n downstage right (on a noh stage)
すみ n (go terminology)
name Kuma, Sumi, Sumisaki, Sumitomo, Suminori
250 オープン戦 226 オープン戦 オープンせん n open game, exhibition game (baseball)
入門 226 入門 にゅうもん adj-no, n, vs manual, primer, entering an institute, introduction to
入門 name Irikado, Irima
226 いさお n meritorious service, distinguished service
くん n merit (esp. order of merit)
name Isao, Isamu, Kaoru, Kunji, Tsutomu
253 武宮正樹 223 武宮正樹 name Takemiya Masaki (1951.1-)
男子 223 男子 だんし n youth, young man
255 中央 221 中央 ちゅうおう adj-no, n centre, center, middle, central
中央 ちゅうおう n (go terminology)
中央 name Chuuou, Mao
元年 221 元年 がんねん n-adv, n-t first year (of a specific reign)
元年 name Mototoshi
紹介 221 紹介 しょうかい adj-no, n, vs introduction, referral
道策 221 道策 name Dousaku
259 220 いり n, n-suf entering
setting (of the sun)
audience, content, containing
しお ctr, suf counter for soakings (of fabric in a dye)
入る いる v5r, vi to set, to come in, to go in, to get in, to flow into, to set in
入る はいる v5r, vi to enter, to go into
to break into
to join, to enroll
to contain, to hold, to accommodate
to have (an income of)
to get, to receive, to score
name Iri, Kaeru
260 以降 219 以降 いこう n-adv, n-t since, thereafter, hereafter, on and after, as from
著作 219 著作 ちょさく n, vs book, writing
院生 219 院生 いんせい n graduate student
院生 いんせい n (go terminology)
263 三番勝負 217 三番勝負 さんばんしょうぶ n three-game match, three-bout contest, a rubber (in a card game)
秀栄 217 秀栄 name Shuuei, Hidehisa, Yoshie
265 全日本 216 全日本 ぜんにほん exp All-Japan
216 ばん n number (in a series)
(one's) turn
guard, watch, lookout
bout, match (sumo)
つがい n couple, brace, (one) pair (e.g. of birds)
joint, hinge
番う つがう v5u, vi to pair up, to pair with, to pair off
番る つがえる v1, vt to nock (an arrow), to fix an arrow to the string
name Tsugai, Ban
267 215 ちち
n father
name Chichi
268 214 name So, Sou, Tao, Chou, Tsuao, Tsukasa
269 務め 213 務め つとめ n service, task, business, duty, responsibility
Buddhist religious services
務める つとめる v1, vt to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in)
to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of)
to conduct a religious service
213 くに n country, (the) state
province (of Japan)
home (i.e. hometown, home country)
earth, land
name Koku, Kuniyuki, Kunimune, Kunitomo, Kunitsugu, Kunisue, Kuniji, Kunizaki, Kunisaki, Kuni, Kuofei, Kokuki
発売 213 発売 はつばい n, vs sale, offering for sale, release (for sale), launch (product)
272 藤沢 212 藤沢 name Fujisawa, Fujizawa
273 211 さき adj-no, n, n-suf, pref some time ago, previous, former, prior, preceding
end, tip, nozzle, point (e.g. pencil)
front, head (of a line)
ahead, the other side
hereafter, the future
the other party
せん adj-no, n previous, former, old
n first move (in go, shogi, etc.), opening move
name Takasaki, Senzaki, Sensaki, Sen, Susumu, Sakizaki, Saki, Ayumi, Hirosaki
秀和 211 秀和 name Shuuwa, Shuwa Corporation, Hide, Hidekazu, Hidechika, Hideto
結果 211 結果 けっか n-adv, n-t effect, result, consequence, outcome
n, vs coming to fruition, bearing fruit
結果 name Yuuka, Yuka
羽根直樹 211 羽根直樹 name Hane Naoki (1976.8.14-)
277 現代 209 現代 げんだい adj-no, n, n-adv nowadays, modern times, modern era, present-day
現代 name Gendai, Miyo, Modan, (uk) Hyundai (car company)
278 勝利 208 勝利 しょうり n, vs success, victory, triumph, conquest, win
勝利 name Akitoshi, Katsutoshi, Shouri, Suguri, Masato, Masatoshi
279 204 じゅう

num 10, ten
シー num ten
name Hisashi, Michiru, Mitsuru, Muneshige, Mokigi, Mogiki, Mogite, Mogeki, Motegi, Momoki, Tokachi, Tsunashi, Edanashi, Kanna, Shuusuke, Juu, Ju, Soujun, Sousuke, Tsuganashi, Tsuji, Yokotate
280 丈和 203 丈和 name Jouwa, Takekazu
203 しょう n, n-suf department, ministry
province (of China)
n-pref saving, conserving
省く はぶく v5k, vt to omit, to eliminate, to exclude, to leave out
to save, to curtail, to cut down, to economize, to economise
name Mitsumu, Fumisu, Habuku, Seiji, Sei, Shouhei, Shousuke, Shou, Satoru, Satoshi, Katsumine, Katsube, Katsuhira, Katsunami, Katsusuke, Akira
282 202 やなぎ
n willow (any tree of genus Salix)
weeping willow (Salix babylonica)
name Riyu, Ryuu, Yon, You, Yo, Yan, Yanagi, Yanai, Paku, Chi, Riyou
283 名誉 201 名誉 めいよ adj-na, n honor, honour, credit, prestige
201 さら n plate, dish, platter, disc
ctr, n, n-suf course, serving, helping
n kanji radical 108 (at the bottom)
ばん n, n-suf disk, record, disc, clock face
tray, shallow bowl
grid, board (e.g. in shogi)
name Iwao, Ban
285 200
num four
スー num four
name Azuma, Shinohara, Yotsu
宇太郎 200 宇太郎 name Utarou, Udarou
200 name Keishu
288 大手合 199 大手合 おおてあい n (go terminology)
翌年 199 翌年 よくねん
n-t following year
290 対戦 198 対戦 たいせん n, vs competition, waging war
持ち時間 198 持ち時間 もちじかん n amount of time one has
198 ざん n, pref excess, remaining, left-over
残す のこす v5s, vt to save, to reserve, to bequeath, to leave (behind, over)
残る のこる v5r, vi to remain, to be left
name Zan
293 手合 197 手合 てあい n that kind (may be used as a disparaging term for another person)
competition, match
手合 てあい n (go terminology)
手合 name Tegou
294 天保 196 天保 てんぽう n Tempou era (1830.12.10-1844.12.2)
天保 name Amayasu, Tenpo, Tenpou
295 195 かた n way, direction
gentleman, lady, person
n, n-suf method of, manner of, way of
n-suf care of ..
person in charge of ..
side (e.g. "on my mother's side")

n surrounding area
shore (of the sea)
suf suffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.
がた suf honorific pluralizing suffix (used only for people)
about, around (the time that, etc.)
さま suf Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
makes words more polite (usu. in fixed expressions)
n situation, state, appearance
ほう n way, side, direction, area (in a particular direction)
side (of an argument, etc.), one's part
category, type
field (of study, etc.)
indicates one side of a comparison
means, way, method, manner
length (of each side of a square)
name Masani, Masashi, Hon, Hou, Fuon, Pan, Ban, Tokukata, Tamotsu, Tadashi, Kata, Ataru, Michi
火災 195 火災 かさい n fire, conflagration
195 n (in gagaku or noh) middle section of a song
破く やぶく v5k, vt to smash, to destroy, to tear, to defeat, to violate
破る やぶる v5r, vt to smash, to destroy, to tear, to defeat, to violate, to break (e.g. password)
破る やぶる v (go terminology)
name Hazaki
195 めい n inscription
name Mei
299 仙角 194 仙角 name Senkaku
以下 194 以下 いか
n not exceeding, and downward, ... and below
below (e.g. standard), under (e.g. a level)
the rest, the below-mentioned, the following
194 いん n director (of the ritsuryo-period Imperial Prosecuting and Investigating Office)
name Yun, Yuun, Makoto, Hiraaki, Hi, Tadashi, Sei, Susumu, Osamu, In, Ishi, Iun, Ii, I, Wan
194 ふみ n letter, writings
しょ n, n-suf document, book
n handwriting, penmanship, calligraphy (esp. Chinese)
書く かく v5k, vt to write, to compose, to pen
to paint, to draw
果た 194 果たす はたす v5s, vt to do, to perform, to accomplish, to achieve, to carry out, to fulfill, to fulfil, to realize, to execute
suf, v5s to do ... completely, to do ... entirely
鈴木 194 鈴木 name Susuki, Susugi, Susuheki, Suzuki, Suzuko, Suzushi, Sudzuki
305 受賞 193 受賞 じゅしょう n, vs winning (a prize)
193 くみ n set (of items)
team, group (of people), class (of students), company (esp. construction), family (i.e. mafia)
composition, typesetting
組む くむ v5m to cross (legs or arms), to link (arms)
to put together, to construct, to assemble, to produce (e.g. TV program)
to braid, to plait
to wrestle, to grapple
to unite, to link up, to form an alliance
to set (e.g. type)
to issue (e.g. money order)
name Kumi, Takagumi
307 富士通 190 富士通 ふじつう n Fujitsu
308 189 つぎ adj-no, n next, following, subsequent
station, stage
pref next
hypo- (i.e. containing an element with low valence)
ctr time, order, sequence, times
次ぐ つぐ v5g, vi to rank next to, to come after
name Takatsugi, Tsugu, Tsuguru, Yadoru
309 少年 188 少年 しょうねん n boy, youth, juvenile, lad, young boy
石田芳夫 188 石田芳夫 name Ishida Yoshio (1948.8-)
解説 188 解説 かいせつ adj-no, n, vs exposition, commentary, explanation, elucidation
312 創設 187 創設 そうせつ n, vs establishment, organization, organisation, founding
187 たい conj, n opposite, opposition
versus, vs
to (i.e. "we won the game five to three")
equal footing, equal terms
anti-, against ..., toward ..., to ...
つい n couple, pair, set
ctr counter for items that come in pairs
counter for sets (of clothes, small furniture, utensils, etc.)
対う むかう v5u, vi to face
to go towards
対す たいす v5s, vi to face (each other), to be facing
to be related to, to be directed toward (the future, etc.), to be in response to
to receive (a client, etc.)
to compare with, to contrast with, to be in opposition with, to be opposed to
to oppose, to compete with, to confront
対す ついす v5s, vi to correspond, to form a pair
name Tsui, Tsuizaki
187 ひだり adj-no, n left, left hand side
adj-no, n the following, left (esp. in vertical Japanese writing)
ひだり n (go terminology)
name Hidari, Chiyou, Cha, Tasuke, Sazaki, Sasaki, Sa, Aza
番組 187 番組 ばんぐみ n programme, program (e.g. TV)
番組 name Bangumi
跡目 187 跡目 あとめ n family property, headship of a family
317 打たれ 186 打たれる うたれる v1, vi to be beaten, to be struck
318 新聞 185 新聞 しんぶん adj-no, n newspaper
新聞 name Shinbun
李世 185 李世 name Rise, Riyo
決定 185 決定 けってい n, vs determination, decision
321 名の 184 名のる なのる v5r, vi to call oneself (name, label, etc.), to give one's name (as), to impersonate or claim (to be someone)
184 呼ぶ よぶ v5b, vt to call, to call out (to), to invoke
to summon (a doctor, etc.)
to invite
to designate, to name, to brand
to gather, to garner (support, etc.)
to take as one's wife
name Ko
国内 184 国内 こくない
adj-no, n domestic, internal
184 なが pref, suf long
adj-na, adj-no, n eternity, perpetuity, immortality
Eikyuu era (1113.7.13-1118.4.3)
永い ながい adj-i long (distance)
long (time), lengthy
name Yonchoru, Hisashi, Haruka, Nori, Nagai, Naga, Towa, Ei
184 赫う かがよう v5u, vi to sparkle, to shimmer
赫く かがやく v5k to sparkle, to glitter, to shine
name Akashi, Akira, Kaku, Terashi
326 史上 183 史上 しじょう adj-no, n-adv, n-t historical
183 あな n, n-suf hole
shortage, deficit, missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.)
opening, vacancy
profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others
upset victory (with a large payoff)
pit (of a theater)
hiding place
underbelly (of society, etc.)
name Kou, Kouno, Kon, Takashi, Tooru
183 きょう n-suf a little over, a little more than
powerhouse, one of the biggest, one of the most powerful
強い つよい adj-i strong, powerful, mighty, potent
resistant, resilient, durable
強い こわい adj-i tough, stiff, hard
stubborn, obstinate, inflexible
強い つよい adj-i (go terminology)
name Gouji, Tsuyoi, Tsutomu, Susumu, Tsuyoshi, Gou, Kowa, Kyouji, Kyou, Tsuyomi, Tsuyosaki
採用試験 183 採用試験 さいようしけん n employment examination
330 182 含む ふくむ
v5m, vt to include, to contain, to comprise, to have, to hold, to embrace
to hold in the mouth
to understand, to bear in mind, to harbor (grudge, etc.), to harbour
to express (emotion, etc.), to imply
331 自分 181 自分 じぶん adj-no, pn oneself, myself, yourself, himself, herself
I, me
記事 181 記事 きじ n article, account, report, news story
333 加藤 179 加藤 name Kaiu, Katou, Katoo
334 178 争う あらそう v5u, vi to compete, to contest, to contend
to oppose, to quarrel, to dispute, to argue, to be at variance
(usu. in negative form) to deny (e.g. evidence)
争う あらがう v5u, vi to resist, to go against, to oppose, to deny, to fight against
門入 178 門入 name Monnyuu
336 177 name Satoshi, Yu, Yuu, Yutsu
棋風 177 棋風 きふう n one's style of playing shogi or go
338 176 ぜん n all, overall, complete, whole, entire
pref pan-, omni-, toti-
name Mattaku, Masa, Chiyon, Chon, Chien, Tamotsu, Zenji, Zen, Se, Jon, Jan, Akira, Matoshi
書房 176 書房 しょぼう n library, bookshop, bookstore
340 井山裕太 174 井山裕太 name Iyama Yuuta
341 家元 172 家元 いえもと n head of a school (of music, dance), head family of a school
家元 name Iemoto
172 ところ
n, suf scene, spot, place, site
area, district, locality
one's house
room, space
as a result, whereupon
on the verge of, (after present form of a verb) about to
(after past form of a verb) was just doing, was in the process of doing, have just done, just finished doing
しょ ctr, suf counter for places
name Tokoro, Tokorosaki, Tondokoro
王立誠 172 王立誠 name Ou Rissei (33.11-), Ouritsusei
用い 172 用いる もちいる v1, vt to use, to make use of, to utilize, to utilise
誠文 172 誠文 name Seibun, Tomofumi, Nobuyoshi
負け 172 負け まけ n loss, defeat, losing (a game)
負ける まける v1, vi to lose, to be defeated
to surrender, to yield, to give in, to succumb
to be inferior to
to break out in a rash due to (e.g. lacquer, shaving, etc.)
v1, vt to reduce the price, to lower the price, to give a discount on
負ける まける v (go terminology)
347 三星 170 三星 name Sansei, Mitsuho, Mitsuhoshi, Mitsuboshi, Mihoshi, Miboshi
十番碁 170 十番碁 じゅうばんご n (go terminology)
170 まき n roll (e.g. of cloth)
volume (of book)
かん ctr, n volume (of book), reel (of film)
巻く まく v5k, vt to wind, to coil, to roll, to wear (e.g. turban, scarf)
to envelope, to shroud
to outflank, to skirt
to link (verse)
name Kan, Maki
170 けん n outlook, view (of life, etc.)
n, n-suf viewing, looking
見す めす v5s, vt to see, to look, to watch
to rule, to govern
見る みる v1, vt to see, to view, to look, to watch, to observe
to assess, to examine, to look over, to look on, to judge
to look after, to take care of, to keep an eye on
to view (e.g. flowers, movie)
to try, to try out
to see that..., to find that...
name Miru, Mitomo, Mishio, Mizaki, Misaki, Mayumi, Mamiyu, Mamie, Mana, Kenzaki, Kensaki, Ken
351 169 そう n Song (dynasty of China)
name San, So, Sou, Son
死去 169 死去 しきょ n, vs death
353 新光 168 新光 name Arakou, Arami, Shinkou, Niikou, Nikkou, Yoshimitsu
破り 168 破り やぶり n, n-suf getting away from, escaping, defying
高尾紳路 168 高尾紳路 name Takao Shinji
高校 168 高校 こうこう n high school, senior high school
高校 name Koukou
357 敗退 167 敗退 はいたい n, vs being defeated, being eliminated (from competition)
167 name Akira, Bin, Hin, Hitoshi, Hanagi, Hajime, Nakaba, Takeru, Takeshi, Sayaka, Sakan, Sakaru, Uruwashi, Masaru
167 みょう n vidya (wisdom)
pref the coming (4th of July, etc.)
めい n brightness
clarity, acumen
power of vision
みん n Ming (dynasty of China, 1368-1644)
さや adv clearly, brightly
cleanly, purely
明い あかるい adj-i colourful, bright
familiar (with), knowledgeable (about)
clean, fair (e.g. politics)
明く あく v5k, vi to open (e.g. doors)
to open (e.g. business, etc.)
to be empty
to be vacant, to be available, to be free
to be open (e.g. neckline, etc.)
to have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.)
to come to an end
v5k, vt to open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.)
v5k, vi to have a hole, to form a gap, to have an interval (between events)
明る あかる v5r, vi to become clear, to become bright
name Meishuu, Ake, Akesaki, Akemine, Akera, Asumi, Satoshi, Saya, Sayaka, Tooru, Toshi, Haru, Hinata, Myou, Myoujin, Min, Mei, Akuru, Akiraka, Akashi, Akashio, Akajio, Akamine, Akira, Akinori, Akitsugu, Aki, Akaru, Akari
講座 167 講座 こうざ n academic teaching unit, lectureship, professorial chair
course (e.g. of lectures)
361 少年少女 166 少年少女 しょうねんしょうじょ adj-no, n boys and girls
166 など n, n-suf, prt etc., and so forth, et cetera, and the like
(indicating an approximate quote or vague suggestion) or something
(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of
とう ctr, n, n-suf order, class, rank
suf and the like, et cetera (etc.)
pref equal
suf and the like, pluralizing suffix (often humble, derogatory or familiar), and others, et alios, and followers
or so (rough indicator of direction, location, amount, etc.)
(after the stem of an adjective) nominalizing suffix
name Hito, Hitoshi
363 主な 164 主な おもな adj-pn important, chief, main, principal
交流 164 交流 こうりゅう n, vs interchange, intercourse, interaction, (cultural) exchange, (inter-) mingling, (social, etc.) networking
alternating current, AC
164 れい adj-no, n, n-pref practice, custom, usual, habit
said, aforementioned
illustration, instance, case, example, usage
ためし n example, precedent
name Kiyosaki
164 奉る たてまつる
v5r, vt to present, to offer, to revere, to do respectfully
name Tomo, Hou, Matsuri
算知 164 算知 name Sanchi
368 団体 163 団体 だんたい n association, organization, organisation
団体 name Dantai
369 碁盤 162 碁盤 ごばん n Go board
碁盤 ごばん n (go terminology)
碁盤 name Goban
結城聡 162 結城聡 name Yuuki Satoshi
371 161 name Kana, Chiyan, Jiyan, Jan, Shou, Sho, Kou, Gyou, Kiyou, Kyou, Kyo, Kangu, Kan, You
表示 161 表示 ひょうじ n, vs expression, demonstration, indication, manifestation, showing
display, displaying
閲覧 161 閲覧 えつらん n, vs inspection, reading
browsing (the WWW, Internet), web browsing
374 歴史 160 歴史 れきし adj-no, n history
用語 160 用語 ようご n term, terminology
phraseology, wording, choice of words
376 159 しゅう n preeminence, superlativeness
name Hidzuru, Hide, Hidekatsu, Hidesaki, Hideshi, Hideji, Hidetaka, Hidetsugu, Masaru, Hizuru, Hiizu, Sakae, Sakari, Shigeru, Shuu, Shuuji, Shuuhou, Shuuran, Suguru, Takashi, Minoru
159 たち suf pluralizing suffix (esp. for people & animals; formerly honorific)
達す たっす v5s to reach, to get to
name Tsuji, Daru, Datezaki, Tatsuru, Tatsushi, Tatsu, Tassu, Susumu, Satoru, Satoshi, Itaru, Tooru
378 小光 158 小光 name Kokou
戦績 158 戦績 せんせき n score, results, war or military record, military achievements
380 157 とく adj-na, n advantage, gain, profit, benefit
rebirth in paradise, entering nirvana
v2a-s, vt to get, to obtain, to secure, to acquire, to procure, to attain, to earn, to win, to gain
to be possible
得る える v1, vt to get, to obtain, to secure, to acquire, to procure, to attain, to earn, to win, to gain
to understand, to comprehend
to receive something undesirable (e.g. a punishment), to get (ill)
aux-v, v1, vt (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
name Toku
昌赫 157 昌赫 name Chanhyoku
求め 157 求め もとめ n appeal, demand, request, claim
求める もとめる v1, vt to want, to wish for
to request, to demand
to seek, to search for, to pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job)
to purchase, to buy
383 仙知 156 仙知 name Senchi
156 みち n way, street, path, route, lane, road, course
distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways")
morals, one's way, the way (of proper conduct, etc.)
dogma, teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist)
subject, field (of medicine, etc.)
means, way, method

n way, road
n-suf way to ..., road to ...
どう n road
Buddhist teachings
modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido)
historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.)
province (Tang-era administrative region of China)
province (modern administrative region of Korea)
name Motoi, Michihiro, Michizaki, Michi, Makoto, Fumi, Naoshi, Douzaki, Dou, Tooru, Tadasu, Tadashi, Tao, Susumu, Osamu, Wataru
385 155 たび
ctr, n, n-suf times, time (three times, each time, etc.)
n, n-suf degree (angle, temperature, scale, etc.)
ctr counter for occurrences and times
strength (of alcohol)

pref exactly, precisely, very much, totally, plumb
stupid, cursed, damn
name Taku, Tabi, Tokou, Watari, Wataru
抜き 155 抜き ぬき adv, suf without, not including, dispensed with
(beating) in succession
抜き ぬき n (go terminology)
模様 155 模様 もよう n design, pattern, figure
condition, state
conjecture of the current situation, the way it seems
pattern, model, example
(after a noun) indicates that that noun seems likely (e.g. rain or storm)
模様 もよう n go: moyo
活躍 155 活躍 かつやく n activity (esp. energetic), great efforts, conspicuous service
vs to flourish, to participate actively, to play an active role
瀬越 155 瀬越 name Sekoshi, Segoe, Segoshi
155 pref to ...
至る いたる v5r, vi to arrive at (e.g. a decision), to reach (a stage), to attain
to lead to (a place), to get to
to come, to arrive, to result in
name Itaru, Tooru, Michi
391 上位 154 上位 じょうい adj-no, n top, ranking, superior (in rank)
n higher order (e.g. byte)
host computer (of connected device)
周俊 154 周俊 name Kanetoshi
江戸時代 154 江戸時代 えどじだい n Edo period (1603-1868 CE)
394 安永 153 安永 あんえい n An'ei era (1772.11.16-1781.4.2)
安永 name Ae, Yasue, Yasunaga, Yasuhaga
手筋 153 手筋 てすじ n handwriting, aptitude, lines of the palm, apt move (in a go or shogi game), standard method
手筋 てすじ n (go terminology)
決め 153 決め きめ n, n-suf agreement, rule
決め ぎめ n, n-suf contracted regular payment, e.g. monthly, weekly, etc., by the (month, week, etc.)
決める きめる v1, vt to arrange, to choose, to settle, to appoint, to decide, to determine, to make up one's mind, to resolve, to set one's heart on, to set, to fix
to clinch (a victory), to decide (the outcome of a match)
to persist in doing, to go through with
to always do, to have made a habit of
to take for granted, to assume
to dress up, to dress to kill, to dress to the nines
to succeed in doing, to carry out successfully (a move in sports, a pose in dance, etc.)
to immobilize with a double-arm lock (in sumo, judo, etc.)
着手 153 着手 ちゃくしゅ vs to undertake, to start work (on)
n launch, embarkation
153 立つ たつ v5t, vi to stand, to rise, to stand up
to find oneself (e.g. in a difficult position)
to depart (on a plane, train, etc.)
name Riyuu, Ryuu, Ritsu, Risen, Noboru, Tateshi, Tatezaki, Tatesaki, Tate, Tatsuru, Tatsuzaki, Tatsu, Tachizaki, Tachisaki, Tachi, Takashi
399 一つ 152 一つ ひとつ num one
n for one thing
(not) even
n-adv just (e.g. "just try it")
耀 152 耀う かがよう v5u, vi to sparkle, to shimmer
耀く かがやく v5k to sparkle, to glitter, to shine
耀 name You, Hikaru, Hikari, Kirari, Kirara, Kagari, Kagaya, Akiraka, Akira, Aki, Akaru
401 秀甫 151 秀甫 name Shuuho, Shouho
関連 151 関連 かんれん adj-no, n, suf, vs connection, relation, relevance
403 段位 150 段位 だんい n dan, grade (of black belt)
404 実力 149 実力 じつりょく n merit, competency, efficiency, (real) ability, true strength
force, arms
関西 149 関西 かんさい
n Kansai (south-western half of Japan, including Osaka)
関西 name Kansai, Kansei, Kanzei, Sekinishi
406 先相先 148 先相先 せんあいせん n (go terminology)
女流名人 148 女流名人 じょりゅうめいじん n female professional, mistress (in a field)
招待 148 招待 しょうたい
adj-no, n, vs invitation
148 name Kurou, Hiroshi, Hyon, Hikaru, Haruka, Hajime, Takashi, Shizuka, Sachimi, Gensou, Genji, Gen, Fukashi
148 n wisdom
jnana (higher knowledge)
知る しる v5r, vt to be aware of, to know, to be conscious of, to cognize, to cognise
to feel, to notice
to grasp, to understand, to comprehend
to remember, to be acquainted with (a procedure)
to learn, to experience, to go through
to get to know, to be acquainted with (a person)
to concern
name Tomoko, Tomo, Tsukasa, Chisaki, Chika, Satoru, Satori, Satoshi
411 互先 147 互先 たがいせん n even game (esp. in Go)
互先 たがいせん n (go terminology)
秒読み 147 秒読み びょうよみ n countdown
秒読み びょうよみ n go: byoyomi
413 に対して 146 に対して にたいして exp regarding, towards, against, in contrast with
414 以上 145 以上 いじょう n-adv, n-t not less than, ... and more, ... and upwards
beyond ... (e.g. one's means), further (e.g. nothing further to say), more than ... (e.g. cannot pay more than that)
above-mentioned, foregoing
since ..., seeing that ...
the end, this is all, that is the end
大阪 145 大阪 おおさか
n Osaka
large hill
大阪 name Osaka (Oosaka), Oozaka
最年少 145 最年少 さいねんしょう adj-no youngest
145 おや n parent, parents
dealer (in cards, mahjong, etc.)
(pet) owner
n progenitor, ancestor, forefather
name So, Takaso
145 隠す かくす v5s, vt to hide, to conceal
隠る こもる v5r, vi to seclude oneself, to be confined in
to be filled (e.g. with emotion, satire, etc.), to be heavy (with)
to be stuffy
to be implied
隠る なまる
v5r, vi to hide, to be hidden, to conceal oneself, to disappear
name In, Kakure, Nabari
419 小林 144 小林 name Ohayashi, Obayashi, Kojiyashi, Kohayashi, Kobayaki, Kobayashi, Kobayachi, Kobayaha, Hirokazu
144 たか
n, n-suf quantity, number, volume, amount, amount of money
こう suf high school
pref high-
高い たかい adj-i high, tall
高い たかい adj-i (go terminology)
name Takashi, Takashio, Takaji, Takasugi, Takadaka, Takatsugu, Takatsuru, Takanayagi, Takahama, Takamine, Takayagi, Takayana, Takayanagi, Masaru, Takakuwa, Takai, Gao, Ko, Kou, Kouzaki, Koushou, Kouji, Kousou, Koo, Go, Taka, Take
421 143 しろ n substitution
margin (e.g. for stapling, etc.), area required for something
shiro (unit of land area equal to one-fiftieth of a tan; ~19.83 m.sq.)
だい n, n-suf cost, price, charge
age, generation, reign
on behalf of, (after someone's name or title) a representative of, for (someone)
used after a phone number to indicate that it is a switchboard number
ctr counter for decades of ages, eras, etc.
counter for generations (of inheritors to a throne, etc.)
proxy application company
n pronoun
n age, society, generation, world
代る かわる v5r, vi to relieve, to replace, to succeed
to represent, to take the place of, to substitute for, to take over for
to be exchanged, to change (places with), to switch
name Dai, Takadai, Shiro, Sakishiro, Kawaru, Daisaki
以後 143 以後 いご n-adv, n-t after this, hereafter, from now on
thereafter, since (verb) (after -te form of verb), after (time), since (then)
以後 name Ikosaki, Igo, Igosaki, Igozaki
各種 143 各種 かくしゅ adj-no, n every kind, all sorts
大元 143 大元 name Oomoto, Daigen, Hiromoto, Hiroyuki, Masamoto
小目 143 小目 こもく n komoku, cross next to the star (on a go game board)
小目 しょうもく n parvorder
小目 こもく n (go terminology)
小目 name Ome, Kome
岩本 143 岩本 name Imoto, Iwamoto, Towamoto
秀哉 143 秀哉 name Shuusai, Shuuya, Hideya
終了 143 終了 しゅうりょう n, vs close, end, termination
429 対局者 142 対局者 たいきょくしゃ n player of go
小林覚 142 小林覚 name Kobayashi Satoru (1959.4.5-)
本因坊秀哉 142 本因坊秀哉 name Hon'inbou Shuusai (1874.6.24-1940.1.18)
142 へん n, n-suf editing, compilation (of a text)
ctr, n, n-suf volume (of a text)
completed literary work
編む あむ v5m, vt to braid, to plait, to knit
to compile (anthology, dictionary, etc.), to edit
name Ami, Amu, Fukuju
認め 142 認め みとめ n acceptance, approval, final seal (of approval)
認める したためる v1, vt to write up
認める みとめる v1, vt to notice, to observe, to recognize, to recognise
to assess, to judge, to deem
to allow, to approve, to deem acceptable
to accept, to admit, to confess (to a charge)
to watch steadily, to observe carefully
to renown, to give renown to, to appreciate, to acknowledge
雁金 142 雁金 かりがね
n call of a wild goose
wild goose (esp. a lesser white-fronted goose, Anser erythropus)
tea made from twigs of high-quality tea plants (esp. gyokuro), high-grade kukicha (esp. from gyokuro)
雁金 name Karikane, Karigane
435 幻庵 141 幻庵 name Gen'an
141 name Kan
141 けい n, n-suf plan
meter, measuring device
pref (in) total, total (of)
計る はかる v5r, vt to survey, to measure, to weigh, to time (sound, gauge, estimate)
to infer, to surmise, to conjecture
name Kazue, Kazushi, Kadzusa, Kei, Hakari, Hakaru
141 name I, Ti, Te, Tsun, Dziyon, Chiyon, Chon, Chou, Chun, Chuu, Chien, Zen, Jiyon, Jon, Jou, Jun, Tei
439 140 えき n playing the game of go
140 しき n, n-suf expression, formula, equation
enforcement regulations (of the ritsuryo)
name Shiki, Shoku
441 139 せんと
n cent
せん n wizard, hermit
name Sen, Senji, Sonhi, Nori, Hisa
弟子 139 弟子 でし
adj-no, n follower, adherent, pupil, disciple, young person, apprentice, teacher's student-helper
弟子 name Teshi
139 ctr, n-suf magazine
誌す しるす
v5s to write down, to note, to jot down
to remember
444 七番 138 七番 name Shichiban, Nanaban
138 した n under, down, below, younger (e.g. daughter)
beneath, underneath
just after, right after
adj-no, n inferiority, one's inferior (i.e. one's junior)
n trade-in
n-pref preliminary, preparatory
adj-no, suf under (being in said condition or environment)
しも n lower reaches (of a river)
bottom, lower part
menses, urine, feces (faeces), lower half (of the body, esp. the privates)
end, far from the imperial palace (i.e. far from Kyoto, esp. of western Japan)
adj-no dirty (e.g. dirty jokes, etc.)
n inferiority, lowness (of degree, value, etc.)
second volume (of two), third volume (of three)
もと adv under (esp. influence or guidance)
した n (go terminology)
下す おろす v5s, vt to drop, to discharge, to unload, to take down (e.g. flag), to launch (e.g. boat), to lower (e.g. ladder), to let (a person) off
to let (a person) off, to drop off (a passenger from a vehicle)
to withdraw money from an account
to wear (clothing) for the first time
to fillet (e.g. a fish)
下す くだす v5s, vt to make (a decision), to pass (judgement, etc.), to hand down (orders, etc.)
to lower, to let go down
to do oneself, to do by oneself
下る くだる v5r, vi to descend, to go down, to come down
to be handed down (of an order, judgment, etc.)
to pass (of time)
to surrender, to capitulate
to be inferior to, (often in neg. form) to be less than
to have the runs, to have diarrhea
下る さがる v5r, vi to hang down, to abate, to retire, to fall, to step back
name Shimo, Shita, Sagari, Geno, Kudari
攻め 138 攻め せめ n attack, offense, offence
dominant partner of a homosexual relationship
suf a barrage of, a flood of
攻め せめ n (go terminology)
攻める せめる v1, vt to attack, to assault, to assail
攻める せめる v (go terminology)
138 ふみ n letter, writings
ぶん n text, sentence
あや n design, figure
twill weave, pattern of diagonal stripes
もん n one-thousandth of a kan (obsolete unit of currency)
2.4 cm (traditional unit used to measure shoe sizes)
name Fukumoto, Fukuwara, Fumi, Fuminori, Fun, Bun, Bunkou, Bunsaku, Bunji, Man, Minehara, Minemoto, Mun, Munson, Mon, Yuni, Fukumitsu, Fukumi, Ai, Aya, Ayami, Osamu, Kasau, Kasano, Kasari, Kazari, Kazaru, Kanou, Nobu, Biyon, Fukuhara, Remon
138 name Aki, Akira, Ei
449 享保 137 享保 きょうほう n Kyouhou era (1716.6.22-1736.4.28)
享保 name Kyouho, Kiyouho
前期 137 前期 ぜんき n-adv, n-t first term, first half-year, preceding period, early period
坂田 137 坂田 name Sakaguchi, Sakata, Sakada, Sataka, Banda
若手 137 若手 わかて adj-no, n young person
若手 name Wakade
453 京都 136 京都 きょうと n Kyoto
京都 name Kyouto, Kiyouto, Miyako
136 とく n virtue
advantage, profit, benefit
name Megumi, Minoru, Makoto, Noboru, Tomi, Tokumura, Tokusue, Tokuji, Toku, Chikara, Tadashi, Isao, Atsushi, Akira, Megumu
136 name Aki, Akira, Takashi, Min
136 びょう n second (60th min)
136 n (sheet) music, (musical) note, (musical) score
family tree, genealogy
record of a game of go, shogi, chess, etc.
136 進ぶ すさぶ v5b, vi to rage, to grow wild, to become rough
進む すすむ v5m, vi to advance, to go forward
to precede, to go ahead (of)
to improve, to make progress
to deepen, to heighten
to do of one's own free will
進む すさむ v5m, vi to grow wild, to run to waste
name Shin, Shinji, Susumu, Suzumu, Chin, Tomoko
道知 136 道知 name Douchi, Michikazu, Michitomo
460 先手 135 先手 さきて n vanguard, front lines
先手 せんて n initiative, forestalling, the first move
black player (shogi)
先手 せんて n (go terminology)
135 がく n scholarship, learning, knowledge, erudition
学ぶ まなぶ v5b to learn, to study (in depth), to take lessons in
name Yutaka, Manabu, Manabi, Satoru, Satoshi, Gaku, Akira, Ai
135 はん n edition, version
463 134 しち
num seven
pref hepta-
チー num seven
name Satoru, Na, Nana, Nano
134 n inlet, bay
こう n large river (esp. the Yangtze)
Lake Biwa
name Chiyan, Gou, Kou, Ko, Kuu, Ezaki, Esaki, Ee, E, Irie, Minkou
134 ひゃく
num 100, hundred
name Todo, Dodo, Haku, Hyaku, Hiyaku, Momo
通算 134 通算 つうさん n, vs total
134 くま n corner, recess, nook
a shadow, a shade
阿る おもねる v5r, vi to flatter
name A, Akutsu, O, Oka, Kuma, Hotori, Hodo
468 出版 133 出版 しゅっぱん n, vs publication
出版 name Shuppan
133 坐す ざす v5s, vi, vs-c to squat, to sit
to be implicated
坐す まします v5s, vi to be
坐る すわる v5r, vi to squat, to sit
to assume (a position)
to hold steady, to hold still
過去 133 過去 かこ n, n-adv the past, bygone days, the previous
a past (i.e. a personal history one would prefer remained secret), one's past
past (tense), preterit, preterite
previous life
過去る すぎさる v5r, vi to pass, to pass away
471 132 しゅつ n emerging, coming out
being born into (a certain family), being a native of (a particular place)
n, n-suf going out, efflux, coming out, outflow, rising (of the sun or moon)
attending (work), appearing (on stage), one's turn to go on
start, beginning
background, origins, person (or item) originating from ..., graduate of ..., native of ..., member of ... (lineage)
architectural member that projects outward
highest point of the stern of a ship
amount (comprising something), amount of time or effort required to do something
n (go terminology)
出す だす v5s, vt to get out, to take out
to show, to reveal, to put out
to turn in, to submit (e.g. thesis)
to publish, to make public
to send (e.g. letter)
to produce (a sound), to start (fire)
to serve (food)
suf, v5s to begin ..., to start to ..., to burst into ...
出る でる v1, vi to leave, to get out, to come out, to exit, to go out
to depart, to leave (on a journey), to start out, to set out
to move forward
to reach, to lead to, to get to, to come to
to turn up, to show, to appear, to be found, to come out, to emerge, to surface, to come forth, to be detected, to be discovered, to be exposed, to be exhibited, to be on display
to come out, to appear (in print), to be published, to be announced, to be issued, to be listed
to perform, to participate, to attend, to take part, to enter (an event), to play in
to be brought up, to be raised, to come up, to be stated, to be expressed
to sell
to exceed, to go over
to protrude, to stick out
to start, to occur, to originate, to break out
to be produced
to come from, to be derived from
to get, to receive, to be given, to be paid, to be offered, to be provided, to be presented, to be submitted, to be handed in, to be turned in
to get, to answer (phone, door, etc.)
to assume (an attitude), to act, to behave
to pick up (speed, etc.), to gain
to run, to flow (e.g. tears), to bleed
to graduate
出る でる v (go terminology)
name Idzuru, Suguru, Sakide, Idezaki, Idesaki, De, Itaru, Izuru, Izuzaki, Izusaki, Izaki, Takade
採用 132 採用 さいよう n, vs acceptance, use, adoption
appointment, engagement, recruitment, employment
132 おしえ n instruction, doctrine, lesson, teaching, teachings, precept
n native Japanese reading (rendering) of a Chinese character
訓む よむ v5m, vt to pronounce kanji (using the native Japanese reading)
name Satoru, Satoshi, Kunji, Kun, Kuni, Isao, Yomi
談叢 132 談叢 だんそう n a number of interesting stories, book containing a number of interesting stories
475 万円 131 万円 まんえん n 10000 yen
131 さく n, n-suf production, work (e.g. of art)
n cultivation, harvest, yield, farming, crop
作す なす
v5s to make
作る つくる v5r, vt to make, to build, to construct, to manufacture, to produce
to prepare (food), to brew (alcohol)
to raise, to train, to grow, to cultivate
to till
to write, to make out, to prepare, to draw up (a document)
to compose, to create (an artistic work, etc.)
to establish, to coin (a phrase), to organize, to organise, to found
to have (a child)
to make up (one's face, etc.)
to fabricate (an excuse, etc.)
to form (a line, etc.)
to set (a record)
to commit (a sin, etc.)
name Saku, Sakuji, Tsukuri, Tsukuru, Masaya
制度 131 制度 せいど adj-no, n institution, organization, organisation, system
台北 131 台北 タイペイ n Taipei
台北 name Taipei, Taipei
479 130 依る よる v5r, vi to be due to, to be caused by
to depend on, to turn on
to be based on, to come from
name Ayu, Aran, Tsuguo, Yasushi, Yori
130 name Sane, Sanesaki, Jitsu, Hiroshi, Makoto, Minoru
130 おう n agreement, affirmative
int yes, yeah, all right, okay, OK, aye
name Ou, Oo, Kotau, Kotae
130 name Aki, Shouichi, Shouko, Shoushi, Shouji, Shouzou, Takashi, Tadashi, Hikaru, Masa, Masaaki, Masakatsu, Masako, Masashi, Masanori, Masami, Shou, Sakan, Akira, Atsushi, Atsuyo, Ayame, Kachiko, Katsuichi, Katsue, Katsuko, Katsushi, Katsuji, Katsuzou, Katsumi, Katsuyama, Sakae, Sakayu, Masaru
483 同じ 129 同じ おなじ
adj-f, n equal, uniform, same, identical, equivalent, similar, common (origin), changeless, alike
adv anyhow, in either case, (usu. part of a 'nara' conditional) anyway
同じる どうじる v1, vi to agree
129 ぼう
n monk, bonze
monk's dwelling
sonny, (vocative) boy
me, I (used by male children)
suf (after name) familiar form of address
person who is ..
name Suekane, Suetake, Suetsugu, Tsutsumi, Noritsuki, Noridzuki, Bou, Machi
129 のき n eaves
narrow aisle surrounding the core of a temple building
ctr counter for buildings, etc.
name Ie, U, Sakai, Sora, Taka, Takashi, Hiroshi
渡辺 129 渡辺 name Marina, Wadanabe, Watabe, Watanobe, Watanabe, Watanahe, Watakabe, Minayo, Misato, Wananabe
129 かおり n aroma, fragrance, smell, scent
くん n aroma, fragrance, scent, pleasant smell
pleasant-smelling vegetation
薫く たく v5k, vt to burn (usu. incense)
薫る かおる v5r, vi to smell sweet, to be fragrant
name Tadasu, Tadashi, Sumire, Shigeru, Kunji, Kun, Kaoru (Kaworu), Kaori (Kawori), Kahoru, Kaoru, Kaori, Isao, Tsutomu
488 五番 128 五番 name Goban
個人 128 個人 こじん adj-no, n individual, personal, private, private person
道場 128 道場 どうじょう n dojo (hall used for martial arts training)
manda (place of Buddhist practice or meditation, esp. the place under the bodhi tree where Buddha attained enlightenment)
道場 name Touba, Doujou, Douba, Michiba
高川格 128 高川格 name Takagawa Kaku (1915.9.21-1986.11.26)
492 と言われ 127 と言われる といわれる exp, v1 to be called ..., to be referred to as ...
安藤 127 安藤 name Anzou, Antou, Andoa, Andou, Yasuzuka
127 かわ
n stream, river
suf the .... river, (suffix used with the names of rivers)
n discarded tiles (mahjong), discards
name Ka, Kawa, Gawa, Kou, Ha
127 さく n, n-suf plan, policy
n whip, lash, scourge
stick, pointer, rod, cane
name Saku, Shinsaku, Tsukane
496 126 かい n enjoyment, pleasure, delight
快い こころよい adj-i agreeable, pleasant
name Kai, Kokoro, Sayaka, Naoru, Haya, Hayashi, Yoshi
知得 126 知得 ちとく n, vs comprehension, knowledge
知得 name Kazuto, Chie, Chitoku, Tomoe
126 v2h-k, vi to elapse, to pass, to go by
to pass through, to go through
to experience, to go through
きょう n Buddhist scriptures, sutra
たていと n (weaving) warp
たて n height, the vertical
length, front-to-back
adj-no, n hierarchy, vertical (relationship)
n (weaving) warp
経つ たつ v5t, vi to pass, to lapse
経る へる v1, vi to elapse, to pass, to go by
to pass through, to go through
to experience, to go through
name Nobu, Tsune, Tate, Kei, Kyou, Osamu
評価 126 評価 ひょうか n assessment, evaluation, valuation, estimation
vs to assess, to value, to estimate value
to appreciate, to value highly, to acknowledge the value (of something)
500 ヒカルの碁 125 ヒカルの碁 ひかるのご
n (go terminology)
125 えつ n rejoicing, self-satisfaction
悦ぶ よろこぶ v5b to be pleased, to be delighted, to be glad
to congratulate
to gratefully accept
name Ayuka, Etsu, Yoroko
125 あずま
n eastern Japan (esp. Kamakura or Edo, from perspective of Kyoto or Nara), eastern provinces
six-stringed Japanese zither
my spouse
n east
name Toua, Touhama, Toufuku, Toumin, Ton, Noboru, Hajime, Higashi, Higashitsuru, Tou, Takatou, Agari, Akira, Azu, Azukiyo, Azuma, Adzuma, Kochizaki, Saki, Yamato
503 124 name Osuda, Yomishi, Yoshimi, Yoshitoshi, Yoshiaki, Yoshi, Yoi, Miyoshi, Makoto, Tadashi, Ka, Yomisuru
大正 124 大正 たいしょう n Taisho era (1912.7.30-1926.12.25)
大正 name Ooshou, Oomasa, Taishou, Daishou, Hiromasa
124 ゆび
n toe, finger, digit
n face to face, between (e.g. two people)
hindrance, impediment
arrhythmic section of recitative in Noh music
pref prefix used for stress or emphasis
ctr counter for traditional dance songs
指す さす v5s, vt to point
to nominate, to select someone, to specify some person
to indicate, to identify, to point out
to play (shogi)
to extend one's arm straight ahead (in dance)
name Sashi, Sashizaki
最多 124 最多 さいた n the most
124 はな n flower, blossom, bloom, petal
blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom
Japanese playing cards
(the) best
name Haru, Haruka, Hanna, Hikari, Fua, Furo-ria, Madoka, Ran, Hana, Teru, Aki, Ka, Kaoru, Kazashi, Kasumi, Kana, Kirara, Kemeko, Ririka
連続 124 連続 れんぞく n, vs continuity, serial, consecutive, occurring in succession, continuing
連続 れんぞく n (go terminology)
124 ころ
n, n-adv, n-suf about, around, (approximate) time, toward
suitable time (or condition)
season, time of year
けい n qing (Chinese unit of land area equal to 100 mu)
ころおい n period, time, days
510 123 とう n T'ang-Dynasty (China 618-907)
China, foreign country
から n, n-pref China (sometimes also used in ref. to Korea or other foreign countries)
n China
n-pref Chinese
name Tou, Tan, Tau, Tai, Karazaki, Karasaki, Kara, Touzaki
123 ほう n, n-suf information, news, report
報う むくう v5u, vt to reward, to recompense, to repay
name Mitsugi
普及 123 普及 ふきゅう n, vs spread, popularization, diffusion, promulgation, familiarization
123 りゅう n, n-suf way, style, fashion, manner
school (of thought)
n-suf class, rank, rate
n exile
流す ながす v5s, vt to pour, to spill, to drain, to shed (blood, tears)
to wash away
to circulate, to broadcast, to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.), to beam
to cruise (e.g. taxi)
to float, to set adrift
to call off (a meeting, etc.)
name Nagare, Haru, Mizuyuki, Meguru, Ryuu
知ら 123 知らす しらす v5s to inform, to notify
to know
to reign
終局 123 終局 しゅうきょく adj-no, n close, end, finale, conclusion, denouement, end of a game of go
終局 しゅうきょく n (go terminology)
516 伊藤 122 伊藤 name Ito, Itou, Itouzaki, Itoo, Toiu
122 ぜん n right, good, virtue, goodness
善い よい
adj-i good, excellent, nice, fine, agreeable, pleasant
ready, sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), prepared
beneficial, profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.)
name Zen, Zenji, Zen'you, Tadashi, Yoshi, Yoshiaki, Yoshikatsu
江戸 122 江戸 えど n old name of Tokyo
江戸 name Eto, Edo
選手権大会 122 選手権大会 せんしゅけんたいかい n championship series
520 121 向う むかう v5u, vi to face
to go towards
向く むく v5k to face
to turn toward
to be fit for, to be suited to
name Mukou, Muki, Mukae, Mukau, Mukainoyama, Mukaizaki, Mukai, Muka, Noko, Shou, Kou
問題 121 問題 もんだい n problem, question (e.g. on a test)
question, case, issue, matter, problem (e.g. societal, political), subject (e.g. of research)
question (i.e. doubt)
controversy, public discussion
trouble, problem, difficulty, inconvenience
大系 121 大系 たいけい n outline, survey, compendium
学生 121 学生 がくせい n student (esp. a university student)
学生 がくしょう
n Heian-period student of government administration
person studying Buddhism, Buddhist scholar, researcher at a Buddhist temple
scholarship, learning
学生 name Manabu
憲作 121 憲作 name Kensaku
死活 121 死活 しかつ adj-no, n, vs life and-or death
死活 しかつ n (go terminology)
121 うぶ adj-na, adj-no, n innocent, unsophisticated, green, naive, wet behind the ears, inexperienced
n-pref birth-
さん n (giving) birth, childbirth, delivery, confinement
n, n-suf native of, product of
fortune, property, assets
産す さんす v5s, vi, vt to bear (a child), to be born
to yield, to produce, to be produced, to be yielded
産す むす v5s, vi to grow (of moss, etc.)
産む うむ v5m, vt to produce, to deliver, to give birth
name Umu
際に 121 際に さいに adv at this time, in case of, at that time
528 タイトル戦 120 タイトル戦 タイトルせん n championship match, title fight
120 さん
num three
pref tri-
サン num three
name Mimura, Mitsuji, Mitsuzaki, Mitsusaki, Mitsugi, Mitsu, Mitaru, Misugi, Misaki, Mi, Zou, Sanji, San, Miyoshi
向井 120 向井 name Koui, Mukai, Mukoui, Mukougawa
研究 120 研究 けんきゅう n, vs study, research, investigation
120 せい n, n-pref Saint, St., S.
adj-na, n pure, holy, sacred
ひじり n highly virtuous monk
Buddhist solitary
Buddhist missionary
saint (i.e. a virtuous person)
expert, master
name Sumiko, Sumizou, Sei, Seika, Seiji, Seitoku, Sofi-, Takashi, Takara, Takeshi, Chika, Tooru, Hijiri, Makoto, Mari, Maria, Sumie, Satoru, Satomi, Akira, Ibu, Kyoji, Kiyo, Kiyoshi, Kiyotsugu, Kiyonori, Kiyomi, Kiyora, Kirara, Kouki, Komina, Sato, Satoi, Satoshi, Mina
120 ばかり
prt only, nothing but, merely, no more than
about, approximately
(after the -ta form of a verb) just (finished, etc.)
as if to, (as though) about to
indicates emphasis
constantly, always
prt about, approximately
only, nothing but
(after the -ta form of a verb) just (finished, etc.)
もと adv under (esp. influence or guidance)
許す ゆるす v5s, vt to permit, to allow, to approve, to tolerate
to exempt (from fine), to excuse (from), to pardon, to forgive, to release, to let off
to confide in
to yield, to give up
name Hoi, Ho, Shiu, Kou, Ko, Kiyou, Kiyo, Kyou, Kyo, Uen, Hoo
534 119 おつ adj-na, n second (party to an agreement), the B party (e.g. in a contract), the latter, defendant
stylish, chic, romantic, strange, queer, quaint, spicy, witty, tasty
exp thank you, goodbye, goodnight
きのと adj-na, n 2nd in rank, second sign of the Chinese calendar
name Itsu, Otto, Otsu, Oto, Otome, Kinoto
参照 119 参照 さんしょう n, vs reference, consultation, bibliographical reference, browsing (e.g. when selecting a file to upload on a computer), checking out
羽生善治 119 羽生善治 name Habu Yoshiharu (1970.9-)
537 118 いち

num, pref one
suf best in, the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)
ひとつ num one
n for one thing
(not) even
n-adv just (e.g. "just try it")
イー num one
name Dekata, Ninomae, Hajimu, Hajime, Hito, Hitoshi, Hitotsu, Hiyuu, Makoto, Tsukasa, Susumu, Ichi, Itsu, Iru, Osamu, Kazu, Kazuha, Kokoro, Moto
及び 118 及び および conj and, as well as
第一位 118 第一位 だいいちい n first place
540 達成 117 達成 たっせい n, vs achievement
達成 name Tassei, Tatsushige, Tatsujou, Tatsunari
541 中華 116 中華 ちゅうか adj-no Chinese (e.g. food)
中華 name Chuuka
石井 116 石井 name Ishii, Iwai
規定 116 規定 きてい adj-no, n, vs regulation, provisions
544 中韓 115 中韓 ちゅうかん n China and Korea
545 元丈 114 元丈 name Genjou, Mototake
山城宏 114 山城宏 name Yamashiro Hiroshi
英夫 114 英夫 name Eio, Teruo, Hideo, Bideo, Fusao
548 上手 113 上手 じょうず n (go terminology)
上手 うわて
adj-na, n upper part
n upper stream, upper course of a river
right side of the stage (audience's or camera's POV), stage left (actor's POV)
adj-na, n skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (only in comparisons)
n over-arm grip on opponent's belt
上手 じょうず
adj-na, n skill, skillful, dexterity
n flattery
上手い うまい adj-i (go terminology)
上手い うまい adj-i expert, skillful, wise, successful, clever
delicious, appetizing, appetising
splendid, promising, fortunate
上手 name Nobote, Jouzu, Kamide, Kamite, Kamitai, Uwate, Uede

num two
アル num two
name Tsudzuki, Tsuguru, Tsugi, Tasuku, Susumu, Jin'ichi, Shitanaga, Futa
北海道 113 北海道 ほっかいどう n Hokkaido (northernmost of the four main islands of Japan)
北海道 name Hokkaidou (island prefecture in the north)
如意 113 如意 にょい n one's wishes
mace, priest's staff
如意 name Joi, Nyoi, Neoi
文政 113 文政 ぶんせい n educational policies or administration
Bunsei era (1818.4.22-1830.12.10)
文政 name Ayamasa, Fumimasa, Bunsei
特別 113 特別 とくべつ adj-na, adj-no, adv, n special
発行 113 発行 はっこう n, vs publishing, issue (publications)
raising an event (software)
555 112 name Go, Pan, Pen, Hou, Bou, Pon, Mitsuru
桐山 112 桐山 name Kiyama, Kiriyama, Touzan, Touyama
112 あいだ
n, n-adv gap, interval, distance, space (between)
n-adv, n-t pause, time (between), break
n, n-adv, n-t stretch, span (temporal or spatial), period (while)
n, n-adv relationship (between, among)
members (within, among)
conj due to, because of
けん n 1.818 m (6 shaku)
ctr counter used to number the gaps between pillars
かん n, suf interval, period of time
inter-, among, between
n room, time, pause, space
けん n (go terminology)
name Mamine, Mazaki, Masaki, Hazama, Toi, Ken, Kan, Aida
558 存在 111 存在 そんざい adj-no, n, vs existence, being
特に 111 特に とくに adv especially, particularly
算砂 111 算砂 name Sansa
561 世界選手権 110 世界選手権 せかいせんしゅけん n world (an international) championship (title)
協賛 110 協賛 きょうさん n, vs authorization, authorisation, support, cooperation, approval, mutual aid
局面 110 局面 きょくめん adj-no, n position in a game of go or shogi, state of the game
situation, aspect of an affair
田村 110 田村 name Eririn, Kurarise, Tamura, Damura, Machirude
重慶 110 重慶 name Shigeyoshi, Juukei, Chongqing (China), Chungking, Tazechin
566 年代 109 年代 ねんだい n period, age, date, era
年代 name Toshiyo, Toshiro, Nendai
109 こころ n spirit, heart, mind
the meaning of a phrase (riddle, etc.)
しん n heart, mind
n, suf spirit, vitality, inner strength
Chinese "Heart" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)
心す こころす v5s, vi to mind, to be attentive, to take care
name Shinba, Tenshi, Naka, Nozomi, Haato, Makoto, Manaka, Misato, Shinji, Shin, Ai, Kiyo, Koko, Kokoro, Kokko, Shizuka, Moto
109 name Koishi, Rai, Rei
竜星 109 竜星 りゅうせい n go: the Ryusei title
竜星 name Ryuusei
109 うすもの
n lightweight fabric or clothing, silk gauze, thin silk
Latin (language)
name Ai, Ami, Na, Nao, Ra, Ran, Ro, Rou
109 から n, n-pref China (sometimes also used in ref. to Korea or other foreign countries)
name Igaki, Kan, Han
572 行い 108 行い おこない n action, behaviour, behavior, conduct, deed, act, asceticism
訂正 108 訂正 ていせい adj-no, n, vs correction, revision, amendment
108 n-adv, n-t day, days
sun, sunshine, sunlight
event, case (esp. unfortunate)
よう n yang (i.e. the positive)
the open (i.e. a visible place)
name Hi, Hikari, Hikaru, Hizashi, Hitaka, Hina, Hinata, Himari, Hiroshi, Mahina, Minami, Yako, You, Haruhi, Haruna, Akari, Aki, Akiho, Akimi, Akira, Ataru, Kiyoshi, Takashi, Noboru, Haru, Haruka, Haruki, Youji
108 れい n ghost, spirit, soul, departed soul
n spirit, soul
n spirit, soul, divine spirit
name Tama, Tamazaki, Mitama, Rei
576 下図 107 下図 かず n the lower illustration
下図 したず n rough sketch
東洋 107 東洋 とうよう adj-no, n Orient
東洋 name Azumanada, Azumi, Touhiro, Touyou, Toyo, Haruhiro, Harumi
107 かつら
n Japanese Judas tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)
けい n knight (shogi)
name Katsura, Kei, Keiei, Keiji, Sachi, Mari
107 せい adj-no, n regular, (logical) true
num 10^40, ten thousand undecillion (short scale), ten thousand sextillion (long scale)
adj-no, n original
positive, greater than zero
n, n-pref upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
chief, director (highest of the four administrative positions of the ritsuryo period)
pref precisely, (before a number) exactly
まさ adj-na, n precise, exact
正す ただす v5s, vt to reform, to correct, to amend, to redress
to straighten, to adjust
to ascertain, to confirm, to make sure of, to verify
to question, to enquire of someone about something (inquire)
name Tsukasa, Naoshi, Nori, Hajime, Makoto, Masa, Masakatsu, Masashi, Masaji, Masazumi, Masatsugu, Masamune, Masaru, Manaka, Tadasu, Tadashi, Akira, Shou, Shouzaki, Shouji, Jonchiyan, Sumitaka, Suminori, Sei, Seisaku, Seiji, Tadakatsu, Motomu
107 ちゅう n, vs comment, annotation, explanatory note
注ぐ そそぐ v5g to fill, to pour (into)
to sprinkle on from above, to shed (e.g. tears)
to concentrate one's spirit (strength, attention) on
v5g, vi to fall onto (of rain, snow)
注ぐ つぐ v5g, vt to fill, (usu. written as kana when referring to a solid) to pour (into a vessel), to dish out food or drink
注す さす v5s, vt to pour, to add (liquid), to serve (drinks)
to apply, to put on (lipstick, etc.), to colour, to dye
to burn, to light (a fire)
name Chuu
第一 107 第一 だいいち adv, n number one, first, foremost
第一 name Daiichi, Teiichi
107 継ぐ つぐ v5g, vt to succeed (someone in a business or inheritance)
name Kei, Tsugi, Tsugu
認定 107 認定 にんてい n, vs authorization, authorisation, recognition, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, certification
584 加筆 106 加筆 かひつ n, vs correction, revision, improvement
奪取 106 奪取 だっしゅ n, vs usurpation, taking back, dispossession
新樹 106 新樹 しんじゅ n tree covered in fresh green leaves, newly green trees of early Summer
新樹 name Araki, Shinki, Shinju, Niina
106 n, n-suf clique, school, faction
name Minamata
準決勝 106 準決勝 じゅんけっしょう n semifinal (in sports)
石田 106 石田 name Ishita, Ishida, Iwata, Sekiden
鶴洋 106 鶴洋 name Kakuyou
591 元禄 105 元禄 げんろく n Genroku era (1688.9.30-1704.3.13)
元禄 name Genroku
勝ち抜 105 勝ち抜く かちぬく v5k, vi to win through
協力者 105 協力者 きょうりょくしゃ n cooperative worker
続いて 105 続いて つづいて conj next, subsequently
exp following ..., after ..., in the wake of ...
105 聡い さとい adj-i smart, sensitive, discerning
name Minoru, Toshi, Tooru, Tadashi, Takashi, Souji, Sou, Su, Satoru, Satori, Satoyuki, Satoshi, Satoku, Sato, Akira
覚え 105 覚え おぼえ n memory, sense, experience
覚える おぼえる v1, vt to memorize, to memorise, to commit to memory, to learn by heart, to bear in mind, to remember
to learn, to pick up, to acquire
to feel
to think, to regard
105 うた n song
classical Japanese poetry (esp. tanka)
modern poetry
n poem, verse of poetry
name Uta, Kotoba, Shi, Shirabe, Poemu
598 実施 104 実施 じっし n, vs implementation, operation, enforcement, carrying out, putting into practice, working (e.g. working parameters), enactment
104 敏い とい adj-i nimble
sharp, keen
敏い さとい adj-i smart, sensitive, discerning
name Min, Bin, Hayashi, Haya, Toshitsugu, Toshiji, Toshikatsu, Toshi, Tsutomu, Satoru, Satoshi
104 name An, Ho, Hiroshi, Gou, Kouzaki, Kou, Ko, Kyou, Oomizu, Hon
登場 104 登場 とうじょう n, vs entry (on stage), appearance (on screen)
entrance, introduction (into a market)
104 n barbarian tribes surrounding ancient China
name U, Ebisu, Ebisuzaki, Ko, Kou, Go, Fu
貴州 104 貴州 name Guizhou, Kweichow (China)
604 一手 103 一手 いって n method, monopoly, move (in game), single-handed
一手 ひとて
n one hand
one's own effort
一手 いって n (go terminology)
103 さき adj-no, n, n-suf, pref some time ago, previous, former, prior, preceding
end, tip, nozzle, point (e.g. pencil)
front, head (of a line)
ahead, the other side
hereafter, the future
the other party
まえ n-adv, n-t, suf previously, ago, before (some event), (minutes) to (the hour)
in front (of), before (e.g. the house)
head (of a line), front (e.g. of a bus), fore part
in the presence of
portion, helping
private parts, privates
ぜん n-pref previous, former, one-time, the last (i.e. immediately preceding) (e.g. "the last mayor")
(before the name of an era) pre- (e.g. "premodern")
adj-no, n before, earlier
name Maehama, Maezaki, Maesaki, Mae, Zen, Sen, Susume, Susumu, Saki, Misaki
年間 103 年間 ねんかん n-t year (period of)
教育 103 教育 きょういく adj-no, n, vs education, training
103 ほう n, n-suf principle, law, act
法る のっとる v5r, vi to conform to, to be in accordance with, to follow (rule, tradition, example, etc.)
name Sadamu, Nori, Hakaru, Housaki, Houshou, Minori
考え 103 考え かんがえ n thought, intention, thinking, ideas
考える かんがえる v1, vt to take into consideration, to think about
to ponder, to reflect, to try to come at a conclusion, to think over (something)
to plan, to intend, to decide (to do)
to devise, to scheme, to come up with
to expect, to anticipate, to predict
to suspect, to doubt
to look on, to consider (somebody to be something)
103 れん n ream (of paper)
stanza, verse
party, group, company, (taxonomical) tribe
quinella, quiniela
むらじ n Muraji (hereditary title; orig. one of the two highest such titles, later demoted to seventh highest of eight)
連む つるむ v5m, vi to go with (a companion), to hang out with
name Tsugi, Tsura, Tsuranu, Muraji, Yasu, Ren
連盟 103 連盟 れんめい adj-no, n alliance, federation, union, league
103 n door (esp. Japanese-style)
entrance (to a home)
n, n-suf gate
branch of learning based on the teachings of a single master
ctr counter for cannons
name Kado, To, Mamoru, Mon, Yuki
613 始め 102 始め はじめ n-adv, n-t opening, start, beginning, outset
n first (in line, etc.)
such as ..., not to mention ...
始める はじめる v1, vt to start, to begin, to commence, to initiate, to originate
to open (e.g. a store), to start up, to establish (business. etc.)
suf, v1 to start ..., to begin to ...
復帰 102 復帰 ふっき adj-no, n, vs comeback, return, reinstatement
CR, carriage return
戦い 102 戦い たたかい n conflict, fight, battle, struggle
戦い たたかい n (go terminology)
棋力 102 棋力 きりょく n skill in Go or Shogi
職業 102 職業 しょくぎょう adj-no, n business, occupation
618 掲載 101 掲載 けいさい n appearance, publication (e.g. article in paper), insertion
vs to insert (e.g. an article), to run (e.g. in a newspaper), to carry (e.g. an article)
活動 101 活動 かつどう n, vs action, activity
n movie (esp. during the silent movie period)
101 name Shiyao, Shou, Tsutomu, Yuu
関山 101 関山 name Sekisan, Sekiyama
622 主将 100 主将 しゅしょう n commander-in-chief, (team) captain
主将 name Kazumasa
最高 100 最高 さいこう adj-na, adj-no, n highest, the most, supreme
100 よく pref next, the following
name Asuka
著書 100 著書 ちょしょ n book, literary work
高川 100 高川 name Takakawa, Takagawa
627 平凡 99 平凡 へいぼん adj-na, n common, commonplace, ordinary, mediocre
平凡 name Heibon
99 ふち n abyss, deep pool, deep water
depths (e.g. of despair, etc.), grip (e.g. of death)
name En, Takabuchi, Fukashi, Fuchi, Fuchizaki, Buchi
研究会 99 研究会 けんきゅうかい n research society
study class (e.g. religious)
seminar (e.g. presentation of research)
英樹 99 英樹 name Eiki, Eiju, Hideki, Yoshiki
99 はなし n talk, chat, conversation, story, speech
argument, negotiation, discussions
ctr counter for stories, episodes of TV series, etc.
話す はなす v5s, vt to speak, to talk, to chat, to converse
to discuss, to tell, to explain, to narrate, to mention, to describe
to speak (a language)
name Hasuike
99 つる
n crane (any bird of the family Gruidae, esp. the red-crowned crane, Grus japonensis)
name Kaku, Kakuyuki, Gaku, Tsuru, Tsurusaki, Tsuruzaki, Tsuruhama
633 中押勝 98 中押勝 ちゅうおしがち n go: winning by opponent's resignation
num five
ウー num five
name Atsumu, Itsu, Itsuo, Go
98 name Ezaki, Kei, Satoshi, Megu, Megumi, Megumu
王位 98 王位 おうい n the throne, the crown
637 碁石 97 碁石 ごいし n Go pieces, Go stones
碁石 ごいし n (go terminology)
碁石 name Goishi
638 三々 96 三々 さんさん n (go terminology)
寛政 96 寛政 かんせい n Kansei era (1789.1.25-1801.2.5)
寛政 name Hiromasa
後手 96 後手 ごて n losing the initiative (in Go)
rear guard
white player (shogi)
後手 ごて n (go terminology)
橋本昌二 96 橋本昌二 name Hashimoto Shouji
96 name Sana, Shin, Shinji, Tadashi, Maki, Makoto, Masumi, Mana, Mayanagi
称号 96 称号 しょうごう n title, degree, name
組織 96 組織 そしき
n, vs organization, organisation
structure, construction
96 n leaf
よう ctr, suf counter for leaves, pieces of paper, etc.
counter for boats
name Shou, Tsuruba, Haruka, Midori, You
646 万元 95 万元 name Kazumoto, Man'uon, Mangen, Manmoto
中川 95 中川 name Nakakawa, Nakaga, Nakagaha, Nakagawa, Nakanokawa, Nokaga
95 ろく

num six
リュー num six
name Hasuko, Mui, Mutsu, Mutsuzaki, Mutsusho, Renko, Roku
95 どう pref the said, ibid., the same
name Atsumu, Dousaki, Hitoshi
名乗 95 名乗 なのり n, vs self-introduction, giving one's name (or rank, etc.)
name readings of kanji
名乗る なのる v5r, vi to call oneself (name, label, etc.), to give one's name (as), to impersonate or claim (to be someone)
名乗 name Nanori
後援 95 後援 こうえん n, vs support, backing
試験 95 試験 しけん n, vs study, test, trial, examination, experiment
路盤 95 路盤 ろばん n roadbed
95 たい n, n-suf crew, party, team, body, group
unit, squad, corps, company (of troops)
655 中押 94 中押 ちゅうおし
n winning by opponent's resignation (in the game of go)
94 n master, teacher, one's mentor
n, suf religious leader
suf specialist
n five-battalion brigade comprising 2500 men (Zhou-dynasty Chinese army)
name Shiwasu, Tsukasa, Moro, Morosaki
94 name Tadasu, Tei, Nobe
概要 94 概要 がいよう n-t outline, summary, synopsis, abridgment
94 ごう n, n-pref, n-suf Australia
えら pref huge, tremendous
ごう adj-f, n hard, strong, manly
豪い えらい adj-i distinguished, important, excellent, eminent, great, admirable, remarkable, celebrated, famous
terrible, awful
name Masaru, Hiizu, Tsuyoshi, Takeshi, Takashi, Suguru, Gouji, Gou, Ozesutoraria
94 きわ
n, n-suf edge, side, brink, verge
time, moment of
さい n, n-adv on the occasion of, circumstances, juncture
name Kiwa
661 一人 93 一人 ひとり
n one person
alone, unmarried, solitary
一人 name Itsuhito, Kazuto, Kazuhito, Kazundo, Kunihito, Hitori, Masato
93 しん adv, n honesty, fidelity
trust, reliance
(religious) faith
ctr counter for received messages
name Michi, Makoto, Noburu, Nobutsugu, Nobutaka, Nobuji, Nobusaki, Nobukatsu, Nobu, Shinji, Shin, Shino, Akira, Yuki
93 かた
n model, type (e.g. of machine, goods, etc.)
style, type, pattern
template, model, mold (mould)
kata (standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.)
form (i.e. customary procedure)
size (i.e. clothing, shoes)
(taxonomical) form
講談社 93 講談社 name Kodansha (publisher)
順位 93 順位 じゅんい n order, rank, precedence, position (e.g. in a race)
666 92 きゅう

num nine
チュー num nine
name Hisashi, Hisa, Chikashi, Takashi, Sazarashi, Kuran, Kunori, Kuchinoku, Ku, Kiyuu, Kyuu, Ichinoku, Ichijiku, Atsumu, Atsumi, Maru
以外 92 以外 いがい n-adv with the exception of, excepting
判断 92 判断 はんだん n, vs judgement, judgment, decision, conclusion, divination, adjudication, decipherment
坂井秀至 92 坂井秀至 name Sakai Hideyuki
必要 92 必要 ひつよう adj-na essential, necessary, indispensable, needed
n need, requirement, necessity
最高位 92 最高位 さいこうい adj-no, n most prominent, pride of place, top-ranking
浙江 92 浙江 name Zhejiang (China, Eastern coastal province), Chekiang, Zhejiang (China, Eastern coastal province), Chekiang
烈元 92 烈元 name Retsugen
92 せつ n time, occasion
stanza, verse, paragraph, passage, section (of a literary work)
principle, integrity
node (of a plant stem)
(taxonomical) section
n space between two nodes (on bamboo, etc.)
ぶし n-suf characteristic way of speaking
ふし n joint, knuckle
tune, melody
knot (in wood), node in a bamboo stem
part, notable characteristic
n knot (nautical mile per hour)
name Misao, Makoto, Fushi, Tomo, Toki, Tadashi, Takashi, Setsuyuki, Setsuji, Setsu, Sadame, Sada, Misao (Misawo)
92 n, n-suf account, chronicle, history, record, annals
n Records of Ancient Matters
記す しるす
v5s to write down, to note, to jot down
to remember
name Ki, Fumi
676 与え 91 与え あたえ n gift, godsend
与える あたえる v1, vt to present, to bestow, to confer, to grant, to award, to give (esp. to someone of lower status)
to offer, to supply, to provide, to afford
to assign
to cause
to pass (a variable to a function)
91 name Kakoi
91 やす pref, suf cheap
pref careless, thoughtless, rash, frivolous, indiscreet
安い やすい adj-i cheap, inexpensive
calm, peaceful, quiet
name Yasuji, Yasushi, Yasuko, Yasuki, Yasui, Yasu, Shizuka, An, Afuku, Anashi, Adaka, Asuka
91 n, n-suf variation, difference
n face to face, between (e.g. two people)
hindrance, impediment
arrhythmic section of recitative in Noh music
pref prefix used for stress or emphasis
ctr counter for traditional dance songs
差す さす v5s, vi to shine
to be visible
to be tinged with
to flow in, to rise (of water levels)
to be felt (i.e. as an emotion), to come over one
v5s, vt to raise, to put up, to hold up (an umbrella, etc.)
to extend one's arm straight ahead (in dance)
to insert, to put in
to wear (a sword) in one's belt, to wear at one's side, to carry under one's arm
to insert one's arm under an opponent's arm
to pole (a boat)
to pour, to add (liquid), to serve (drinks)
to apply, to put on (lipstick, etc.), to colour, to dye
to burn, to light (a fire)
to close, to fasten, to lock, to shut
suf, v5s to stop in the midst of, to leave undone
有名 91 有名 ゆうめい adj-na famous
n fame
有名 name Arina, Yuna
残り 91 残り のこり adj-no, n remaining, remnant, residue, left-over
発音 91 発音 はつおん adj-no, n, vs pronunciation
発音 name Hatsune
福井 91 福井 name Fukui, Yoshii
91 のう n agriculture, farming
name Atsushi, Tsutomu, Nou, Nousaki, Minori, Minoru, Yutaka
685 察元 90 察元 name Satsugen
小学校 90 小学校 しょうがっこう n elementary school, primary school, grade school
指し 90 指し さし
n face to face, between (e.g. two people)
hindrance, impediment
arrhythmic section of recitative in Noh music
pref prefix used for stress or emphasis
ctr counter for traditional dance songs
指し さし n measure, ruler
書きかけ 90 書きかけ かきかけ adj-no unfinished
青木喜久代 90 青木喜久代 name Aoki Kikuyo (1968.5.24-)
690 体育 89 体育 たいいく n athletics, gymnastics, physical education
基本 89 基本 きほん adj-no, n standard, foundation, basis
妙手 89 妙手 みょうしゅ n spectacular move (chess, shogi, etc.), brilliant move
expert, master, virtuoso
妙手 みょうしゅ n go: spectacular move
小松 89 小松 こまつ n young pine, small pine
小松 name Omatsuzaki, Komasa, Komazaki, Komatsu, Komatsusaki, Komatsuzaki, Hide
形勢 89 形勢 けいせい n condition, situation, prospects
形勢 けいせい n (go terminology)
状態 89 状態 じょうたい n condition, situation, state, circumstances, current status
89 さい
n die, dice
baton (of command)
防衛 89 防衛 ぼうえい n, vs defense, defence, protection, self-defense, self-defence
698 人物 88 人物 じんぶつ n character, personality, man, person, talented man, personage
88 さむらい
n warrior (esp. of military retainers of daimyos in the Edo period), samurai
retainer, man in attendance (on a person of high standing)
name Akira, Osamu, Katsuhito, Tsukasa, Tsukou, Toichi, Mamori, Mamoru
宝暦 88 宝暦 ほうれき
n Houreki era (1751.10.27-1764.6.2)
影響 88 影響 えいきょう n influence, effect
vs to influence, to affect, to have an influence on, to impact, to have an effect on
教室 88 教室 きょうしつ n classroom
703 か月 87 か月 かげつ ctr (number of) months
他に 87 他に ほかに adv besides, in addition
位置 87 位置 いち n, vs situation, place, position, location
87 そば
n besides, close, while, near, beside, vicinity, proximity
third person
n, suf part, side (of something, or taking someone's side)
(watch) case
かたわら adj-no, n-adv, n-t besides, edge, side, beside, nearby
n-adv while (doing)
かわ n (go terminology)
側む そばむ v5m, vi to regret, to oppose, to lean to one side, to look aside
name Gawa, Soba
出場者 87 出場者 しゅつじょうしゃ n participants, participating athletes
実戦 87 実戦 じっせん n combat, actual fighting
杉内 87 杉内 name Sugiuchi, Suginai
87 せん n, n-suf stripe, line, stria
wire, line (e.g. telephone line)
beam, ray (e.g. X-ray)
route, lane, line (e.g. of a railroad), track
outline, form, contours
approach, principle, position, policy, line (of action)
impression one leaves, air one gives off
せん n (go terminology)
name Sen
87 ひょう n, n-suf list, chart, table (e.g. Table 1)
おもて n surface
face (i.e. the visible side of an object)
front (of a building, etc.), obverse side (i.e. "head") of a coin
exterior, outside
first half (of an innings), top (of an inning)
cover (for tatami mats, etc.)
表す ひょうす v5s, vt to show, to express
表す あらわす v5s, vt to show, to display, to reveal
to express
to represent, to signify, to stand for
to make widely known
name Hyousaki, Hyou, Tawara, Omote, Uwa, Ue
通常 87 通常 つうじょう adj-no, n-adv, n-t common, general, normal, usual
87 name Tami, Hajimu, Rei
714 公開 86 公開 こうかい adj-no, n, vs open, public, opening to the public, making available to the public, putting on display, exhibiting, showing (play, movie, etc.), holding (interview, etc.)
86 ごう adj-f, n hard, strong, manly
name Takeru, Takeshi, Takashi, Gouji, Gouzaki, Gou, Kowashi, Kou, Gan, Katashi, Tsuyoshi
大きく 86 大きく おおきく adv in a big way, on a grand scale
大きな 86 大きな おおきな adj-pn great, big, large
86 まご n grandchild
name Iku, Sun, Son, Douson, Mago, Magosaki, Yuzuru
86 こころざし n will, intention, motive
志す こころざす v5s, vi to plan, to intend, to aspire to, to set aims (sights on)
name Nozomu, Nozomi, Shimura, Shisaki, Shii, Shi, Kokorozashi, Kokoro, Koko, Yuki
情報 86 情報 じょうほう n gossip, news, (military) intelligence
information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
86 招く まねく v5k, vt to invite, to ask
to beckon, to wave someone in, to gesture to
to summon, to send for, to call in
to cause, to result in, to lead to, to bring on oneself, to incur
name Akira, Katsue, Katsunari, Katsunori, Maneki
86 映す うつす v5s, vt to reflect, to project, to cast (shadow)
映る うつる v5r, vi to be reflected, to harmonize with (harmonise), to come out (photo), to be projected, to be displayed (on a screen)
name Hayuru, Hayu, Teru, Eiji, Ei, Utsuru, Anbai, Akira, Aki
男女 86 男女 だんじょ
n men and women, man and woman, both sexes, both genders
男女 おとこおんな n masculine woman, mannish woman
effeminate man, feminine man
hermaphrodite, intersexual
読売新聞 86 読売新聞 name Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
725 85 ちょう ctr counter for sheets, pages, leaves, etc.
counter for blocks of tofu, counter for servings in a restaurant
counter for long and narrow things such as guns, scissors, spades, hoes, inksticks, palanquins, candles, jinrikishas, shamisen, oars, etc.
n even number
109.09 m
n 4th in rank, fourth sign of the Chinese calendar
n, n-pref, n-suf Denmark
name Yoroi, Yoro, Yoboro, Youro, Momoki, Hinoto, Tou, Tei, Tsuyoshi, Chiyon, Choudei, Chou, Chiyun, Jiyon, In, Ataru, Rei
世紀 85 世紀 せいき n century, era
世紀 name Seiki, Seki, Toshinori
最も 85 最も もっとも adv extremely, most
河野臨 85 河野臨 name Kouno Rin
終わ 85 終わる おわる v5r, vi to finish, to close, to end
85 すず
n tin
name Shaku, Suzuki, Seki, Tamau
731 84 みなみ n south
name Mimi, Minamihama, Minamitate, Minami, Mina, Miumi, Hinata, Nantetsu, Nanzaki, Nan, Namuchoru, Namu, Nami, Takaminami, Minnami
84 n spot, place, space
field, discipline, sphere, realm
situation, occasion
scene (of a play, movie, etc.)
session (of the stock market)
area in which cards are laid out (in a card game)
round (mahjong, i.e. east, south, etc.)
field (gestalt psychology)
じょう n, n-suf arena, stadium, spot, place, range, course, grounds
name Eki, Tsuruba, Ba, Basaki, Bazaki
封じ手 84 封じ手 ふうじて n a sealed move
封じ手 ふうじて n go: sealed move
84 name Akira, Gyou, Taka, Takashi
意味 84 意味 いみ n, vs meaning, significance
84 はり n beam, joist
りょう n Liang Dynasty (of China)
name Riyou, Ryou, Riyan, Ryan, Yan, Yana, Hari, Kobayashi, O, Utsubari, Reon
決戦 84 決戦 けっせん n, vs play-off, decisive battle, deciding match
白石 84 白石 しろいし n white stone
white (go pieces)
白石 name Iraishi, Shiraishi, Shiroishi, Hakuishi, Hakuseki
84 臨く のぞく v5k, vt to peek (though a keyhole, gap, etc.)
to look down into (a ravine, etc.)
to peek into (a shop, bookstore, etc.)
to sneak a look at, to take a quick look at
to peep (through a telescope, microscope, etc.)
v5k, vi to stick out (a scarf from a collar, etc.), to peek through (sky through a forest canopy, etc.)
to face
臨む のぞむ v5m, vi to look out on
to face
to deal with
to attend (e.g. function), to appear (e.g. in court)
name Nozomi, Nozomu, Rin
84 かのと
n 8th in rank, eighth sign of the Chinese calendar
辛い からい adj-i hot, spicy
strict, harsh (criticism), severe (punishment)
tough, bitter, painful, difficult
辛い つらい adj-i bitter, painful, heart-breaking
辛い からい adj-i (go terminology)
name Kanoto, Karasaki, Shin, Shinkou
84 せん n, n-suf selection, picking, choice, election, choosing
選ぶ えらぶ v5b, vt to choose, to select
選る よる
v5r, vt to choose, to select
name Eri, Suguru, Sen, Tatsumi, Hitoshi
742 勝率 83 勝率 しょうりつ n winning percentage
早指し 83 早指し はやざし n quick game of shogi
最終 83 最終 さいしゅう adj-no, n closing, final, last
柳時 83 柳時 name Ryuuji
83 n circle, ring, loop
circle (e.g. of friends)
かん n band, ring
たまき n bracelet (made of stringed jewels or bells and worn at the elbow)
bracer (for the elbow of an archer)
name Kan, Kanji, Kururi, Tamaki, Tamami
略歴 83 略歴 りゃくれき n brief personal record, short curriculum vitae, short CV
資格 83 資格 しかく n qualifications, requirements, capabilities
83 ろく n, suf record, transcript
録る とる v5r, vt to take (a photo)
to record (video, audio, etc.), to make (a film)
name Hasumi
83 いん n house of parliament (congress, diet, etc.)
graduate school, postgraduate school
suf government office, institution (often medical), institutional building
temple, cloister, sub-temple, minor temple building
n imperial palace
title bestowed on empresses, princesses, etc.
suf late, former (esp. of emperors, daimyos, etc.)
name In
751 中野 82 中野 name Nakano, Nakanozaki
初めて 82 初めて はじめて adj-no, adv for the first time
adv only after ... is it ..., only when ... do you ...
前田 82 前田 name Aeda, Fujita, Maida, Maeta, Maeda, Maheda
82 だん n party, body, group, troupe, company
name Izume, Itsume, Idzume, Inotsume, Inodzume, Dan, Dantaka
最初 82 最初 さいしょ adj-no, n-adv, n-t beginning, first, outset, onset
最初 name Saisho
梶原 82 梶原 name Kashihara, Kashiwara, Kajihara, Kajibara, Kajiwara, Kazuwara, Kadzihara, Kadziwara, Kadzuhara
82 よもぎ n Japanese mugwort (Artemisia princeps, Artemisia indica var. maximowiczii)
general term for plants in the Artemisia genus, mugwort, sagebrush, wormwood
name Shou
758 81 わり n, n-suf percentage, proportion, rate, ratio
10%, unit of ten percent
match, schedule of matches
n-suf diluted with (of drinks), mixed with
割く さく v5k, vt to tear, to rip up
to cut up, to cleave, to cut open (esp. the abdomen)
to forcibly separate (i.e. two lovers)
to spare (time, money, etc.), to use part of something
to have a tattoo in the corner of one's eye
割る わる v5r, vt to break, to cut, to smash, to separate, to split, to divide, to halve, to rip, to crack, to dilute
name Wari
81 成す なす v5s, vt to build up, to establish
to form, to become (a state)
to accomplish, to achieve, to succeed in
to change into
to do, to perform
aux-v to intend to, to attempt, to try
to have a child
成る なる v5r, vi to be, to get, to grow, to reach, to attain, to become
to result in, to prove to be
to consist of, to be composed of
to be complete, to succeed
to change into, to be exchanged for
to play a role
to be promoted (shogi)
v5r to do ...
name Minoru, Son, Nari, Narisaki, Narisue, Naru, Hakaru, Hitoshi, Binsei, Michi, Soyon, Seiji, Sei, Akira, Osamu, Sadamu, Shige, Shigeru, Shin, Jou, Susumu
最後 81 最後 さいご adj-no, n end, last, conclusion, most recent, latest
exp (after -tara form or -ta form followed by "ga") no sooner than, right after (often having negative consequences)
one's final moments
本院 81 本院 ほんいん n this institution, the main institution
762 一般 80 一般 いっぱん adj-na, adj-no, n general, universal
common, average, ordinary
80 ばん adv, pref many, all
num 10,000, ten thousand
adj-no, n myriad
n-adv all, everything
adj-no, n various
name Yorozu, Manpuku, Manzaki, Man, Ban, Tsumoru, Susumu, Ara, Wan
上の 80 上の name Ueno
名局 80 名局 めいきょく n famous game (of go, shogi, etc.)
80 n (go terminology)
pref thin, narrow
ぐゎー suf small, little, dear (figurative sense)
pref small, little
pref small, narrow
familiar prefix
slightly, a bit
pref small, little, slight
just about, slightly less than
somehow, somewhat
petty, minor (sometimes derogatory)
しょう n, n-pref smallness, small item
short month (i.e. having fewer than 31 days)
elementary school
younger or inferior (of two items or people with the same name)
unit of field area (approx. 400 sq m)
小い ちっこい adj-i very small (slightly pejorative)
name Kodzuru, Kotaka, Kosugi, Koshio, Kogayu, Kogai, Kokatsu, Kousu, Kohama, Kofuku, Hamako, Chiisa, Shoukei, Shouka, Shou, Sazaki, Koyanagi, Komine, Ko, Oyanagi, Omura, Okai, O, Okayu, Ogai, Omine, Obama, Ohama, Ojio, Oshio, Ozaki, Osaki, Ogayu
80 しょう
n, n-suf manor
name Takashou, Taira, Souji, Sou, Shouji, Shouzaki, Shouou, Shou, Katsuhide, Katsunobu, Katsuo, Katsue, Katsuura, Inaka, Atsu, Masa
建設 80 建設 けんせつ n, vs establishment, construction
80 n enlightenment, wisdom
wisdom, prajñā (one of the three divisions of the noble eightfold path)
name Muu, Fui, Toshi, Takashi, Sui, Sayaka, Satoru, Satori, Satoshi, Satoi, Sato, Keiji, Kei, E, Akira, Megumi
新布石 80 新布石 しんふせき n (go terminology)
春華 80 春華 name Shunka, Shunfa-, Haruka
時計 80 時計 とけい
n clock, watch, timepiece
時計 name Tokei
80 てき adj-na, suf typical, -like
まと n mark, target
name Ikuha, Ikuwa, Mato, Yukuha
80 えき
n good, advantage, gain, benefit, use
profit, gains
ますます adv more and more, increasingly, decreasingly, less and less
name Eki, Susumu, Masu, Yaku, Yutaka
80 しん adj-na, adj-no, n reality, truth, genuineness
n logical TRUE
printed style writing
star performer
n, pref right, just, pure, true, genuine, due (east)
まな pref dear, beloved
name Magasaki, Mako, Makoto, Masa, Masashi, Masatsugu, Mashio, Masumi, Mana, Mami, Mao, Tadashi, Atsushi, Kokoro, Sana, Sanesaki, Shin, Shinsaki, Shinzaki, Shinji, Mayanagi
776 作品 79 作品 さくひん n performance, production, work (e.g. book, film, composition, etc.), opus
山東 79 山東 name Santou, Shandong (China), Shantung, Santon, Sandou, Yamatou, Yamahigashi
当初 79 当初 とうしょ n-adv, n-t at first
得る 79 得る うる suf (after the -masu stem of a verb) to be able to ..., can ...
exp to get, to obtain, to secure, to acquire, to procure, to attain, to earn, to win, to gain
東京都 79 東京都 とうきょうと n Tokyo Metropolitan area
東京都 name Toukyouto
格言 79 格言 かくげん adj-no, n aphorism
格言 かくげん n (go terminology)
毎日 79 毎日 まいにち n-adv, n-t every day
79 しょう n name
称す しょうす v5s, vt to take the name of, to call oneself
to pretend, to feign, to purport
name Katsusuke, Katsutaka, Katsuyoshi, Shou
結婚 79 結婚 けっこん adj-no, n, vs marriage
79 置く おく v5k to put, to place
to leave (behind)
to do something in advance (usu. following te-form verb)
name Oki, Oku
良績 79 良績 name Yoshitsugu
計算 79 計算 けいさん n, vs count, calculation, reckoning
記述 79 記述 きじゅつ n, vs description, descriptor
79 へん n area, vicinity
side (of triangle, rectangle, etc.)

n surrounding area
shore (of the sea)
suf suffix used as a rough indicator of location, direction, time, etc.
へん n (go terminology)
name Sakibe, Pyon, Hen, Hotori
79 降す くだす v5s, vt to make (a decision), to pass (judgement, etc.), to hand down (orders, etc.)
to lower, to let go down
to do oneself, to do by oneself
降る くだる v5r, vi to descend, to go down, to come down
to be handed down (of an order, judgment, etc.)
to pass (of time)
to surrender, to capitulate
to be inferior to, (often in neg. form) to be less than
to have the runs, to have diarrhea
降る ふる v5r, vi to precipitate, to fall (e.g. rain)
黒番 79 黒番 くろばん n black to play (in Go)
黒番 くろばん n (go terminology)
792 今村 78 今村 name Imamura
出典 78 出典 しゅってん n authority, source (e.g. quotation)
厚み 78 厚み あつみ n profound, thickness
厚み あつみ n go: thickness
厚み name Atsumi
島村 78 島村 name Shimamura, Touson
強い 78 強いる しいる v1, vt to force, to compel, to coerce
梅沢由香里 78 梅沢由香里 name Umezawa Yukari (1973.10-)
78 ごう n karma (i.e. actions committed in a former life)
わざ n performance, work, deed, act
ぎょう n, suf work, business
name Gyou, Hajime
現役 78 現役 げんえき adj-no, n active duty, active service
student who passed their university entrance exams on the first try, student taking (university) entrance exams while still enrolled in school
証券 78 証券 しょうけん n securities, bonds, certificates
証券 name Shouken
関東 78 関東 かんとう n Kantou (eastern half of Japan, including Tokyo)
関東 name Kantou, Sekitou, Sekihigashi
802 勝敗 77 勝敗 しょうはい n outcome, victory or defeat, issue (of battle)
77 なつ n-adv, n-t summer
n summer (on the lunisolar calendar: 16th day of the 4th month to the 15th day of the 7th month)
n Xia (dynasty of China; perhaps mythological)
夏い なつい adj-i blisteringly hot, relentlessly hot, scorching
name Natsu, Shiya, Sama-, Kaho, Kasumi, Ka, Akari, Pain
正明 77 正明 name Shoumyou, Shoumei, Seimei, Tadaaki, Masaaki, Masaakira, Masaharu, Yoshiaki
百年 77 百年 ひゃくねん
n century, hundred years, a long time
77 n eyeball, eye
sight, vision, eyesight
look, glance, stare
an experience
stitch, texture, weave
suf ordinal number suffix
somewhat, -ish
まなこ n eyeball, eye
pupil and (dark) iris of the eye
insight, power of observation, perceptivity
look, field of vision
essence, core, centre, center
n (go terminology)
name Manako, Mesaki
筑摩 77 筑摩 name Chikuma, Tsukama
自身 77 自身 じしん n by oneself, personally
77 つう adj-na, n authority, connoisseur
ctr counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.
通う かよう v5u, vi to go back and forth, to ply between
to commute, to attend (school, church, etc.)
通す とおす v5s, vt to stick through, to force through
to spread throughout, to thoroughly diffuse
to make a path between two points
to proceed in a logical manner
to let pass, to allow through
to show in, to lead (someone) into (a house, room, etc.)
to go through (a middleman)
to (look, listen) through (a window, wall, etc.)
to pass (a law, applicant, etc.)
to force to accept, to force agreement
to persist in, to continue (in a state)
to do to the entirety of, to cover all of, to span the whole ...
to do from beginning to end without a break
to convey (one's ideas, etc.) to the other party
to complete, to carry through, (after the -te form of a verb) to do to the end
通る とおる v5r, vi to pass through, to go by, to go via, to go by way of, to go past, to go along, to travel along, to use (a road), to take (a route)
to connect, to run (between), to operate (between)
to come in, to go indoors, to go into a room, to be admitted, to be shown in, to be ushered in
to go through, to pierce, to penetrate, to skewer, to come through
to permeate, to soak into, to spread throughout
to carry (e.g. of a voice), to reach far
to be passed on (e.g. of a customer's order to the kitchen), to be relayed, to be conveyed
to be accepted, to pass (a test, a bill in the House, etc.), to be approved
to go by (a name), to be known as, to be accepted as, to have a reputation for
to be coherent, to be logical, to be reasonable, to be comprehensible, to be understandable, to make sense
to be understood, to get across (e.g. of one's point)
to be straight (e.g. wood grain)
to be well-informed, to be wise
suf, v5r to do ... completely, to do ... thoroughly
name Michi, Hiraku, Tooru, Toori, Tsuuzaki, Tsuu, Kayoi, Kayo, Ikariya, Michiaki
810 一方 76 一方 いっぽう n one (esp. of two), the other, one way, the other way, one direction, the other direction, one side, the other side, one party, the other party
conj on the other hand, on the one hand
although, meanwhile, whereas, but at the same time, in turn
n-adv, n-suf only, (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps, being inclined to ..., tending to be ..., tending to do ..., continuously ..., just keeps on ...ing
一方 ひとかた n one person
adj-na common, (often in negative form) ordinary
一方 name Ippou, Kazukata, Kazutaka
76 こと
n matter, thing
trouble, event, incident, crisis, occurrence, something serious
situation, circumstances, state of affairs
affair, work, business
after an inflectable word, creates a noun phrase indicating something the speaker does not feel close to
n-suf nominalizing suffix
pretending to ..., playing make-believe ...
n, n-suf alias, nickname, aka, alternative name, also known as
n individual concrete phenomenon (as opposed to a general principle)
ごと suf nominalizing suffix
pretending to ..., playing make-believe ...
name Koto, Kotozaki, Tsukae, Tsutomu
千瑛 76 千瑛 name Chiaki, Chie
76 そと
n exterior, outside
open air
other place
がい n-suf outside of, not covered by
よそ adj-no, n another place, somewhere else, strange parts
n outside (one's family or group), those people
unrelated matter
ほか adj-no, n, n-adv the rest, other (esp. places and things)
そと n (go terminology)
外す はずす v5s, vt to unfasten, to undo
to remove, to take off, to deinstall
to leave, to step out, to slip away
to miss (a target)
name Hoka, Tono, To, Soto, Sode
文庫 76 文庫 ぶんこ n library, book collection
paperback book
文庫 name Fumikura, Bunko
江蘇 76 江蘇 name Jiangsu (China), Kiangsu, Chansuze
考慮 76 考慮 こうりょ n, vs consideration, taking into account
聖戦 76 聖戦 せいせん n holy war, crusade
華学 76 華学 name Hanasato
76 贈る おくる v5r, vt to present, to give (as a gift)
to bestow, to confer, to award
820 三子 75 三子 さんし n go: three stones
三子 name Sanshi, Miko, Mitsuko, Mitsugo, Mine
75 じょう suf (nth) power
ctr counter for vehicles
n multiplication
Buddha's teachings
乗す のす v5s, vt to place on (something), to take on board, to give a ride to
乗る のる v5r, vi to take, to board, to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.), to get in, to embark
to get on (e.g. a footstool), to step on, to jump on, to sit on, to mount
to pass, to reach, to go over
to follow, to stay (on track), to go with (the times, etc.)
to join, to participate, to take part
to get into the swing (and sing, dance, etc.)
to be deceived, to be taken in
to be scattered, to be carried, to be spread
to attach, to take, to stick, to go on
name Jou, Takajou, Nori, Minjou, Yotsunoya
勝者 75 勝者 しょうしゃ n winner, victor
勝者 name Masahito
四川 75 四川 しせん n Sichuan (China), Szechuan, Szechwan
四川 name Sichuan (China), Szechuan, Szechwan, Yoshikawa
場所 75 場所 ばしょ n spot, place, position, location
room, space
basho, wrestling tournament
場所 name Basho
75 げき n manifesto, circular, (written) appeal
正浩 75 正浩 name Kousei, Jonho, Seikou, Seigou, Seihiro, Masahiro
75 しょう n section, chapter
name Shou, Shougo, Shouroku, Shouwa, Suguro, Takashi, Nori, Hajime, Fumi, Katsurou, Katsuro, Aki, Akitsugu, Akinori, Akira, Aya, Katsuo, Katsukazu, Katsunami, Katsuren, Yuki
75 さん n divining sticks
n, vs calculation, counting
name Kazoe
簡体字 75 簡体字 かんたいじ n simplified Chinese character
繁体字 75 繁体字 はんたいじ n traditional Chinese character, unsimplified Chinese character
75 ひょう n, n-suf criticism, commentary, a council
評す ひょうす v5s, vt to appraise, to evaluate, to comment on
酒井 75 酒井 name Sakai, Sakei
75 たけ
n height, stature
length (esp. of clothing)
everything, all (one has)
magnificence (of a waka poem, etc.)
ちょう n chief, head, leader, elder
merit, strong point
major (music)
つかさ n official, office
chief, head
(Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa) person (usually a woman) whose duty it is to officiate at religions ceremonies
おさ n chief, head, leader, elder
the greatest of all, the most excellent
なが pref, suf long
長い ながい adj-i long (distance)
long (time), lengthy
name Naga, Nagasaki, Nagasako, Nagashi, Nagashio, Nagaji, Nagasue, Nagataka, Nagahama, Nagamine, Nagamune, Nobu, Hajime, Hatsumi, Hisashi, Masaru, Tokuchou, Tsurunaga, Tsukasa, Arata, Oki, Osa, Osamu, Susumu, Takashi, Take, Takeshi, Takeru, Chou, Chouji, Michi
75 こま n piece (in shogi, chess, etc.)
horse, foal
bridge (of a violin, etc.)
name Koma, Komaki, Komasaki, Komazaki
835 74 name Kyuu, Hisato, Hisatsugu, Hisasue, Hisaji, Hisashii, Hisashi, Hisakatsu, Hisa, Haruji, Tokunaga, Tokuo, Kuma, Kiyuu, Kyuuji, Kyuuzaki, Hisamatsu
74 うち adj-no, n within, inside
among, amongst, between
adj-no, pn we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.), our
my spouse
n imperial palace grounds
adj-no, pn me, I (primarily used by women and children)
ない suf within, inside
うち n (go terminology)
name Uchi, Uchigouri, Dai, Tsuruuchi, Nai
国家 74 国家 こっか n state, country, nation
国家 name Kuniie, Kuniya
74 こえ n voice
name Koe, Sumitoshi, Sei, Chika
大学 74 大学 だいがく n post-secondary education institution, incl. university, college, etc.
former central university of Kyoto (established under the ritsuryo system for the training of government administrators)
the Great Learning - one of the Four Books
大学 name Daigaku
手段 74 手段 しゅだん n means, way, measure
明和 74 明和 めいわ n Meiwa era (1764.6.2-1772.11.16)
明和 name Akikazu, Akiyasu, Akiwa, Myouwa, Meiwa
服部 74 服部 name Abe, Hattori, Hatsutori, Hatori, Hatoribe, Fukube
林家 74 林家 りんか n family working in the forest industry, forestry family
林家 name Hayashiya
74 ふる n handle of an axe, handle of a hatchet
name Ononoe, Ka, Ko
74 けん n, n-suf right (to do something)
n, n-suf power, authority
name Hakaru, Chikara, Gon, Kon, Ken, Kuon, Kuan, Isamu, Hajime
74 name Uon, Ou, Ouzaki, On, Hiroshi, Wan
準一 74 準一 name Jun'ichi
算哲 74 算哲 name Santetsu
菊池康郎 74 菊池康郎 name Kikuchi Yasurou
道節 74 道節 name Dousetsu
851 中村 73 中村 name Okamura, Kanakamura, Doi, Nakanu, Nakanura, Nakamufu, Nakamura, Nanakamura, Yoneji
序盤 73 序盤 じょばん n the opening(s) (e.g. in a game of go or chess)
序盤 じょばん n (go terminology)
片岡 73 片岡 name Kataoka, Kataota
生涯 73 生涯 しょうがい n-adv, n-t one's lifetime (i.e. one's existence until death), one's career
73 ぞく
n, n-pref continuation, sequel
続く つづく v5k, vi to last, to go on, to continue
to continue (without a break), to be unbroken
to occur again and again
to lead to, to adjoin, to connect to
to rank next to, to come after, to follow, to succeed
to keep, to hold out, to last
続ぐ つぐ v5g, vt to succeed (someone in a business or inheritance)
name Zoku, Tsugumune, Tsuzuki, Tsuzuku, Tsudzuki, Tsudzuku
856 嘉永 72 嘉永 かえい n Kaei era (1848.2.28-1854.11.27)
嘉永 name Kanaga, Yoshinaga
72 かたち
n figure, form, shape
かんばせ n visage, countenance
face, dignity, honor (honour)
name Iruru, Hiroshi, Yutaka, Yutori, You
山下 72 山下 name Sanka, Sange, Yamasaki, Yamashita, Yamashimo, Yamanoshita, Yamamoto, Yomashita
72 しゅう n state, county, province, department (of ancient China)
suf (after someone's name) dear
n sandbar, sandbank
name Atsumu, Kuni, Shima, Shuu, Susaki, Suzaki, Toushuu
後期 72 後期 こうき n final, latter period
打ち込 72 打ち込む うちこむ v5m, vt to hammer in, to drive in (e.g. nail, stake)
to smash, to drive, to hit (a ball, etc.)
to fire into (e.g. a crowd), to launch (e.g. missiles), to lob (e.g. grenades)
to enter, to input (data)
to devote oneself to, to go heart and soul into, to throw oneself into, to go head over heels for
to practice hitting (baseball, tennis, etc.)
to hit (an opponent in kendo, boxing, etc.), to get a blow in
to invade one's opponent's territory (in the game of go), to place a stone in an opponent's formation
to pour (concrete, etc.) into a form
打ち込む ぶちこむ v5m, vt to throw, to cast, to toss
to smash, to strike, to hit, to drive in, to hammer in
to fire into (e.g. a crowd), to launch (e.g. missiles), to lob (e.g. grenades)
to carry, to wear (sword, etc.)
打ち込む うちこむ v (go terminology)
指導 72 指導 しどう n, vs guidance, leadership, coaching
shido (disciplinary action for a minor infringement of the rules of judo)
72 name Akira, Ashita, Shin, Hayashi
淡路修三 72 淡路修三 name Awaji Shuuzou (1949.8-)
言わ 72 言わす いわす v5s, vt to be able to say, to get someone to say, to induce someone to say, to let someone speak out
866 使 71 使 n messenger
police and judicial chief (Heian and Kamakura periods)
klesha (polluting thoughts such as greed, hatred and delusion, which result in suffering)
使う つかう v5u, vt to use (a thing, method, etc.), to make use of, to put to use
to handle, to manage, to manipulate, to use (a person, animal, puppet, etc.), to employ
to spend, to use (time, money, etc.), to consume
to speak, to use (language)
使む しむ aux-v, v5m to make happen (old causative verbal ending)
使 name Tsukasa
勤め 71 勤め つとめ n service, task, business, duty, responsibility
Buddhist religious services
勤める つとめる v1, vt to work (for), to be employed (at), to serve (in)
to serve (as), to act (as), to fill (the position of), to play the role (of)
to conduct a religious service
大平 71 大平 name Oidaira, Hirahira, Daira, Daihei, Tahei, Taihei, Ohira, Oobira, Oohira, Oodaira, Oodai, Ootaira, Ootai, Hirohira
71 あざ n, suf section of village
n character (i.e. kanji)
hand-writing, penmanship
the ... word (i.e. "the L word" = "love")
あざな n Chinese courtesy name (name formerly given to adult Chinese men, used in place of their given name in formal situations)
section of a village
name Aza
71 とら n third sign of Chinese zodiac (The Tiger, 3am-5am, east-northeast, January)
name I, In, Susumu, Tora, Toraji, Fusa
小学生 71 小学生 しょうがくせい n elementary school student, primary school student, grade school student
71 いおり
n, n-suf hermitage, retreat
name An, Iori, Ihori
71 name Ikumi, Kan
発展 71 発展 はってん n, vs development, growth, advancement, unfurling
extension, enlargement, expansion
playing around, having an active sex life
発展 name Hatten
競技 71 競技 きょうぎ adj-no, n, vs contest, game, match
終盤 71 終盤 しゅうばん n endgame, final stage
終盤 しゅうばん n (go terminology)
71 n, n-suf beauty
pref august
美い うまい adj-i expert, skillful, wise, successful, clever
delicious, appetizing, appetising
splendid, promising, fortunate
name Yomisuru, Misaki, Misao (Misawo), Misumi, Miho, Myuu, Miyoshi, Mei, Yoshi, Yoshitsugu, Yoshihama, Yoshimi, Miki, Mii, Umashi, Kiyoshi, Chura, Haru, Harumi, Bi, Biki, Mi, Mia
覇王 71 覇王 はおう n autocrat, supreme ruler, dynast, high king
記念 71 記念 きねん n, vs memory, commemoration
金沢 71 金沢 name Kazawa, Kanasawa, Kanazawa, Kanesawa, Kanezawa
青少年 71 青少年 せいしょうねん n youth, young person
882 70 これ pn this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic)
this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group)
I (me)
prt possessive particle
name Itaru, Kisaragi, Kore, Yuki
前年 70 前年 ぜんねん n-adv, n-t last year, the preceding year, the previous year
山田規三生 70 山田規三生 name Yamada Kimio
70 すまし n primness, prim person
clear soup
water for rinsing sake cups (at a banquet, etc.)
洗う あらう v5u, vt to wash
to investigate
name Arai, Sengai
70 おとこ n man among men, man's man
かん n China
Han (majority Chinese ethnic group)
n-suf man
から n, n-pref China (sometimes also used in ref. to Korea or other foreign countries)
name Kan, Hata
理事 70 理事 りじ n director, board of directors
70 ちゃく ctr counter for suits of clothing
suf arriving at ...
n-suf clothes, uniform, outfit
着く つく v5k to reach, to arrive at
to sit on, to sit at (e.g. the table)
着く はく v5k, vt to put on (or wear) lower-body clothing (i.e. pants, skirt, etc.), to put on (or wear) footwear
to affix a sword to one's hip
to affix a bowstring to a bow
着る きる v1, vt to put on, to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down)
to bear (guilt, etc.)
name Chaku, Tsukizaki
70 name Hitoshi, Yukichi, Yuuji, Yuu, Yasushi, Yasu, Hiromu, Hiromi, Hiroshi, Hirokatsu, Hiro, Yutaka
述べ 70 述べる のべる v1, vt to state, to express, to mention
道悦 70 道悦 name Douetsu, Michiyoshi
70 name Oka, Kyuu, Kiyuu, Ku, Chuu, Tei
n Russia
あらわ adj-na bare, naked, scanty, exposed, unconcealed
open, public
つゆ adv, n dew
name Rozaki, Rosaki, Ro, Tsuyuzaki, Tsuyusaki, Tsuyu, Akira, Russia
894 企画 69 企画 きかく n, vs project, design, plan, planning
69 だい n, n-suf table, rack, stand
ctr counter for machines, incl. vehicles
n setting (e.g. in jewellery)
ctr, n, n-suf level (e.g. price level), range (e.g. after physical units), period (of time, e.g. a decade of one's life)
うてな n tower
pedestal, stand
たい n, n-pref, n-suf Taiwan
name Utsu, Utena, Tai, Dai
69 あさひ n morning sun
name Shou, Kiyoku, Kyoku, Asahi, Asai, Asa, Akira, Aki, Noboru
朝日新聞 69 朝日新聞 あさひしんぶん n Asahi (newspaper)
朝日新聞 name Asahi Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
69 すじ n muscle, tendon, sinew
vein, artery
string, fiber, fibre
stripe, line, streak
logic, reason
plot, storyline
lineage, descent
school (e.g. of scholarship or arts)
aptitude, talent
circle, channel, source (of information, etc.)
well-informed person (in a transaction)
logical move (in go, shogi, etc.)
ninth vertical line (shogi)
seam on a helmet
gristly fish paste (made of muscle, tendons, skin, etc.)
status, social position
adj-no, n, n-suf along, on (a river, road, etc.)
ctr, suf counter for long thin things, counter for roads or blocks when giving directions
(Edo period) counter for hundreds of mon (obsolete unit of currency)
きん n muscle
すじ n (go terminology)
name Suji
連載 69 連載 れんさい adj-no, n, vs serialization, serialisation, serial story
69 ちん
n a weight
temple supervisor
town (of China)
name Mamoru, Chin, Shizuru, Shizume, Shizumu, Shizumi, Osamu, Ikariya, Ikaridani, Yasushi
901 亀三郎 68 亀三郎 name Kamesaburou, Kisaburou
佐藤 68 佐藤 name Saiu, Saitou, Sato, Satoa, Satou, Satoo, Sadou, Sayuki, Shitou
68 しゅん n genius, excellence
name Masaru, Toshitsugu, Toshiji, Toshikatsu, Toshio, Toshi, Takashi, Suguru, Jun, Shunji, Shunsaku, Shun, Satoshi, Reishun
南哲 68 南哲 name Nantetsu
68 そう ctr, n, n-suf pair
pref both
many, all, various
双ぶ ならぶ v5b, vi to line up, to stand in a line
to rival, to match, to equal
name Sou
履歴 68 履歴 りれき n career, background, personal history
log, record
木谷実 68 木谷実 name Kitani Minoru (1909.1.25-1975.12.19)
68 うつつ n reality, consciousness
げん pref current, existing, present (e.g. government, administration)
現す あらわす v5s, vt to show, to display, to reveal
to express
to represent, to signify, to stand for
to make widely known
現る あらわれる v1, vi to embody, to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to materialize, to materialise
to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
name Akira, Utsutsu, Gen, Sachio, Yukitoshi
生き 68 生き いき
n living, being alive
vitality, liveliness, freshness
situation in which a group of stones cannot be captured because it contains contains two or more gaps (in go)
stet, leave as-is (proofreading)
pref damned
生き いき n (go terminology)
生きる いきる v1, vi to live, to exist
to make a living, to subsist
to be in effect, to be in use, to function
to come to life, to be enlivened
to be safe (in baseball, go, etc.)
羽根泰正 68 羽根泰正 name Hane Yasumasa
68 育つ そだつ v5t, vi to be raised (e.g. child), to be brought up, to grow (up)
育む はぐくむ v5m, vt to raise, to rear, to bring up
name Iku, Ikumi, Sodatsu, Hagumi, Hagumu, Yasu, Yasushi
68 name Sei
68 n, n-suf language
かたり n talk, recital
語る かたる v5r, vt to tell, to talk about, to speak of, to narrate
to chant, to recite
to show, to indicate
name Kataru
914 世本 67 世本 name Semoto
67 はく n count, earl
chief official of the Department of Worship
eldest brother
n, n-pref, n-suf Brazil, Brazilian
name Tsukasa, Haku
使用 67 使用 しよう n, vs application, use, employment, utilization, utilisation
全国大会 67 全国大会 ぜんこくたいかい n national convention, national athletic meet
内弟子 67 内弟子 うちでし n apprentice, private pupil
67 adj-na, n strange, unconventional
name Ki, Kino, Kusushi
定先 67 定先 じょうせん n (go terminology)
就位 67 就位 name Shuui
文東 67 文東 name Fumiharu, Buntou, Bundou
朝日 67 朝日 あさひ n morning sun
朝日る あさひる
v5r to make up, to fabricate (stories) (based on alleged behaviour of the Asahi newspaper)
朝日 name Asaka, Asahi, Ashita, Asuka, Ahisa
正官 67 正官 name Masahiro
67 うじ n birth, family name, lineage
suf Mr
n clan
he, him
ctr counter for people
氏ぬ しぬ v5n, vi to die
name Uji, Ujifuku, Shi, Tomo, Hamauji
67 しん n Qing (dynasty of China, 1616-1912), Ch'ing
さや adv clearly, brightly
cleanly, purely
清い きよい adj-i clear, noble, pure
清む すむ v5m, vi to clear (e.g. weather), to become transparent
name Seiji, Kiyonori, Kiyora, Saya, Sayaka, Shin, Suga, Sugashi, Suzu, Sumi, Sumizaki, Sumitaka, Sumitomo, Suminori, Sei, Kiyotsugu, Kiyozumi, Isami, Kyoji, Kiyo, Kiyoi, Kiyokatsu, Kiyosaki, Kiyozaki, Kiyoshi, Kiyoji, Kiyosue, Kiyosumi
67 潤う うるおう v5u, vi to be damp, to be moist, to get wet, to be watered
to profit by, to receive benefits, to receive favors (favours)
to become rich, to become at ease financially
潤す うるおす v5s, vt to wet, to moisten
to profit, to enrich, to benefit
潤む うるむ v5m, vi to be wet, to be moist
to become blurred, to get dim, to get cloudy, to get muddy, to be bleared
to become tear-choked
name Yun, Yutaka, Megumu, Megumi, Masaru, Hiroshi, Hikaru, Junji, Jun, Shigeru, Sakae, Uruu, Urui, Uru, Atsushi
67 n nothing, nil, zero, nought, naught
pref non-, un-
pref non-, un-
bad ..., poor ...
無い ない adj-i nonexistent, not being (there)
unpossessed, unowned, not had
indicates negation, inexperience, unnecessariness or impossibility
aux-adj not ...
to not be..., to have not ...
name Non
表現 67 表現 ひょうげん n, vs expression, presentation
notation, representation
言葉 67 言葉 ことば
n language, dialect
expression, term, phrase, remark, word, words
speech, (manner of) speaking
言葉 name Katari, Kotonoha, Kotoha, Kotoba
連敗 67 連敗 れんぱい n, vs consecutive defeats, series of defeats
重視 67 重視 じゅうし n stress, importance, serious consideration
vs to take something seriously, to attach importance, to stress
高部 67 高部 name Koube, Takanabe, Takabu, Takabe
934 修三 66 修三 name Osami, Shuusou, Shuuzou, Shuumi
全て 66 全て すべて adj-no, n all, everything, the whole
adv entirely, completely, all, wholly
初優勝 66 初優勝 はつゆうしょう n first championship win (esp. sumo)
北米 66 北米 ほくべい adj-no, n North America
北米 name Hokubei
可能 66 可能 かのう adj-na, n potential, possible, practicable, feasible
可能 name Kanou
同士 66 同士 どうし n, n-suf companion, bonding, mutual, fellow, comrade
小林泉美 66 小林泉美 name Kobayashi Izumi (1957.3.25-) (1977.6.20-)
手順 66 手順 てじゅん n instruction, sequence, procedure, process, protocol
手順 てじゅん n (go terminology)
方法 66 方法 ほうほう n means, way, method, technique, process, manner
湖北 66 湖北 name Hubei (China), Hupeh
漫画 66 漫画 まんが n cartoon, comic, comic strip
碁を打 66 碁を打つ ごをうつ exp, v5t to play (a game of) go
英語版 66 英語版 えいごばん n English version
947 この頃 65 この頃 このごろ
n-adv, n-t now, recently, nowadays, these days, at present
この頃 このころ n-adv, n-t then, in those days, at the time
一覧 65 一覧 いちらん n, vs inspection, sight, look, glance
n list, catalog, catalogue, summary, table
佐為 65 佐為 name Sai
65 たて n, n-pref, n-suf contract, commitment
たける n leader of a fearless tribe
建つ たつ v5t, vi to be built, to be erected
name Yakata, Tachi, Tatsu, Tatsuno, Tatsuru, Tate, Tateru, Date, Hajime, Takeru, Takebi, Ken, Kenshou, Kenji, Kensou, Takashi, Takeshi
教え 65 教え おしえ n instruction, doctrine, lesson, teaching, teachings, precept
教える おしえる v1, vt to instruct, to teach, to inform
次いで 65 次いで ついで adv, conj next, subsequently, secondly
65 pref august
ふけ n, n-suf growing late, latening
深い ふかい adj-i deep
thick, dense
close (relationship)
intense, strong
name Shin, Fuka, Fukasaki, Fukashi, Fukami
65 らん adj-t, adv-to brilliant, bright
name Ran
特徴 65 特徴 とくちょう n feature, characteristic, trait, distinction, pecularity
秀格 65 秀格 name Shuukaku
65 name Han, Fan
訪中 65 訪中 ほうちゅう n, vs visit to China
陳爾 65 陳爾 name Nobuaki
電視 65 電視 でんし n television
961 九州 64 九州 きゅうしゅう n Kyushu (southernmost of the four main islands of Japan)
九州 name Kyuushuu
二人 64 二人 ふたり
n couple, pair, two persons, two people
二人 name Tsuguto, Futari
伝え 64 伝え つたえ n legend, tradition
伝える つたえる v1, vt to convey, to teach, to tell, to report, to transmit, to propagate, to communicate, to impart, to bequeath
例えば 64 例えば たとえば adv for example, e.g.
天明 64 天明 てんめい n dawn, daybreak
Temmei era (1781.4.2-1789.1.25)
天明 name Amaaki, Amaake, Takaaki, Tenmyou, Tenmei
学び 64 学び まなび n study, learning
形式 64 形式 けいしき n formality, form (as opposed to substance)
method, system, style
appearance, format, mode, form (something takes)
math expression
数え 64 数え かぞえ n old manner of reckoning one's age, newborns being considered a year old, with everyone adding one year to their age at New Year's
数える かぞえる v1, vt to count, to enumerate
漢字 64 漢字 かんじ n Chinese characters, kanji
漢字 name Kanji
社長 64 社長 しゃちょう n director, manager, company president
聞き手 64 聞き手 ききて n audience, listener, hearer
interviewer, questioner
西 64 西 にし n west
西 せい n Spain
西 name Nishitsuru, Nishizaki, Nishi, Sumiaki, Sai, Kawachi, Iri, Aki, Nishihama
近年 64 近年 きんねん n-adv, n-t recent years
64 鋳る いる v1, vt to mint, to cast, to coin
975 三村智保 63 三村智保 name Mimura Tomoyasu
冬季 63 冬季 とうき n-adv, n-t (season of) winter
冬季 name Toki, Fuyuki
日本代表 63 日本代表 にほんだいひょう
adj-no, n Japanese delegation, Japanese representative, Japanese delegate
春蘭 63 春蘭 しゅんらん
n noble orchid (Cymbidium goeringii)
春蘭 name Shunran, Chunran
63 name Atsushi, Tsuyoshi, Tsuyoki, Tamotsu, Takeru, Takeshi, Take, Takashi, Shinobu, Sadamu, Kowashi, Ge, Gi, Kiyoshi, Ki, Hatasu
毎年 63 毎年 まいとし
n-t annually, every year, yearly
63 ぼつ n, n-suf discard
n death
rejection (of a manuscript, etc.)
n-pref without, lacking
没す もっす v5s to sink, to go down, to set
to die, to pass away
to disappear, to vanish
to confiscate
没る いる v5r to set beyond the Western horizon (i.e. the sun)
name Suehiro
発表 63 発表 はっぴょう n, vs announcement, publication
確保 63 確保 かくほ n, vs guarantee, maintain, ensure, insure, secure, reservation
63 そう n, pref all, overall, gross, general, whole, entire
ふさ n tuft, tassel
ctr, n bunch (of grapes, etc.)
section (of an orange, etc.)
name Osamu, Satoshi, Satoru, Suburu, Sou, Souji, Nobu
63 ごと
n-adv similar to, like, same as
わか n youth
child (esp. of the young son of someone of high social standing)
n-pref, n-suf new, young
若い わかい adj-i young
若く しく v5k, vi to match, to equal
to overtake, to catch up with
name Wakahama, Wakasugi, Wakazaki, Wakasaki, Waka, Nao, Tsuruwaka, Jun
詰め 63 詰め つめ
n, suf packing, stuffing
n end (esp. the foot of a bridge)
lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony
tea master
endgame (esp. in shogi or used figuratively)
sweet eel sauce
middle-aged woman
n-suf appointment to a particular workplace
using as the sole ground of judgement (judgment)
(after the -masu stem of a verb) continuing, keep doing for period of time
詰める つめる v1, vt to stuff into, to jam, to cram, to pack, to fill, to plug, to stop up
v1, vi, vt to shorten, to move closer together
v1, vt to reduce (spending), to conserve
v1, vi, vt to focus intently on, to strain oneself to do
v1, vt to work out (details)
v1, vi to be on duty, to be stationed
v1, vt to trap, to corner (esp. an opponent's king in shogi), to checkmate
to cut off (one's finger as an act of apology), to catch (one's finger in a door, etc.)
suf, v1 to continue ..., to keep doing ... without a break
to do ... completely, to do ... thoroughly
to force someone into a difficult situation by ...
詰める つめる v (go terminology)
63 ろん n, n-suf argument, discussion, debate, dispute, controversy, discourse
doctrine, theory (e.g. of evolution)
essay, comment, treatise
論う あげつらう v5u, vt to discuss
to find fault with, to criticize, to criticise
name Satoshi, Hasuo, Hasukawa, Ron
豊雲 63 豊雲 name Houun
迎え 63 迎え むかえ n welcome, meeting, greeting
迎える むかえる v1, vt to go out to meet
to receive, to welcome
to accept (e.g. as a member of a group or family)
to call for, to summon, to invite
to approach (a certain time, a point in one's life, etc.)
990 中国流 62 中国流 ちゅうごくりゅう n go: Chinese opening
付け 62 付け つけ
n bill, bill of sale, payment invoice
credit, tab (for later payment)
contact move (in go), direct attack to an enemy stone
sound effect produced by striking with clappers a wooden board in kabuki
reason, pretext, motive
one's fortune, one's luck
付け づけ n-suf, pref, suf external, date, fixed, dated
付け つけ n (go terminology)
付ける つける v1, vt to attach, to glue, to join, to affix, to append, to fasten, to stick, to add, to sew on, to apply (ointment)
to furnish (a house with)
to put on, to wear
to keep a diary, to make an entry
to appraise, to set (a price)
to bring alongside
to place (under guard or doctor)
to follow, to shadow
to load, to give (courage to)
to keep (an eye on)
to establish (relations or understanding)
to turn on (light)
内容 62 内容 ないよう n contents, import, subject, substance, detail, matter
出仕 62 出仕 しゅっし n, vs attendance, serving
参考図書 62 参考図書 さんこうとしょ n reference book (work)
合同 62 合同 ごうどう adj-na, adj-no, n, vs combination, fusion, union, amalgamation, incorporation
年八 62 年八 name Toshihachi
打ち方 62 打ち方 うちかた n way to hit or swing
打ち込み 62 打ち込み うちこみ n driving, implantation, invasion, pounding in, shooting into
falling badly in love
putting (one's heart) into
step recording (in electronic or computer music)
打ち込み うちこみ n go: invasion
本田 62 本田 ほんでん n rice paddy
本田 name Honta, Honda, Honden, Motoda
62 n pawn (in chess or shogi)
かち n foot soldier (Edo period), samurai on foot
walking, going on foot
n unit of land measurement, 3.95 square yards, 3.31 square metres (meters)
あゆみ n walking
advance, progress
n step, stride
ctr counter for steps
歩く あるく v5k, vi to walk
歩む あゆむ v5m, vi to walk, to go on foot
name O, Anpo, Aruku, Ayumu, Ayumi, Ayu, Ato, Susumu
為次郎 62 為次郎 name Tamejirou, Fusajirou
62 睦ぶ むつぶ v5b, vi to be harmonious, to get on well, to be intimate or close
睦む むつむ v5m, vi to be harmonious, to get on well, to be intimate or close
name Yoshimi, Yoshi, Moku, Mutsumu, Mutsumi, Mutsushi, Mutsuki, Mutsu, Makoro, Makoto, Boku, Tsukashi, Chikashi, Chika, Atsushi
運動会 62 運動会 うんどうかい n athletic meet, sports day
62 せん n hundredth of a yen
coin made of non-precious materials
one-thousandth of a kan (as a unit of currency)
one-thousandth of a kan (as a unit of mass)
ぜに n round coin with a (square) hole in the center
coin made of non-precious materials
name Sen, Zeni, Zenibako, Zen, Chien
1005 61 りょう n, pref both (e.g. both shoulders, etc.)
n ryo (obsolete unit of currency)
41-42 g (one sixteenth of a kin)
2 tan (measure of fabric size)
ctr counter for carriages (e.g. in a train)
pref both
many, all, various
name Ryou
中学 61 中学 ちゅうがく n junior high school, middle school
中盤 61 中盤 ちゅうばん n, n-adv middle (stage)
中盤 ちゅうばん n (go terminology)
人目 61 人目 ひとめ
n public gaze, public notice
元晟 61 元晟 name Motoaki
双方 61 双方 そうほう adj-no, n, n-adv both, mutual, two way, both parties
同様 61 同様 どうよう adj-na, adj-no, n like, identical, similarity, equal to, same (kind)
和名 61 和名 わみょう
n Japanese name (often of plants and animals, and written in kana)
和名 name Wana
地位 61 地位 ちい n status, (social) position
投了 61 投了 とうりょう n, vs resignation, giving up the game for lost
投了 とうりょう n (go terminology)
担当 61 担当 たんとう n, vs (in) charge (of an area of responsibility, but not necessarily supervision of staff)
木石 61 木石 ぼくせき n trees and stones
unfeeling person
木石 name Bokuseki
61 name Akira, Satoshi, Satoru, Fukashi
1018 万波佳奈 60 万波佳奈 name Mannami Kana (1983.6.16-)
前に 60 前に まえに adv before, ahead, ago
基金 60 基金 ききん adj-no, n fund, foundation
変更 60 変更 へんこう n, vs change, modification, revision, amendment, alteration
大理 60 大理 name Oori, Tairi
60 失う うしなう v5u, vt to lose, to part with
60 name Shun, Shunkitsu, Shunji, Takashi, Takeshi, Taruoka
新体 60 新体 しんたい n new style
新体 name Shintai
独立 60 独立 どくりつ adj-na, n, vs self-support, independence (e.g. Independence Day)
読み 60 読み よみ n reading
読み よみ n (go terminology)
逆転 60 逆転 ぎゃくてん adj-no, n, vs (sudden) change, reversal, turn-around, coming from behind (baseball)
途中 60 途中 とちゅう n-adv, n-t on the way, en route
midway, in the middle of
途中 name Michinaka
雲南 60 雲南 name Yunnan (China)
1031 出生 59 出生 しゅっしょう
adj-no, n, vs birth
出身地 59 出身地 しゅっしんち n birthplace, native place
初期 59 初期 しょき adj-no, n early (days), initial stage
司会 59 司会 しかい n, vs host, presenter, chairmanship, leading a meeting
名古屋 59 名古屋 なごや n Nagoya (city)
名古屋 name Tanagoya, Nagoya
安政 59 安政 あんせい n Ansei era (1854.11.27-1860.3.18)
安政 name Ansei, Yasumasa
家督 59 家督 かとく n inheritance, family headship
59 昇る のぼる v5r, vi to go up, to ascend, to climb
to rise, to ascend (as a natural process, e.g. the sun)
to go to (the capital)
to be promoted
to add up to
to advance (in price)
to swim up (a river), to sail up
to come up (on the agenda)
name Monoboru, Mai, Hitaku, Noboru, Nobori, Susumu, Shouji, Shoushou, Shoushi, Shousaku, Shou, Shun, Katsuzaki
時期 59 時期 じき n-adv, n-t period, time, stage, season, phase
adv soon, shortly
河北 59 河北 name Hebei (China), Hebei (China), Hopeh, Kahoku, Kawakita, Kawagita, Kouhoku, Kogita, Hebei (China)
59 すな
n sand, grit
gold dust, silver dust
name Isago, Suna, Sunaoshi, Sunazaki, Sunahama
講師 59 講師 こうし n lecturer
59 遊ぶ すさぶ v5b, vi to rage, to grow wild, to become rough
遊ぶ あそぶ
v5b, vi to play, to enjoy oneself, to have a good time
to mess about (with alcohol, gambling, philandery, etc.)
to be idle, to do nothing, to be unused
to go to (for pleasure or for study)
to intentionally throw a ball to lower the batter's concentration
遊む すさむ v5m, vi to grow wild, to run to waste
name Yutori, Yuura, Yuu, Tayuta, Asobe, Asobu, Asobi
59 じゅん
n, n-suf order, turn
adj-na docile, obedient, submissive, meek
順う したがう v5u, vi to abide (by the rules), to obey, to follow, to accompany
name Yori, Yuki, Hajime, Nao, Toshi, Sunaho, Sunao, Junjun, Junji, Jun, Shitagau, Kazu, Osamu, Aya
1045 保持者 58 保持者 ほじしゃ n holder (of a record)
公司 58 公司 こうし
n company, firm (in China)
公司 name Kimishi, Koushi, Kouji, Hiroshi
分か 58 分かつ わかつ v5t, vt to separate, to divide
to distribute, to share
to distinguish
分かる わかる v5r, vi to get, to grasp, to understand, to see, to comprehend, to follow
to become clear, to be discovered, to be known, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
勇一 58 勇一 name Yuuichi
58 しろ n castle
n fortress (surrounded by a wall, moat, etc.)
じょう suf castle (in place names)
name Date, Tate, Tachi, Jouji, Jou, Shirota, Shirou, Shiro, Shou, Gusuku, Kidzuki, Kitsuki, Kizuku, Ki, Ganjou, Yakata
変化 58 変化 へんか n, vs change, transformation, variation, transition, metamorphosis, alteration, mutation, transfiguration
variety, diversity
declension, conjugation, inflection
変化 へんげ n, vs goblin, apparition, ghost, bugbear
変化 へんか n (go terminology)
58 たから n treasure
name Takara, Takarasaki, Tomi, Hijiri, Michi
就任 58 就任 しゅうにん adj-no, n, vs inauguration, assumption of office
書店 58 書店 しょてん n bookshop, bookstore
東西 58 東西 とうざい
adj-no, n east and west
Orient and Occident, East and West
exp Ladies and Gentlemen!, Your attention, please!, roll-up, roll-up
東西 name Touzai, Tounishi
目指 58 目指 めざし n goal, purpose, aim
look, eyes, expression of eyes
目指す めざす v5s, vt to aim at, to have an eye on
to go toward, to head for
58 移す うつす v5s, vt to change, to swap, to substitute, to transfer
to change the object of one's interest or focus
to spend or take time
to infect
to permeate something with the smell or colour of something
to move on to the next or different stage of (a plan, etc.)
移る うつる v5r, vi to move (house), to transfer (department)
to change the target of interest or concern
to elapse (passage of time)
to be permeated by a colour or scent
to be infected, to be contagious, to spread (as in fire)
name Utsuri, Wataru
1057 ヶ月 57 ヶ月 かげつ ctr (number of) months
共著 57 共著 きょうちょ n collaboration, co-authorship
57 とい n question, query
もん ctr, suf counter for questions
問う とう v5u-s, vt to question, to ask, to inquire
to accuse, to charge (i.e. with a crime)
to care (about)
without regard to (with negative verb)
name Toi
57 奪う うばう v5u, vt to steal, to snatch away, to dispossess
女性 57 女性 じょせい adj-no, n woman, female
feminine gender
宇平 57 宇平 name Uhira, Uhei
寛文 57 寛文 かんぶん n Kambun era (1661.4.25-1673.9.21)
寛文 name Hirofumi, Hirobumi
手法 57 手法 しゅほう n technique
57 抜く ぬく v5k, vt to omit, to extract, to surpass, to overtake, to draw out, to unplug
suf to do something to the end
n to ejaculate (gen. with ref. to masturbation)
抜く ぬく v (go terminology)
57 施す ほどこす v5s, vt to donate, to give (time, money, goods)
to do, to perform, to conduct
to apply (processing, makeup, etc.), to add (e.g. ornamentation, annotation)
to sprinkle, to sow, to seed, to scatter (e.g. fertilizer)
to spread far and wide
name Haru, Seshiru, Se, Suu, Su, Jin, Shii, Shi, Ei
57 たび n, vs journey, travel, trip
りょ n 500-man battalion (Zhou-dynasty Chinese army)
name Taya
57 ばん n-adv, n-t evening
ctr counter for nights
晩い おそい adj-i slow
late (e.g. "late at night")
too late
dull, stupid
name Ban
智力 57 智力 ちりょく n intelligence, mental powers
智力 name Chiriki
松本 57 松本 name Masamoto, Masumoto, Matsuhon, Matsumoto
57 n, n-suf death, decease
death penalty (by strangulation or decapitation)
n (go terminology)
死す しす v5s, vi to die
死ぬ しぬ v5n, vi, vn to die
57 うみ

n beach, sea
name Me-ru, Myuu, Miu, Marin, Maare, Ma-re, Hiroshi, Hai, Shiori, Shii, Kai, Umi, Una, Amane, Wataru
物語 57 物語 ものがたり adj-no, n, vs legend, tale, story
物語る ものがたる v5r, vt to tell, to indicate
理事長 57 理事長 りじちょう n board chairman
理事長 name Hiromi
57 おこし n millet or rice cake, roasted and hardened with starch syrup and sugar (sometimes including peanuts, etc.)
きょう n entertainment, interest, pleasure
implicit comparison (style of the Shi Jing)
興す おこす v5s, vt to revive, to retrieve (fortunes), to raise up
興る おこる v5r, vi to flourish, to rise
name Hajime, Takashi, Suguru, Shoukou, Koo, Kouji, Koua, Kou, Kyoua, Oki, Akira
57 n condensed milk
n, n-pref, n-suf Soviet Union
蘇る よみがえる v5r, vi to be refreshed, to be resurrected, to be resuscitated, to be rehabilitated, to be revived, to be restored
to be recalled (e.g. memories), to be brought back
name Ikeru, Su, So, Sou, Sohou
道玄 57 道玄 name Dougen
金秀 57 金秀 name Kanehide
57 かね
n money
adj-no, n silver, silver coin, silver paint
n silver general (shogi)
name Gin, Ginsaki, Ginji
57 りゅう
n dragon (esp. a Chinese dragon)
naga (semidivine human-cobra chimera in Indian mythology)
promoted rook (shogi)
name Ryoumin, Ryou, Riyuu, Ryuuji, Ryuu, Yon, Tooru, Tatsuji, Tatsu, Taki, Shigemi, Riyou
1081 中部総本部 56 中部総本部 ちゅうぶそうほんぶ n go: Chubu general headquarters (Nihon Ki-in Nagoya branch)
争覇戦 56 争覇戦 そうはせん n struggle for supremacy, championship game
56 はち
num eight
パー num eight
name Ya, Hiraku, Hatsuzaki, Hatsusaki, Ha, Hachiyanagi, Hachi, Takahachi, Yatsuyanagi
出演 56 出演 しゅつえん n performance, stage appearance
vs to act (in a play)
56 わけ n lord (hereditary title for imperial descendants in outlying regions)
adj-na, adj-no, n, n-pref, n-suf extra, exception, difference, distinction, separate, another, particular, different
別つ わかつ v5t, vt to separate, to divide
to distribute, to share
to distinguish
name Wake, Mineno, Mineki, Mineaki, Betsuin, Betsu, Bettou, Fukuno, Fukuchi, Fukushige, Fukugi, Fukuki
56 つま n wife
my dear, honey, dear
garnish (esp. one served with sashimi)
おっと n husband
n, n-pref, n-suf man, male
n husband
n that
he, she, that person
name Osachi, Fu, Furi, Furukatsuto, Pu
攻め合い 56 攻め合い せめあい n attacking each other, capturing race (e.g. in go), mutual attack
攻め合い せめあい n (go terminology)
56 name Akira, Ki, Terasu, Teru, Hikatsu, Hikari, Hikaru
有利 56 有利 ゆうり adj-na, n profitable, better, advantageous, lucrative
有利 name Ari, Aritoshi, Ariri, Yuri
無勝負 56 無勝負 むしょうぶ n (go terminology)
碁会所 56 碁会所 ごかいじょ
n commercial go-playing parlour (parlor)
移行 56 移行 いこう n, vs migration, switching over to, transition
進め 56 進める すすめる v1, vt to hasten, to advance, to promote
56 つる n bowstring
string (of shamisen, guitar, violin, etc.)
bail (arched pot handle)
diagonal levelling wire across the top of a masu
name Gen
1095 に関する 55 に関する にかんする exp related to, in relation to
下辺 55 下辺 かへん n (go terminology)
下辺 name Shimobe
久美子 55 久美子 name Kumiko, Kumoko, Hisami
会館 55 会館 かいかん n assembly hall, meeting hall
55 adj-na, n good, excellent, beautiful
佳い よい
adj-i good, excellent, nice, fine, agreeable, pleasant
ready, sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), prepared
beneficial, profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.)
name Yoshi, Suguru, Konomu, Konomi, Keiji, Kei, Kasumi, Kai, Ka, Yoshimi
使わ 55 使わす つかわす v5s, vt to send, to dispatch, to despatch
入賞 55 入賞 にゅうしょう n, vs winning a prize or place (in a contest)
55 suf history (e.g. of some country)
n court historian
name Fumito, Fumi, Fubito, Fuhito, Hisashi, Chika, Shi, Kumi, Aya, Akira, Aki, Fumihito
55 ひら
n something broad and flat, palm of the hand
common, ordinary
freshman, private, novice, low-ranking employee
平す ならす v5s, vt to make even, to make smooth, to make level
to average
name Yoshi, Hirayana, Hirayanagi, Hiroshi, Pin, Fukujin, Fukumizu, Fukumori, Hei, Heiji, Masaru, Yasushi, Yanagitaira, Hirayagi, Hiramine, Osamu, Sakihira, Taira, Tadashi, Hakaru, Hitoshi, Hira, Hirasaki, Hirazaki, Hirataka, Hirahama
年鑑 55 年鑑 ねんかん n almanac, yearbook, annual
強豪 55 強豪 きょうごう adj-na, n champion, veteran
村上 55 村上 name Samurakami, Toraresu, Miwatari, Mukami, Muraue, Muraoka, Murakami, Muragami
55 たま n globe, ball, sphere, orb
drop, bead (of sweat, dew, etc.), droplet
ball (in sports)
pile (of noodles, etc.)
bulb (i.e. a light bulb)
lens (of glasses, etc.)
bead (of an abacus)
ball (i.e. a testicle)
gem, pearl, jewel (esp. spherical; sometimes used figuratively)
female entertainer (e.g. a geisha)
character, person (when commenting on their nature)
item, funds or person used as part of a plot
n, n-suf egg
n-suf coin
excellent, beautiful, precious
ぎょく n precious stone (esp. jade)
egg (sometimes esp. as a sushi topping)
stock or security being traded, product being bought or sold
position (in finance, the amount of a security either owned or owed by an investor or dealer)
time charge for a geisha
king (shogi)
name Oku, Giyoku, Tama, Tamasaki, Tamazaki, Hikaru
王将 55 王将 おうしょう n king
king (for senior player) (shogi)
苑田 55 苑田 name Enda, Sonoda
趣味 55 趣味 しゅみ n hobby, pastime
preference, liking, tastes
長谷川 55 長谷川 name Sasegawa, Hasekawa, Hasegawa, Hazegawa, Hayagawa
関係 55 関係 かんけい adj-no, n, vs connection, relation, relationship
participation, involvement, concern
influence, effect
n, vs sexual relations, sexual relationship
n-suf related to ..., connected to ...
関係 name Riezon
青年 55 青年 せいねん n youth, young man
高橋 55 高橋 name Kakahashi, Tahashi, Tasuhashi, Takehashi, Takamori, Takabashi, Takaba, Takahami, Takahashi, Takahasa, Takanahashi, Takashihashi, Gupi, Tanhashi
1115 この後 54 この後 こののち
exp after this, from now on, henceforth, henceforward
に対し 54 に対し にたいし exp regarding, towards, against, in contrast with
上図 54 上図 じょうず n the upper illustration
久保松 54 久保松 name Kubomatsu
優勢 54 優勢 ゆうせい adj-na, n superiority, preponderance, predominance, superior power
優勢 ゆうせい n (go terminology)
元老 54 元老 げんろう n authority, old-timer, elder statesman, doyen
Genro (member of a pre-WWII body that informally advised the emperor)
公式 54 公式 こうしき adj-na, adj-no, n official, formal, formality
大山康晴 54 大山康晴 name Ooyama Yasuharu (1923.3.13-1992.7.26)
54 みょう adj-na, n unusual, strange
(something) superb, (something) excellent
name Tae, Myou
始ま 54 始まる はじまる v5r, vi to start, to begin, to commence
to happen (again), to begin (anew)
to date (from), to originate (in)
宮下 54 宮下 name Miyage, Miyashita, Miyashimo, Miyanoshita, Miyamoto
展開 54 展開 てんかい n, vs development, evolution, progressing, unfolding
expansion, spreading out, deployment, extending, building up
広東 54 広東 カントン adj-no, n Guangdong (China), Kwangtung
Kwangchow, Guangzhou, Canton (China)
広東 name Kwangchow, Canton, Guangdong (China), Kwangtung, Guangzhou, Hirotou
54 思う おもう v5u, vt to consider, to think, to believe
to think (of doing), to plan (to do)
to assess, to regard, to judge
to suppose, to imagine, to dream
to expect, to look forward to
to feel, to desire, to want
to remember, to recall
name Ai, Omoi, Kokoro, Sayopu, Shitau, Shiyou
打つ手 54 打つ手 うつて n way to do (something)
林元 54 林元 name Hayashimoto
水谷 54 水谷 name Suitani, Mitani, Mizuya, Mizunoya, Mizudani, Mizutani, Mizugai, Nakagawa, Suidani, Midzutani
矢代 54 矢代 name Yashiro, Yadai
種目 54 種目 しゅもく n event, item of business
銀星 54 銀星 name Kanase, Kanaho, Ginsei
雑誌 54 雑誌 ざっし n journal, magazine, periodical
54 name Oroka, Ru, Ro, Lu (ancient Chinese state), Rou
1137 で実 53 で実 name Demi
に対する 53 に対する にたいする exp in, regarding, with regards to, to, towards
53 n, suf over, more than
adj-no, pn I, formal or oratory first person pronoun
余す あます v5s, vt to save, to spare, to leave over
余る あまる v5r, vi to remain, to be in excess, to be left over, to be too many
name You, Yoi, Yo, Yuu, I, Amaru, Amari, Yosaki
53 suf action of making something, -ification
化す かす
v5s, vi to change into, to influence, to transform, to be reduced, to improve (someone), to convert to
name Fua
名前 53 名前 なまえ n name, full name
given name, first name
四天王 53 四天王 してんのう n the Four Heavenly Kings (Dhrtarastra, Virudhaka, Virupaksa, and Vaisravana)
the big four (i.e. four leaders in a given field)
学園 53 学園 がくえん adj-no, n academy, campus
学園 name Gakuen
宝永 53 宝永 ほうえい n Houei era (1704.3.13-1711.4.25)
宝永 name Takaranaga, Houei
小学 53 小学 しょうがく n elementary school, primary school, grade school
戦略 53 戦略 せんりゃく adj-no, n strategy, tactics
朋斎 53 朋斎 name Housai
段階 53 段階 だんかい n order, class, gradation, grade, stage, steps, phase, level
段階 きざはし
n stairs
stairs at the front of a noh stage
理由 53 理由 りゆう
n reason, pretext, motive
理由 name Michiyoshi
続け 53 続ける つづける v1, vt to continue, to keep up, to keep on
53 ひつじ
n sheep (Ovis aries)
name Hitsuji, You
転記 53 転記 てんき n, vs transcription, posting (of notes, notices, etc.)
1153 一局 52 一局 いっきょく n one game (checkers, etc.)
一局 いっきょく n go: one game
先に 52 先に さきに adv, n before, previously, ahead, recently, beyond, earlier than, away
先に せんに adv formerly
再度 52 再度 さいど n-adv, n-t again, second time, twice
卒業 52 卒業 そつぎょう adj-no, n, vs graduation, completion (e.g. of a course)
outgrowing something, moving on
収録 52 収録 しゅうろく n, vs editing, compilation
団長 52 団長 だんちょう n leader of a delegation (body, party)
多数 52 多数 たすう n, n-adv great number
adj-no majority, countless
52 つま n wife
my dear, honey, dear
garnish (esp. one served with sashimi)
n, n-pref, n-suf woman, female
n wife
さい n one's wife
つま n edge, end, tip
gable wall
name Sai, Takadzuma, Tsuma, Tsumasaki
52 就く つく v5k to ascend (the throne), to accede
to assume, to take (seat, position, course, etc.)
to commence, to start (on a journey), to depart
to study (under teacher), to be an apprentice
name Osamu, Shuu
工藤 52 工藤 name Kudau, Kutou, Kudou, Kudoo, Kudome, Keiichi, Kodou, Fudou
広島 52 広島 ひろしま
n Hiroshima (city)
atomic bombing of Hiroshima
広島 name Hiroshima, Hirorima
戦後 52 戦後 せんご adj-no, n-adv, n-t postwar period, period after Second World War
改名 52 改名 かいめい
n, vs name change
52 きゅう n, pref former, ex-, old
ふる n used item, secondhand item
n-pref previous, old, used
もと adj-no, n, n-adv, n-pref former, ex-
旧い ふるい adj-i antiquated, old (not person), aged, ancient, stale, threadbare, outmoded, obsolete article
52 あさ
n-adv, n-t morning
ちょう n, n-suf dynasty
period, age, epoch
n, n-pref, n-suf North Korea
name Tomo, Toki, Chou, Ashita, Asayuki, Asaji, Asazaki, Asa, Hajime
来日 52 来日 らいにち n, vs arrival in Japan, visit to Japan, coming to Japan
来日 らいじつ n later date, future day
来日 name Kuruhi
武宮 52 武宮 name Takemiya
52 さが
n one's nature, one's destiny
custom, tradition, habit
あい pref together, mutually, fellow
そう n look, appearance, countenance
a 'seeming' that fortune-tellers relate to one's fortune
phase (e.g. solid, liquid and gaseous)
こもごも adv in succession, alternately
しょう suf minister of state
name Ai, Aiji, Aitaka, Tasuku
52 くれない
n crimson, deep red
rouge, lipstick
あか n crimson, scarlet, red
red-containing colour (e.g. brown, pink, orange)
Red (i.e. communist)
red light
red ink (i.e. in finance or proof-reading), (in) the red
adj-no, n-pref obvious, complete, perfect, total
n copper
もみ n red silk lining
紅い あかい adj-i red
Red (i.e. communist)
name Rena, Kurei, Kureo, Kurena, Kurenai, Kuren, Kou, Beni, Benio, Madoka, Momi, Kuu, Kanou, Aka, Akashi, Akashio, Akajio, Akane, Akamine, Akari
52 ちょ n work, book
suf (a book) by
obvious, striking
著す あらわす v5s, vt to write, to publish
著る きる v1, vt to put on, to wear (in modern Japanese, from the shoulders down)
to bear (guilt, etc.)
name Akira
野沢 52 野沢 name Nosawa, Nozaha, Nozawa (onsen)
1174 と言う 51 と言う という exp said, called thus
アジア競技大会 51 アジア競技大会 アジアきょうぎたいかい n Asian Games
七世 51 七世 name Nanase
三連星 51 三連星 さんれんせい n (go terminology)
先二 51 先二 せんに n (go terminology)
勢力 51 勢力 せいりょく n influence, might, energy, strength, power, force, potency
勢力 せいりょく n (go terminology)
勢力 name Seiriki
収め 51 収める おさめる v1, vt to dedicate, to make an offering, to pay (fees)
to supply
to store
to finish, to bring to a close
to restore (something to its place)
to achieve (e.g. a result)
契約 51 契約 けいやく n, vs agreement, contract, compact
完全 51 完全 かんぜん adj-na, adj-no, n perfection, completeness
51 name Osamu, Sai, Tsukasa
少な 51 少ない すくない adj-i few, insufficient, scarce, a little, seldom
年生 51 年生 ねんせい n-suf pupil in ... year, student in ... year
年生 name Toshiiku, Toshio
51 じゃく n-suf under, little less than, fewer than
n weakness, the weak
弱い よわい adj-i frail, weak, tender, delicate, unskilled, weak (wine)
弱い よわい adj-i (go terminology)
弱る よわる v5r, vi to be dejected, to be perplexed, to be troubled, to weaken, to be emaciated, to be downcast, to impair
51 みなと n harbor, harbour, port
name Atsumu, Shin, Susumu, Sou, Hata, Minato, Minatozaki
51 n, pref crude, pure, raw, undiluted
なま adj-na, adj-no, n, n-pref fresh, raw, uncooked
as it is, natural, unedited, unprocessed
unprotected (i.e. not wearing a condom)
live (i.e. not recorded)
crude, green, inexperienced, unpolished
impudence, sauciness
draft beer, draught beer, unpasteurized beer
pref somehow, vaguely, somewhat, just a little, semi-, partially, half-
half-baked, irresponsibly
n cash
うぶ adj-na, adj-no, n innocent, unsophisticated, green, naive, wet behind the ears, inexperienced
n-pref birth-
n life, living
n, n-suf I, me, myself
いく pref lively, vital, virile
n, n-suf area of thick growth (of trees, grass, etc.)
なまり n boiled and half-dried bonito
生う おう v5u, vt to grow, to spring up
to cut (teeth)
生す むす v5s, vi to grow (of moss, etc.)
生す なす v5s, vt to build up, to establish
to form, to become (a state)
to accomplish, to achieve, to succeed in
to change into
to do, to perform
aux-v to intend to, to attempt, to try
to have a child
生む うむ v5m, vt to produce, to deliver, to give birth
生る なる v5r, vi to bear fruit
name Yanao, Ikuru, Izuru, Ibuki, Ubu, Ubumi, Sakibu, Susumu, Sei, Naru, Hayu, Hayuru, Yadoru, Ikusaki, Iku, Ari
発生 51 発生 はっせい adj-no, n, vs origin, occurrence, incidence, outbreak, spring forth
ontogeny, development of complex multicellular structures from cell(s) in a simple state
51 せい n spirit, nymph, sprite
energy, strength, vigor (vigour)
fine details
name Tsutomu, Tadashi, Seiji, Seizaki, Sei, Suguru, Shirage, Kuwashi, Kiyoshi, Akira, Makoto
自ら 51 自ら おのずから adv naturally, as a matter of course
自ら みずから n, n-adv personally, for one's self
週刊 51 週刊 しゅうかん n published weekly
選抜 51 選抜 せんばつ n, vs selection, choice, picking out
1194 一般的 50 一般的 いっぱんてき adj-na general, typical, popular
ctr counter for articles
counter for military units

ctr counter for the ichi-ni-san counting system (usu. directly preceding the item being counted), a noun read using its on-yomi

ctr counter for the hito-futa-mi counting system (forming hitotsu, futatsu, mitsu, and misoji, yasoji, etc.)
勝ちと 50 勝ちとる かちとる v5r, vt to exert oneself and win, to gain (victory)
半田 50 半田 はんだ
n solder, pewter
半田 name Ikuta, Nakata, Nakada, Nakarada, Hada, Hanta, Handa
同率 50 同率 どうりつ n the same ratio or percentage
大斜 50 大斜 たいしゃ n (go terminology)
宝海 50 宝海 name Houkai
対決 50 対決 たいけつ n, vs confrontation, showdown
小川誠子 50 小川誠子 name Ogawa Tomoko (1951.4.1-)
50 やま ctr, n hill, mountain
mine (e.g. coal mine)
heap, pile
n crown (of a hat), thread (of a screw), tread (of a tire)
climax, peak, critical point
speculation, guess
crime, criminal case
festival float (esp. one mounted with a decorative halberd)
wall (mahjong), wall tile
n-pref wild
むれ n hill, mountain
さん suf Mt (suffix used with the names of mountains), Mount
name Yamafuku, Yamataka, Yamazumi, Yamaji, Yamazaki, Yamasaki, Yamasa, Yamakatsu, Yama, Noboru, Takashi, Taka, Sen, San, Ganzan, Yamamura
50 みね n summit, top, peak, ridge
back of a blade
name Itadaki, Takashi, Mine, Minesaki, Ryou, Rei
年初 50 年初 ねんしょ n, n-adv New Year's greetings, beginning of the year
毎日新聞 50 毎日新聞 name Mainichi Shimbun (Japanese newspaper)
50 たみ n people, nation
name Tami, Min
50 みなもと n origin, source
げん suf origin, source
name Moto, Minamotono, Minamoto, Minato, Hajime, Hajimu, Sachimi, Sachiko, Sachie, Genji, Gen, Atsushi, Motoshi
50 name Hiroshi, Hiromu
盤面 50 盤面 ばんめん n surface of a board or record
盤面 ばんめん n go: surface of the board, also: the situation on the board
50 しゅう
n, n-suf the people, masses, great number
name Shuu, Shuuichi, Shuuya, Souichi, Souya, Munekazu, Muneyasu
50 げん
n statement, remark, word
言う いう
v5u to say
to call, to name
to go (e.g. the alarm went "ping"), to make a noise
name Gen, Koto, Kotoha, Kotoba, Gon, Sachiyo
50 ちょう
n, n-suf, pref really, very, super-, ultra-, hyper-
n, n-suf over (after a number or counter), more than
超す こす v5s to cross over (e.g. mountain), to go across
to go over (e.g. with audience)
to pass time (e.g. a winter)
to surpass, to be better than, to exceed
to move house
to come, to go
name Koyuru, Suguru, Susumu, Takashi, Tooru, Masaru, Wataru
50 みち n way, street, path, route, lane, road, course
distance, ways (e.g. "a long ways")
morals, one's way, the way (of proper conduct, etc.)
dogma, teachings (esp. Confucian or Buddhist)
subject, field (of medicine, etc.)
means, way, method

n way, road
n-suf way to ..., road to ...
suf route, road
distance travelled in a day
(with decade) one's ...., age ....
name Ro, Rarii, Yaku, Michi, Ji, Komichi, Rou
配置 50 配置 はいち n, vs disposition, posting, stationing, deployment, arrangement (of resources)
配置 はいち n (go terminology)
50 name Iwao, Kaori, Kaoru, Kaori (Kawori), Kyou, Kei, Keiji, Jinkei, Hajime
50 たましい
n spirit, soul
こん n spirit, Yang energy
name Kokoro
1218 両者 49 両者 りょうしゃ n pair, both persons, the two, both things
中学校 49 中学校 ちゅうがっこう n junior high school, middle school, lower secondary school
中部 49 中部 ちゅうぶ n centre, center, heart, middle
Chubu region (inc. Aichi, Nagano, Shizuoka, Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Yamanashi and Gifu prefectures)
中部 name Chuubu, Nakabe
49 つて n influence, pull, go-between, intermediary, good offices, connections, someone to trust
でん n legend, tradition
biography, life
way, method
horseback transportation and communication relay system used in ancient Japan
伝う つたう v5u to follow, to go along, to walk along
name Den, Tsutomu, Tsutoo, Tsutou, Tsutae, Tsutau, Tsutai, Tadashi, Fu
初出 49 初出 しょしゅつ n, vs first appearance
初手 49 初手 しょて n start, beginning
初手 name Hatsude
協力 49 協力 きょうりょく adj-no, n, vs collaboration, cooperation
師事 49 師事 しじ n, vs study under, looking up, apprentice oneself
思考 49 思考 しこう adj-no, n, vs thought, consideration, thinking
捨て石 49 捨て石 すていし n ornamental garden stone (seemingly placed randomly to give the garden a more natural appearance)
sacrificed stone (in the game of go)
捨て石 すていし n (go terminology)
時には 49 時には ときには adv, exp occasionally, at times
49 かく n, n-suf character, status, case
きゃく n amendment (of the ritsuryo)
name Noboru, Tooru, Tsutomu, Tadasu, Tadashi, Kiwame, Kiwamu, Kaku, Kaihei, Itaru, Wataru
称する 49 称する しょうする vs-s, vt to take the name of, to call oneself
to pretend, to feign, to purport
羽生 49 羽生 name Ui, Hanyu, Hanyuu, Haniyuu, Hanyou, Haneu, Haneo, Habu, Hamo, Haryou, Haniu, Hase, Hashou, Uzu, Umou, Niwa, Haiku, Hau, Hao, Haou, Hagyuu, Hashuu, Bau
見せ 49 見せる みせる v1, vt to show, to display
訓練 49 訓練 くんれん n, vs practice, training, practising
詳細 49 詳細 しょうさい adj-na, n detail, particulars
49 せつ n, n-suf theory, doctrine
n opinion, view
gossip, rumour, rumor, hearsay
説く とく v5k to explain, to persuade, to advocate, to preach
name Satoshi, Setsu, Setsuji, Setsuyuki, Toku
進み 49 進み すすみ n progress
部分 49 部分 ぶぶん n section, part, portion
高木 49 高木 こうぼく n tall tree
高木 name Kouki, Kouju, Suzuki, Takaki, Takagi, Tagaki
1239 三番 48 三番 さんばん n third, no. three
三番 name Sanba, Sanban
二世 48 二世 にせい n nisei, second-generation Japanese (or Korean, etc.), foreigner of Japanese parentage
n, n-pref, n-suf junior, the Second (king, etc. of the same name), second generation
n son
二世 にせ n two existences, the present and the future
二世 name Nisei, Futase
価値 48 価値 かち n value, merit, worth
俊英 48 俊英 しゅんえい n genius, excellence
俊英 name Shunei, Shun'ei, Toshie, Toshiei, Toshihide, Toshifusa
公式戦 48 公式戦 こうしきせん n pennant race, regular game
名手 48 名手 めいしゅ n expert
名手 name Nate
48 とう n, n-suf tower, spire, steeple
n pagoda, stupa, dagoba
name Tou, Tousaki
大介 48 大介 name Oosuke, Taisuke, Daisuke
姉妹 48 姉妹 しまい
n sisters
小野田 48 小野田 name Onota, Onoda, Konota, Konoda, Meiri
48 いわ
n rock, crag
name Gan, Iwayanagi, Iwabori, Iwahori, Iwahama, Iwanori, Iwazagi, Iwazaki, Iwasaki, Iwagazaki, Iwao, Iwa, Iiwasaki, Yan
得意 48 得意 とくい adj-na, adj-no, n prosperity, triumph
one's forte, one's strong point, one's specialty
frequent customer (client, etc.)
推薦 48 推薦 すいせん adj-no, n, vs recommendation, endorsement, referral
日本将棋連盟 48 日本将棋連盟 name Japan Shogi Association
村川 48 村川 name Murakawa, Muragawa
48 かしわ n oak, daimyo oak, Japanese emperor oak, Quercus dentata
name Kase, Kashiwayanagi, Kashiwazaki, Kashiwasaki, Kashiwagi, Kashiwa, Kashiyanagi, Kashizaki, Haku
構成 48 構成 こうせい adj-no, n, vs organization, organisation, configuration, composition
武雄 48 武雄 name Isao, Takeo, Fuyu
河出 48 河出 name Kawaide, Kawade
準名 48 準名 name Junna
生じ 48 生じる しょうじる v1, vt to cause, to yield, to produce
v1, vi to result from, to arise, to be generated
48 うえ
n cylindrical bamboo fishing basket
精鋭 48 精鋭 せいえい adj-na, n efficient, elite, powerful, picked
置碁 48 置碁 おきご n game of go played with a handicap
陥落 48 陥落 かんらく n, vs fall, sinking, surrender, capitulation
飛車 48 飛車 ひしゃ n castle (shogi), rook
1265 上達 47 上達 じょうたつ n, vs advance, progress, improvement (e.g. in skill, ability)
communication of opinions of the general populace to those of high rank
上達 name Uedatsu, Kamitate, Joutatsu
中山典之 47 中山典之 name Nakayama Noriyuki
47 n official, civil service
仕る つかまつる v5r, vi to do, to serve
name Tsukou
47 なに
adj-no, int, pn what
pref how many (some counter)
n euph. for genitals or sex
name Hakin, Ha, Nan, Nani, Ga, Kaze, Kasei, Kaga, Ka, Itsuka, Aga, Ho
47 ひかり n light
光る ひかる v5r, vi to glitter, to shine, to be bright
name Teru, Hikari, Hikarizaki, Hikaru, Hiroshi, Mitsu, Mitsuzaki, Mitsushi, Mitsuji, Mitsutsugu, Mitsumune, Mitsuru, Ruka, Tekari, Sakae, Kousou, Akari, Aki, Akira, Kaizechuu, Kirara, Kou, Kouka, Koukun, Kousaki, Kouzaki, Koushou, Kouji, Rei
前身 47 前身 ぜんしん n ancestor, previous existence, antecedents, previous position, predecessor organization, predecessor organisation
47 また adv, conj, pref and, also, again, still (doing something)
name Tasuku, Mata
吉田 47 吉田 name Kichida, Kitta, Yoshita, Yoshida, Yojida, Yotsuda, Raide
47 じょう n unmarried woman
n-suf (after a name) Miss
(after a line of work) -ess, -ette
むすめ n (my) daughter
girl (i.e. a young, unmarried woman)
戦法 47 戦法 せんぽう adj-no, n strategy, tactics
有限 47 有限 ゆうげん adj-na, adj-no, n limited, finite
泰坤 47 泰坤 name Taikon
王冠 47 王冠 おうかん adj-no, n crown, diadem
bottle cap
王冠 name Tiara
47 なお adj-na straight
common, ordinary
doing nothing
ひた pref exactly, immediately, earnestly
adj-no, n cost, price
value, merit, worth
count, number, value
variable (computer programming, programing)
じき adj-na, adv, n soon, shortly, before long, in a moment
close, nearby
adj-no, n direct
cash transaction, spot transaction
ちょく adj-na, adv, n direct, frankness, simplicity, honesty, in person, cheerfulness, correctness, being straight
night duty, shift (e.g. in a factory)
n Atai (post-Taika hereditary title often given to regional administrators)
じか adj-no, n, n-pref direct
ただ adj-na, adv, n direct, straight
直す なおす v5s, vt to cure, to heal
to correct, to fix, to repair
aux-v to do over again (after -masu base of verb)
to replace, to put back as it was
to transform, to convert (into a different state)
直る なおる v5r, vi to be healed, to be cured, to get well
to be fixed, to get mended, to be repaired
name Tada, Tadashi, Tadasu, Choku, Nao, Naoki, Naozaki, Naoshi, Naoji, Naomi, Naoru, Naho, Noburu, Sunao, Suna, Atai, Atae, Jiki, Susumu, Masami
知念かおり 47 知念かおり name Chinen Kaori (1974.7.28-)
紀夫 47 紀夫 name Kiyuu, Sumio, Tadao, Toshio, Norio, Michio
47 あみ n net, netting
もう suf network
name Ami, Amisaki, Amizaki, Amihama, Tsuna
趙善津 47 趙善津 name Chou Sonjin (1970.4-)
47 くるま n car, automobile, vehicle
しゃ n-suf car, vehicle
name Kuruma, Kurumazaki, Sha, Shiya, Cha, Chiya
47 近い ちかい adj-i close, near, short (distance)
name Kin, Kon, Chika, Chikai, Chikazaki, Chikashi, Chiko, Hamachika
47 開く ひらく v5k, vi, vt to undo, to unpack, to open, to unseal
to spread out, to bloom, to unfold
to open (for business, e.g. in the morning)
to widen, to be wide (gap, etc.)
v5k, vt to give, to open, to hold (meeting, etc.)
to establish, to set up, to found (nation, dynasty, sect, etc.), to open (a new business), to start
to open (ports, borders, etc.)
to open (an account)
to open up (new land, path, etc.), to clear, to develop
to open (a file, etc.)
to extract (root), to reduce (equation)
to cut open (fish)
to change (kanji into hiragana)
v5k, vi to flare (e.g. skirt)
to slacken (into a poor posture)
開く あく v5k, vi to open (e.g. doors)
to open (e.g. business, etc.)
to be empty
to be vacant, to be available, to be free
to be open (e.g. neckline, etc.)
to have been opened (of one's eyes, mouth, etc.)
to come to an end
v5k, vt to open (one's eyes, mouth, etc.)
v5k, vi to have a hole, to form a gap, to have an interval (between events)
name Kai, Satoru, Hari, Haru, Haruki, Hiraki, Hiraku
1286 と共に 46 と共に とともに exp together with
代表的 46 代表的 だいひょうてき adj-na model, representative, exemplary
以来 46 以来 いらい n-adv, n-t since, henceforth
初代 46 初代 しょだい adj-no, n founder, first generation
初代 name Hatsushiro, Hatsuyo
46 すり n printing
さつ ctr, suf impression, printing, issue
刷る する v5r, vt to print
to color or pattern fabric using a wooden mold
取り 46 取り とり n, n-suf collector, collecting, taking, taker
n last performer of the day (usu. the star performer), last performance of the day
active partner (e.g. in judo demonstration)
pref emphatic or formal prefix
取り どり n-suf samurai receiving this much rice as a fee
offering of rice cake containing this much rice
person receiving this amount of money as a salary
取り とり n (go terminology)
吉田美香 46 吉田美香 name Yoshida Mika (1971.2.12-)
名称 46 名称 めいしょう adj-no, n title, name
因淑 46 因淑 name Inshuku
坂口 46 坂口 name Sakakuchi, Sakaguchi, Sagakuchi, Sasuguchi
大逆 46 大逆 たいぎゃく
n high treason
大逆 おおさが
n Sebastes iracundus (species of rockfish)
46 こう pref good

n connection, friendship, relation, intimacy, friendly relations
好い いい adj-i (go terminology)
好い よい
adj-i (go terminology)
好い よい
adj-i good, excellent, nice, fine, agreeable, pleasant
ready, sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer), prepared
beneficial, profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.)
好く すく v5k, vt to love, to like, to be fond of
好む このむ v5m, vt to like, to prefer
name Suu, Yoshisaki, Yoshi, Miyoshi, Yoshimu, Konomu, Konomi, Kou, Raiku, Yoshimi
師匠 46 師匠 ししょう n, suf master, teacher
n coach who owns his stable
松和 46 松和 name Shouwa, Matsuwa
46 はし n bridge
きょう adj-no, n pons (pontes), pons Varolii, pontine, part of the brain stem (links the medulla oblongata and cerebellum with the midbrain)
name Yanahashi, Bashi, Hashizaki, Hashisaki, Hashi, Takanahashi, Kyouji, Wataru
移動 46 移動 いどう n, vs movement, transfer, migration, removal
adj-f traveling, mobile, moving, travelling, roving
46 みどり n green
greenery (esp. fresh verdure)
name Gurin, Midori, Ryoku, Roku
英語 46 英語 えいご adj-no, n English (language)
観戦記 46 観戦記 かんせんき n account of a (sports) game
記録係 46 記録係 きろくがかり n record keeper, recorder, archivist
設け 46 設け もうけ n establishment, preparation, provision
設ける もうける v1, vt to create, to establish
46 くるり adv, adv-to turning around (once)
suddenly, abruptly
completely (wrapped in something), quickly (unwrapping something)
beautiful, round (eyes)
n flail (for threshing grain)
てん n altering pronunciation or meaning, word with altered pronunciation or meaning
turning or twisting part of a text (in Chinese poetry)
転す こかす v5s, vt to knock down, to knock over
転ぶ ころぶ
v5b, vi to fall down, to fall over
name Utata, Korobi, Ten
集め 46 集め あつめ n, suf collecting, assembling
集める あつめる v1, vt to collect, to gather, to assemble
46 だい n subject, title, theme, topic
question, problem (on a test)
ctr, n-suf counter for questions (on a test)
養子 46 養子 ようし n son-in-law, adopted child (usu. male)
養子 name Kiyoko, Youko
香港 46 香港 ほんこん
n Hong Kong (China)
香港 name Hong Kong (China)
1312 中心 45 中心 ちゅうしん adj-no, n emphasis, core, centre, center, heart, balance, pivot, focus, middle
suf -oriented, -centered, -centred, -focussed, centered on, focussed on
中心 なかご n core, blade, middle of a nest of boxes
中押し 45 中押し ちゅうおし
n winning by opponent's resignation (in the game of go)
二十 45 二十 にじゅう
n twenty
二十 はたち n 20 years old
二十 name Nijuu
人気 45 人気 にんき adj-na, adj-no, n popularity, business conditions, popular feeling
人気 ひとけ n sign of life
人気 じんき n prevailing mood of a locality, emotional climate of a district
再開 45 再開 さいかい n, vs reopening, resumption, restarting
利一 45 利一 name Toshiichi, Toshikazu, Riichi
南日 45 南日 name Nannichi
啓子 45 啓子 name Akiko, Akirako, Keiko, Satoko, Satoshiko, Hiroko
四家 45 四家 name Shiie, Yotsuya, Yotsuie, Yoke, Shiyake, Shiya, Shinoya, Shige, Shike, Shiga, Shika, Shiike, Yonke
執筆 45 執筆 しっぴつ n, vs writing (e.g. as a profession)
大樹 45 大樹 たいじゅ n large tree, big tree, huge tree
大樹 name Hiroki, Daina, Daiju, Daiki, Taiju, Taiki, Ooju, Oogi, Ooki, Masaki
学校 45 学校 がっこう n school
学校 name Gakkou
45 もり n babysitter, babysitting
keeper, protecting, keeping
かみ n director (of the provincial governors under the ritsuryo system)
まもり n defense, defence, protection
charm, amulet, talisman
守る まもる v5r, vt to protect, to guard, to defend
to observe, to keep (i.e. a promise), to abide (by the rules), to obey, to follow
守る まもる v (go terminology)
name Morinori, Moritsugu, Morizaki, Morisaki, Morio, Mori, Mamoru, Mamori, Tokumori, Tsutomu, Suzu, Shu, Osamu
対応 45 対応 たいおう n, vs interaction, correspondence, support, dealing with, coping with
software support, ability of a computer system to run specific software
岩田 45 岩田 name Iwata, Iwada, Jiyunioru
45 えき n campaign, battle, war
unpaid work
やく n, n-suf service, use, role
position, post
hand, scoring combination (e.g. in mahjong, card games, etc.)
name Eki, En, Oose, Mamori, Mamoru
45 ロン n winning by picking up a discarded tile (mahjong)
はやし n ornament, decoration, adornment
えい n glory, prosperity
name Hisashi, Shigeru, Sakae, Sakai, Ei, Ikue, Yon
段級位制 45 段級位制 だんきゅういせい n rating system based on dan and kyuu used in Judo, Shogi, etc.
毎日新聞社 45 毎日新聞社 まいにちしんぶんしゃ n Mainichi Newspapers Co. Ltd
毎日新聞社 name Mainichi Newspapers (Japanese newspaper company)
現れ 45 現れ あらわれ n expression, indication, embodiment, materialization, manifestation, materialisation
現れる あらわれる v1, vi to embody, to appear, to come in sight, to become visible, to come out, to materialize, to materialise
to be expressed (e.g. emotions), to become apparent (e.g. trends, effects)
n arrow
name Tadashi, Chikai, Ya, Yagazaki, Yatsugi, Yabashiri
神奈川 45 神奈川 name Kanagawa
祥一 45 祥一 name Shouichi, Youichi, Yoshikazu
秀伯 45 秀伯 name Shuuhaku
程度 45 程度 ていど n, n-adv, n-suf grade, standard, degree, amount, of the order of (following a number)
運営 45 運営 うんえい n, vs operation, management, administration
離れ 45 離れ ばなれ
suf separation from, loss of interest in, independence of, distancing (of oneself) from, disillusionment with, alienation from (something)
pref detached (dwelling, room)
離れる はなれる v1, vi to be distant, to be separated, to be apart
to leave, to go away
to give up, to quit, to leave (a job, etc.)
to lose connection with, to drift away from
45 ページ n page
おおがい n kanji "big shell" radical
name Fukusako, Fukuma
45 とう ctr counter for large animals (e.g. head of cattle)

n head
mind, intellect, brain
hair (on one's head)
fringe, bangs
top structural component of a kanji
がしら suf (after a noun) top of .., head of ..
(after the -masu stem of a verb) the moment that ..
どたま n dome, head, bean, nob, noggin
name Akira, Tsumuri
黒石 45 黒石 くろいし n black stone
black (go pieces)
黒石 name Kuroishi, Kokuseki
1342 世井 44 世井 name Sei
中信 44 中信 name Nakanobu
中原誠 44 中原誠 name Nakahara Makoto (1947.9-)
俊也 44 俊也 name Shun'ya, Toshinari, Toshiya
全勝 44 全勝 ぜんしょう adj-no, n, vs complete victory
n winning a tournament with no losses
全勝 name Masakatsu
向上 44 向上 こうじょう n, vs elevation, progress, improvement, advancement, rise
向上 name Kougami, Koujou, Mukaiue, Mukaikami, Mukaue
44 しな n article, item, stock, goods, thing
coquetry, flirtatiousness
ほん n court rank
suf grade, level
section, chapter, volume
ひん n elegance, class, dignity, grace, refinement
suf article, item
ctr, suf counter for items (of food, etc.), counter for dishes or courses (at a restaurant)
name Shina
地域 44 地域 ちいき n area, region
定め 44 定め さだめ n agreement, appointment, arrangement, decision, rule, regulation, law, provision
fate, destiny, karma
定める さだめる v1, vt to establish, to decide, to determine
寺社奉行 44 寺社奉行 じしゃぶぎょう n governmental position of the shogunate, responsible for the management of temples and shrines
小山 44 小山 こやま n hill, knoll
小山 name Oyama, Koyama, Koyamasaki, Shouzan
広瀬 44 広瀬 name Serujio, Hiroshige, Hirose
44 あれ
n that (indicating something distant from both speaker and listener (in space, time or psychologically), or something understood without naming it directly)
that person (used to refer to one's equals or inferiors)
over there
down there (i.e. one's genitals)
period, menses
int hey (expression of surprise, suspicion, etc.), huh?, eh?
n that (something mentioned before which is distant psychologically or in terms of time)
かれ pn he, him
adj-no his
name Sonosaki
杭州 44 杭州 name Koushuu
44 らん n column of text (e.g. in a newspaper)
field (in a form, web page, etc.)
name Maseki, Masegi, Ran
44 よう n, n-suf task, business
service, use, duty
excretion, call of nature
name Takara, Mochi, Mochii, You
田中 44 田中 name Tanaka, Hiroka, Nonaka, Nunaka, Nataka, Denchuu, Danaka, Tanka, Tanata, Yanaka
44 示す しめす v5s, vt to tell, to (take out and) show, to demonstrate, to exemplify, to make apparent
to point out (finger, clock hand, needle, etc.)
to show, to display, to represent, to signify, to indicate
name Shimesu
祥雲 44 祥雲 しょううん n auspicious cloud
祥雲 name Sakumo, Shouun
秀洋 44 秀洋 name Shuuyou, Hidehiro
竜王 44 竜王 りゅうおう n Dragon King
promoted rook (shogi)
竜王 name Ryuuou, Ryouou
44 これ pn this (indicating an item near the speaker, the action of the speaker, or the current topic)
this person (usu. indicating someone in one's in-group)
I (me)
name Tadashi, Tamotsu, Tsunagu, Yui, Yuki
育成 44 育成 いくせい n, vs training, promotion, cultivation, rearing, nurture
育成 name Ikusei
航空 44 航空 こうくう adj-no, n flying, aviation
44 あかね
n madder (esp. Japanese madder, Rubia argyi)
madder (red color)
name Akane, Sei, Sen
見え 44 見え みえ
n charm, attraction, display, show, appearance, vanity
見える みえる v1, vi to be seen, to be in sight
to look, to seem, to appear
to come
見える まみえる v1, vi to meet, to see, to have an audience
to confront, to face (an enemy)
to serve (esp. as one's wife)
規約 44 規約 きやく n agreement, code, convention, protocol, rules
逆に 44 逆に ぎゃくに adv on the contrary, conversely
雄蔵 44 雄蔵 name Yuuzou
雅男 44 雅男 name Tsuneo, Masao
電子 44 電子 でんし n electron
electronics, (esp. as a prefix) electronic
電子 name Denko
44 やかた
n mansion, small castle
nobleman, noblewoman
boat cabin
かん n, suf house, building, hall
むろつみ n inn
name Kan, Shiro, Tachi, Tate, Date, Yakata
1374 一番勝負 43 一番勝負 いちばんしょうぶ n contest decided by a single round (bout), contest decided by a single roll of dice, one-shot game (contest), make-or-break game
下し 43 下し くだし n evacuation, purgation
43 づけ n-suf dated (e.g. a letter), date of effect (e.g. a rule change)
付く つく v5k, vi to cling, to stick, to be attached, to be connected with, to adhere
to stain, to dye, to remain imprinted, to scar
to bear (fruit, interest, etc.)
to be acquired (of a habit, ability, etc.), to increase (of strength, etc.)
to take root
to attend, to follow, to accompany, to study with
to belong to, to side with
to possess, to haunt
to be lighted, to be lit
to be settled, to be resolved, to be decided
to be given (of a name, price, etc.)
to be sensed, to be perceived
to be lucky
suf, v5k (after -masu stems, onomatopoeic and mimetic words) to become (a state, condition, etc.)
付く づく suf, v5k to become (a state, condition, etc.)
付す ふす v5s, vt to attach, to affix, to append
to entrust, to refer, to handle (as such)
to follow (the leader)
to submit (a document, etc.)
name Hamatsuke, Fu
伊角 43 伊角 name Isumi
佐藤康光 43 佐藤康光 name Satou Yasumitsu (1969-)
使い切 43 使い切る つかいきる v5r, vt to wear out, to use up, to exhaust
43 あに n older brother, elder brother
けい n, n-suf elder brother
adj-no, pn Mr, pronoun or suffix used in reference to an older brother figure, Mister
にい n-suf used after the name of someone who is an older brother figure
n used with various honorifics to mean (older) brother
このかみ n eldest son
older brother, older sister
older person
head of a clan, head of a region
skilled craftsman
name Kei
43 name Kai, Katsuji, Tanoshi
分の 43 分の ぶんの exp, suf -th (e.g. one fifth)
加藤一二三 43 加藤一二三 name Katou Hifumi (1940.1-)
山部 43 山部 name Yamanobe, Yamabu, Yamabe, Yamabeno, Yanbe
手を抜 43 手を抜く てをぬく exp, v5k to ease up (on an opponent), to cut corners, to be shoddy
新報 43 新報 しんぽう n news(paper) (old term)
本来 43 本来 ほんらい adj-no, n-adv, n-t originally, primarily
naturally, essentially, by nature, in (and of) itself
proper, legal
43 わく n, n-suf frame, framework
border, box
quota, limit, restriction
name Hasuo
瀬戸 43 瀬戸 せと n channel, strait
瀬戸 name Seto, Setozaki, Sedo
43 しつ n se (ancient Chinese plucked zither, usu. with 25 or 23 strings)
禁止 43 禁止 きんし n, vs prohibition, inhibition, ban
43 ぐん n, n-suf army, force, troops
いくさ n campaign, fight, battle, war
troops, forces
name Kunji, Gun, Gunji, Jin, Susumu
連珠 43 連珠 れんじゅ n variant of gobang (game)
間に 43 間に あいだに adv while, during (the time when)
集英社 43 集英社 name Shueisha (publisher)
43 顧る かえりみる v1, vt to look back (e.g. over shoulder or at the past), to turn around
to reflect on the past, to reconsider, to review
to reflect on oneself, to introspect, to contemplate oneself
to consider (usu. used in negative), to concern oneself about, to pay attention to, to take into consideration
name Gu, Guu, Ko, Kou, Koshi
1397 丈策 42 丈策 name Jousaku
予定 42 予定 よてい n, vs arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate, plans
侵入 42 侵入 しんにゅう adj-no, n, vs raid, penetration, aggression, invasion, trespass
全集 42 全集 ぜんしゅう n, n-suf complete works
北斗 42 北斗 ほくと n the Plough, the Plow, the Big Dipper (asterism)
北斗 name Hokuto
42 ごう n 0.18039 litres (liters)
0.3306 metres square (meters)
one-tenth of the way from the base to the summit of a mountain
ctr counter for covered containers
counter for matches, battles, etc.
合う あう
v5u, vi to meet, to unite, to come together, to merge
to suit, to fit, to match, to agree with, to be correct
to be profitable, to be equitable
suf, v5u (after the -masu stem of a verb) to do ... to each other, to do ... together
合す あわす v5s, vt to match (rhythm, speed, etc.)
to unite, to join together, to combine, to add up
to face, to be opposite (someone)
to compare, to check with
to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate)
to place together, to connect, to overlap
to combine, to mix
to fight, to put blade to blade
合す がっす v5s to unite, to sum up, to join together, to combine, to mix, to agree with
name Aisaki, Aiji, Takagou
向け 42 向け むけ n-suf intended for ..., oriented towards ..., aimed at ...
向ける むける v1, vt to turn towards, to point
含め 42 含める ふくめる v1, vt to include (in a group or scope)
to instruct, to make one understand
to include (a nuance), to put in (an implication)
to put in (someone's) mouth
to permeate with flavor
大和証券 42 大和証券 name Daiwa Securities
大山 42 大山 たいざん n great mountain
大山 name Ooyama, Oyama, Taisan, Taizan, Daisen
天津 42 天津 あまつ adj-f imperial, heavenly
天津 name Amazu, Amatsu, Amadzu, Tianjin (China), Tientsin
宮沢吾朗 42 宮沢吾朗 name Miyazawa Gorou (1949.11.29-)
山田 42 山田 name Ooshita, Kumada, Yamagata, Yamata, Yamada, Yayuda, Yomada
42 さが
n one's nature, one's destiny
custom, tradition, habit
せい n nature (of a person)
suf -ness, -ty, -ity, -cy
しょう n, n-suf nature (of a person or thing)
that which does not change according to external influences
name Shou
性格 42 性格 せいかく n character, personality, disposition, nature
新人賞 42 新人賞 しんじんしょう n Rookie of the Year award
42 name Aki, Akira, Ei, Yon
最優秀 42 最優秀 さいゆうしゅう adj-no ace, best, grade A, most (valuable player), top (quality), finest
監督 42 監督 かんとく adj-no, n, vs control, direction, supervision, superintendence
n coach, controller, director, manager, boss, foreman, superintendent, supervisor, overseer
直後 42 直後 ちょくご n-adv, n-t immediately following
細川 42 細川 name Isasagawa, Kawa, Hosokawa, Hosogawa
42 のう n, n-suf gift, function, talent
noh (theatre)
name Atou, Kanae, Takumi, Chikara, Nou, Nouzaki, Nozaki
42 譲る ゆずる v5r, vt to turn over, to hand over, to convey, to assign, to dispose of, to transmit, to sell
to surrender, to yield, to concede
name Jou, Jouji, Yuzuri, Yuzuru, Yudzuru
金志 42 金志 name Kinshi
金恵 42 金恵 name Kana, Kanee
集中 42 集中 しゅうちゅう adj-no, n, vs integration, concentration, centralization, convergence, gathering together
1423 中学生 41 中学生 ちゅうがくせい n junior high school student, middle school pupil
主に 41 主に おもに adv mainly, primarily
俊哲 41 俊哲 name Toshiaki, Toshiaya, Toshisato, Toshitetsu
取れ 41 取れる とれる v1, vi, vt to come off, to be removed
(of pain, a fever, etc.) to disappear
to be caught, to be harvested
to be interpreted (as), to be taken as
(of balance, etc.) to be attained
to be obtainable
各地 41 各地 かくち adj-no, n various places, every place
名勝 41 名勝 めいしょう n place of scenic beauty, the sights
因徹 41 因徹 name Intetsu, Tetsu
41 じゅく n coaching school, cramming school, juku
name Soura, Munetaka
多くの場合 41 多くの場合 おおくのばあい n in many cases
好き 41 好き すき adj-na, n love, liking, fondness
好き ずき adj-na, adj-no, suf -phil, -phile, enthusiast (for), love (of)
being attractive (to), to tend to be liked (by)
小説 41 小説 しょうせつ adj-no, n novel, (short) story
41 name Kan, Yasuji, Yasushi, Yasuko, Yasukatsu, Yasu, Tsuyoshi, Shizuka, Sada, Kon, Kouta, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Kou, Yasumune
彦坂 41 彦坂 name Hikosaka, Hikozaka
挑戦権 41 挑戦権 ちょうせんけん n right to challenge, right to make a challenge
挑戦権 ちょうせんけん n go: right to challenge for a title
普通 41 普通 ふつう adj-no ordinary, general, usual
adv generally, usually, normally
train that stops at every station
森内俊之 41 森内俊之 name Moriuchi Toshiyuki (1970.10.10-)
正平 41 正平 しょうへい n Shouhei era (of the Southern Court) (1346.12.8-1370.7.24)
正平 name Shouhei, Masahira, Masahei
41 name Aki, Reiki, Rei, Ryou, Moyura, Madoka, Tooru, Suzu, Akira, Reiko
異な 41 異な いな adj-pn odd, unusual, strange
異な けな adj-pn exceptional, praiseworthy, laudable
異なる ことなる v5r, vi to differ, to vary, to disagree
41 name Akira, Hiro, Hideaki, Hikaru, Shiroshi, Shiroi, Gou, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Kou, Kiyoshi, Hiroshi
41 けん n prefecture (of Japan)
county (of China)
あがた n territory (pre-Taika: under the Yamato court; Heian: under a provincial governor, etc.)
name Agata, Ken, Kenji
41 name Tamotsu
41 はん n, n-suf clan, province, feudal domain (Edo and early Meiji periods, precursor to current prefectures), fiefdom
name Shigeru, Han, Ban, Magaki, Mamoru
退 41 退く どく
v5k, vi to step aside, to move (i.e. out of the way), to make way
to retire, to resign, to quit, to secede
退く しりぞく v5k, vi to step back, to move back
to withdraw, to retreat, to concede, to leave (the presence of a superior)
to retire, to resign, to quit
退く ひく v5k, vi to draw back, to recede, to move back
to ebb, to subside, to lessen
to retire, to resign, to quit
41 pref over-, surplus- (attaches to start of Sino-Japanese words), excess-
per- (chemical with more of a certain element than found in other compounds of the same constituents)
過す すごす v5s, vt to pass (time), to spend
to drink (alcohol), to overdo (esp. of one's alcohol consumption)
to take care of, to support
suf, v5s to overdo, to do too much
to ... without acting on it
過つ あやまつ v5t, vi to err
過る よぎる v5r to cross, to pass by, to go by, to float across
name Suguru, Masaru
非常に 41 非常に ひじょうに adv very, exceedingly, extremely
龍士 41 龍士 name Tatsushi, Ryuuji, Riyuuji
1450 一般に 40 一般に いっぱんに adv generally, in general
一門 40 一門 いちもん n clan, family, kin
school, sect, adherents, followers, disciples
group of related sumo stables
一門 name Ichikado, Ichimon, Kazuto, Hitokado
下位 40 下位 かい adj-no, n low rank, subordinate, lower order (e.g. byte), low-end
下位 name Shimoi
俊郎 40 俊郎 name Shunrou, Toshio, Toshirou
働き 40 働き はたらき n work, labor, labour
ability, performance, talent, achievement
income, salary, earnings
action, activity, operation, movement, function, motion, workings
conjugation, inflection
勝喜代 40 勝喜代 name Katsukiyo
占め 40 占める しめる v1, vt to hold, to occupy
to make up, to take up, to account for
唯一 40 唯一 ゆいいつ
adj-no, adv only, sole, unique
唯一 name Tadaichi, Tadakazu, Daiichi, Yui, Yuiitsu, Yuuichi
大き 40 大き おおき pref grand, great, large
upper, senior, greater (of equal court ranks)
adj-na, n very much, a great deal
大きい おおきい adj-i loud, great, big, large
大きい おおきい adj-i (go terminology)
寿子 40 寿子 name Kazuko, Yasuko, Hisako, Tomoko, Toshiko, Sumiko, Suzuko, Suzu, Kotoko, Yoshiko
岩波書店 40 岩波書店 name Iwanami Shoten, Publishers (Japanese publisher)
後継 40 後継 こうけい adj-f, n succession
n successor
後継 あとつぎ n successor, heir
40 徹す とおす v5s, vt to stick through, to force through
to spread throughout, to thoroughly diffuse
to make a path between two points
to proceed in a logical manner
to let pass, to allow through
to show in, to lead (someone) into (a house, room, etc.)
to go through (a middleman)
to (look, listen) through (a window, wall, etc.)
to pass (a law, applicant, etc.)
to force to accept, to force agreement
to persist in, to continue (in a state)
to do to the entirety of, to cover all of, to span the whole ...
to do from beginning to end without a break
to convey (one's ideas, etc.) to the other party
to complete, to carry through, (after the -te form of a verb) to do to the end
徹る とおる v5r, vi to pass through, to go by, to go via, to go by way of, to go past, to go along, to travel along, to use (a road), to take (a route)
to connect, to run (between), to operate (between)
to come in, to go indoors, to go into a room, to be admitted, to be shown in, to be ushered in
to go through, to pierce, to penetrate, to skewer, to come through
to permeate, to soak into, to spread throughout
to carry (e.g. of a voice), to reach far
to be passed on (e.g. of a customer's order to the kitchen), to be relayed, to be conveyed
to be accepted, to pass (a test, a bill in the House, etc.), to be approved
to go by (a name), to be known as, to be accepted as, to have a reputation for
to be coherent, to be logical, to be reasonable, to be comprehensible, to be understandable, to make sense
to be understood, to get across (e.g. of one's point)
to be straight (e.g. wood grain)
to be well-informed, to be wise
suf, v5r to do ... completely, to do ... thoroughly
name Michi, Tooru, Touru, Tetsuji, Tetsu, Tsuyoshi, Choru, Osamu, Itaru, Akira
新手 40 新手 あらて adj-no, n newcomer, new method, fresh supply of troops
新手 しんて n go: new move
新手 name Arate
時点 40 時点 じてん n occasion, point in time
本人 40 本人 ほんにん adj-no, n the person himself
村瀬 40 村瀬 name Murase, Muramaki
東方 40 東方 とうほう
adj-no, n eastern direction
the Orient
n eastern fighter in a match (e.g. sumo wrestling)
東方 name Higashikata, Toobou, Toohou, Toubou, Touhou, Tougata, Toukata, Adzumakata, Azumagata, Azumakata, Higashigata
株式会社 40 株式会社 かぶしきがいしゃ n corporation, public company, KK, formula for an incorporated public company
注釈 40 注釈 ちゅうしゃく n, vs comment, remark, notes, annotation
40 name Akira, Ki, Hiroshi
40 おとこ
n, n-pref man, male
n guy, chap, fellow, bloke
boyfriend, man, male lover
manliness, manly honor, manly honour, manly reputation
なん ctr, n, n-suf son
n, n-pref, n-suf man, male
n husband
おのこ n boy, man
name Ono, Otoko, Osachi, Imata, Inomoto, Inomata, Dan
直人 40 直人 ただびと
n ordinary person, untitled individual
直人 name Suguhito, Tadahito, Chokujin, Naoudo, Naoto, Naohiko, Naohito, Naondo
第一人者 40 第一人者 だいいちにんしゃ n leading person
結成 40 結成 けっせい n, vs combination, formation
結成 name Yuina, Yuna
長清 40 長清 name Chousei, Nagakiyo
1476 39 なみ n, n-suf common, average, ordinary, medium
line, row of (e.g. houses)
equal, same level, each (e.g. month), set of (e.g. teeth)
並ぶ ならぶ v5b, vi to line up, to stand in a line
to rival, to match, to equal
name Minemura, Minezawa, Minesawa, Fukuyo, Fukumura, Fukuzou, Fukuzawa, Fukusawa, Narabu, Namisaki, Nami
交互 39 交互 こうご adj-no, n alternate, reciprocal, mutual
享和 39 享和 きょうわ n Kyouwa era (1801.2.5-1804.2.11)
享和 name Yukikazu
会長 39 会長 かいちょう n chairman, president (of a society)
免状 39 免状 めんじょう n diploma, license, licence
39 あつ suf thickness
厚い あつい adj-i heavy, thick, deep
faithful, warm, kind, cordial, hospitable
serious (of an illness)
厚い あつい adj-i (go terminology)
name Kou, Jinkou, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Makoto, Atsuyuki, Atsumi, Atsunori, Atsuji, Atsushi, Atsu, Hiroshi
哲也 39 哲也 name Setsuya, Tetsunari, Tetsuya
導入 39 導入 どうにゅう n, vs introduction, installation, bringing in, leading in
39 とどけ n, n-suf notification, report, registration
届く とどく v5k, vi to arrive, to reach, to get through, to get at
to be attentive, to pay attention
to be delivered, to carry (e.g. sound)
山崎 39 山崎 name Yamasa, Yamasaki, Yamasagi, Yamaza, Yamazaki, Yamanosaki
幕府 39 幕府 ばくふ n shogunate, bakufu
39 おとうと
n younger brother
pupil, apprentice
name Tei
39 戻す もどす v5s, vt to return, to put back, to give back, to restore (to a previous state, e.g. defrosting, reconstituting, reconciling), to turn back (e.g. clock hand)
to vomit, to throw up
to recover (of a market price)
戻る もどる v5r, vi to return, to go back, to recover, to turn back, to rebound
39 らく adj-na, n, n-suf ease, comfort
n raku pottery
楽む たのしむ v5m to enjoy (oneself)
name Nono, Tanoshi, Sasa, Konomi, Kono, Gaku, Eden, Raku
毎週 39 毎週 まいしゅう n-adv, n-t every week
39 なだ n open sea
よう n Occident and Orient (esp. the Occident)
ocean, sea
pref Western, foreign, European
name Youichi, You, Yutaka, Fukashi, Hiromu, Hiromi, Hiroshi, Hiro, Haruka, Nada, Oomi, Umi, Akira, Youji
準々決勝 39 準々決勝 じゅんじゅんけっしょう n quarterfinal
溝上知親 39 溝上知親 name Mizogami Tomochika
番碁 39 番碁 ばんご n (go terminology)
白地 39 白地 あからさま adj-na, adj-no plain, frank, candid, open, direct, straightforward, unabashed, blatant, flagrant
白地 しろじ
n white background
adj-pn blank
n female virgin
白地 はくち n white cloth
empty lot, empty land
amateur (of a prostitute, etc)
白地 name Shiraji, Shirachi, Shiradzi, Shiroji, Hakuchi
祐元 39 祐元 name Yuugen
祷陽子 39 祷陽子 name Inori Youko (1974.6.14-)
福建 39 福建 name Fujian (province in SE China), Fukien, Fujian (province in SE China), Fukien
39 name Kaori, Yoshinori, Yoshitsugu, Yoshiji, Yoshikatsu, Yoshi, Houei, Hou, Fusa, Hana, Kanbashi, Kaori (Kawori), Kahoru, Kaho, Kaguwa, Kagua, Kaoru, Yoshiharu
退け 39 退ける しりぞける v1, vt to reject, to drive away, to repel, to repulse
退ける のける
v1, vt to put something out of the way, to move (something, someone) aside
to remove, to take away, to exclude
to set aside, to keep apart
to shun, to remove (someone) from the group
aux-v, v1 (after the -te form of a verb) to do well despite difficulties, to accomplish despite adversity
(after the -te form of a verb) to do resolutely, to do boldly
重要 39 重要 じゅうよう adj-na, n important, essential, major, momentous, principal
39 はがね
n steel
name Kou, Tsuyoshi, Hagane
39 ゆき n snow
雪ぐ すすぐ
v5g, vt to wash out, to rinse
to have one's revenge, to wipe out a disgrace
name Mashiro, Setsuyuki, Setsuji, Setsu, Suzuki, Susugu, Susugi, Kiyomu, Kiyomi, Kiyoshi, Yuki
39 しん n zhen (one of the trigrams of the I Ching: thunder, east)
震う ふるう v5u to shake, to vibrate, to tremble
name Shin, Tatsumi
黄金 39 黄金 おうごん
adj-no, n gold
黄金 name Ougon, Kogane
1506 ご覧ください 38 ご覧ください ごらんください exp please look at it
一時 38 一時 ひととき
n-adv, n-t moment, a (short) time, a while
former times
two-hour period
一時 いちじ n-t one o'clock
n-adv, n-t before, formerly, once, at one time
adj-no, n-adv, n-t for the time being, temporarily, for a while, for the present, for a time, for the moment
n once, one time, a time
一時 name Kazutoki
上京 38 上京 じょうきょう n, vs proceeding to the capital (Tokyo)
上京 name Uekyou, Uekiyou, Kamikyou, Kamigyou
中止 38 中止 ちゅうし n, vs suspension, interruption, stoppage, discontinuance
五世 38 五世 name Itsuyo, Gose
38 れい adj-na, n cool, cold
n cold sake
ひや n cold water
cold sake
adj-no, pref cool, cold, chilled, unheated
冷す ひやす v5s, vt to refrigerate, to cool (from room temperature), to chill
to relax, to calm down, to cool off, to regain one's composure
to be scared (of), to be frightened (at)
name Rei
刊行 38 刊行 かんこう n, vs issue, publication
利用 38 利用 りよう n, vs application, use, utilization, utilisation
利用 name Toshimochi
38 ふく n, pref assistant, additional, substitute, collateral, associate, vice-, deputy, sub-, auxiliary, supplementary
n copy, duplicate
とりわけ adv, n especially, above all
inter alia, among others
副う そう v5u to satisfy, to comply with, to meet (one's expectations, etc.)
to accompany, to stay by one's side
to marry, to wed
to be added
name Soi, Soe
右辺 38 右辺 うへん n right side (of an equation, expression, etc.), RHS
右辺 うへん n (go terminology)
同じく 38 同じく おなじく adv, conj, vs similarly, same (idea), same (name)
38 そう adj-na, n strength, manliness, bravery, vibrancy
(esp. of men) one's prime (approx. age 30)
name Sakae, Sou, Souji, Takeshi, Tsuyoshi, Minto, Yuuki
天才 38 天才 てんさい n genius, prodigy, natural gift
38 宏い ひろい adj-i wide, vast, spacious
name Fukashi, Hiromu, Hirotsugu, Hiroshi, Hiroki, Hiroe, Hiro, Takashi, Gouji, Gou, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Kou
実子 38 実子 じっし n biological child, one's own child
実子 name Saneko, Jitsuko, Chikako, Tomiko, Noriko, Miko, Mitsuko, Yoshiko
38 きょ n residence
n, n-pref, n-suf being (somewhere)
居る いる v1, vi to exist, to be (of animate objects)
to stay
aux-v, v1 (after the -te form of a verb) verb indicating continuing action or state (i.e. to be ..ing, to have been ..ing)
居る おる v5r, vi to be, to exist, to be (animate)
aux-v, v5r (after the -te form of a verb) verb indicating continuing action or state (i.e. to be ..ing)
(after -masu base of verb) indicates contempt or disdain for another's actions
name I, Izaki, Yasu, Yasushi, Wakashi
左辺 38 左辺 さへん n left side (of an equation, expression, etc.), LHS
左辺 さへん n (go terminology)
平田 38 平田 name Nameda, Hirata, Hirada, Hiratta, Heita, Heida, Heda
年後 38 年後 ねんご n-adv, n-t years later
延宝 38 延宝 えんぽう n Empou era (1673.9.21-1681.9.29)
日本語 38 日本語 にほんご
adj-no, n Japanese (language)
李映 38 李映 name Rie
38 name Kaji
38 はた n loom
n chance, opportunity
ctr counter for aircraft
counter for remaining lives (in video games)
name Ki, Takumi, Hakaru, Hata
38 うぬ adj-no, pn you, blockhead!
なんじ adj-no, pn you, thou

n you
いまし n you
n that
oneself, themself
n I
adj-no, pn you
みまし n you
混合 38 混合 こんごう n, vs mixing, mixture, meld
混合う こみあう v5u, vi to be crowded, to be packed, to be jammed
38 さん adj-t brilliant, resplendant
name Aki, Akira, Kirara, San
独自 38 独自 どくじ adj-na, adj-no, n individual, original, characteristic, by oneself, peculiar, proprietary, on one's own
神戸 38 神戸 こうべ n Kobe (port city near Osaka)
神戸 name Koudo, Kobe (Koube) (port city near Osaka), Kobe, Gouto, Goudo, Shinko, Jinko, Jingo, Jinto, Jinbe, Kouto, Kanbe, Kanato, Kanado, Kanoto, Kamiko, Kamito, Kamido, Kamube, Kanko, Kanto, Kando, Be
移動通信 38 移動通信 いどうつうしん n mobile communications
38 たけ n bamboo
middle (of a three-tier ranking system)
name Take, Takesaki, Takezaki, Takesue, Taketaka, Takehana, Takematsu, Chikusaki
米長邦雄 38 米長邦雄 name Yonenaga Kunio (1943.6-)
経緯 38 経緯 いきさつ
n details, circumstances, particulars, whole story, sequence of events, chronology, how it started, how things got this way
longitude and latitude
warp and weft, warp and woof
連絡 38 連絡 れんらく adj-no, vs to contact, to get in touch
n call, communication, message, contacting, getting in touch
connection, coordination, junction
adj-no intercalary, intercalaris, internuncial
連絡 れんらく n (go terminology)
邦久 38 邦久 name Kuniji, Kunitsune, Kunihisa
38 さと n village, hamlet
countryside, country
hometown, home (of one's parents, etc.)
one's past, one's origins, one's upbringing
n Japanese league, ri, old Japanese unit of distance, approx. 3.927km or 2.44 miles
neighbourhood (under the ritsuryo system; orig. of 50 homes)
unit of area (approx. 654m by 654m)
name Sato, Satozaki, Satoshi, Satoyuki, Zato, Ri, Ria
阪口 38 阪口 name Sakakuchi, Sakaguchi, Suzaki, Hanguchi
隠居 38 隠居 いんきょ n, vs retirement
retired person
隠居 name Inkyo, Inkiyo, Kagei
38 くも n cloud
name Un, Kumo
高段 38 高段 こうだん n highly ranked
高段 name Takadan
高目 38 高目 たかめ adj-na, n on the high side
高目 たかもく n (go terminology)
高目 name Takame
1547 上辺 37 上辺 うわべ n seeming, exterior, outside, outward appearance, surface
上辺 じょうへん n the upper side
上辺 じょうへん n (go terminology)
上辺 name Uebe, Uwabe
下さ 37 下さる くださる v5aru to bestow, to confer, to give
to kindly do for one, to oblige, to favour, to favor
中華人民共和国 37 中華人民共和国 ちゅうかじんみんきょうわこく n Communist China, People's Republic of China
中華人民共和国 name Chuukajinminkyouwakoku
人間 37 人間 にんげん n man, person, human being
character (of a person)
人間 じんかん n the world
37 さい pref again, re-, repeated, deutero-, deuto-, deuter-
勝達 37 勝達 name Katsutatsu
十九 37 十九 じゅうきゅう n 19, nineteen
十九 name Juuku, Jukku, Tsuzu, Tsuzuya, Toku
厳し 37 厳しい きびしい
adj-i rigid, severe, strict, unsparing, relentless
solemn, stern, grave, austere, majestic
intense (cold)
厳しい きびしい adj-i (go terminology)
同時に 37 同時に どうじに adv, conj while, simultaneously, coincident with
37 その
n, n-suf orchard, park, plantation, garden (esp. man-made)
place, location
name En, Sono, Sonoe, Sonomi
大倉喜七郎 37 大倉喜七郎 name Ookura Kishichirou (1882.6.16-1963.2.2)
奨励 37 奨励 しょうれい n, vs encouragement, promotion, stimulation, inducement, incitement
37 にょ n tathata (the ultimate nature of all things)
n-adv similar to, like, same as
如く しく v5k, vi to match, to equal
to overtake, to catch up with
name Naho, Hitoshi, Yuki
帰国 37 帰国 きこく n, vs return to one's country
37 n, n-suf seat, place, position
group, gathering
platform, pedestal, stand
(historical) trade guild
suf attaches to the names of theatres, theatrical troupes, and constellations
ctr, suf counter for theatres, deities, Buddhist images, tall mountains, and satokagura songs
座す ざす v5s, vi, vs-c to squat, to sit
to be implicated
座る すわる v5r, vi to squat, to sit
to assume (a position)
to hold steady, to hold still
name Konomura, Za
37 弘い ひろい adj-i wide, vast, spacious
name Hiromu, Hiromatsu, Hiroshi, Hiroki, Hirokatsu, Hiro, Hitoshi, Koubou, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Kou, Gu
打込 37 打込む うちこむ v5m, vt to hammer in, to drive in (e.g. nail, stake)
to smash, to drive, to hit (a ball, etc.)
to fire into (e.g. a crowd), to launch (e.g. missiles), to lob (e.g. grenades)
to enter, to input (data)
to devote oneself to, to go heart and soul into, to throw oneself into, to go head over heels for
to practice hitting (baseball, tennis, etc.)
to hit (an opponent in kendo, boxing, etc.), to get a blow in
to invade one's opponent's territory (in the game of go), to place a stone in an opponent's formation
to pour (concrete, etc.) into a form
打込 name Uchikomi
持碁 37 持碁 じご n Go game resulting in tie or draw
持碁 じご n (go terminology)
支部 37 支部 しぶ adj-no, n branch, subdivision
支部 name Shibe, Hasebe
村島 37 村島 name Murashima, Murajima
正祥 37 正祥 name Masayoshi
河野 37 河野 name Kawano, Gawano, Kouno, Koono, Kono
37 いずみ n spring, fountain
name Yanaizumi, Moto, Minamoto, Senji, Sen, Idzumi, Izumisaki, Izumi, Isumi, Yanagiizumi
秀英 37 秀英 name Shuuei, Hideaki, Hideei, Hozue
37 読む よむ v5m, vt to read
to count
name Satoru
1572 事典 36 事典 じてん
n encyclopedia, cyclopedia
36 name Aa, U, Yu, Yuu, Yo
作者 36 作者 さくしゃ n author, authoress
依田 36 依田 name Ida, Yorita, Yoda, Yota, Koromoda, Kinuta, Kida, Eda, Eta, Yorida
健造 36 健造 name Kenzou
兵庫 36 兵庫 name Hyouko, Hyougo, Hiyougo
合計 36 合計 ごうけい n, vs sum total, total amount
36 きみ pn you, buddy, pal
n ruler, monarch, sovereign, (one's) master
くん n, suf boy, master, Mr (junior)
ぎみ suf suffix appended to somebody else's family members
きんじ n you
name Kimi, Kimizaki, Kiminori, Kun, Kunji
増え 36 増える ふえる v1, vi to increase, to multiply
大竹 36 大竹 name Outake, Ootake, Oodake, Otake
実際に 36 実際に じっさいに adv virtually, practically, in practice
presently, currently
対象 36 対象 たいしょう adj-no, n target, object (of worship, study, etc.), subject (of taxation, etc.)
平岡 36 平岡 name Nakamura, Hiraoka
庫之助 36 庫之助 name Kuranosuke
弘化 36 弘化 こうか n Kouka era (1844.12.2-1848.2.28)
強さ 36 強さ つよさ n strength, power
振り 36 振り ふり ctr, n swinging, shake, swing, wave
n behaviour, appearance
show, pretence (pretense)
lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.)
postures (of a dance)
unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
ctr, suf counter for swords, blades, etc.
振り ぶり suf style, manner
after (period of time) again (e.g. meeting again after a year), for the first time in (period of time)
早稲田大学 36 早稲田大学 name Waseda University
朝鮮 36 朝鮮 ちょうせん n Korea
朝鮮 name Chousen
本田幸子 36 本田幸子 name Honda Sachiko (1930.12.30-)
36 こう suf school
ctr, n proof (of a book, document, etc.), counter for proofs
name Tadasu
桑原 36 桑原 くわばら n mulberry field
桑原 name Matsuhara, Kuwabawa, Kuwabaru, Kuwabara, Kuwahara, Kuwanohara, Kurihara, Kurabara, Kurahara, Kuhara, Kuhabara, Matsubara
機能 36 機能 きのう n, vs facility, function, feature, faculty
注目 36 注目 ちゅうもく n, vs notice, attention, observation
男性 36 男性 だんせい adj-no, n man, male
masculine gender
算英 36 算英 name San'ei
36 聞く きく v5k, vt to hear
to listen (e.g. to music)
to ask, to enquire, to query
to learn of, to hear about
to comply with, to follow (advice)
to smell (esp. incense), to sample fragrance
name Kikizaki, Kiku, Tsurukiki, Fukue, Minehiro, Mineyuki
読み上げ 36 読み上げる よみあげる v1, vt to read out loud (and clearly), to call a roll
道的 36 道的 name Douteki
遠洋 36 遠洋 えんよう adj-no, n ocean, deep sea
鉄次郎 36 鉄次郎 name Tetsujirou
首相 36 首相 しゅしょう n Prime Minister, Chancellor (Germany, Austria, etc.), Premier
1604 三大 35 三大 さんだい pref the big three ...
三大 name Miou
35 低い ひくい adj-i low (rank, degree, value, content, quality, etc.)
low (position), close to the ground
short (height)
deep (voice), in a low key, low (volume)
低い ひくい adj-i (go terminology)
修平 35 修平 name Shuuhei, Shouhei
修行 35 修行 しゅぎょう
n, vs ascetic practices
practice, study, training, discipline
修行 name Shigeo, Shuugyou, Shugyou, Naomichi, Nobuyuki
加藤充志 35 加藤充志 name Katou Atsushi
35 とも n companion, friend, pal, comrade
name Tomo, Tomokatsu, Tomosaki, Tomoji, Tomosue, Tomomune, Yuu, Yuuji
友恵 35 友恵 name Tomoe, Yue
反則 35 反則 はんそく n, vs default, balk, transgression, foul play (sport), irregularity
喜多 35 喜多 name Kita, Kitasaki, Kida, Hita
35 ざい n countryside, country
outskirts, suburbs
pref situated in, resident in
在す まします v5s, vi to be
在る ある v5r-i, vi to live, to be (usu. of inanimate objects), to exist
to have
to be located
to be equipped with
to happen, to come about
name Mitsuru, Hisashi, Chieboku, Tamotsu, Aru, Arifuku, Ari, Akira, Aki
地方 35 地方 ちほう
adj-no, n area, region, district, locality, province
rural area, countryside
coast (esp. as seen from the water)
person singing ballads in noh, person in charge of music in a Japanese dance performance
地方 name Jikata, Chikata
大宝 35 大宝 たいほう
n great treasure
Taihou era (701.3.21-704.5.10), Daihou era
great treasure (used to refer to bodhisattvas, esoteric teachings, etc.)
homa-mandala (fire altar)
大宝 name Ootakara, Oodakara, Taihou, Daihou
太田 35 太田 name Outa, Oota, Ooda, Tada, Futoda
実利 35 実利 じつり n gain, profit, use, utility
実利 じつり n (go terminology)
実利 name Sanetoshi, Saneri, Mitoshi, Minori
宮本 35 宮本 name Miyamoto
山水 35 山水 さんすい
n mountain and water, landscape (containing hills and rivers)
landscape picture
mountain stream, water that flows down from a mountain
garden which contains an artificial hill and a pond
山水 name Sansui, Yamamizu
急所 35 急所 きゅうしょ n vitals, tender spot
secret, crux, key (of a problem), essential point
male crotch (as a target in fighting)
急所 きゅうじょ n vital point (critical place to make a move in the game of Go)
急所 きゅうしょ n (go terminology)
35 あく n evil, wickedness
わる n bad thing, bad person
悪い わるい adj-i poor, bad, inferior
evil, sinful
unprofitable, unbeneficial
at fault, to blame, in the wrong
悪い にくい adj-i detestable, abominable, hateful, poor-looking
amazing, wonderful, fantastic, lovely, admirable
悪い にくい
adj-i, suf difficult to ..., hard to ...
悪い わるい adj-i (go terminology)
悪む にくむ v5m, vt to detest, to hate
name Aku
35 しょう n second line of a four-line Chinese poem
承る うけたまわる v5r, vt to hear, to be told, to know
to undertake, to receive (order), to comply, to take (a reservation, etc.)
name Yoshitomo, Masafumi, Masaharu, Sunmin, Shouji, Shoukichi, Shou, Katsuyoshi, Katsumoto, Katsuhisa, Katsunori, Katsutaka, Katsuji, Katsuki, Katsui
35 振う ふるう v5u, vt to swing, to exert, to wield (physically)
to display, to exhibit, to exercise (e.g. power, ability), to wield (metaphorically)
to prosper, to flourish, to thrive
振る ふる v5r, vt to shake, to swing, to wave
to sprinkle, to throw (dice)
to cast (actor), to allocate (work)
to reject, to dump, to turn down (somebody), to jilt
to ruin, to give up, to abandon
to add kana indicating a reading of a word
to slightly change headings, to change directions
to decoct, to extract by broiling, to prepare an infusion of
to carry with great vigor (e.g. a portable shrine)
to bring up the main topic
to substitute, to replace
to set up a joke for somebody else
振る ぶる suf, v5r assuming the air of ..., behaving like ...
v5r to put on airs, to be self-important
name Osamu, Furu
春海 35 春海 name Kasumi, Shunkai, Haruumi, Haruna, Harumi
時事新報 35 時事新報 name Jijishinpou
正式 35 正式 せいしき adj-na, adj-no, n official, formality, due form
正式 name Masanori
武漢 35 武漢 name U-han, Uuhan, Bukan
海外 35 海外 かいがい adj-no, n foreign, abroad, overseas
海外 name Umigai, Kaigai, Kaito
清水市代 35 清水市代 name Shimizu Ichiyo (1969.1.9-)
熊本 35 熊本 name Kumamoto
35 しゃく
n jue (ancient 3-legged Chinese wine pitcher, usu. made of bronze)
peerage (hereditary title bestowed by the emperor)
name Jakku, Tsukasa
状況 35 状況 じょうきょう adj-no, n situation, circumstances, state of affairs (around you)
状況 じょうきょう n (go terminology)
35 しょう
n traditional Japanese wind instrument resembling panpipes, free-reed instrument used in Japanese court music
name Shou, Shouno
第二 35 第二 だいに adj-no, n second
35 やく adv about, approximately
n promise
shortening, reduction, simplification
contraction (in phonetics)
name Yaku
35 はな n flower, blossom, bloom, petal
blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms), cherry blossom
Japanese playing cards
(the) best
name Manaka, Peko, Heren, Furawa, Hanna, Haru, Hana, Kanna, Kasumi, Aya, Ririka
落ち 35 落ち おち
n omission, slip
the end, outcome, final result
punch line (of a joke)
落ちる おちる v1, vi to fall down, to drop, to fall (e.g. rain), to sink (e.g. sun or moon), to fall onto (e.g. light or one's gaze), to be used in a certain place (e.g. money)
to be missing, to be omitted
to sink, to decrease
to fail (e.g. exam or class), to lose (contest, election, etc.)
to fall behind, to degenerate, to crash, to degrade
to become indecent (of a conversation)
to be ruined, to go under
to fade, to come out (e.g. a stain), to come off (e.g. makeup), to be removed (e.g. illness, possessing spirit, name on a list)
to fall (into someone's hands), to become someone's possession
to fall (into a trap), to fall (for a trick)
to confess, to give in, to give up, to flee
to fall, to surrender, to be defeated
to come to (in the end), to end in
to fall (in love, asleep, etc.)
to swoon (judo)
to understand, to consent
to freeze, to crash
to die
to move to the depths
35 とら
n tiger (Panthera tigris)
drunk, drunkard, sot
name Ku, Tora
谷川浩司 35 谷川浩司 name Tanigawa Kouji (1962.4-)
35 越す こす v5s to cross over (e.g. mountain), to go across
to go over (e.g. with audience)
to pass time (e.g. a winter)
to surpass, to be better than, to exceed
to move house
to come, to go
name Echi, Etsu, Etsuru, Ochi, Koe, Koshi, Koyuru, Masaru
開発 35 開発 かいはつ
adj-no, n, vs development, exploitation
開発 name Kaihatsu, Kaihotsu
黒地 35 黒地 くろじ n black ground, black cloth
黒地 name Kuroji, Kurochi
1643 に比べ 34 に比べ にくらべ exp compared to
万波 34 万波 name Manami, Maha, Mannami, Manba
下手 34 下手 したて
n inferior, humble position
underarm grip on opponent's belt
下手 しもて n foot, lower part, lower direction
left part of the stage (audience's or camera's POV), stage right (actor's POV)
下手 へた adj-na, n awkward, poor, unskillful
imprudent, untactful
下手 したて n (go terminology)
下手 へた n (go terminology)
下手 name Shimote, Shimode
争奪戦 34 争奪戦 そうだつせん n contest, competition, argument, struggle
34 きょう
n imperial capital (esp. Kyoto)
final word of an iroha-uta
num 10^16, 10,000,000,000,000,000, ten quadrillion (short scale), ten thousand billion (long scale)
みやこ n metropolis, capital
name Miya, Misato, Chika, Takashi, Keiji, Kei, Kiyou, Kyoo, Kyouji, Kyouzaki, Kyou, Karaguri, Kanadome, Kanajiri, Osamu, Miyako
作家 34 作家 さっか n artist, writer, author, novelist
作家 name Sakuka
保寿 34 保寿 name Houju, Hoju, Yasuji, Yasuju, Yasutoshi, Yasuhisa
公式サイト 34 公式サイト こうしきサイト n official website
六番 34 六番 name Rokuban
34 せつ adj-na, n eager, earnest, ardent, kind, keen, acute
切る きる suf, v5r, vt to cut, to cut through, to perform (surgery)
to sever (connections, ties)
to turn off (i.e. the light)
to terminate (i.e. a conversation), to hang up (the phone), to disconnect
to punch (a ticket), to tear off (a stub)
to open (something sealed)
to start
to set (a limit), to do (something) in less or within a certain time, to issue (stamps, vouchers, etc.)
to reduce, to discount, to decrease
to shake off (water, etc.), to let drip-dry, to let drain
to traverse, to cross
to criticize sharply
to act decisively, to do (something noticeable), to go first, to make (certain facial expressions, in kabuki)
to turn (a vehicle)
to cut, to bend, to curl (a ball)
to shuffle (cards)
to let go, to dismiss, to sack, to expulse, to excommunicate
to dig (a groove), to cut (a stencil, on a mimeograph)
to trump
(in Go) to isolate (an opponent's stone)
to start a fire (with wood-wood friction or by striking a metal against stone)
to draw (a shape) in the air (with a sword, etc.)
suf, v5r to complete, (after the -masu stem of a verb) to finish
切る きる v (go terminology)
加え 34 加える くわえる v1, vt to append, to sum up, to add (up), to include, to increase, to inflict
区別 34 区別 くべつ n, vs differentiation, distinction, classification
十三 34 十三 じゅうさん n 13, thirteen
十三 name Juusan, Juuza, Juusou, Juuzou, Jumi, Tosa, Tomi
博則 34 博則 name Hironori
原作 34 原作 げんさく adj-no, n original work
大きさ 34 大きさ おおきさ n size, volume, dimensions
34 あね n elder sister, older sister
suf honorific suffix used after the name of a woman of equal or higher status
ねえ n-suf used after the name of someone who is an older sister figure
n used with various honorifics to mean (older) sister
name Ane, Anegazaki, Anesaki, Anezaki
子供 34 子供 こども n child, children
岡山 34 岡山 name Okayama
年中 34 年中 ねんじゅう
n all year round, whole year, throughout the year
adv always, all the time
n middle class (of a nursery school, etc.)
34 托す たくす v5s, vt to entrust
to make an excuse of
挙げ 34 挙げる あげる v1, vt to raise, to elevate
to do up (one's hair)
to fly (a kite, etc.), to launch (fireworks, etc.), to surface (a submarine, etc.)
to land (a boat)
to deep-fry
to show someone (into a room)
(uk) to summon (for geishas, etc.)
to send someone (away)
to enrol (one's child in school), to enroll
to improve, to increase (price, quality, status, etc.), to develop (talent, skill)
to make (a loud sound), to raise (one's voice)
to earn (something desirable)
to praise
to give (an example, etc.), to cite
to summon up (all of one's energy, etc.)
to arrest
to nominate
to give
to offer up (incense, a prayer, etc.) to the gods (or Buddha, etc.)
to bear (a child)
to conduct (a ceremony, esp. a wedding)
v1, vi (of the tide) to come in
v1, vi, vt to vomit
aux-v, v1 to do for (the sake of someone else)
suf, v1 to complete ...
to humbly do ...
34 摩る さする v5r, vt to pat, to stroke
to graze, to rub off, to polish, to grind, to scrape
to be equal to
to be about to reach
摩る する v5r, vt to rub, to chafe, to file, to strike (match), to frost (glass)
to forfeit, to lose (e.g. a match), to squander one's money (e.g. through gambling, Pachinko, etc.)
数学 34 数学 すうがく n arithmetic, mathematics
文久 34 文久 ぶんきゅう n Bunkyuu era (1861.2.19-1864.2.20)
文久 name Fumihisa, Bunkyuu, Bunji
景華 34 景華 name Keika
東北大 34 東北大 name (abbr) Touhoku University
34 うめ
n Japanese apricot (Prunus mume), Chinese plum
lowest (of a three-tier ranking system)
name Ume, Umesaki, Umesazaki, Umezaki, Bai, Me, Mei
永安 34 永安 name Eian, Nagayasu
海峰 34 海峰 name Kaihou, Miho
34 混む こむ v5m, vi to be crowded, to be packed
to be complex
aux-v to go into, to put into, to remain (seated), to be plunged into (silence), to do thoroughly
to do intently
to continue in the same state
name Kon
34 name Han, Ban, Pan, Fuan
34 はつ n, n-suf departure, departing (from ...), departing (at time ...)
sending, sent (by ...), sent (at ...)
n green dragon tile (mahjong)
ctr counter for gunshots, bursts of gas, etc., counter for bullets, bombs, etc., counter for blows (punches)
発つ たつ v5t, vi to stand, to rise, to stand up
to find oneself (e.g. in a difficult position)
to depart (on a plane, train, etc.)
name Akira, Nobu, Hatsu, Hari, Bara, Hiraki, Hiraku
発足 34 発足 ほっそく
n, vs establishment, launch, inauguration, starting, founding, start-up
発足 name Hattari, Hatsutari
経て 34 経て へて exp after, via, through, by way of
聖賢 34 聖賢 せいけん n saints and sages
聖賢 name Seiken, Masakatsu
34 かい n solution (of equation)
解く とく v5k, vt to untie, to unfasten, to unwrap, to undo, to unbind, to unpack
to unsew, to unstitch
to solve, to work out, to answer
to clear up, to dispel (misunderstanding, etc.), to remove (suspicion), to appease
to dissolve (a contract), to cancel, to remove (a prohibition), to lift (a ban), to raise (a siege)
to release (from duty), to relieve, to dismiss
to comb (out), to card, to untangle (hair)
解く ほどく v5k, vt to untie, to unfasten, to unwrap (e.g. parcel)
解す ほぐす
v5s, vt to untie, to loosen, to unravel, to untangle
to break into small pieces (of fish, meat, etc.)
to relax, to ease
解す かいす v5s, vt to understand, to appreciate
to interpret
解す げす v5s, vt to understand, to comprehend
解る わかる v5r, vi to get, to grasp, to understand, to see, to comprehend, to follow
to become clear, to be discovered, to be known, to be realized, to be realised, to be found out
name Shie, Satoru, Kai
読売新聞社 34 読売新聞社 name Yomiuri Shimbun (Japanese newspaper company)
追加 34 追加 ついか adj-no, n, vs supplement, addition, append (e.g. to a file), appendix
追贈 34 追贈 ついぞう n, vs conferring court rank posthumously
道平 34 道平 name Doutaira, Michihira, Michihei
邦生 34 邦生 name Kunio, Kuniyo, Housei
34 さん n acid
sourness, sour taste
n vinegar
酸い すい adj-i sour, acid
長男 34 長男 ちょうなん n eldest son (may be the only son), first-born son
長男 name Osao, Takeo, Nagao, Nobuo
非公式 34 非公式 ひこうしき adj-na, adj-no, n informal, unofficial
顧問 34 顧問 こもん adj-no, n adviser, advisor, consultant
顧問 name Takaharu
34 こい
n common carp (Cyprinus carpio), koi carp
name Koi, Ri
1690 コミ出し 33 コミ出し こみだし n go: komi
一部 33 一部 いちぶ n, n-adv one part, one portion, one section, some
one copy (e.g. of a document)
一部 name Ichibu
不利 33 不利 ふり adj-na, n handicap, drawback, disadvantage, unfavorable, unfavourable
不利 ふり n (go terminology)
事件 33 事件 じけん n trouble, affair, event, incident, scandal, plot, case
互角 33 互角 ごかく adj-na, adj-no, n par, evenness, equality, good match
互角 ごかく n (go terminology)
33 name Makoto, Yue
先生 33 先生 せんせい
n doctor, master, teacher
suf with names of teachers, etc. as an honorific
n previous existence
先生 シーサン n boy
先生 せんせい n (go terminology)
先生 name Senjou
千治 33 千治 name Senji, Chiharu
33 はく
n-suf doctor, PhD
exhibition, exposition, fair
博す はくす v5s, vt to earn, to win, to gain
to spread (one's name, etc.)
name Tooru, Haku, Hiro, Hiroshi, Hirotsugu, Hiroto, Hiromu
周囲 33 周囲 しゅうい adj-no, n surroundings, environs
33 てん
n sky
svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth)
deva (divine being of Buddhism)
name Hidzuru, Ten, Teshio, Tiara, Takashi, Sora, Ame, Amane, Amatsu, Amazaki, Amasaki, Ama, Aogi, Hiroshi
33 おく n interior, inner part, inside
name Uku, Ou, Oki, Oku, Fukashi
33 かん n government service, the bureaucracy
つかさ n official, office
chief, head
(Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa) person (usually a woman) whose duty it is to officiate at religions ceremonies
name Ikuo, Kan, Tsukasa
実績 33 実績 じっせき n accomplishments, achievements, actual results, past results, track record
年ぶり 33 年ぶり ねんぶり exp after an interval of ... years, for the first time in ... years
後継者 33 後継者 こうけいしゃ n successor
従来 33 従来 じゅうらい n-adv, n-t so far, up to now
adj-no conventional, traditional, usual, existing
披露 33 披露 ひろう n, vs announcement, introduction, display, show
提出 33 提出 ていしゅつ vs to present, to turn in, to file, to submit (e.g. a report or a thesis), to hand in
n presentation, submission, filing
文子 33 文子 name Ayako, Ayane, Itoko, Sumiko, Noriko, Fumiko, Bunko, Bunshi
33 おいて conj in, on, at
name Ue, O, Ogoto
明星 33 明星 みょうじょう n Venus, morning star
preeminent person (within their own field), star (of the stage, silver screen, etc.)
明星 name Miyoujou, Myousei, Myoujou, Miho, Sayaka, Akeboshi, Akehoshi, Akiboshi, Akihoshi, Akiho, Akisei, Akise, Akiji, Akari, Akaboshi, Akahoshi, Meisei
映画 33 映画 えいが adj-no, n film, movie
期待 33 期待 きたい n, vs hope, expectation, anticipation
33 あけ
adj-no, n scarlet, red
n blood
あか n crimson, scarlet, red
red-containing colour (e.g. brown, pink, orange)
Red (i.e. communist)
red light
red ink (i.e. in finance or proof-reading), (in) the red
adj-no, n-pref obvious, complete, perfect, total
n copper
しゅ n red, cinnabar, vermillion, slightly-orange red
red pigment (and ink made from same)
red text (as used to correct documents)
朱い あかい adj-i red
Red (i.e. communist)
name Akemi, Aya, Shu, Shuu, Shiyu, Shiyo, Ju, Chu, Chiyu, Toku, Ake, Akiko, Aki, Aka, Akashi, Akashio, Akajio, Akane, Akamine, Akari, Beni
楠光子 33 楠光子 name Kusunoki Teruko (1939.9.3-)
漢傑 33 漢傑 name Kanketsu
理論 33 理論 りろん n theory
理論 name Riron
祖父 33 祖父 そふ
adj-no, n grandfather
old man
kyogen mask used for the role of an old man
祖父 name Sofu
祥任 33 祥任 name Yoshitaka
秀元 33 秀元 name Shuugen, Hideharu, Hidemoto, Yoshiyuki
秀知 33 秀知 name Shuuchi, Hidetomo, Hozuchi
窪内 33 窪内 name Kubouchi, Kubonai
経験 33 経験 けいけん n, vs experience
33 name Yoku
考え方 33 考え方 かんがえかた n way of thinking
見合い 33 見合い みあい n, vs formal marriage interview, marriage meeting
見合い みあい n go: miai
試合 33 試合 しあい n, vs contest, game, bout, match
33 輝く かがやく v5k to sparkle, to glitter, to shine
name Ran, Daiya, Teru, Teruki, Terutsugu, Hikari, Hikaru, Hidzuru, Fi, Daia, Takashi, Kou, Aki, Akira, Kagaya, Kagayaki, Ki, Kira, Kirara, Kirari
進行 33 進行 しんこう n, vs advance, progress
進行 name Nobuyuki
門人 33 門人 もんじん n follower, student, pupil
開催地 33 開催地 かいさいち n venue, place where a meeting (conference, etc.) is held
集団 33 集団 しゅうだん n mass, group
集団 name Shuudan
1733 と考えられ 32 と考えられる とかんがえられる exp, v1 one can think that ..., it is conceivable that ...
と見られ 32 と見られる とみられる exp, v1 (followed by verb) believed to, expected to, feared to, poised to, considered to, likely to
三谷 32 三谷 name Sangaya, Mitsuya, Mitsutani, Midani, Mitani, Mita, San'ya, Sandani, Santani, Miya
世界一 32 世界一 せかいいち n-adv, n-t best in the world
中断 32 中断 ちゅうだん n, vs suspension, break, interruption
仙徳 32 仙徳 name Sentoku
優秀 32 優秀 ゆうしゅう adj-na, n excellence, superiority
元文 32 元文 げんぶん n Gembun era (1736.4.28-1741.2.27)
元文 name Genbun, Motofumi, Motobumi
入れ 32 入れ いれ n-suf container, receptacle
入れる いれる v1, vt to bring in, to take in, to insert, to put in, to let in, to set (a jewel, etc.), to ink in (e.g. a tattoo)
to accept, to employ, to hire, to admit
to accept, to pay attention to, to listen to, to take (advice, etc.), to grant, to comply, to adopt (a policy, etc.)
to include
to pay (one's rent, etc.)
to cast (a vote)
to make (tea, coffee, etc.)
to turn on (a switch, etc.)
to call, to send (a fax)
全体 32 全体 ぜんたい n-adv, n-t whole, entirety, whatever (is the matter)
出し 32 出し だし
n dashi (Japanese soup stock made from fish and kelp)
pretext, excuse, pretense (pretence), dupe, front man
出し だし n (go terminology)
出し name Dashi
功績 32 功績 こうせき n merit, achievements, meritorious service, meritorious deed
加藤朋子 32 加藤朋子 name Katou Tomoko (1969.1.19-)
勝ち抜き戦 32 勝ち抜き戦 かちぬきせん n tournament, knockout competition
勝ち越し 32 勝ち越し かちこし n more wins than losses (sport)
単位 32 単位 たんい n denomination, unit
credit (in school)
32 みぎ n right, right hand side
above, foregoing, afore-mentioned (esp. in vertical Japanese writing), forgoing
みぎ n (go terminology)
name Susumu, Tasuku, Migi, Yuu
司会者 32 司会者 しかいしゃ n chairman, moderator, toastmaster, master of ceremonies, chairperson, host (of a TV show, etc.)
32 せい
n family name, surname
hereditary title (used in ancient Japan to denote rank and political standing)
かばね n hereditary title (used in ancient Japan to denote rank and political standing)
子局 32 子局 こきょく n (computer) slave station
32 むしろ adv rather, better, instead
name Idzumi, Shizu, Shidzuka, Nei, Nene, Yasu, Yasushi
対立 32 対立 たいりつ adj-no, n, vs antagonism, confrontation, opposition
山本 32 山本 name Inoue, Yamamoto, Yamomato
帝王 32 帝王 ていおう adj-no, n emperor, sovereign
年より 32 年より としより n old people, the aged
coach, coaches
廃止 32 廃止 はいし adj-no, n, vs repeal, abolition
新聞社 32 新聞社 しんぶんしゃ n newspaper company
最終予選 32 最終予選 さいしゅうよせん n final qualifier, final qualifying round
32 ぼう
n full moon
15th day of the lunar month
望む のぞむ v5m, vt to desire
to expect, to wish for
to see, to command (a view of)
name Yuaha, Mochitsugu, Moe, Mou, Mitsuru, Madoka, Bou, Houjou, Noboru, Nozomu, Nozomi, Negai, Suematsu, Suetake
東野 32 東野 name Azuno, Azumano, Touno, Touya, Toono, Higashino
榊原 32 榊原 name Sakakihara, Sakakibara, Yanagihara
32 はは
n mother
32 沈む しずむ v5m, vi to sink, to descend, to feel depressed
name Shimu, Shin, Sun, Sen, Chimu, Chin
32 狙う ねらう v5u, vt to aim at
目的 32 目的 もくてき n goal, intention, purpose, aim, objective
直前 32 直前 ちょくぜん n-adv, n-t just before
32 ほど n, n-adv extent, degree, limit, bounds
prt upper limit, indicates approx. amount or maximum
name Chien, Tei, Nori, Hodo
篠原 32 篠原 name Sasabara, Shigehara, Shinohara, Shinobara, Shinowara, Shihanohara, Sunohara
米国 32 米国 べいこく n America, USA
米国 name America
自宅 32 自宅 じたく n one's home
32 name Sumire, Nobu, Don, Dou, Ton, Tou, To, Tadasu, Tadashi, Masashi
32 name Shigeru
藤井 32 藤井 name Fuabio, Fushii, Fujii, Fudzii
西南 32 西南 せいなん
n south-west
西南 name Seinan
32 逸す いっす v5s to lose (a chance), to miss (a chance)
to omit, to overlook, to forget
to deviate, to depart from (the norm, etc.)
逸る はぐる v5r, vi to stray from, to get lost
逸る はやる v5r to be impatient, to be in high spirits, to be rash, to be hotblooded, to be impetuous
name Ichi, Itsu, Suguru, Hayashi, Hayaru
32 おす
adj-no, n male (animal)
n, n-pref, n-suf man, male
n husband
name Yuu, Tsuyoshi, Takeshi, Suguru, Ondori, Osachi, Osaki, O, Akutsu, Yuuji
32 ふり ctr, n swinging, shake, swing, wave
n behaviour, appearance
show, pretence (pretense)
lacking a reservation or introduction (at a restaurant, etc.)
postures (of a dance)
unsewn part of a hanging sleeve on a traditional Japanese woman's garment
ctr, suf counter for swords, blades, etc.
ふう adj-na, n, n-suf way, method, style, manner
air, appearance
folk song (genre of the Shi Jing)
wind (one of the five elements)
かぜ n wind, breeze
name Fuuka, Fuu, Hayashi, Gaifuu, Kaze, Kaza, Fuwari
32 よわい n (one's) age
れい n instar
name Toshi, Yowai, Rei
1781 争い 31 争い あらそい n quarrel, contest, conflict, dispute, rivalry, strife, dissension
仙太 31 仙太 name Senta, Senda
初出場 31 初出場 はつしゅつじょう n, vs debut
千代太郎 31 千代太郎 name Chiyotarou
取り上げ 31 取り上げ とりあげ n acceptance, confiscation, adoption
midwife, midwifery
取り上げる とりあげる v1, vt to pick up, to take up
to adopt, to accept, to listen to
to take away, to confiscate, to deprive, to disqualify
to deliver (a child)
和谷 31 和谷 name Watani, Wadani
31 しょう n, n-suf quotient
store, dealer, dealing
second degree (of the Japanese & Chinese pentatonic scale)
Shang (dynasty of China)
商う あきなう v5u, vt to sell, to deal in, to trade in (commercial goods)
name Shou, Shouzaki
姿 31 姿 すがた n figure, form, shape
dress, appearance, guise
image, condition, state, picture
form (of a waka)
n-suf dressed in ..., wearing ...
姿 name Sugata
官子 31 官子 name Hiroko
岐阜 31 岐阜 ぎふ n Gifu (pn)
岐阜 name Gifu
岡田 31 岡田 name Okata, Okada, Sonoda, Nakakura
岩佐 31 岩佐 name Iwasa, Iwase, Yuasa
幼名 31 幼名 ようめい
n childhood name
序列 31 序列 じょれつ n, vs hierarchy, rank, ranking order
必勝 31 必勝 ひっしょう n certain victory
必勝 name Hisshou, Masakatsu
攻撃 31 攻撃 こうげき n, vs offensive, attack, strike
censure, criticism, denunciation, condemnation
文祥 31 文祥 name Fumiyoshi, Bunshou
新書 31 新書 しんしょ n new book
17 x 11 cm paperbook book
星空 31 星空 ほしぞら n starry sky
星空 name Sora, Soara, Sera, Seira, Seikuu, Seia, Seara, Shera, Kiran, Kirara, Tinku
31 n wisdom
jnana (higher knowledge)
name Zhiyi (538-597), Toshi, Tomo, Tomokatsu, Tomoki, Tomotsugu, Tomomi, Hamachi, Hikaru, Makoto, Chie, Chi, Akira, Sakashi, Sato, Satoi, Satoshi, Satomi, Satoyuki, Satori, Satoru, Takachi, Masaru
森田道博 31 森田道博 name Morita Michihiro
31 ろう n tower, lookout, turret, belvedere
name Hasui, Rou
死後 31 死後 しご n-adv, n-t after death
法名 31 法名 ほうみょう n Buddhist name, priest's name (on entering the priesthood)
posthumous Buddhist name
法名 name Houmyou
31 name Isamu, Hiroshi, Hiro, Gouji, Gou, Kousou, Kouji, Koushou, Kou, Kiyoshi, Ooi, Yutaka
生活 31 生活 せいかつ n, vs living, livelihood, life (one's daily existence)
31 さかずき
n sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages
n sake cup, cup for alcoholic beverages
ctr, suf counter for cupfuls
counter for ships, octopuses and squid
name Sakazuki, Sakadzuki
31 から adj-no, n emptiness, vacuum, blank
そら n sky, the heavens
n hole, hollow, cavity
くう n sky, empty air
shunya (emptiness, the lack of an immutable intrinsic nature within any phemomenon)
air force